Let's leaf through the dream book. A couple in a dream: meaning and the most complete interpretation

Seeing a couple cooing to each other in a dream is a very good omen. This means that all the dreamer’s planned deeds will have the opportunity to be fulfilled as planned. But those who have not found their soulmate can hope for a long-awaited meeting. For all those who decide to find out what such a dream is about, dream books recommend paying attention to what kind of couple they dreamed about.

Pair: Miller's dream book

What interpretation does the famous psychologist offer? What does a married couple symbolize according to Miller’s dream book? The interpretation depends on who exactly is having such night dreams.

  • For men, a couple in love predicts success in the business field. Entrepreneurs will enter into lucrative contracts, careerists will move up the career ladder. Success will have a positive impact on the financial situation.
  • What can a married lady dream of about a couple? Miller's dream book warns the sleeping woman about the possible infidelity of her spouse. You need to take a closer look at your other half.
  • The couple predicts changes on the personal front for the unmarried girl. An attractive and interesting representative of the opposite sex will appear on the horizon. Light flirting has every chance of developing into a serious relationship.

21st century interpreter

What can men and women dream about as a couple? The 21st century dream book contains various answers to this question.

  • Lovers walking in the dark dream of good news. They will turn out to be exactly what the sleeper wants to hear.
  • A couple breaks up in their night dreams? In reality, the dreamer will face unexpected challenges, which his other half will help him overcome. Adversity will help you test your feelings for strength.
  • Does a single person find a couple in a dream? This plot indicates the sleeper’s penchant for building castles in the air. It's time for the dreamer to return to the real world and stop wasting time on fruitless fantasies.
  • Is a married couple breaking up in your night dreams? The dream book of the 21st century promises the sleeping person a rapprochement with his chosen one. To do this, a person only needs to show his beloved his tenderness and show respect.

Parallel life in a dream

Have you ever woken up in the morning and realized that you lived a small life in a dream?

Sometimes it’s even a whole series, when the next dream is a continuation of the previous one.

Why is this happening?

It turns out that this is our parallel life in a dream, which our subconscious director plays for us like a movie.

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At the end of the article, you will get access to the course and learn how to improve memory and brain function , learn to remember your dreams.

Dreams develop memory

Quantum physicists talk about the theory of the existence of many parallel worlds and the nature of the Universe.

Not only scientists, but also writers claim that in dreams we live our parallel lives.

The author of the book about the adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain, had dreams for forty years where he and Laura Wright, a girl he met as a teenager, were together in a parallel reality.

In one of his letters from 1893, M. Twain wrote: “I dreamed that I was born, grew up, became a pilot on the Mississippi River, a miner and a journalist, I had a wife and children - and this dream goes on and on and on, and sometimes he seems so real that I almost believe he is actually real. Is it true?"

Mark Twain also described a way to train your memory to learn to remember more dreams and use them to gain a deeper understanding of reality and humanity.

He also believed that without training in dream memory, it is impossible to develop good memory in general.

The training consists of writing down dreams when they are still easy to remember. We also need to study them, find which side of our personality gives rise to these dreams.

How parallel lives arise

The parallel worlds supposed by scientists are not located somewhere far away, millions of kilometers away. They are much closer. They are inside us, in our consciousness.

Every time we make a choice, we create a potential reality that will exist simultaneously with the one in which we are now.

That part of our Soul that does not agree with our choice can break away and remain in the reality that existed before we made our choice.

Such parts of our soul continue to live parallel lives.

What counts as dreams of parallel lives?

Dreams give us the opportunity to find ourselves at the intersection of parallel realities.

Parallel lives in dreams can take different forms: we can see ourselves in our own bodies and the bodies of other people, in different countries and in different times.

In a dream, what has passed, is or will be merged into one. Complementing each other and intertwining, they recreate the integrity of our Soul, which we are not even aware of.

Since dreams do not appear sequentially, in the same dream about parallel lives you can see yourself at different ages and different time periods at the same time.

For example, a man had a dream where he met his deceased father, who was holding his baby daughter in his arms. In real life, the man's daughter is 21 years old.

At the beginning of gaining experience in working with dreams, you may dream of simultaneous lives very close to the real one.

As a person works with his dreams, completely different realities may become available to him.

