Why does a woman or man dream of amber - 40 interpretations from different dream books

Probably every person has different dreams, but if you almost never have dreams, or rather very rarely, then it is believed that such people rest in body, soul, and mind. What we dream about in a dream partly depends on us, on our thoughts and fantasies. In your dream, you can see what you were thinking about during the day, or even your brain can remember what you thought a week ago and show it in your dream.

You can also have prophetic dreams, but sometimes you have mysterious ones and you don’t know what to think. Let's say very often people dream of jewelry with various stones or just precious stones. Below we will explain the dream in which we dreamed of amber.

Who had the dream

To a woman

When you dream of an amber necklace, you can find yourself in the center of attention among the opposite sex; the most important thing is not to destroy the fame you have just gained with your behavior.

To a man

Finding a lot of amber in a dream is a sign that everything you plan to start doing will find its way and lead to successful activity.


For a pregnant girl, an amber necklace promises the birth of a girl. If you dream of a ring with amber - a boy.

Interpretations of dreams about stones according to various dream books: why do you dream about amber

Humanity has long been interested in the nature of dreams. There are quite a few books by different interpreters containing a list of specific subjects and subjects. By turning to them, you can find out why amber is dreamed of and whether it is any warning sign. Most often, seeing it means good luck, but on the other hand, the color yellow can promise trouble.

What kind of amber did you dream about?


If the amber is large, this is a harbinger of a trip to where you have wanted to go for a long time. The trip can be solo, as you will get tired of the routine around you and want to reboot your brain.

Such a dream has another meaning: it may be possible to change your usual place of residence to a new one, which you have been eyeing for a long time.


When the amber is huge, the financial situation will gradually improve, as there will be a chance to find an additional source of income, which will become the main safety net in unforeseen situations.

According to the Chinese dream book, if the amber is huge, there is a chance of receiving a large sum of money, maybe from someone in the family circle. They are the ones who will encourage you to think about starting your own business.


According to the dream book of Nostradamus, when the amber is small, the dreamer will put all his affairs in the back drawer, not wanting to deal with them and pay due attention to them. But in the end, you will have to do everything in the shortest possible time, and such workload will lead to exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

According to the family dream book, small amber in a dream is a sign that a difficult dialogue with friends is ahead, where in the end an important decision will need to be made. However, such a conversation may end in a personal scandal.


If the amber is broken, you should pay attention to the female team in your environment, because it is the ladies who can give rise to rumors and speak unflatteringly towards the dreamer. You need to take this quite seriously, because such conversations can affect your reputation.


If the amber is unprocessed, a difficult period in life awaits you, when you will have the opportunity to express yourself to the maximum in the work sphere and do everything to complete the assigned tasks on time. Most often, such a dream promises hard physical labor rather than emotional fatigue.


If you dreamed of beautiful amber, you may initially have doubts about your health and its condition, but in fact there will be no obvious reasons to worry too much about it.

The interpretation of the Islamic dream book says: beautiful amber foreshadows a meeting with an influential person; you need to correctly build your behavior model with him, since if you do not find a common language, he can become one of the most dangerous ill-wishers for the dreamer.


Old amber means that the feeling of regret will not leave for a long time due to the fact that in the past it was not possible to grab a good opportunity to improve your quality of life and position in society.


If the amber is polished, this promises a meeting with someone who will significantly influence the usual way of life. This person will allow you to develop your skills in the professional field, as well as realize yourself as a person. Thanks to him, it will be possible to withstand all the attacks of people who will in every possible way interfere with this implementation.


According to Miss Hasse, if the amber in a dream is cracked, then a conflict situation with a close friend awaits. The reason will be different views on the same things in life, and a conversation in a raised voice can escalate into attacks on each other using physical force.

What color did you dream about amber?


Black amber in a dream means that in reality you have to realize that the environment around you is actually pulling you down and will not allow you to realize yourself to the fullest. The decision to make changes in life may not be as easy as it seems at first glance.


According to the eastern dream book, yellow amber means you will need to be patient, as you are expected to meet a person who once greatly let you down and left an unpleasant aftertaste. Before you rush at him with claims and stir up the past, you should try to have a heart-to-heart talk with him.


The interpretation of the Chinese dream book says: be extremely careful in your expressions towards your loved one. One careless word will greatly hurt his feelings and give rise to thoughts about whether it is worth continuing this relationship.


Red amber is dreamed of when it will be extremely difficult for a person to control his emotional impulses in life. Due to the fact that the dreamer may lose control, he will say unpleasant words or do something that will upset the people closest to him.

