Why dream: The deceased said she was pregnant, The deceased said that she was pregnant in a dream

Why do pregnant women dream about dead people: interpretation and meaning of dreams

During pregnancy, any excitement is extremely unfavorable, because it can affect the baby.
And if a girl has any worries, then she should immediately try to cope with them. Maternal instincts are already awakening at this time, and with them the suspiciousness of the fair sex intensifies. Therefore, many ladies, even if they did not pay attention to the plots of their night dreams before, begin to wonder why they had this or that dream. The most worrying question is: why do pregnant women dream of dead people? Agree, seeing a deceased person even during normal periods of life is not always pleasant, but when you are expecting a baby, visits from relatives from the other world in night vision can make you worry. But in fact, there is nothing terrible in such a dream. Most dream books positively decipher why pregnant women dream of dead people. But at the same time, depending on the plot, a dream can carry quite serious warnings and messages from higher powers, so it is better to find out and decipher what was dreamed. This way you can get rid of unnecessary worries and learn about the future.

In a dream, she is pregnant from a dead man. The deceased woman dreamed of being pregnant in a dream

Pregnancy enters your dreams in two main ways. The first is dreams about yourself during pregnancy, the second is that your real pregnancy is an IMPACT EVENT and sets its specific content.

Anyone can become pregnant in a dream: this possibility is not limited by either gender or age barriers.

Generally speaking, pregnancy serves as a symbol of creativity, puberty or wealth. However, there are many situations that require additional interpretation.

If you are a young woman dreaming of pregnancy, but at the same time having no real intention of becoming pregnant, such a dream may indicate that you are in the stage of primary transition to a new stage of introspection.

One of the ARCHETYPES according to JUNG is the archetype of a parent with a prevailing instinct for preserving the family.

Seeing yourself involved in activities in this position means observing your exit from the CHILD stage and transition to the adult level.

In connection with such a dream, ALARMS like “what if” may arise, which require comprehension and resolution.

A man who sees himself pregnant in a dream is often in a situation where his masculinity or participation in population reproduction is in question.

Such doubts often come to mind for men who see themselves as less active in this regard than they would like to be.

The dream acts as compensation, highlighting the creative side of their PERSONALITY.

Pregnant men not only give birth to children, but also something that somehow justifies their mission in this world.

The fact of pregnancy in real life can lead to various events in dreams.

By their nature, these events can be anything from the most brutal to the ridiculous.

This is not surprising, since in real life pregnancy is a source of a whole range of sensations - from excitement to euphoria.

Other types of dreams that occur during pregnancy may relate to adultery, DEATH of a partner, chronic health problems, loss of pregnancy due to accident or miscarriage, birth defects in the child, twins, triplets, etc., as well as increased fertility, where conception and gestation occur more often and regardless of protection.

Dreams about chronic health problems and defects in a child belong to the category of negative WILL-EXECUTION and are also a result of the anxiety experienced by women in this position.

Dreams of multiple births and repeated pregnancies are the most difficult.

Sometimes, at a certain stage, pregnancy overwhelms a woman. This is a consequence of concerns about the ability to properly cope with the role of MOTHER.

Multiple pregnancies may be a visual representation of these fears.

Interpretation of dreams from Loff's Dream Book

to the Dream Interpretation channel!

to the Dream Interpretation channel!

Today I dreamed that I was visiting my late grandfather (he died when I was seven years old), I had never dreamed about him before. We chatted a little about nothing and he asked if I wanted juice. Invite. I thought that I hadn’t drunk this instant juice since childhood and drank a little. Then I washed the mug and left. I also dreamed about a former work colleague.

That her mother died and she brought me a full glass of pepper vodka so that I could drink it. I refused, I said, I’m pregnant, what are you... I can’t, and she got angry and splashed this vodka on me and poured the rest from the decanter on me too (((((And a week ago I dreamed of our cat, who died in the spring, that he slept with her under the blanket.

Why have such dreams? All exhausted... scary...

Light Fairy

Usually the dead people dream about in order to be remembered. Light a candle in the church for the repose and distribute sweets. For B, there is nothing wrong with such dreams.

Alexa mama

My grandmother told me that it is necessary to remember them, go to church, to the grave


I can’t go to the grave... I live in another city, but I’ve been planning to go to church for a long time... I still can’t get ready (((


Take the candy to work. I recently dreamed of my dad, the night before the wedding, and he said why are you doing this, daughter. I know he would never say such a thing, probably my brain gave it away against the backdrop of a scandal with my mother-in-law...


