Why do you dream of a dead grandmother alive, why did you dream about her? Interpretations of famous dream books: why do you dream about a living dead grandmother?

A person who dreamed of one of his deceased loved ones at night, for example, a grandmother, always wakes up with difficult feelings.

However, this may not always mean a bad omen.

Let's look at the interpretation of dream books regarding the question: why do you dream about a dead grandmother living?

What does it portend?

Most people believe that the appearance of a deceased person in a dream is a bad sign. However, according to most dream books, a grandmother’s coming to a person in a dream is a symbol of calm and tranquility in life. For example, if a grandmother appeared in a dream of a single man or an unmarried girl, this is a sign of an imminent marriage, which over time will turn into a strong and reliable union. Very often, grandmothers appear in the dreams of people who are planning big changes in their lives in the near future. If you have some important question, the deceased can easily answer it in a dream.

1) a deceased grandmother who appears before the sleeping person in someone else’s guise can be a warning that one should be extremely careful and not get involved with dubious people, who in fact may turn out to be simple crooks and deceivers;

2) a deceased grandmother appearing alive in a dream is a symbol of success, achieving new heights and the fulfillment of all secret desires;

3) a deceased grandmother in a dream can also symbolize future failures and unforgotten feelings that have left an indelible residue on the soul;

4) if you hug your grandmother in a dream, this is a sign that you are promised good health and long life;

5) getting a kiss from your grandmother - problems in your personal life and at work, to illness;

6) a kiss from you on the forehead of a deceased old woman - to a short separation from one of your relatives or close people;

7) the appearance of a deceased woman in a coffin - fear of betrayal of your significant other and failure in plans will be confirmed;

8) be present during the funeral of your deceased grandmother - wait for news. Here everything will depend on the weather during the ceremony: it’s clear outside - things will go uphill, the news will be extremely good, bad weather - expect problems and bad news.

It also happens that an unfamiliar deceased old woman comes in a dream. This can be regarded as the occurrence of urgent news that will simply stun the sleeper. There is another interpretation of such a dream - expect an unexpected situation.

Some of the dreams in which the deceased appears can be very unusual and strange. So, for example, the appearance of a pregnant deceased grandmother can promise success in absolutely all aspects of life, the implementation of all ideas and the achievement of significant triumph.

Decoding by days of the week

The interpretation depends on when the grandmother dreamed:

  • on Monday - a person will get rid of ill-wishers;
  • on Tuesday - to unplanned expenses;
  • on Wednesday - for help from senior management;
  • on Thursday – to competition at work;
  • on Friday - to receive a valuable gift;
  • on Saturday - to disputes with a partner;
  • on Sunday - to participate in dubious events.

What does the deceased grandmother regularly come to in her dreams?

To interpret a dream, you need to try to remember not only the appearance of the deceased woman herself, but also other details of such a dream. The thing is that often deceased relatives are eager to convey to you some information that is important to you. So, if your deceased grandmother begins to come to you often, this may mean the following:

  • she cries - this is a harbinger of a large number of quarrels and scandals;
  • handing photographs to your grandmother is a very bad sign, which indicates the imminent death of the people depicted in them;
  • the corpse of a deceased woman - to future serious illnesses.

A grandmother crying in a dream can also mean that she is very sad and asks you to visit her grave. Don't forget to visit her at the cemetery, and her soul will calm down.

See her from the outside

First, let’s figure out why grandma is dreaming if you only saw her aside, like a vision, and didn’t even say a word. Such visions are deep and full of meaning, and every detail is important.

1. As the dream book says, one often dreams of a grandmother as a symbol of purely feminine, sacred wisdom.

This is an important dream - perhaps you have thus received important hidden knowledge, or you can awaken your nature.

2. It is also curious why the late grandmother dreams - such a dream is ambiguous.

On the one hand, this is a reminder that you should pay more attention to relatives and not forget your own roots.

And, in addition, this dream may foreshadow some important family events that will occur along the line of the dreamed grandmother. Pay attention and time to your female family, this can be important.

3. If you dreamed of some unfamiliar old woman, this indicates in reality a wise and adult (older than you) woman from your environment.

You need to not miss the chance to communicate with her and gain experience - this will give you a lot.

4. Such a dream, in which you saw your living grandmother, who is well in reality, is simply a call to devote time to her, not to forget about her.

And in general, pay more care and attention to your elderly.

These people will not be with you forever, remember this, and try to give them more love and gratitude. Call or visit your family!

5. If in your dreams you saw your grandmother crying bitterly and grieving, this is advice to you in reality to be kinder, wiser and more affectionate with others.

Probably, in everyday life you are too independent, firm and adamant, and your nature and essence are driven very deeply, and this will negatively affect your fate and health. Don't forget to be natural, soft and caring, this is important.

