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A dream in which you ask for forgiveness, but have not committed any bad deed, foreshadows a situation when a long, intricate, complex story will unravel and success will come. If in such a dream you have done something wrong and ask for forgiveness, then in reality it will be difficult not to get into big trouble. A dream in which you are forgiven promises good luck in all endeavors and in your personal life.

Apologize for an action

Have you committed a crime in reality, and now it does not allow you to sleep peacefully? A bad conscience takes its toll. If a person was unable or unwilling to ask for forgiveness in reality, he has the opportunity to correct the situation in a dream. What interpretation does the dream book give on this topic? "I'm sorry!" – if this phrase was uttered quite sincerely, then wait, the problems will be resolved soon. The subconscious will come to terms with your wrongdoing and things will get better. The thought that you have been forgiven will bring moral peace. If upon awakening the dreamer feels great, it means the future will be bright.

What awaits the person who wakes up with a heavy heart? What does the dream book say about this? Asking for forgiveness is not an easy task even in a dream. If a person understands that it was not possible to obtain forgiveness, then he should make amends in reality. Prepare a pleasant surprise for the person you offended and sincerely apologize. Having received forgiveness in reality, you will be able to sleep peacefully at night.

Forgive offenders, improve yourself

Why dream that an old friend (girlfriend), with whom the friendship has already ended, repented to you for his ugly behavior? Your friend is gnawed by guilt because he once set you up or prevented you from achieving your plans. Don't be vindictive, because this is already in the past.

A former classmate in the same situation in a dream indicates, according to the dream book, a long-standing, hidden grudge that prevents you from adequately perceiving other people. Work on yourself so that complexes do not spoil your life: perhaps only you are fixated on this injustice, and everyone has long forgotten it.

Asking for forgiveness for a wrongdoing

A person who fusses excessively and constantly lives in fear may constantly ask for forgiveness in a dream. The dream book interprets a dream in which a person apologizes for imperfect actions as a strong concern. The dreamer needs to restore his nerves. Learn to relax. You shouldn’t let things take their course, but you can loosen the reins of power that you are squeezing very tightly. Trust those around you and let everyone solve their problems. Don't try to follow Mother Teresa's example and don't help everyone who is disadvantaged. They do not seek good from good. First, establish your own balance, and only then strive to help others.

What dream interpreters say

Dream Interpretation, asking for forgiveness is considered quite often. Such night visions can be quite diverse, so you should begin to decipher them with all responsibility.

Interpreter of Gustav Miller

Forgiveness for an act that you did not commit - in reality, you are worried about the state of your affairs. The interpreter considers such efforts to be in vain; everything will work out for you in the best possible way.

Dreaming of a plea for an offense

Forgiveness for an action that you have committed - the fact that your affairs are now in a confused state is a temporary phenomenon. You will be able to figure everything out.

If your prayer that you dreamed of was crowned with success, then the streak of bad luck will soon be replaced by positive events.

Interpreter of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

People who ask or receive forgiveness in a dream live with anxiety in their hearts. They are tormented by remorse, but they continue to commit bad deeds over and over again. If you don't change your life, then troubles will haunt you constantly.

It's good when you understand that you have been forgiven, or have sincerely forgiven the other person. This dream is very favorable. Good events will never cease to please you.

Interpreter Ivanov

Did you dream that they asked you to apologize? If you have sincerely forgiven this person, then in real life you will perform a noble act.

Have you been forgiven? A loved one will betray you.

I dreamed that the child was apologizing

Interpreter from A to Z

Is your boyfriend asking for forgiveness, or is your spouse tearfully begging you to forgive him? Take care of unnecessary troubles, don’t fuss, everything will still work out well.

Do children pray for forgiveness? You will be able to increase your authority both at work and among your friends.

You have been insulted, and you don’t even want to listen to these people’s excuses - make a mistake and you will bitterly repent of what you did.

Husband asks for forgiveness

To unravel night images, refer to the dream book. Can a loved one ask for forgiveness from a woman? How to interpret this vision if in reality the man has not been guilty of anything? Women are suspicious and distrustful creatures. Even if a man does not give reasons for jealousy, the wife will still find something to complain about. The subconscious, sending the lady the image of a repentant husband, says that she should be gentler with the man. The loved one is not to blame for anything, and all the suspicions with which a woman may torment herself are in vain. Such a simple thought can bring relief. A woman should give her husband more freedom. Such a gesture will show the other half the degree of trust. A person who sees that they are trusted will always try to live up to expectations.

Seeing a Knee in a dream

It can symbolize fear, since fear makes “the knees shake (or buckle).”

Assure yourself: “I have enough courage to walk through life freely and with dignity.”

It can also mean that you are rigid and unwilling to show flexibility under any circumstances.

Declare to yourself: “I am flexible (flexible) and easily adapt to circumstances.”

This sign may indicate that you are in awe of something, worshiping or praying on your knees.

