I dreamed that I was suffocating - how to decipher correctly

Lack of air can be very frightening for a waking person. What if you wake up to someone strangling you in your sleep? It’s simply impossible to fall asleep after this! Let's see what the dream book says and does this dream foretell bad events?

Options for interpretation

  • Miller's Dream Book
  • Vanga's Dream Book
  • Islamic Dream Interpretation
  • Who dreamed it?
  • To an unmarried girl
  • To a woman
  • Pregnant
  • To a man
  • Who strangled whom in your dream?
  • You were being strangled
  • You choked another person
  • You strangled a child
  • Choking a young man
  • Choking a dead person
  • Someone strangling another person
  • Choking a woman
  • conclusions

If you dreamed that you were being strangled, it meant trouble?
If in a dream you suffocate for a long time and painfully, then this is a reflection of your real problems with finances. Any dream book will tell you that due to attempts in real life to get out of financial bondage, spending a lot of energy on it, you are emotionally exhausted and this is reflected in your dreams.

This is a warning for a person - your body is tired and needs a break. Therefore, when you wake up, try to use the advice that the interpretation gives you, setting aside time for yourself to rest.

Miller's Dream Book

Miller's dream book interprets such a dream as follows:

If in a dream you are being strangled by the throat, then in life you are not allowed to express your point of view. You don’t have the courage to speak up about being right and it’s pretty exhausting for you. Pay attention to your statements, or you will soon find unfortunate consequences for yourself. Feel free to say what you think.

If in a dream you dreamed that a certain person was strangling you, then this means it is he who does not allow you to realize yourself in life. Try to have less contact with him, or finally solve the problem once and for all.

If you do not see the person who is suffocating you, then this means that you are on the verge of serious changes, but your indecision is preventing you from committing grandiose projects.

If, on the contrary, you are strangling, it means there is a person in your life who annoys you, but you cannot stop communicating with him. In this case, the dream book recommends that you communicate with this person as little as possible and build your life in such a way as to have less contact with him.

The problem needs to be solved immediately, otherwise such dreams will come even more often and this will seriously affect your health.

Seeing a living person dead in a dream - why do you have such a dream? Perhaps, dreams where people die (and it doesn’t matter whether they are close or just acquaintances) cause great sadness and long-term melancholy. But is it so...

Why do you dream about Strangling, taking into account your date of birth (according to the Birthday Dream Book)

For those born in spring, the plot with strangulation asks them to become more restrained and control the expression of emotions.

For summer natives, the vision signals: it’s time to undergo a preventive examination, pay special attention to the lungs.

For those born in the fall, the dream of a murderer foretells that they will not be able to overcome problems on their own.

For people experiencing winter attacks of hypoxia, they are told: there are many ill-wishers nearby, be careful.

Vanga's Dream Book

Vanga's dream book directly connects dreams of strangulation with the dreamer's health. The first thing you need to do is consult a doctor; you may be suffering from cardiovascular disease. Also check your respiratory system.

Sometimes such a dream can occur due to an uncomfortable position in bed. You probably fell asleep in an unusual position or are wearing clothes that constrain your neck area. And another important aspect is the bad energy in the bed. Light up your sleeping area with church candles to get rid of everything negative.

If you don’t have any of the above points, then Vanga’s dream book gives the following meaning to these dreams:

The person who is strangling you wishes you harm and spreads unflattering gossip. If you fight with this enemy and defeat him, then in life there will be victory over him. To do this, you need to stop all communication with him.

Dreams in which you are being strangled mean the presence of problems in your personal life or at work. Try to remember the details of the dream in order to understand what to do in reality. If your opponent defeats you, then defeat will await you in life.

When in a dream they help you fight an ill-wisher, then in life you need to listen to the advice of this person.

If a stranger saved you, then someone will appear in life who can help with existing problems. Do not refuse this help, because this person will be able to help you more than once.

If you dreamed of an evil spirit strangling you, then this is a sign of higher powers. The road you chose is the wrong one. Stop before it's too late and change your decisions. The path you are currently following will bring you troubles and failures, so give up your intentions. And such a dream may also mean that you are tempted by immoral actions. To do this you need to confess.

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In what cases do you have dreams in which you suffocate?

Since the medical factual meaning is predominant, let's start analyzing the dream with physical meanings.

You may be sleeping in an awkward position. Some tissues swell and do not receive proper oxygen supply. Change your position, mattress, bed linen, remove dusty objects - carpets, soft toys.

Excess dust can cause pulmonary edema, allergies, and asthma. Remove, or better yet, throw in the trash all dust collectors and take care of regular wet cleaning of the premises.

Women may choke in their sleep during pregnancy due to increased stress on the cardiovascular system.

Excessive obesity, even an extra 3-5 kg, is quite capable of overloading a person’s circulatory system and causing a feeling of suffocation during sleep.

Choking causes the tongue to sink into the larynx when sleeping on your back.

With eating disorders, you can choke on vomit. If you suffer from suffocation in your sleep, change your usual sleeping position and be sure to provide an influx of fresh air.

An excessively heavy dinner also leads to suffocation. Don't eat after 6 and everything will be fine.