6. Such a dream, in which your grandmother appears before you youthful, healthy, beautiful and joyful, is a very happy sign.

Women's happiness, tranquility and harmony undoubtedly await you - everything will be wonderful in the family, in society and in love. Of course, your task is to cherish happiness and give your warmth to everyone connected with it.

7. And if you saw how your grandmother in your dreams is working and busy around the house - baking pies, or cleaning - this foreshadows chores for you in reality, very pleasant and associated with a joyful event.

Perhaps a long-awaited visit or meeting awaits you, or just a big family holiday. Or maybe even buying new furniture or moving to a new, wonderful place.

Why do you dream of a dead grandmother alive, according to Vanga’s dream book?

The most famous clairvoyant interprets this dream in different ways. She claims that it all depends on how long ago the deceased passed away.

If 40 days have not yet passed since the day of death, and a deceased woman appeared to a person in a dream, this is a symbol of your bitterness from the loss, but this does not bring any bad news in the future.

If a large amount of time has already passed since the day of death, then it is not at all difficult to determine why such a dream occurred:

— young girls should expect quick changes in their personal lives, most likely marriage;

- if you are talking and hugging with your deceased grandmother, clearly understanding that in a dream she is alive - this is a sign that she is trying to remind you of some promise given to you that you have forgotten. Most likely it was given to the grandmother herself during her lifetime;

— the appearance of two deceased grandmothers at once in a dream means that they are trying to protect you from various troubles. In this case, it would not be superfluous to pray for the departed, visit the church and light candles for their repose;

- if a deceased old woman invites you to her place, this is a bad sign. If, moreover, in a dream you respond to a call and follow her, everything is very bad, a serious illness or even death awaits you;

- if you hug your deceased grandmother, this is a sign of your good health, but if, on the contrary, she hugs you, it means that you have made an unfortunate mistake, which is not too late to correct.

Conversation with Grandma

Esotericists associate conversations with the dead in a dream with troubles and danger in reality. However, sometimes you can get valuable advice and a warning about danger through conversation. If you hear a voice but do not understand the words, the dream warns of trouble.

There are many testimonies of dreamers who were saved from harm by the voice of their deceased grandmother. Psychologists believe that our subconscious speaks in the voice of a deceased relative, which we simply do not hear in the ordinary bustle of life. It is in a dream that we will be able to listen to the voice of the subconscious in the form of the grandmother whom we trusted during her lifetime.

It is considered a good sign if a grandmother asks for money or clothes. In reality, wealth and many new things await you. If a relative asks for food, it means she is going to patronize you in everything.

If a relative gives money, many dream books consider such a plot to be a harbinger of bankruptcy - you will be left without everything. If you accepted clothes from your grandmother, in reality you will repeat her karma (fate).

It is considered a bad sign if a deceased relative invites you with her and promises some riches. This plot may foreshadow an unexpected death. If you managed to refuse the offer, in reality you will cope with any difficulties, recover from your illness and defeat your enemies.

If you follow your grandmother, you will face the same end as hers. Giving someone's photo to grandma means death awaits that person.

A conversation with a grandmother, on whose body traces of decay are visible, is considered a bad omen - this indicates a serious illness for the dreamer. Also, a dream can foretell a collapse in life - life will go downhill.

Why do you dream of a dead grandmother living, according to Hasse’s dream book?

According to Hasse's dream book, if a deceased grandmother came to you in a dream, then:

  • the appearance of a living old woman in a dream, and you kissed her in a dream - this is a sign that the person for whom you have great feelings cannot answer you in kind;
  • a kiss from a grandmother who lies in a coffin is a sign that some circumstances will change and the feeling will go away for a long time;
  • if a deceased woman is alive in a dream, and another person kisses or hugs her, it means future financial losses.

How Freud describes such a dream

If a girl dreams of a grandmother, she should think about why she is unattractive to men. Usually in this case she does not feel confident when communicating with the opposite sex.

  1. For a woman, such a dream speaks of the loss of her former attractiveness.
  2. The young man feels a lack of determination in his relationship with his partner.
  3. An adult man, if he sees a deceased woman, yearns for unfulfilled hopes or missed opportunities.

Why do you dream of a dead grandmother alive according to Freud’s dream book?

Freud symbolizes the old woman in a dream as a symbol of the feminine principle, but with a certain coloring:

  • for a girl, she is a symbol of her doubts about her own attractiveness, the fear of being left without a sexual partner;
  • for a woman it is a symbol of fears about the loss of her sexuality;
  • for a young man - a symbol of his doubts about his own worth;
  • for a man - sadness about unrealized opportunities.