Children ask for forgiveness

Night dreams can be vague, or they can be very specific. How to interpret a dream in which children ask for forgiveness? Such dreams tell a person that he is growing. And not in the literal sense, but figuratively. The person grows up, gets smarter, and in connection with this, the subconscious says that it is time for the person to move to a new stage of development. You should think about changing jobs if there are no prospects for further development in your current job. A lady who sees the image of repentant children should think about her personal life. The subconscious tells the woman that it’s time for her to settle down and think about starting a family.

Night dreams with children can even happen to teenagers. If a person changes under the pressure of circumstances, then he can grow up sharply. Such changes may elude the mind, but will certainly be recorded by the subconscious.

Seeing a Knee in a dream

He always takes on difficult human work.

To be wounded in the knee means anxiety and insanity in those matters that are mainly occupied by the person who saw this dream.

Seeing swollen knees portends grief, illness, labor, loss, harm, obstacle or slowdown in enterprises.

Seeing tired knees means illness.

Kneeling means piety, humility, work and insanity in business.

Crawling on your knees due to lack of legs means loss of property, misfortune and illness of servants.

Seeing your knees withered or cut off and therefore unable to walk portends poverty due to lack of work.

Seeing sore knees suddenly healed means a change from poverty to wealth, sorrow to joy.

A friend asks for forgiveness

Women who come in night visions often bring misfortune, according to the dream book. Why do you dream about a friend asking for forgiveness? Such a vision should be interpreted as a bad omen. The girl who came to the dreamer at night envelops the person in gossip during the daytime. The lady wants others to change their opinion of you for the worse. For what? There can be many reasons for an imaginary girlfriend. The girl is jealous of your personal life, career or position of authority among friends. By blaming you, the insidious person wants to take the vacated place in the sun. Take a closer look at your surroundings and try to understand which of your friends is the one who is capable of doing vile things? It must be answered that one must look for an evil soul under the guise of a pious nature. As you know, it is in the still waters that devils live.

A few more predictions

It's one thing when the person you love, or just a good friend, apologizes. How to evaluate a dream if a stranger approached you with a request?

In the near future, you should be very careful with new acquaintances; do not trust the first people you meet. Now is an unfavorable time to make new connections.

In night vision you beautifully write out the word “sorry” - in reality you are full of doubts and thoughts, something is gnawing at you. You are planning to do something and deep down you understand that it is wrong.

Many people are interested in why the dead person dreams and the apologies he or you make. Such dreams can be interpreted very simply: you have done something wrong to a person or cannot forgive him for passing away, or for another act. But such a dream is best considered in more detail, highlighting a separate topic for it.

A stranger asks you to forgive him

Did you meet a person in a dream? Did the conversation seem strange? Refer to the dream book. A person asks for forgiveness, but you don’t understand who he is and what he is guilty of before you? Such dreams foreshadow the dreamer about an imminent trip. How will the trip go? Everything will depend on the feeling with which the person wakes up. If night dreams bring relief, then the journey will go well. And if the next morning you have a headache and it seems that you are angry with the whole world, then the trip will be unsuccessful. Remember that the subconscious only assumes the development of events based on your personal judgments and thoughts. A waking dreamer may assume that he will go on a trip on vacation. But such dreams cannot always be realized. Sometimes it is impossible to find a suitable company or buy a ticket. If you decide to go after an unfavorable dream, be careful and pay special attention to the little things.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

It’s also worth looking into this source if you had to ask someone for forgiveness in a dream. Seeing this is a sign of deep-seated experiences and grievances that haunt a person and therefore prevent him from living peacefully.

It is strongly recommended to get rid of this condition as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to face unpleasant situations every time.

Did the dreamer sincerely forgive someone or was he himself forgiven? It is important to remember whether he felt relief at this. If yes, that's good. This means that soon all his failures will end, and things will get better.

Ex asks for forgiveness

Do you often communicate with people with whom fate has separated you? Even if such dates are rare in reality, they can happen from time to time in a dream. How to interpret night dreams in which your ex asks for forgiveness? The dream book says that the girl has finally let go of the past. Love is completely gone, and now the lady can start a new romance with a clear conscience. Long relationships cannot be forgotten immediately. And the thoughts that a former lover could be the one can greatly disturb not only at night, but also during the day. Liberation from the image of an ideal gentleman comes unexpectedly. The girl could start a new romance or simply forget about her experiences. Mental relief comes unnoticed. The subconscious does not intend to tug at the delicate strings of the soul again. It wants to show the dreamer that she is ready to move on.

News from the past, difficulties with management

Did you dream of a colleague with whom you worked before and asked to forgive you for something? The vision promises: you will soon learn about some unseemly act of a friend that concerned you.

As the dream book interprets it, a former boss asking for forgiveness in a dream means problems with the current management. The bosses at work work you to the fullest and even more, but they consider this to be in the order of things and you cannot expect financial rewards from them. Learn to say “no” to the next offer of additional responsibilities.

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