The experience a person gains in a dream depends on the state that he brought into the dream.

Dreams help you make decisions

Since parallel realities are formed by our choices, in our dreams we see the results of our choices. Moreover, in dreams, simultaneous lives can look very real.

We may dream about our previous place of work and situations that could develop there in a completely natural way.

Dreams about parallel lives can be support in the correctness of our choice.

For example, an unmarried woman dreams of herself in a boring marriage, where quarrels constantly break out. Waking up, she rejoices in her loneliness.

Or, you may see what a nightmare your relationship with your loved one has become, and wake up and be relieved to realize that your breakup at 19 was actually a good thing for you.

Dreams in which we live in another reality often indicate what we are hiding from ourselves while living in real time.

Hidden parts of our soul, unrecognized by us for years, break off, taking away vital energy. What happens is what shamans call “the loss of the soul.”

Dreams help us find wholeness

Dreams speak about different aspects of us and provide an opportunity to bring them all under one roof.

Fritz Perls, an Austrian psychiatrist and one of the founders of Gestalt therapy, argued that all elements in a dream are projections of the dreamer himself.

He encouraged clients to role-play all of these elements in their dreams. In this way the author of the dream could come into contact with many split-off aspects of his personality and bring them together.

When asking the question, “What part of me” is depicted in this dream, one can also ask, “How does this part relate to my present reality?”

You can take one dream and examine every single detail in it: the character, the setting, the things that appear there. And get full integration.

More often than not, when working with dreams, only a few individual pieces are integrated. Then another dream occurs, and it becomes clear what is happening.

By returning every part of yourself, you take back what you once refused. You get your energy back. Those parts that you gave to the world, you return to yourself. This is how spiritual growth and maturity occurs.

In sleep, when our mind is as passive as possible, information from the subconscious becomes accessible. The experience of our past incarnations, which can also be classified as parallel - after all, everything happens here and now - becomes accessible.

Dreams of simultaneous lives in different realities serve as access to the memory of our soul's experiences. And about possible options for this experience.

Dreams provide access to past lives

“What if?”

What would happen if we had free access to all versions of ourselves, including incarnations in other circuits of space and time? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. We have free will and practically do not remember the highest tasks of our Soul.

Understanding why we came into this incarnation is perhaps our most basic task. And dreams are a way to remember this.

In dreams, we can learn about certain versions of ourselves, exchange experiences with them, and provide mutual support.

One of the gifts that dreams about parallel lives give us is getting rid of the patterns in our minds.

Source: https://journal.reincarnationics.com/parallelnaya-zhizn-vo-sne/

Loff's interpretation

Why do you dream about a couple? Loff's dream book will also help you find the answer to this question.

  • Do lovers kiss in their night dreams? Such a plot is a sign that the sleeper will soon penetrate someone’s secret. Someone else's secret will deprive a person of sleep and peace for a long time. He will regret knowing her.
  • What does the appearance of a loving couple in night dreams mean for single people? Such a plot indicates that a person dreams of organizing his personal life. He forgets that water does not flow under a lying stone. The dreamer needs to get out with people more often, make acquaintances and communicate.

What does a guy with a girl mean according to Freud?

If in night vision you see a person with whom your relationship has ended, then soon get ready for disagreements with your chosen one. But this will depend not so much on the interpretation as on your behavior. Without meaning to, you will provoke a quarrel, because thoughts about your past love will begin to visit you again, and you will begin to compare the manners, behavior, and appearance of both. Or perhaps your true chosen one will not like the fact that you told him about your night vision.


Has a person dreamed of a wedding of close friends? A couple in love in a dream getting ready to exchange rings? Such a plot is a warning that the sleeper’s relationship with the heroes of his night dreams may deteriorate. Serious disagreements may arise that will make further communication impossible.

Stranger couple kissing at a wedding? Such a plot promises unpleasant news to the dreamer. The news will unsettle him for a long time; he will not soon be able to return to normal life.

Several married couples kissing at a wedding party? Such dreams warn the dreamer that it is better for him not to visit public places in the near future. If he does not heed this recommendation, he risks becoming a victim of someone else's aggression.

What does your own marriage symbolize? Such a plot means that a person has a lot of unfinished business. He will not be able to enjoy life until he removes the burden of problems from his shoulders. Faith in one’s own strength will help the dreamer cope with all troubles.

