Why does a woman, woman or man dream about a husky dog ​​- 47 interpretations from different dream books

Why does a person dream of huskies in night vision? To answer this question correctly, you need to remember the history of the breed of these large and powerful dogs.

Stately and graceful animals were bred by northern peoples in conditions of permafrost and endless white snow. For many centuries, dogs have helped humans survive in extremely difficult weather conditions, herd deer, hunt, and guard herds and homes. As a result of natural selection and breeding, not only external characteristics, but also internal qualities were fixed in the breed qualities of four-legged friends. Huskies are a wonderful mixture of canine intelligence, intelligence, loyalty and love for people.

In ancient cultures, the attitude towards dogs was sacred; people assumed that it was dogs that protected a person in a dream not only from uninvited visitors and robbers, but also protected the owner from the machinations of dark otherworldly forces.

Ancient dream books consider huskies to be the dog-leader of the forces of light, a sign of defeat or powerlessness of enemies. A dream involving an animal means for the dreamer a quick, successful resolution of problems that have arisen or foreshadows romantic events in the near future.

If you dream of a husky dog, it means that the day will be successful, rich in positive events and profit.

A detailed interpretation of the meaning of a dream can be carried out by recalling small details and details seen in night dreams or taking into account the gender and age of the dreamer.

Who had the dream

To a woman

  1. For a married woman, a husky dreams of a lot of household chores that will fall on her on the eve of the arrival of relatives.
  2. If the girl is unmarried, the dream promises meeting an interesting young man, he may even become her lover or new friend.
  3. A husky barking at a woman in a dream means that she will have a conflict with her best friend over a man.
  4. If a husky attacks, then this can be interpreted as a warning that you should take care of yourself and not put an additional burden of responsibilities on your shoulders. This can lead to chronic fatigue and even illness.

To a man

  1. For a man, a dream where a kind husky sits next to him speaks of his trusting relationship with his wife, as well as harmony between them.
  2. For a single guy, the dream means that he will be one step closer to his dream.
  3. A dirty husky in a man’s dream means that the hopes that so warmed his soul may not come true.
  4. A dead husky for a guy - a dream is explained by the fact that he will need to work extra at a certain period of his life, but this will have a positive effect on career growth in the future.


  1. Miller believed that for a pregnant girl, a dream with a husky indicates that there is a devoted person next to her. And she can completely rely on her lover, since he can always support her and withstand any problems.
  2. If a pregnant girl dreams of a husky with different eyes, this means an early pregnancy immediately after the birth of the child.
  3. Freud explained such a dream as a sign that a boy would be born.

Dream Interpretation - Puppy

In a dream, to see yourself playing with a small puppy - some unusual gift from a loved one awaits you. And it doesn’t have to be a puppy - the gift can be of a different kind.

Choosing a puppy at the market means that the person to whom you are devoted body and soul is in fact insincere with you, behind your back he spreads gossip about you.

If you dreamed that you found a homeless puppy on the street, it means that you have to help a person who is in great need in every way. The most important thing is not to be afraid of responsibility and provide support on time.

Seeing yourself as a small, carefree puppy means you are tired of problems, you need to retire and be a little alone. This will be a reliable way to understand your own thoughts and feelings.

For a man to see several puppies near their mother in a dream - you will meet a woman who will strongly remind you of your mother, and, against your will, you will experience sexual attraction to a new acquaintance.

If a woman saw such a dream, it means that she will meet a handsome young man whom she will really like. Please note that the object of the dreamer’s sympathy will be much younger than her.

Interpretation of dreams from Freud's Dream Book

What kind of husky did you dream about?


If a husky is big in a dream, be prepared for the fact that influential friends will appear in life, thanks to whom you can feel safe no matter what.


A huge dog can become a symbol that a person will improve his financial situation with the help of the right actions on the part of the dreamer.


A little husky portends that, due to failure in the love sphere, a person will withdraw into himself and be overtaken by depression at the most unfortunate moment in his life.

The small dog is also explained by the fact that the dreamer will find himself in a bad situation because of his own frivolous act, which will lead him to a dead end when he wants to fix everything.


If you dreamed of an old husky, it means that a period of financial well-being will begin in the near future, and you won’t have to worry about things that previously caused concern.


A sick dog carries a negative meaning that a person will face health problems. But if you treat a sick dog in a dream, a speedy recovery is guaranteed.


A wounded dog means that the dreamer's friends will become his main defense if he finds himself in a difficult situation. He will also receive psychological help during a difficult time for him.

A wounded husky may also indicate that the dreamer will become a victim of the negative influence of some people.


A dead husky warns the dreamer that he should not neglect his health and pay due attention to what exactly he is doing. Because because of work, you can end up in a hospital bed due to overwork.


If you dreamed of an aggressive dog, then you should be prepared for the fact that someone in your environment will want to provoke the dreamer into a conflict.


A kind husky carries a meaning - there are true friends nearby. They are ready to help at any moment, but you should not blindly trust everyone, as there may be a two-faced person nearby. Also, such a dream means that relationships with relatives will improve thanks to common efforts on both sides.


If a person dreams of a pregnant husky, when enemies appear on the doorstep ready to break him, they will not succeed, and the dreamer will take victory in this unequal battle for his honor and dignity.

Blue eyed

When you dream of a husky with blue eyes, this is a harbinger that someone is preparing a surprise for the dreamer, but it is difficult to say whether it will be pleasant or not. It all depends on who exactly will present this gift.

With different eye colors

A dream about a husky with different eyes means that a person faces one of the most difficult choices in his life, where friendship, career, and family may be at stake.

