Why do you dream about allergies on your face or body - 45 interpretations from different dream books

Last update: 03/03/2021

Facial allergies often cause severe discomfort - not only physical, but also emotional. This is understandable, because the rash and redness in this area of ​​the body is quite difficult to hide. In addition, dryness and flaking of the skin, burning and itching cause additional inconvenience.

On our website you will learn how to treat allergies on the face, and also find photos of types of allergies.

Who dreamed it?

An allergic reaction, itching in a dream foreshadows an unmarried girl with a well-to-do young man who will propose.

A woman who dreams of a rash on her body promises the need to make a choice between her family and her lover.

For a man to get an allergy, a marriage with a woman who has a good dowry portends, but her character leaves much to be desired.

For family people, such a dream, as the dream book informs, promises: financial difficulties will soon be safely resolved.

What were you allergic to in your dream?

The type of intolerance can show which aspect of life the dreamer reacts to more, which area is important and takes more strength. Foods symbolize energy in a dream and indicate how much rest is needed.

For oranges

Seeing an allergy to oranges in a dream - according to the Modern Dream Book, predicts a real rash in the sun, indicates that the dreamer sunbathes too often or visits a solarium. Too much sun exposure can be harmful.

For flowers

Feeling allergic to flowers in a dream means neglecting a good person in reality because of one’s own capriciousness. A rash from pollen is disgraceful behavior. You may have to apologize later. Sneezing is a silent disagreement with injustice.

To an insect bite

If you were bitten by an insect in a dream and redness appeared at the site of the bite, you will soon run the risk of getting a job where the boss is a tyrant. But the dreamer will have to endure it in order to make good money.

For wool

Hearing sneezing due to an allergy to animal fur, or seeing hives means experiencing great fear for the children. According to Miller's dream book, such a dream foreshadows not only dissatisfaction with circumstances, but also the opportunity to develop a sense of condescension.

On animals

General allergy to animals - there will be a long cleaning of the home, which risks lasting for the whole day. The reaction to a cat is to feel anger at the slowness of colleagues, to a dog - a quarrel with the other half.

For nuts

Eating nuts in a dream and experiencing an allergy means reluctance to study and receive the necessary education for a well-paid position. According to the 21st century dream book, a rash after consuming this product indicates a lack of attention from loved ones.

For vaccination

In a dream, getting vaccinated and seeing an allergic reaction means in life there is a chance to meet an unpleasant person at first glance who can help in a difficult matter. Noticing a rash after a while means not noticing the attention and courtship of a good person.

Avoid unseemly actions, improve yourself

Seeing rashes on yourself and treating them with ointment is an unseemly act of a person sleeping in reality, despite all the measures he has taken, will receive wide publicity. As a result, his reputation will suffer.

In general, the dream book interprets allergies in a dream as a reflection of a person’s rejection or intolerance of some external irritants. You should change your attitude towards them. The vision seems to warn: the sleeper may lose the ability to adequately assess the situation and resist unfavorable circumstances. As a result, he will become defenseless against them.

Allergy to honey in adults: how does it manifest itself?

An atypical immune system reaction can occur at any age. Typically, symptoms are limited to the above symptoms, which are characteristic of both children and adults. Pregnant women should be especially careful when consuming bee products, since the pollen contained in honey and propolis can negatively affect the development of the fetus.

Relationships with relatives and friends

Why does a child dream of a rash? The dream book says: you will be very worried about some relative.

An allergy to a friend’s body in a dream means: in a difficult situation, friends will definitely lend their shoulder.

Did you dream that someone was suffering from an allergy on their face? The dream book indicates: difficulties in relationships, quarrels and conflicts are possible. The vision gives a hint - it is with this acquaintance that the relationship does not work out, you irritate each other. We need to rethink this and develop a line of behavior.

Allergy in a child warns: the dreamer will have to worry about the affairs of loved ones and will have to solve their problems.

Other dream plots about allergies

Various stories about allergic reactions in a dream can help to correctly interpret the dream. After all, you can not only see the rash, but also scratch it, choke and fight the swelling.