See Lovers: dream book of Hubaishi Tiflisi

Lovers in the ancient sense

Lovers - If in a dream the object of your dreams and feelings has a wondrous, beautiful appearance, then there is a high probability that bad thoughts and aspirations lurk in the depths of your soul. If the appearance of your chosen one is unprepossessing, then the interpretation of the dream is the opposite!

Seeing yourself in love in a dream is a warning: your selfishness can bring you quick disappointment in your actions. If someone falls in love with you in a dream, then this promises you some kind of surprise. If you reciprocate, thanks to your friends you will gain advantages in solving your problems or in the fight against competitors.

Erotic dream book

What can you learn from this guide? What does the Erotic Dream Book predict for the sleeping person? A couple in love symbolizes upcoming changes on the romantic front. An attractive representative of the opposite sex will appear on the horizon. Time will tell how long the connection will last.

What does a couple in love promise to a young lonely boy? The dreamer will soon plunge headlong into a whirlpool of love passions. The passion will be so strong that the guy risks forgetting about his daily responsibilities. This may negatively affect his work, relationships with friends and relatives.


A dreamed family symbolizes the inner world of a person, who at the same time connects with the people around him. Like any archetype, this symbol has chthonic power and arises under strong subconscious influence. Among the reasons for the penetration of this image into a dream from the subconscious, authoritative interpreters name:

  1. Projection into a dream family of personal changes (spiritual growth and accompanying problems).
  2. Unresolved problems in relationships with others (relatives, especially parents, friends, even strangers).
  3. A strong influence on the dreamer's life of events from the past.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

This guide to the world of dreams is also worth a look.

  • What do wedding couples symbolize? Hasse's dream book predicts the realization of the dreamer's cherished dream. A person will have to make a minimum of effort in order for his cherished desire to come true.
  • Couple in love dancing in their sleep? In reality, the sleeper will soon get married. Unfortunately, the family union is unlikely to be strong and happy. Constant conflicts will force spouses to separate from each other.
  • Watching a young man and a girl in love is a good omen. Such dreams indicate that a person is close to achieving spiritual harmony and peace. It is possible that unresolved problems do not allow him to completely relax. The time has come to complete all your business.

Lovers according to Miller's dream book

Lover - Seeing yourself in love in a dream warns against selfish desires that threaten to plunge you into scandal. For a young woman, this dream foreshadows forbidden dates, but in the end she will choose a balanced and highly moral partner. For a married woman, such a dream speaks of dissatisfaction and a desire for pleasure outside the home. Seeing others in love means that you will be tempted to neglect your moral obligations. Seeing animals in this state means that you are attracted to base pleasures.

Love without age

A well-known proverb states that all ages are submissive to love. What does the elderly couple symbolize? Hasse's dream book gives a positive assessment of the night dreams in which she appears. Such a dream means that the sleeper has no reason to doubt the love and loyalty of his chosen one.

An elderly couple dancing? For lonely people, such a dream predicts the creation of a strong and unbreakable family union. The relationship between the spouses will be filled with love and respect. If such dreams disturb the nightly peace of a married person, then in reality he will fall in love with his other half again. The second honeymoon will bring the spouses closer, even if they have already begun to move away from each other.

Dream “couple”

Today we have prepared a complete description of the topic: the “couple” dream: what the dream means and a full interpretation from various points of view.

/ Dream Interpretation / ...

Seeing a couple cooing to each other in a dream is a very good omen. This means that all the dreamer’s planned deeds will have the opportunity to be fulfilled as planned.

But those who have not found their soulmate can hope for a long-awaited meeting.

For all those who decide to find out what such a dream is about, dream books recommend paying attention to what kind of couple they dreamed about.

First love is for sensual aspirations

Watching in a dream how a couple of young people in love with each other hug - you now really miss seething passions.

Did a middle-aged man dream that he was young and in love again? The interpretation of the dream is that in reality this person is very tired of the fussiness and routine of life, he lacks emotions and positive impressions. Looking at a couple of teenagers in love and admiring them means the revival of faded feelings, predicts the White Magician’s dream book.

A dance evening is a sign of joyful expectations

Do you dream that you are a member of the jury at a dance competition and you have to choose the best dancing couple? A real invitation to some event awaits you.

