Dream Interpretation Dirty waters: why do a woman or a man dream about Dirty waters

Swimming in a dirty river in a dream, then coming out of it clean and refreshed - means recovery, prosperity and receiving new opportunities. Swimming in muddy water, or seeing it from the seething side, means dangerous incidents. To find out what a stormy mountain river means in a dream, it is enough to remember the small nuances of the dream and look into traditional dream books.

Don't forget your responsibilities

Gustav Miller in his dream book also gives twofold explanations of why a dirty river is dreamed of. According to his interpretations, seeing muddy water in a dream means stepping onto a difficult stage in life:

  • swimming - to petty gossip, domestic squabbles;
  • swimming - to health problems;
  • swim across - to rivalry in the work team;
  • swim to the other side, overcome a stormy stream in any way - to personal victories.

Dirty water // Nancy Wagaiman's dream book

The image always indicates the psycho-emotional state of the dreamer. Dirty muddy water in dreams has an interpretation of a clogged mind with various problems and questions. When you are surrounded by such water in a dream, know that you need to give your body rest. This is his cry for help, to which you must definitely respond. Your brain is overloaded with unnecessary information.

A dream with phenomena such as floods or tsunamis associated with dirty water indicates your internal struggle, your two energies. There seems to be complete mental disorder and chaos going on in your soul.

If in a dream you watch how streams of dirty water destroy everything in its path, all sorts of manifestations will appear in your life before achieving your goal. Also, such dreams predict a significant deterioration in your health.

It is better to insure deposits and savings

Seeing a dirty river and observing it from the side means the dreamer’s readiness for risky transactions. Dream Interpretations warn that you should first obtain a full package of guarantees and only after that enter into transactions and agreements. Even if you dreamed that you had a chance to cross a river in a dream by boat or other water transport.

A sharp change in the mood of your superiors, intrigue among colleagues, the danger of failure - this is exactly what any troubled waters dream of. Your actions in the coming days should be aimed at establishing relationships with management, connections with influential people, and try to find a common language with employees in the work team.

The general meaning of the river in Miller's dream book

A psychologist analyzes the prognosis of a dreamed water artery based on its appearance and remembered characteristics. Details:

  1. Calm, strong - increasing well-being, peace, enjoyment of joys.
  2. Seething, raging, polluted - to grumpy squabbles, unpleasant misunderstandings.
  3. It overflowed its banks, spilled onto the road, blocked the path - difficulties. Complications at work. The situation will be aggravated by the experience associated with your daring trick. The latter will ruin your reputation.
  4. A shallow channel means a blow that throws you out of a successful rut. There will come a time when there is no one to rely on. And fate will throw one test after another.

Seeing yourself swimming in clear, quiet waters is a good sign. While swimming, we noticed sunken corpses at the bottom - joy will be replaced by sad defeats.

Tips for women

You receive important information about upcoming turnover in the personal sphere:

  1. A full flow of water means complete satisfaction with the current situation. You will find mutual love, respect, admiration. With rapids - rapid positive changes.
  2. Spilled - to victory over rivals, gossips, unfavorable circumstances. With muddy slurry - to obstacles on the path to success.
  3. Arriving - to increase income, self-realization in the professional field. The unmarried tide guarantees several suitors.
  4. Dried - cooling of feelings. Married - divorce.

Underground is a symbol of a secret romance. An unmarried woman will fall in love with an unfree man. The connection will drag on for years without reaching a new level. If the role of a mistress suits you, you will be very happy. A married woman will receive what her husband does not provide her, in a partnership hidden from everyone.

For a girl

The young scenario carries news about her future marriage and family prospects. Specification:

  1. A river turning into a sea or lake - for a quick marriage. You will join a friendly, strong family as a worthy member. They will love you, pamper you, give you gifts, and support you.
  2. Small - to a fleeting relationship with not the most suitable guy. Fateful love will turn out to be just another hobby. Don't make long-term plans.
  3. The giant current is a happy fate. There will be no special sorrows or disappointments.
  4. High water - rivalry. Another girl will have her eye on your guy.