Quite often, the symptom of suffocation leads to instant awakening and a flash of fear. At the same time, you quickly calm down and fall asleep again in full confidence that you dreamed some kind of nonsense. Instant awakening from sleep in which you are suffocating is a protective reflex of the body that protects you from cardiac arrest. This is not a joke or an accident. This is a real defensive reaction that saves you for a while.

If the nervous system is inhibited, for example, by alcohol, drugs, sedatives, or weakened by diseases of the central nervous system, the reflex may not work.

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Have you had a dream in which you are being strangled? The Muslim dream book interprets such a dream about an imminent unexpected misfortune. Something bad may happen in your life. Remember what you did recently, could you have hurt someone?

If in a dream you saw the person who is strangling you, then this person wishes you an unfavorable outcome in reality. You need to stop communicating with him.

If you dream that you are being strangled many times and unexpectedly, then think about your words and actions towards others. Perhaps you are careless in your statements, and ill-wishers are just waiting for your mistake.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see a man sniffing in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means repaying a debt, planning an important purchase, achieving your goals. Soon your life will be visited by an unusual way of solving financial problems. It happens that this dream also promises a cash bonus at work. But occasionally there are much happier and more unusual cases.

Is it necessary to do something special to make the men from the dream come true positively? The interpreter advised keeping more records of your plans, keeping thoughts in your head about your desired goals. Thus, without knowing it yourself, you will be on the path to achieving them. And at important moments in life you will feel the right decision.

Who dreamed it?

To an unmarried girl

When an unmarried girl dreams that she is being strangled, such a dream promises troubles in her relationship with a young man.

If your fiancé is strangling you, it means it’s time to end the relationship. In life, he does not give freedom to your actions.

Were you able to defeat the strangler? Serious changes await you in your personal life. Either you end the toxic relationship or you will soon meet the man who will become your husband.

To a woman

Did a woman dream that a stranger was strangling her? This means that someone is trying with all their might to prevent the realization of her desires.


It so happens that pregnant women most often have dreams in which they feel suffocated. Usually, in this state, a woman experiences oxygen starvation, which is why such dreams happen. There is no need to attach special importance to such a dream, but simply walk more in the fresh air.

To a man

If a man saw in a dream how someone was strangling him, then this is a sign of unforeseen failures. If a man managed to discern his ill-wisher, then it is with him that he will have to compete or fight in the future. Victory over this opponent in a dream promises victory in reality, defeat accordingly means disaster.

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In the view of this interpreter, what air means in a dream is determined by multiple details. Clean and fresh air symbolizes the need for change, getting rid of the negative influence of people around you. Everyone is familiar with the expression “a breath of fresh air.” And night vision suggests that the dreamer is either close to liberation or is in dire need of it.

If you dreamed of dirty, polluted or foul-smelling air, the image hints at serious difficulties. The only question is what area they belong to. The symbol can be associated both with communication problems (with loved ones, colleagues, etc.) and with the inability to cope with difficulties. Do you strive for changes that seem unattainable? Do you dream of more?

Reducing the negative meaning of sleep.

Imagine how you breathe clean mountain or sea air. You can breathe easily, you feel a surge of strength. If the air is stale, then you open the window and the air becomes clean. Or you go into a grove or garden from a place where the air is unclean.

Dream book of Simeon Prozorov

Who strangled whom in your dream?

You were being strangled

If you dreamed that you were being strangled with a rope in a dream, some person passionately desires you. Perhaps he performed a magical ritual for a love spell.

You choked another person

If you yourself strangle someone in a dream, then this means that there are things in your life that you really want to get rid of.

Don't attach great importance to these matters. Either let the situation go or quickly come up with a solution to these troubles.

You strangled a child

Have you ever dreamed of strangling a child in your sleep? This means that in real life you are being prevented from starting your own business, which you dream of realizing.

Choking a young man

In a dream in which you strangle a young man, it means the presence of health problems . You need to be examined by a doctor and have your respiratory system checked. If you still killed this young man, then the disease is already in an advanced stage. Contact your doctor immediately.

Choking a dead person

First of all, the deceased means a connection with the past. No one is trying to take you to the next world. It's the other way around - he tries to help solve problems.

If you saw how you were strangled by a person who is no longer in this world, then you have unfinished business. They prevent you from moving forward. Maybe you made him a promise to fulfill some request and did not fulfill it.

In this case, be sure to remember the deceased and donate a little money to those in need. And, of course, try to fulfill the request of the deceased. If you cannot do this, then be sure to go to church and pray for this person, ask for forgiveness.

Someone strangling another person

There are dreams in which you do not take the main part and you are just an observer. If you dreamed of someone strangling another person, then try to remember how you acted in this situation ?

Did you get scared and run away? This means that in real life you sense approaching danger and want it to pass you by.

If you were not afraid and rushed to help this person, then most likely you will not be afraid to solve your problem in reality.

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Choking a woman

If you are a man, then perhaps the dream is about being offended by some lady.

If you are a woman and you are strangling another, then in reality a strong rival will appear in your business or personal life.

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