But if you see yourself as part of a dancing couple, that’s generally great! You will have the opportunity to fulfill your long-time dream, the Lunar Dream Book prophesies.

I dreamed that in a nightclub everyone was dancing in pairs, and as soon as you stood alone, in order to achieve what you wanted, you would have to turn to friends for help.

You dream of a beautiful couple of ballroom dancers when you are languishing in anticipation of something joyful and bright that is about to happen.

An elderly couple, or feelings tested over the years

You have become an involuntary witness to how elderly family people exchanged kisses - in fact, you should not worry about the loyalty of your chosen one, Miss Hasse’s dream book gives hope.

A married couple celebrating their golden wedding or an older one that you happened to see in a dream symbolizes a strong and unbreakable union.

Did you dream of a retired couple in love walking around holding hands as if they were young? You can safely trust business partners or simply colleagues with whom you have been working for a long time.

Modern Dream Interpretation

A loving couple you meet (especially at dusk) is a sign of good news. If you dreamed of a couple in love breaking up, it means that you and your loved one will have to go through an unexpected test and prove to each other the truth of your feelings.

If a single person dreams that he has a partner, it means that in the near future in real life he better not count on this: what he wants will not become reality. If your own couple breaks up in a dream, then you and your loved one will be imbued with even greater respect and tenderness for each other. But this will happen only after a major trouble affecting both of you.

Any two objects, a couple of people or animals seen in a dream promise you well-being and changes for the better that will change your entire way of life. A clean pair of shoes seen in a dream is a sign of a successful trip, but if a pair of shoes is dirty in a dream, then this is a harbinger of a difficult trip.

Loff's Dream Book

Seeing a couple in a dream is a symbol of happiness, spiritual harmony, and peace. Accompanied a couple of newlyweds to the altar - your wishes will be fulfilled in the near future. If you dreamed of a couple in love with a romantic atmosphere around them, you will receive shocking information that can unsettle you for a long time and deprive you of peace. The emotions experienced will be positive, but very strong.

A kissing couple of lovers indicates a lack of romance and passion in your everyday life, which is reflected in the nature of your night dreams. Continue to make attempts to improve your personal life and start new relationships. You need to be shown love and care, as well as the opportunity to reciprocate the feelings shown.

Erotic Dream Interpretation

If in a dream you happen to see two people in love with each other, this can be regarded as a very favorable sign related to the sphere of personal relationships.

Those who are already lucky enough to meet their soulmate can count on strengthening relationships, success in various matters, understanding and love from their partner.

For single people, there is also a calming interpretation: soon they will meet a person destined for them by fate itself and will fall into the abyss of intoxicating relationships, full of tenderness and understanding.

Vanga's Dream Book

Seeing a couple of lovers in a dream means that in the near future a person will face a situation in which he will have to forget about his moral principles. Its success depends on the person himself, but in any case it depends on whether the person can give up his principles or not.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

A couple of lovers - Seeing them means peace of mind; dancing with the betrothed - an unstable marriage; accompany to the altar - fulfillment of desires; seeing your betrothed dead is a long happy marriage. I dreamed of an elderly couple - such a dream speaks of the fidelity of the spouse.

Miller's Dream Book

A couple in love met in the dark is good news. For a single girl, this is an opportunity to meet a new young man, worthy and kind. A couple of objects, people, animals - well-being, changes in life that you could never have imagined.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

A couple in love, showing their feelings in public, means that you will be favored, neglecting your moral obligations.

Couple in a dream

If you happen to see two lovers in a dream, this can be regarded as a very favorable sign related to the sphere of personal relationships.

Those who have already been lucky enough to meet their soulmate can count on strengthening relationships, success in business, understanding and love from their partner.

For single people, there is a different interpretation of the dream: soon they will meet the person destined for them by fate and fall into the abyss of intoxicating relationships, full of tenderness and understanding.

Several interpretations from Gustav Miller

  • Why does a lonely girl dream about a couple in love? According to the psychologist, we will soon meet a new young man, worthy and kind.
  • And if a girl kisses a man she is interested in in a dream, then in reality you should expect trickery, deception, or even betrayal from him. It's time to take off your rose-colored glasses and look at things objectively.
  • For a man to see lovers kissing is a good sign, the dream book is sure. The couple in this case promises success in business and career advancement.