Give alms or bake (buy) something and give it to people. We need to remember them.


to a change in weather! And if you're worried, go to church


read a prayer for the repose of souls. It’s in the prayer book. You can also find it on the internet. but in general, yes, they dream of a change in weather - wind, rain. Sometimes I also dream better. Let's chat about this and that. They didn’t invite you with you, that’s the main thing!


Dream Interpretation: Why does a pregnant woman dream in a dream?

If you dreamed about a pregnant woman, what you saw in the dream should not always be interpreted literally. The dream book claims that what this symbol means in a dream foreshadows the birth of not only a baby, but also a new idea, the implementation of plans or the accomplishment of long-awaited events.

Who dreamed of pregnancy

The meaning of the dream will certainly please the dreamer who is pregnant in real life. The symbol indicates complete harmony with one’s position. This is a harbinger of an easy and successful birth.

Interpreting what dreams of expecting a baby mean, Miller’s dream book makes allowances for the personality of the dreamer. If this is eagerly awaited news in reality, any hints about it should be regarded as a good sign.

When you happen to think in a dream that you are pregnant, or the people who dreamed about it talk about it, it means that in this period the probability of conception is really high.

“My husband dreamed that I was pregnant!” – the newlywed, dreaming of children, happily tells her friends. According to the dream book, her joy is well founded: what she dreamed about can be interpreted quite literally.

Explaining what it means when a man dreams of a pregnant stranger, Azar’s dream book advises not to lose heart if an unexpected problem arises.

Relatives are waiting for an heir

Often, relatives in an interesting position in a dream serve as harbingers of bright events in reality. If you dreamed of at least one pregnant relative, something will soon happen that concerns your entire family.

Everything that a granddaughter who is expecting a child dreams about symbolizes a new beginning. Positive changes in the life of one family member will affect the entire family.

When an aunt or niece appears in a dream and is about to give birth, Hasse’s dream book encourages you to think about whether you are paying too much attention to the personal lives of your relatives.

If you dreamed of a pregnant daughter, Simenon Kananita’s dream book believes that in reality she made an important decision secretly from her family and intends to go her own way, whether you like it or not.

A daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law “on the way” promises such a wide selection of wonderful opportunities that you shouldn’t even try to cover everything at once, you’ll have to stop at one thing.

At non-childbearing age

Loff's dream book suggests finding out why a mother dreams about giving the sleeping person a brother or sister. Such dreams usually promise huge profits.

The palmist's dream book will tell you why you dream of such a strange image as a grandmother or mother-in-law expecting a child. The interpretation promises extraordinary success, presumably in the financial sphere. Other interpretations see an alarming sign in such symbols and recommend paying more attention to elderly relatives.

Animals waiting for offspring

If you dreamed of a cow that will soon calve, do not rely too much on the fact that you will be able to carry out your plans. Either they are not destined to come true, or the result will be disappointing. If you see something like this, consider alternative options.

If a pregnant horse appears in a dream, it should be interpreted in a figurative sense. This is a very favorable sign for creative people, a harbinger of inspiration and the birth of a new masterpiece.

When a dog is about to give birth in a dream, in reality it is possible to add friends, acquaintances or neighbors to the family - that is, people who are not related by blood to the dreamer.

A pregnant rat is a harbinger of many household chores. Most likely, you will be their initiator, for example, starting a repair or rearrangement.

Snake, spider, fish

An insidious snake on the eve of laying eggs in a dream may turn out to be quite helpless. Also in reality, you will have the opportunity to get even with an old enemy or show generosity. Trust your intuition, luck is on your side.

If you dream of spiders that are about to be born, the Noble Dream Book believes that intrigues are being hatched against you, most likely gossip or petty intrigues. If a man saw a lot of spiders, it wouldn’t hurt for him to streamline his personal life. At the same time, the symbol indicates good health and fertility.

If a woman dreamed of a fish about to spawn, the likelihood of conception for the dreamer herself is very high.

Features of nine months

The dream book will tell you why the expectant mother dreams that she is pregnant with a girl or pregnant with a boy. Centuries of experience show that this, as well as any other information about the baby, for example, weight, height, special signs, can be understood quite literally, they are often true.

Dream books offer several interpretations of what dreams of conceiving twins mean. In addition to the simplest explanation - an addition to the family, the dream also symbolizes double luck. Luck will be directly or indirectly related to your financial situation.

If you dreamed of being pregnant with triplets, most dream books consider several babies in the womb to be a good sign, promising change. True, some interpretations offer a “bonus” in the form of the opportunity to be one of the ends of a love triangle.

Pregnancy of friends

If you dreamed of a friend preparing to become a mother, the dream reflects your real dreams of children, envy of women for whom this is already a fait accompli.