Currents of dirt - spiteful critics will slander, slander, make you blush and cry into your pillow. Don't listen to their black speeches. Stand your ground. Soon the gossipers will find something else to discuss.

For pregnant women

The expectant mother should calmly expect childbirth if she saw a cheerfully murmuring sound. Quiet water is a symbol of calm time. Dirty, seething - a hint of bad habits. These do not contribute to the normal development of the fetus.

For a man

The blue stream is a symbol of realization in the material world. You are excellent at navigating the intricacies of circumstances. Intuition suggests:

  1. Rough current - increased activity is needed. Do what you planned. The environment will support.
  2. Calm - everything is going as planned. No obstacles are foreseen.
  3. If it dries up, the source of current income will dry up. Quickly find a new job, business, idea. Drying out means lack of money.
  4. With garbage - to tough, ungentlemanly competition. Opponents will do anything to stop the advance.
  5. Floating logs - unlimited income. The more there are, the luckier you will be. Congestion is a confrontation with a strong, powerful person. It is better not to engage in battle, but to wait.

The confluence of two ducts is a worthy partnership. By joining forces, you will perfectly develop your own enterprise.

Monitor your health carefully

Swimming in a dirty river in a dream is also very bad. A dream means the onset of a disease that you are not yet aware of. Vanga’s dream book describes well what misty streams mean in dreams. The great soothsayer reduces the interpretation of sleep to a sharp weakening of the body.

It is worth paying attention to your health in cases where you dreamed of even a small cloudy body of water. The healer recommends postponing urgent matters for the future and focusing on relaxation. If it is impossible to quit, try to establish a work and rest schedule, alternate types of activities, and spend more time in the fresh air.

Why dream about Dirty waters // dream book of T. Radchenko

The interpretation of the dream depends on the appearance of the water. Transparent clean water - to good health, excellent mood, success in business. A good sign for patients. Soon your health will improve.

But dirty, muddy water warns of a dark streak in life. Possible failures at work and in personal life, deterioration in health.

Hot water poured under the floor and formed a puddle under the parquet - in real life you will face a dangerous opponent. The enemy has powerful patrons, so dealing with him will not be easy.

Become a leader in the family

Swimming in a dirty river, feeling sticky and dirty - foretells intrigue, gossip regarding household chores. Dream books recommend spending more time on children, parents, and your significant other, influencing their reasoning and conclusions. Some of your imaginary friends are actively plotting and trying to set you apart. It’s especially bad if you dreamed that the river was trying to suck you in, swallow you up, and cover you with an abyss of sewage.

Dream interpretation

The interpretation of dream images depends on the moral state in which the person was during his sleepy journey. Thus, feelings of fear, depression, pain or anger force us to interpret almost any symbol as a sign warning of impending danger or impending misfortune. Calmness, joy or tranquility, on the contrary, promise the dreamer only positive events.

Maly Velesov dream book

Water and everything connected with it are symbols of human health. According to this dream book, a dirty river predicts a disease for a person, the nature of which depends on the actions of the dreamer. So, if he is in a dream:

  • Swimmed or was in water - you should be wary of skin infections.
  • Drowning in the river - respiratory diseases.
  • If you watched someone drown, one of your relatives would get sick.
  • Drinking dirty water (or pouring it into dishes or a kettle) - pathologies of the stomach and digestive tract.

Contrary to expectations, death in such a body of water is a positive symbol, promising a person the end of suffering or a sudden resolution to a long-standing problem.

Particular attention should be paid to dreams in which water changes its state of aggregation - it hardens before our eyes and turns into ice or evaporates. This indicates that the dreamer will soon witness an event that will greatly change his outlook on life (for example, seeing miracles or similar phenomena with his own eyes).

Dream book of Tiflisi

From the perspective of this dream book, a person dreams of images of moving streams of water as an indication that his life path may change in the near future. In order to find out why you dream of a dirty river, it is enough to look at the type of your activity and your attitude towards it - if a person is not satisfied with something, then such a dream may foreshadow the onset of changes for the better.

For women, dirty water predicts a break in relationships with their loved ones or indicates that their chosen one is lying to her. Seeing a lot of people in a pond means that in the near future the dreamer will become the object of evil ridicule and gossip; You should also be wary of betrayal among people in your close circle (friends and relatives).