To be a witness in a dream to two lovers showing tenderness to each other is a sign of an urgent need for tenderness and new relationships. The lack of human warmth often makes a person embittered by the world and callous.

If you are already over forty and dream of being young and in love, you are tired of everyday problems, conservative friends and stereotypes that force an adult to abandon his youthful habits and pretend to be gloomy and serious.

Elderly couple

Hosse's dream book believes that there is no reason to worry if you dreamed of an elderly couple. This speaks of the fidelity of the spouse.

Witnessing a sweet walk of old people means that your partners and colleagues are reliable, they will not let you down or deceive you.

A dream in which you find yourself at the anniversary celebration of an elderly married couple speaks about strong family relationships.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

couple in love in a dream

A couple in love, showing their feelings in public, means that you will be favored, neglecting your moral obligations.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

Why does a couple in love dream?

You have to make a serious choice and you need to listen to your heart here.

Dream Interpretation of Zhou-Gong

what does it mean if a couple in love is in a dream

Interprets a dream of a couple in love in semi-darkness - you will be puzzled by sudden news, most likely pleasant.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

what does it mean if a couple in love is in a dream

They envy you.


In a dream, a person can watch a dancing couple. He can also dance with someone himself.

  • What do night dreams mean, in which the sleeper acts as a jury of a popular competition? A person evaluates other people's dances and chooses a winner? Such a plot promises the dreamer an invitation to a grand event.
  • Watching couples dancing in a nightclub - what does it mean? Nobody invites the dreamer? Such a plot predicts the onset of a dark streak in a person’s life. Sorrows and troubles will literally haunt him. The dreamer will not be able to get out of this difficult situation on his own. The sooner he turns to his friends for help, the easier it will be for them to get him out.
  • Why dream of watching a professional couple dance? Such a plot predicts events that will change your whole life. Most likely we are talking about changes for the better.
  • Did a person dream that he himself was performing in a pair with a professional dancer? Such a plot is a sign that everything will turn out exactly as the sleeper wants. Finally, the dreamer’s cherished dream will come true, although for this he will have to make some efforts.

Briefly about the main thing

As the dream book predicts, a young couple cooing to each other is a favorable sign that will be useful to listen to. Most likely, the affairs of the sleeping person will begin to go uphill, and they will be able to bring to life what they have wanted for so long. If such images are dreamed by those who do not yet have a soulmate, then a long-awaited meeting with their chosen one or chosen one awaits them. But it is better not to rush things and fully understand the upcoming events, since there are also less optimistic interpretations.

Why does the Princess dream?

Seeing Yourself Beautiful in a Dream - why do you dream?

Why do you dream about Mother-in-law?

What is written in dream books?

If you want to quickly find the necessary information in the dream book, then try to prepare for interesting work. Young people are not always ready to spend time searching among dozens of different publications, and therefore they stop at the first one they come across, making a big mistake.

You will have to analyze the most popular sources, and only then draw conclusions.

Miller's Dream Book

If an unmarried girl dreams of lovers

If you believe Gustav Miller’s dream book, then dreamers will expect positive formulations, but in order to expand their understanding, they will have to remember the one who saw the dream:

  • unmarried girls - for a long-awaited meeting with an interesting and wealthy gentleman;
  • married ladies - will become a victim of marital deception;
  • men - to success in the business field.

Modern dream book

By deciphering what a couple walking in the dark, the dreamer can prepare to receive good news. Watching lovers break up is a difficult path that can only be overcome with your loved one, and unexpected trials will show each other’s true feelings and intentions.

Find your soul mate in a dream

If a single person finds a couple in a dream, it is an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances. The dream book advises to take a realistic look at the world around you and stop fantasizing. If you dream of a couple breaking up in a night dream, you will be able to strengthen your relationship by showing your tenderness and respect. The main thing is to share sincere emotions without trying to do something for personal gain. However, such events can only happen when serious trouble occurs in life.

Why do you dream about a pair of shoes, two favorite sneakers? Such a vision reflects future prosperity and improved living standards. The dreamer will be able to achieve great heights, but only after a radical change in his lifestyle. I dreamed about a pair of shoes - remember what they were like:

  • clean - to make a successful trip;
  • dirty - to possible excesses along the way, for which it is better to prepare in advance.