Values ​​by day of month

The following interpretations are offered:

1Increased attention from the opposite sex
2Violation of plans
3Improving professional skills
4Injuries while resting
5Assignment of other people's merits
6Anxiety about the child's health
7Stagnation in business
8Unfair accusations
9Getting help from parents
10Gossip at work
11Successful completion of current affairs
12Long trip
13Performing spontaneous actions
14Achieving your goals
15A trip out of town
16Unplanned repairs
17Criticism from others
18The emergence of new goals
19Nice date
20Risk of becoming a victim of scammers
21Mild illness
22Unpleasant conversation
23Selling property to close debts
24Deterioration of reputation
25Apathy, boredom soon
26Bad news from afar
27Long-awaited purchase
28Finding a way out of a difficult situation
29Tired of routine tasks
30Unplanned expenses
31Extreme sports

Why do you dream about a dead grandmother living, according to Danilova’s dream book?

If you follow Danilova’s dream book, then if you:

- you were happy to meet your grandmother in a dream - this is a sign that you will find yourself in a difficult or even dangerous situation in the future, but you will be able to find the only correct way out of it;

- noticed an old woman crying in a dream - this is a symbol of the fact that people close to you offend and reproach you absolutely undeservedly. In this case, you should carefully listen to the advice that your deceased granny will give you in a dream;

- you yourself walk around in a dream in the form of a grandmother - this means that very soon you will have to face supernatural forces. It may well be that you see something unusual and surprising that cannot be explained by any logic or reality.

Deceased people, as a rule, can be an omen of some changes in life. But what they will be, good or bad - everything will depend solely on you, as well as on the circumstances and details of the dream itself.

Some features

Usually dead people who appear to us in dreams look a little different than in life.

Do you want to know what this dream meant? Focus on the features of the scene you see

For example, if you happen to see a relative with someone else’s face, then try to be more careful with strangers, they can threaten your well-being. Try to communicate less with people you don’t know well and don’t fall for their attacks.

If in a dream you see how the face of a friend changes and becomes similar to the features of another, then take a closer look at him. Do not be alarmed; the interpretation of this dream may be favorable. Perhaps this is how your native spirit manifests itself, wanting to help and support you. The dream book claims that in a dream they are trying to point you to a person who will help you in difficult times.

Did you have to see your deceased grandmother lying in a coffin? This plot, according to the dream book, serves as a warning. In fact, you may commit rash actions that will cause conflicts in the family. You should be more patient and control your own emotions.

Did you see your late grandmother pregnant? For a young girl, this dream promises many joyful moments and a possible addition to the family, for a mature woman - a new turn in fate, for everyone else - participation in successful projects.

If in your night dreams you dreamed of your late grandmother’s house, then try to remember every corner of it. A clean and new hut foreshadows the sleeping person some kind of successful acquisition, while an old and abandoned hut portends rumors, gossip and conflicts. For business people, this dream serves as a warning: they should carefully choose their partners and not work with people with whom they had conflicts in the past.

The words of the late grandmother, according to the dream book, are of great importance for the interpretation of the dream, so try to remember them or at least retain the general meaning of what was said in your memory. After all, sometimes the spirit of a deceased person tries to reach us with the help of associations. Be careful, listen to what your intuition tells you. It will help you grasp the meaning of the phrase and choose the appropriate interpretation.

Another important factor for prediction is the behavior of the deceased relative. If an old woman behaves unusually or aggressively, then in reality you will not be able to avoid quarrels and scandals in the family. In addition, unpleasant consequences of such showdowns are possible.

If the deceased grandmother behaves quietly and silently, but at the same time looks with reproach, then, as the dream book suggests, in life you are following the wrong path and making many mistakes, for which your loved ones will pay in the future.

If a young man has such a dream, he actually strives to grow up faster and sometimes treats his loved ones with disrespect. Remember that your loved ones need to be surrounded with warmth and care.

The silent reproach of an old woman in a dream is a warning for a man. You need to reconcile with your legal spouse and eliminate all misunderstandings that have arisen. Repent of your own mistakes, your beloved will definitely appreciate it and forgive you.

House of a deceased relative

The dream of the house of a deceased relative, in which the dreamer spent the happy years of his childhood, reflects a person’s desire to escape from real problems into the past, into a carefree childhood. This is how the psyche is saved from overwhelming stress and anxiety.

The deceased grandmother’s home is seen as a sign of changes taking place in the dreamer’s soul and head. One period of life ends and another begins. Seeing a deceased woman in her own home, hearing her voice foreshadows a crisis period in life, some danger in the future. It is very important to hear what the grandmother says - perhaps her words contain a solution to the dreamer’s pressing problems.

Seeing the old, rickety house of the deceased promises financial difficulties and unnecessary expenses. Receiving a house as an inheritance in a dream indicates future problems at work and the collapse of a career.

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