Dream Interpretation - Puppy

Seeing a homeless, unkempt puppy in a dream means that you will have to incur significant expenses to achieve your goal.

Buying a purebred puppy with a good pedigree is a warning to be wary of a risky financial transaction.

A sick puppy is a sign of serious troubles and physical illness.

If you were bitten by an angry puppy in a dream, this means that you will engage in a dubious business that will not bring the expected income, plunging you into the abyss of debt and lack of money.

Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Interpretation alphabetically

What color did you dream about the husky?


If you turn to Longo’s dream book, then a white husky can mean a difficult relationship with your family that will arise due to misunderstanding between the two parties.


  1. A black husky is a harbinger of the fact that a two-faced person will appear in the environment who will want to take advantage of the dreamer’s position.
  2. A black husky can be a symbol that you are about to hear bad news from your close friend.
  3. Miss Hasse also believed that a black husky signifies an enemy in a person’s narrow social circle, and he should be feared much more than it might seem at first glance.


The red husky is interpreted in Loff’s dream book as worry about one’s future and uncertainty, as well as the difficulty of making a choice, since it will greatly affect a person’s life.


A green husky in a person’s dream can be a sign that he will finally be able to meet his soul mate; such a relationship can be considered successful, since it will be absolutely harmonious.


Miss Hasse's dream book says that if the husky in the dream is red, a serious quarrel may arise within the family over money.

What did the husky do in her dream?


If a husky bites a person in a dream, get ready for the fact that a close friend may turn out to be a traitor and set the dreamer up at the most difficult moment for him.

Sigmund Freud believed that a husky’s biting behavior is explained by the fact that a person has serious problems in his intimate life, he is not satisfied and is on edge because of this.


A husky, which plays with the dreamer in a dream, says that, despite the dark streak in life, meeting with friends can fill it with new, bright colors.

From Miller’s dream book you can also learn that this portends an exciting journey far from your home in order to escape from the routine around you and find answers to exciting questions.


When a husky protects the dreamer in a dream, relationships with relatives will reach a new level of trust, and they will be able to find a common language after a long conflict between them.


Such a dream may mean that the dreamer will lose his vigilance at the right moment and find himself in a situation where he has to fight not only for his reputation, but also to defend the opinions of colleagues at work, since everyone can become a victim of an unscrupulous boss.

According to Phoebe's dream book, a sleeping husky indicates that friends will turn away from the dreamer when he needs them most.


If a husky howls in a dream, expect unpleasant news that will make you think about whether the right people are nearby.


A barking husky warns a person that there will be an unpleasant person in his environment, whose behavior will greatly interfere with the dreamer’s ability to concentrate on certain things.

Dream Interpretation - Puppy

If you dreamed that you picked up a puppy (some kind of puppy makes you tender, you would like one), you will soon have a reliable friend. For a week, burn one hair of yours every day at dawn.

If you dreamed that you were given a puppy: someone is trying to distract you from something important. To prevent this from happening to a person, tie three woolen threads of different colors on the ankle of his right leg and do not remove them for 3 days.

Interpretation of dreams from the Mayan Dream Book

Other dream plots about huskies

  1. If huskies are pulling a sled in a dream, it may happen that the dreamer will have additional responsibilities, because of which he will not be able to complete the task on time.
  2. A pack of huskies in a dream means that a person will face misunderstanding from relatives because of his own choice of life path. This may be the beginning of conflicts within the family, but you should not retreat, because thanks to their perseverance, they will eventually be able to accept the dreamer’s choice.
  3. Petting a husky in a dream is a sign of a successful coincidence of circumstances in order to begin to make wishes come true. According to the Wanderer’s dream book, if you pet a husky, it means that your friends will be grateful for the help provided by the dreamer and will repay you in kind at the right time.
  4. Walking with a husky in a dream - the dream foreshadows a long-awaited meeting with old friends whom you have not seen for a very long time. Such a meeting can awaken memories in a person, and the desire to return to a place where he has not been for a long time.
  5. According to Phoebe’s dream book, if you give someone a husky puppy, this promises harmonious relationships within the family, as well as well-being and comfort in the dreamer’s home.
  6. According to Miller’s dream book, if you receive a husky as a gift in a dream, it is best to start watching what you do and say, since rash actions can bring pain to loved ones and this will entail a series of failures.
  7. Husky on a leash - psychologist Freud deciphered such a dream as an upcoming choice that will be associated with a love relationship.

Husky, like any dog, speaks of the loyalty and devotion of others, or the lack of these qualities. It would be more correct to listen not only to yourself, but also to the advice of your relatives, so that the decision in the end becomes the right one.

Run away and be afraid of a dog according to the dream book

According to the dream book, running away from a dog in a dream means that in reality you will be afraid of meeting and getting closer to people. Perhaps the reason for this lies in the betrayal of a friend that took place in the past. Sometimes such a dream means that you are avoiding conversation or clarifying relationships with one of your friends. But since this cannot continue for long, it does not give you peace even in your sleep.

Being afraid of a dog also symbolizes difficult relationships with people, fear of trusting and opening up. Perhaps you are afraid of misunderstanding from others, their condemnation of your personality or actions. A scary dog ​​always signifies the subconscious feelings of the dreamer who is afraid of interacting with other people. If communication is a constant component of your professional activity in reality, then, obviously, you should think about choosing a different career.

Fighting off dogs means in reality fighting with difficulties, obstacles or competitors, ill-wishers. And sometimes this means that you will have to refute rumors about yourself or your loved ones.

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