Days of the week and seasons

All dreams are usually divided into prophetic and useless . Therefore, it is important not only what you dreamed about, but also when. So, according to astrologers, there is a high probability that a prophecy associated with amber will come true if the dream occurs on Monday or Thursday. But dreams on Sunday are considered empty.

The environment is considered the most favorable . According to esotericists, a dream from Wednesday to Thursday will come true within 24 hours.

In order to remember a dream, there is a rule: after waking up, you should retell the events you saw to yourself, but under no circumstances to another, otherwise the dream will not come true.

The dream interpreter of the “Siberian Healer” notes that if you dream of amber in the spring, then a financial temptation will appear; in the summer, there is a possibility of getting into a bad situation. In autumn and winter, dreams associated with stones do not carry any information.


What kind of jewelry is decorated with amber in a dream?


If you interpret the dream using Loff’s book, then the bracelet with amber means the following: complete harmony and tranquility reign in the family. A favorable environment will allow you to enjoy your holiday with family and communication with each other.


According to Freud's book of dreams, a brooch with amber - meeting a certain person can awaken feelings that have never been experienced so strongly before. An attempt to take a step towards a meeting and get closer will be a failure, since falling in love will be one-sided.


Interpretation of the clairvoyant Vanga: amber beads - it’s worth settling down and thinking about what kind of life you are leading at the moment, and whether this is harming the body. Soon, old diseases may make themselves felt again and the reason will be a frivolous attitude towards one’s health.

Golden ring

According to the dream book of the healer Akulina, a gold ring with amber means someone in the family will tie the knot, it could even be the dreamer himself. This sign portends harmony in the relationship between spouses and mutual understanding, and their union will be an example for others.


If you dreamed of a necklace decorated with amber, you should not give in to the desire to try your luck in gambling, as fortune can play a cruel joke and send the dreamer home empty-handed after the first time.

The modern dream book says: in the next wedding where you will take part, there will be no love and passion. This union is based solely on the selfish benefit of one of the future spouses for the sake of improving their financial situation and climbing the social ladder.


According to Azar’s dream book, a ring with amber is a harbinger of communication with a very obsessive person who will in every possible way distract from work or everyday pastime. It will not be easy to nullify communication with simple words; you may have to resort to rudeness and even aggressiveness.


If you dreamed of earrings with amber, fate will present you with an unexpected meeting with someone who will ultimately become a loyal friend and ally in many endeavors.

According to the Wanderer’s dream book: you should take care of your nervous system and not enter into conflicts with anyone, even if you feel that there is no justice, since afterwards you can remain emotionally exhausted and irritable.


A pendant with amber - everything will turn out exactly the way you originally wanted. Fate itself will be favorable to the path the dreamer has chosen for his life. He will be able to overcome any difficulties and achieve the desired result.

What did you do with amber in your dream?

held in hands

Holding amber in your hands means confidence in your actions will lead to the fact that you will be able to realize desires that previously seemed impossible.

According to Kananite’s dream book, holding amber in your hands means that unforeseen circumstances will arise in life, where you will need to show ingenuity and fortitude, then you will be able to avoid negative consequences.

Were looking for

If you happen to look for amber in a dream, you will become interested in something new, completely atypical, but quite fascinating. This hobby will captivate you for a long time and will bring interesting experiences that can be used in everyday life.


Collecting amber means you should prepare to communicate with unpleasant people who will try in every possible way to offend the dreamer and express their opinion about him in a rude manner. You shouldn’t lose your composure, it’s better to show that you can rise above such behavior and leave the team with pride.


Selling amber - pay attention to how much money you spend on entertainment, since thoughtless investments in this area will significantly affect your overall financial fund.

However, according to Longo’s dream book, selling amber in a dream means that in reality you will be able to find the right solution to a problem that will arise completely suddenly and at first may knock you out of the usual course of life.


According to Azar’s dream book, buying amber means you will get into the private life of a friend, since he will find himself in a difficult situation and will not be able to deal with the situation on his own. Such a decision will be quite bold, but you should not go too far and be too assertive, as this will only alienate your friend.


If you chose amber, in reality you will have to make a difficult choice, where two completely opposite things will be at stake, and the loss of each will greatly affect ordinary life. The longer this issue is postponed, the worse the consequences will be.


According to the modern dream book, mining amber is a rather eventful stage when you have a chance to prove yourself to your superiors. If you do everything competently and efficiently, it will bring well-deserved results and respect from the team.


Giving amber means the time will be more than favorable for solving all problem situations. Everything that could have previously bothered you will find its successful conclusion and free you from unnecessary troubles.


According to Phoebe’s big dream book, if amber is stolen, there is a chance that by your actions you will lead yourself to problems that will concern the law and you will have to be punished for what you have done.

Where was the amber in the dream?