A classmate expecting a baby indicates worries about upcoming motherhood: will you cope with the responsibilities of a mother “excellently”.

If a work colleague finds herself in a position, the dream indicates this woman’s good business acumen; you can do business with her and start joint projects. This is not the only explanation for why a pregnant colleague dreams. What you see in a dream sometimes hints that you are too carried away with work, while missing out on something important at home.

My rival is expecting a baby

If in a dream the husband’s mistress turned out to be pregnant, most likely this is a reflection of the real experiences of the wife, who, for obvious reasons, is haunted by the presence of a rival.

If you dreamed of your loved one’s former passion in an interesting position, it is quite possible that she still has not come to terms with the separation. The rival continues to hatch plans to return her departed love, you should be aware of this and be on the alert.


A pregnant gypsy in a dream foreshadows a pleasant meeting with something unusual in reality. It is possible that you will discover new entertainment.

If the stranger you dreamed of turned out to be a pregnant woman upon closer examination, the Modern Dream Book promises financial growth. You may discover an unexpected, yet very reliable and profitable source of income.

If many pregnant women appear in a dream, the interpretation promises unexpected and significant profits, wealth and prosperity.


If a woman happens to hug a pregnant woman in a dream, she will have to experience a significant event. For a man, a dream means an opportunity to show nobility or altruism.

Every gambler dreams of seeing a pregnant woman cry in a dream: the dream foreshadows an amazingly large win, one might say, a jackpot.

When you see a woman giving birth in a dream, such an alarming symbol foreshadows anxiety and troubles in reality.

Non-standard situations

The psychoanalytic dream book explains why a husband, boyfriend or any other man who finds himself in an interesting situation dreams. The dreamer subconsciously wants this person to take on her problems.

A deceased woman or deceased person who intends to give birth soon reminds of the inextricability of the connection between the future and the past. The events of the past days will make themselves felt, it is possible that on your own initiative.

It’s interesting to know what it means to dream about seeing a pregnant child. The interpretation promises considerable surprise in real life. It is possible that it will affect your worldview.

If a bride with a noticeably rounded tummy appears in a dream, the dream book promises positive changes in everything except her personal life. A pregnant woman in a wedding dress is often a harbinger of an unsuccessful marriage or acquaintance, which will lead to nothing but trouble.

Source: https://playmash.ru/useful-tips/vo-sne-beremenna-ot-pokoinika-umershaya-zhenshchina-prisnilas-beremennoi-vo-sne-k/

General interpretation

In most cases, dead relatives or friends may appear in a dream before a change in weather. If you are interested in why pregnant women often dream of dead people, almost every night, then it is important to pay attention to what they say in their dreams. In this way, your deceased relatives are trying to convey an important message, to protect you from evil. And until you hear them, they will come again and again. Not a single dream book will help here, since this is your relative and only you yourself can figure out what exactly he is talking to you about.

But, according to psychologists, if you often think about this person, then you shouldn’t worry and look for why pregnant women dream about dead people. You are simply busy thinking about him, and the subconscious uses his image to analyze and record the events and experiences experienced during the day. If you want to get rid of intrusive dreams, then try to think about this person less often. It is better for believers to conduct appropriate memorial rites in order to say goodbye to the deceased and allow him to calmly go to another world.

Freud's Dream Book

Freud believed that deceased relatives are never simply dreamed of; such a vision necessarily contains meaning, a message, information. A person must unravel the dream because it speaks of something important.

The main thing in such dreams, as the psychoanalyst argued, is the spoken words. The subconscious is trying to reach a person, convey something important to him, focusing attention through the image of a deceased person. You need to understand what the dreaming person meant and draw conclusions in order to correct the problem that arose in real life.

Emotions in a dream

To interpret why a pregnant woman dreams of living dead people, it is necessary to take into account what emotions she experienced in the dream. If they are positive and there is no negative aftertaste left after waking up, then everything is fine. Relatives were simply visiting the expectant mother and watching her.

If you have a bad feeling, then you should listen to the dream. And you don’t have to think that something might happen. Probably in the near future they will try to deceive the sleeping woman or drag her into some kind of scam.

The meaning of dreams

Why does a pregnant woman dream of a dead man? In the land of dreams, you can easily meet a person who has died and talk to him. Why did a pregnant woman dream about a dead man? If a pregnant woman sees a deceased person, you should wait for a change in the weather. This interpretation is found in most dream books. However, there are other options that we recommend that you familiarize yourself with. When a pregnant woman dreams of the dead almost every night, you should be wary and remember what they said. Perhaps the dead wanted to warn the dreamer about the danger, but she cannot understand this, which is why the deceased come to her too often.