It is worth paying attention to the temperature of the water (if the dreamer had to swim through muddy water). Icy cold indicates a conflict with someone in your family; high temperature predicts heated quarrels based on jealousy and love relationships.

Interpretation by Antonio Meneghetti

A famous Italian psychotherapist believed that a person dreams of water during those periods of life when he is very unhappy with something in the present. In this case, the images of the river personify an external cleansing force that literally “washes away” unwanted moments in life. If the dreamer watched one of his friends or relatives drown in the water element, then this indicates that he secretly blames them for his failures . Other interpretations include the following points:

  • A penchant for spiritual reflection, a person’s maturation (if the dreamer is a child), as well as his appeal to one religion or another. It may also indicate a change in worldview.
  • Fear of being in an awkward position; dirt in the water represents indecent rumors that can damage a person's reputation.
  • Pangs of conscience (especially if the dreamer was in the water and managed to get out of it literally dry).

In such dreams, the key symbols, according to Meneghetti, are people, since in most cases the dreamer’s successes or failures are associated with them. If a person drowns in a dream, and an unfamiliar savior pulls him out, this indicates that the dreamer has a secret admirer (or a kind of “guardian angel”) in real life who is ready to lend a helping hand in difficult times.

Miss Hasse's interpretation

Drinking cold water from the river, scooping it up with your own hands, is a sign of happiness and sudden enrichment. The unusual color of the reservoir - green, red, yellow - indicates impending disappointment; In the near future, the dreamer should refrain from making new acquaintances, as they will not lead to anything good.

Watching a dirty river in a dream for a young girl means an unsuccessful marriage or (in the case of pregnancy) difficulties in raising her child. If in a dream the dreamer smelled a disgusting smell of rot coming from the river, she should expect vile betrayal from the person closest to her (another interpretation is that health problems are possible).

A standing river foreshadows a similar stagnation in real life - in the near future, fortune will not be on the dreamer’s side, so he should give up adventures and other activities, the success of which depends on circumstances and luck.

Gustav Miller's opinion

Images of water are directly related to the thirst for life and self-satisfaction. The presence of dirt and impurities in the water indicates a person’s low self-esteem or his negative expectations from his future . Miller suggests recalling some details about his dream:

  • Where was the dreamer? If he stood straight in the water, then this indicates negative thoughts that poison the life of their owner. Observe a body of water from the outside - rely on the opinions of other people; it can also speak of fear of other people's opinions and fear of disappointing someone close to you.
  • Reservoir size. A small stream or a small pond indicates a negative attitude towards your present, a river or sea - towards your future. A huge ocean with muddy water can mean that a person is used to seeing only the bad in his life.
  • Interaction with water. Bathing - attempts to cleanse yourself, forget something from the past; diving into a river with your head is a desire to hide from the world around you. Swimming against the tide means unsuccessfully struggling with life’s circumstances; going with the flow means being in harmony with your surroundings (alternatively, making peace with someone).

Water symbolism is also closely connected in humans not only with life and energy, but also with desolation. Thus, seeing the dirty color of a river from the window of your house in a dream may indicate fear of poverty and financial failure. And the raging elements clearly hint at passion or anger in human relationships.

Sigmund Freud's position

The famous psychiatrist was of the opinion that the image of water is one of the main dream symbols associated with the origin of life (pregnancy or the desire to become a parent), sexual pleasures, as well as dominance in the human community. A stream or rushing stream of water is a symbol of ejaculation and orgasm.

Dirty water may indicate the presence of a sexually transmitted disease or a fear of contracting it . Among other things, for men, a dream in which he sees musty, stagnant water may indicate a fear of being an unsuccessful lover. Studying your reflection in a body of water is a sign of narcissism and a tendency towards self-satisfaction.

It should be noted that when interpreting any dream, it is important to also rely on your intuition - the quiet voice of an inner premonition is sometimes more accurate than other interpretations of dream books. To do this, you need to remember your thoughts in the morning, immediately after waking up - they may contain the key that reveals the meaning of the dreamed images.

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