By the sea

The interpretation of the modern dream book says: all those desires and thoughts about realization that will visit the dreamer in the near future will not be able to find a way to be translated into reality, since many factors will negatively affect them.

In sand

Seeing amber in the sand means someone close to you, or the dreamer himself, will be expecting a new addition to the family.

In water

If amber is in water, then such a dream promises various household chores, they will suddenly fall on your shoulders and initially it will be very difficult to cope with such an influx. But quickly enough you will be able to adapt to the new schedule and successfully complete the assigned tasks.

In the shop

Health will not show its best side. You will have to put all your plans on hold for a while to gather your strength and fully recover.

In the church

Seeing amber in a church means the blessing of the Almighty on the path that a person chooses for his future.

Explanations of what was seen

There are quite a lot of different works trying to predict the future based on dreams. Almost all of them describe what the amber stone means in dreams and what should be expected from a dream in which it is used. Thus, the following philosophers predict events that a dreamed stone may foretell:

Thus, the dreamer is more often predicted to be happy, but at the same time, the dreamed amber should be colorful and beautiful. A small, crushed stone speaks of failure or discord in your personal life.

Other dream plots about amber

  1. To receive amber as a gift - a dream promises a meeting with an old friend about whom nothing has been heard for a long time. You will be able to spend time usefully and remember the old times; memories of them will warm the dreamer’s soul for a long time.
  2. According to Nostradamus’s dream book, finding a treasure with amber means that everything will finally get better in family life after a long period of failures and scandals. You will be able to regain your former passion in a relationship and show yourself from a new side for your soulmate.
  3. We saw a lot of amber - a dream that foreshadows various troubles; they will be directly related to financial losses and an unfavorable period for investing personal funds in a dubious business.
  4. Breaking an amber necklace means you should expect aggressive attacks from ill-wishers; they will want to bring out the emotions and show the negative sides of the dreamer, but you should not fall for this provocation.
  5. If children collect small amber stones, there is a chance that a sad event in life will bring excellent material profit.
  6. In a dream, found amber was processed - in life you will be able to take a break from your busy everyday life and spend time with your family.
  7. Breaking amber in a dream means fate will be favorable and will protect you from a dangerous situation that could arise due to the fault of the dreamer.
  8. According to Miller, amber shining in the sun means that in order to achieve your goals, you won’t actually need as much effort as you initially thought, but you shouldn’t slow down.
  9. Dropping a ring with amber is a harbinger of a dream - disappointment in your partner awaits. You may find out information that you are not mentally prepared for, and you will take everything too seriously.
  10. Buying earrings with amber - a dream is a harbinger of a profitable deal; it will help you rise in the eyes of your bosses and work team, and will be successful for both parties.
  11. According to Nostradamus's dream book, the loss of an amber jewelry promises a long separation from friends due to the trip the dreamer is going on.
  12. Throwing amber into the sea - because of ill-wishers, it will be difficult for some time to be in familiar society, but you will be able to put them in their place and show that you are above this.
  13. If you dreamed of an amber box, you would become the keeper of someone else’s secret, the disclosure of which could influence not many people. Therefore, it is best to keep your mouth shut and try to avoid uncomfortable conversations.
  14. Seeing an amber figurine in a dream means you will have the opportunity to make an expensive and successful purchase, most often this relates to the purchase of real estate.
  15. Assembling a mosaic of amber particles in a dream means close friends will be at the right time and in the right place when the time comes to challenge the world around them.

Remember that everything is in your hands and you should not worry, even if the dream has a negative meaning.

Dream interpretation

Amber is the hardened resin of a coniferous tree. It has long been personified with the sun. Therefore, finding a stone was considered a great success. It was often used as an amulet and, according to believers, warded off bad dreams, protected babies, and warded off the evil eye. In most dream books, amber denotes a happy event. Analyzing the literature of famous people who studied dreams, we can highlight the following interpretations of events associated with amber:

Most often, the interpretation is connected not so much with the subject of the dream, but with the action in which it participates. The age and gender of a person is also important.

For example, if a girl dreamed of amber that was washed ashore by a wave, but she was in no hurry to collect it, then this indicates an imminent opportunity to spend an exciting time among friends . But since the amber remains uncollected, this opportunity will be missed. At the same time, for an elderly woman, such a situation predicts the imminent arrival of all her relatives and loved ones.

For men, seeing amber means a happy, long and comfortable life. Moreover, if the color is bright, it will be eventful. At the same time, seeing amber that is faded or broken into small pieces usually means a hidden illness that will appear in the near future. If, during a conversation with a friend, an amber necklace breaks and scatters, then there will be a quarrel. Someone is trying to cast the evil eye, spreading rumors and gossip.

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