  1. Trying to cure allergies - sleep can mean getting rid of unnecessary worries. Someone close is able to calm you down, and generally has a positive influence on the dreamer. The modern dream book interprets the treatment of rashes and allergic swelling as the ability to help people and thereby earn respect.
  2. Feeling an itch from an allergy in a dream means meeting an annoying person. The gypsy dream book warns that she will try to ruin her life. There is a risk of quarrels in the family, unwanted disputes with superiors.
  3. Seeing a friend with a runny nose in a dream caused by an allergy means getting nervous over trifles. Feeling allergic rhinitis means good prospects at work and for a woman in the family.
  4. Avoid contact with an allergy sufferer in a dream, according to Freud - the subconscious mind speaks of the emergence of an internal conflict. Making an important decision - you will have to choose between your own interests and the benefit of society.
  5. If an allergic rash and itching causes inconvenience, according to Miller’s dream book, this means doing something that is not your job, getting down to work and not calculating your strength. Experiencing moral suffering due to a red rash on visible parts of the body means feeling the love of loved ones.
  6. Feeling shortness of breath in a dream caused by an allergic reaction means an upcoming separation or business trip can ruin your mood. Such a dream, according to the Modern Dream Book, foreshadows a reluctance to part with a loved one due to the need to leave him for a while.
  7. If in a dream you dreamed that you were scratching itchy allergy pimples until they bled, your loved ones will require a lot of attention. This may cause controversy. A simple scabies dream of a fun weekend. Vanga's dream book foretells intolerance towards people if you dream of scratching a rash.
  8. According to Freud, seeing swelling of the throat due to an allergic reaction means keeping some secret that concerns the dreamer’s intimate life. If this happened to a stranger, the dream could mean pleasant communication, good news.
  9. Seeing a swollen face or allergic edema in a dream means you will soon receive a message from distant relatives. Noticing swollen forehead and cheeks in the mirror is a small increase in salary. To see your swollen face in the reflection, according to the Modern Dream Book, is empty trouble, a waste of time on insignificant matters.

Other meanings

Seeing an allergic reaction on your face or hands in a dream means something will distract the sleeper from the intended goal.

If you get an allergic reaction or rash, you will be chosen to carry out some responsible official or public activity. You need to take it seriously, because a lot can depend on the result.

Why do you dream about allergies on someone's face? There will be losses.

Seeing a rash on your body - according to the dream book, the dreamer has enemies whose machinations will bring shame and dishonor.

Treatment of drug allergies

Treatment directly depends on the severity of symptoms, the course of the underlying disease and the list of disease provocateurs. The treatment regimen is developed individually for each patient. First of all, you need to avoid taking provoking medications. If it is not known which drug is causing the allergic reaction, then temporary withdrawal of all medications is recommended.

First medical aid consists of gastric lavage (relevant if the medicine has been taken recently) and taking sorbents. The patient should be under medical supervision to avoid complications. In the presence of typical allergic manifestations (rashes, itching), standard antihistamines are prescribed - usually they are selected according to tolerability and depending on the experience of previous use.

If allergy symptoms intensify and taking antihistamines does not have the expected effect, intramuscular injections of hormonal drugs are prescribed. Most often, a single injection is sufficient. If necessary, the injection can be repeated after 6-8 hours. Treatment is continued either until stable positive dynamics appear or until the main allergic symptoms disappear.

In some cases, it makes sense to use long-acting glucocorticosteroids. If malaise persists during therapy, intravenous drips with saline are prescribed, and systemic intravenous corticosteroids are started. The dosage is calculated depending on body weight and the severity of the condition. Glucocorticosteroids are rarely used orally - only in cases where long-term therapy is required (this happens with the development of a number of rare syndromes).

The methods described above are used in situations where there is no significant threat to health. With the development of anaphylactic shock, specific anti-shock measures are required. After emergency treatment, the patient can be transported to the hospital. Medical supervision is required for at least a week. In addition to treatment, it is necessary to monitor the functions of the heart, kidneys and liver.

Emergency measures and hospitalization are required for patients with the following symptoms:

  • Quincke's edema, spreading to the neck and face.
  • Bronchial obstruction, severe respiratory distress.
  • Complications from the heart, liver.

Patients who have already developed complications due to an allergic reaction should be especially careful.

Treatment of an allergic reaction is complex and involves a number of measures. Only a qualified specialist can prescribe therapy - and treatment must be supervised.

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