Why do you dream about anesthesia - 26 interpretations from different dream books

Many medical operations require pain relief, which may be local or general. During general anesthesia, the patient is immersed in artificial sleep with the help of certain drugs, during which pain sensitivity is switched off.

In addition, anesthesia is accompanied by suppression of brain activity, which, in turn, can be accompanied by both a complete blackout of consciousness and the perception of some visual and sound images.

Patients describe their condition differently after emerging from such a dream - most do not remember anything, some claim that they continue to see the figures of doctors and hear their voices.

Traditional visions of movement through a tunnel, rhythmically repeating rearrangements of figures, spots of light are also common, and some even talk about leaving the body shell, contemplating the operating room from the ceiling, conversations with representatives of other worlds.

So what happens to the body during the effects of anesthesia?

Anesthesia according to the Modern Dream Book

Being under anesthesia - such a dream indicates your fatigue and desire to rest. A sick person who sees such a dream wants to get rid of pain. Don't expect your desires to be satisfied in the near future.

If you dream that you are a doctor and putting a patient under anesthesia, such a dream suggests that soon you will unwittingly deceive one of your friends.

In a dream, undergoing an operation under anesthesia means you have to go through a difficult period, friends and relatives will help you.

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  • 30-Oct-2021 Diana Hello, today in a dream I experienced the feeling of how I went under anesthesia on the operating table and came out of anesthesia, I have never been under anesthesia.
  • 18-Feb-2021 Alexandra I dreamed that they were preparing me for an operation on women’s problems, they gave me anesthesia and he didn’t take me, then they shouted at me to sleep, but I still couldn’t sleep and they gave me another injection very painfully, and under They put a meat pillow on my head, I had a terrible dream and I woke up.
  • 23-Feb-2020
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