Why does a woman or man dream of a chipmunk - 48 interpretations from different dream books

Your choice?

According to the Wanderer's dream book, in a dream a chipmunk marks a choice that will have to be made between two admirers or partners. A whole chipmunk family may dream of unexpected troubles associated with children.

If the animal runs away, this means that a series of unpleasant events will soon occur. But holding a squirrel in your hands literally means that you will be able to “tame” a strong enemy.

Where was the chipmunk in the dream

Chipmunk in hands

A chipmunk in your hands promises an attempt at reconciliation with an old enemy. After years of hostility, you will want to become friends with him or make him your partner. You can count on success only if his desires coincide with yours.

For a man, such a plot prophesies an acquaintance with a frivolous woman. Under the guise of a passionate lover, she will empty your wallet and break up your family.

Chipmunk in the house

According to the dream book, a chipmunk in the house dreams of achieving a goal. Soon your dreams will become reality. You will be able to realize long-standing plans and change your life for the better. Move forward, don't stand still, and you will succeed.

Stock up!

Did you dream of a chipmunk gnawing nuts? Soon there will be prosperity and peace in the house. Seeing a squirrel dragging nuts means the need to plan your household economically and stock up.

what if he had a big nut in his paws? This is a sign that you have to pass a fateful test of strength. Most likely, it will involve a lot of money.

What did the chipmunk do in his dream?

Chipmunk gnaws nuts

A chipmunk gnawing nuts is a favorable symbol in dreams. It portends peace, prosperity and personal happiness. It is likely that conflicts, litigation will end, profits will be made and family ties will be strengthened.

Chipmunk runs away

If you dreamed that a chipmunk was running away, you will encounter a series of troubles in different areas of life. It is possible that you will lose a bonus, lose a valuable subordinate, anger an influential patron, or lose the trust of your significant other. To avoid wasting energy on improving the situation, wait out difficult times on vacation away from home.

Chipmunk jumped into your arms

The chipmunk jumped into his arms himself - a good sign. It predicts the arrival of fresh information that will help you understand current affairs or relieve nervous tension. It is highly likely that examination results will come back that will refute the diagnosis, or you will be given access to valuable documents.

Chipmunk runs away

A chipmunk runs away in a dream - to support from relatives. If you have doubts and you cannot find the right solution, ask your loved ones for help. They will help you understand the situation and successfully get out of the situation.

Chipmunk attacks

According to the dream book, a chipmunk attacks means an easy course of affairs. As if by magic, all problematic issues will begin to be resolved on their own. All you have to do is go with the flow and enjoy the fact that everything is working out in your favor.

Chipmunk bites

Dreaming of a chipmunk biting means trouble. Failures will follow you on your heels in the near future. Try to put off important things until better times. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

Other meanings

The interpretation of the dream depends on what the chipmunk did in the dream:

  • Eating means unsuccessful attempts to move up the career ladder.
  • If you are carrying nuts, you should take a more responsible approach to financial issues.
  • Making supplies for the winter - you will advance in your career, get rich, or be disappointed in what you acquire.
  • Running away from a hunting dog - relatives will create obstacles to your goals.
  • Washing - to worries about the fate of a person who cares.
  • Sleeping - you will bite your elbows because of your rashness and haste.
  • If you multiply, problems will appear one after another.

Don't take risks!

Did you happen to hunt a chipmunk in a dream? You risk committing an act that will cause people to no longer respect you.

If the animal is being chased by a hunting dog, it means that your goals and aspirations are not shared by those closest to you. If a wild animal is hunting him, then the likelihood of conflict with colleagues increases.

Chasing a squirrel yourself means ruin; watching others do it means a funny situation. If you dreamed of a chipmunk in a cage, then in some enterprise you will be able to achieve unquestioning obedience.

Who had the dream

When interpreting a dream, it is necessary to pay attention to who dreamed it.

To a woman

Did a married woman dream about a chipmunk? Such a dream is an omen that strong shocks await her in the near future. The situation she will soon face will cause great concern for the health of the children.

Interpretation from the dream book of Catherine the Great: if an unmarried girl dreams of a chipmunk, then she should prepare for negative changes in her personal life. The dream warns that she will soon be separated from her partner.

To a man

For a married man, a dream about a chipmunk, according to Fedorovskaya’s dream book, means that soon a woman will appear on his life’s path who can win his heart. This acquaintance will lead to a love affair.


Interpretation according to Martyn Zadeki’s dream book: if a pregnant woman dreams of a chipmunk, this indicates that she is very worried about her unborn child. Pay attention to what mood the animal was in. If the chipmunk was affectionate and friendly, then there is nothing to worry about. If he behaved aggressively, then it is better to take care and be attentive to any changes in the body.

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