If a pregnant woman dreams of a deceased person whom she often remembers, then the dream does not bring anything bad. It’s just that images pop up in your memory, which the subconscious then uses to create a dream, which means there’s nothing to worry about. It’s better to just forget about this person and remember him less often. It is also recommended to remember the deceased by distributing sweets near the church. After this, dreams with a similar plot will no longer bother you.

If the deceased tries to take the dreamer away with him, then she should be careful and leave the house as little as possible, since there is a high probability that an accident will happen. It’s better to take care of yourself than to complain about fate and cry later.

When interpreting a dream in which a deceased person was, it is recommended to remember what emotions the vision left behind. If they are good, then there is nothing to be afraid of. When a dream leaves bad premonitions, you need to be wary and try not to get involved in dubious projects.

What if a pregnant woman dreams of a dead man?

To answer the question of why a pregnant woman dreams of a dead man, you should flip through the lunar dream book. In it you can find several interpretations of such a dream. So, if the deceased touched the stomach, then most likely the dreamer will have a miscarriage. If the term is already long, then you should prepare for a difficult birth. There is a possibility that the child will not be born completely healthy.

If, according to the plot of the dream, the deceased pursued the pregnant dreamer, tried to grab her hand, touch her stomach, in reality you should prepare for minor troubles. The pregnancy may not go very smoothly, but the woman will give birth to a healthy baby, so there is no need to worry too much. It’s better to rest more and think about good things, then the baby in the womb will feel great.

You should also remember what the dead man said in his dream. Most likely, this information will be very useful later, so it is better to write down the words of the deceased. It happens that the deceased asks to name the future baby one name or another. It is better to fulfill his request, then the little man will receive additional protection and will be able to avoid many misfortunes. If a woman has already chosen a name for the baby, and the deceased asked not to call him by that name, she must definitely fulfill his request. Very often people who have passed on to another world give advice; you need to try to follow them, then you will be able to avoid misfortune.

What does a dead man portend to a pregnant woman?

If you believe the summer dream book, then a dead man seen by a pregnant woman promises her health problems. The dreamer should allocate more time for rest and avoid stress, then she will be able to give birth to a healthy baby. A smiling deceased person does not foretell anything bad, but when in a dream he wishes bad things for the expectant mother and her baby, you need to be wary. There is a possibility that someone from the sleeping woman’s environment wants to harm her. Perhaps the person is simply jealous of her happiness. It is recommended to keep your ears open and try to identify the ill-wisher.

According to the modern dream book, a dead man, who often dreams of a pregnant woman, promises her personal problems that will have to be resolved urgently. If the dream has not been repeated, then you should only expect a change in the weather. Very often the deceased predict the future in a dream, so it is worth listening to their words. It may happen that the deceased will say something bad, but there is still no reason to be upset, since everything can still be changed. After all, this event will happen in the future, which can be easily adjusted, you just need to want it.

An old Russian dream book recommends getting more rest after such a dream so that the baby in the womb feels comfortable and is not subject to anxiety. If a deceased person kissed a pregnant woman in a dream, there is a chance that the birth will not go very smoothly.

A deceased person in a dream does not always carry a negative omen for a lady who is in an interesting position. Often the dream is empty, you need to forget about it and not fill your head with nonsense.

Modern dream book

This interpreter explains in his own way why a pregnant woman dreams of deceased relatives. Such dreams speak of personal problems that may arise in the future and will require immediate solutions. But this is only if the dreamer often sees dead people in her dreams. If this was the only dream, then most likely the weather will simply change. If the dead talk about a bad event, then try to prevent it. Remember, dreams only warn, but fate is always in our hands.

Summer dream book

Health problems are what a pregnant girl dreams of about dead people, according to this interpreter. If the dreaming person smiles, then there is no need to worry, he is simply rejoicing in your happiness with you. But the dream book deciphers bad wishes from a deceased person in a dream for a future mother or her child as a warning that in real life someone wishes them harm.

Ill-wishers can harm the sleeping woman because they are jealous. Therefore, you need to understand who is insincerely happy for the pregnant woman and try to stop communicating with this person as much as possible, at least for the moment while the baby is under your heart.

Miller's Dream Book

According to a famous psychoanalyst, in order to understand why pregnant women dream of dead people, you need to remember where exactly the dream events took place. If it’s in a cemetery, it means that soon all the dreamer’s material problems will be solved.

If she walked through the cemetery in winter, then most likely in the near future she will have to fight for survival; a severe financial crisis is coming. In any case, the dead try to warn about something in their dreams, Miller believes. If you dreamed of a father who is no longer alive, it means that future events will not be beneficial to the sleeping woman. But the mother warns about illnesses of loved ones.

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