Loff's Dream Book

As the dream book writes, a couple of people symbolizes happiness and harmony, without which it is difficult to imagine your life. You happened to accompany a married couple to the altar - to the speedy fulfillment of their desires, but it is better not to rely on chance. The romantic atmosphere hovering around people kissing means receiving secret information that can deprive you of sleep and throw you out of your usual rut. Dream books do not advise invading someone else's space, as this will result in disaster.

I dreamed of people kissing

A kissing couple reflects unrealized romantic experiences and passion. The subconscious tries to talk about this in night dreams, but the dreamer does not always learn any lessons from this. If you dreamed of such an image, then continue to work on your personal life, striving for a new relationship. The main thing is to strive for a completely different qualitative, rather than quantitative, level. By showing more sensitivity and care, you can win any heart.

Erotic dream book

Seeing young and loving people enjoying each other’s company is a favorable sign, indicating an improvement in the situation on the personal front. Those who were able to find themselves a young lady or chosen one should count on an improvement in their relationship.

For a young and lonely guy, such a dream will be evidence of a future relationship that will befuddle his head. He must understand that achieving mutual understanding and tenderness is not so easy.

Vanga's Dream Book

A kissing couple in a night dream means a situation will arise that will test your own moral principles. If they are truly strong, then you don’t have to worry about your success and personal life. However, the dreamer must understand that you have to pay for everything, and the price is not always reasonable.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Seeing elderly spouses in a dream

As the dream book describes, a couple is a symbol that should be viewed from different angles:

  • watching lovers means finding peace of mind and harmony;
  • dancing with them means concluding a fragile marriage;
  • helping a couple at a wedding - to the speedy fulfillment of desires;
  • an elderly married couple is a symbol that reveals the true fidelity of the other half;
  • favorite paired items - for a long and happy marriage.

What's the reason?

The couple may appear in a dream under different circumstances, and therefore you will have to figure them out.


Why do you dream about your own wedding? Dream books contain prophecies regarding future problems. It will not be easy for the dreamer to finish his business, but he must not lose faith in his own strength.

Dreaming about marriage

I dreamed of friends celebrating a holiday - the beginning of a difficult period in relations with these people. Perhaps the temperaments have ceased to get used to each other, leading to serious disagreements. Dreaming of strangers kissing

If you go to a wedding party and watch several married couples begin to kiss, avoid visiting public places, as you may encounter rude treatment in your direction.


A young couple kisses and hugs - to a lack of passion and romantic experiences. But you are satisfied with the current situation.

Adult couples dream about how they become young - a symbol reflecting dissatisfaction with their own lives. Everyday routine does not bring new emotions. Without solving such a problem, you can end up in a state of severe depression, from which it is not so easy to get out.

Teenagers in love dreamed about restoring a former relationship with their soulmate.


Evaluating the dance of other people and choosing a favorite while being on the jury of a popular competition means receiving an invitation to a real and interesting event.

You yourself danced in a dream with a professional partner - everything will work out well. Your long-time dream will finally come true, but you will have to make a lot of effort for this.

Watching people dancing in a dream

Dancing couples in a nightclub, aggravating loneliness in a night dream, are considered evidence that you will not be able to solve the problem on your own. It’s better not to fool your head and immediately turn to family and friends for help.

A dancing couple of professionals is dreamed of by those people who are looking forward to significant events. Something joyful and bright should happen, you just have to wait for it and not scare away your luck.

Shoe pair

What does it mean to see a pair of shoes in your night dreams? The 21st century dream book will tell you the answer to this question. Did a person dream of two favorite sneakers? Such a plot promises him an improvement in his standard of living and stabilization of his financial situation. If the dreamer has debt obligations, then he will soon have the opportunity to pay them off.

What else could a pair of shoes mean? Such a dream may warn that some bad habits are preventing the sleeper from achieving success. If he abandons them, his life will begin to rapidly change for the better.

A clean pair of shoes predicts a long journey. Most likely, the dreamer will be accompanied by his other half. It is possible that the person will go on a honeymoon.

Was the pair of shoes dirty? This plot is a warning that it is better to abandon the planned trip. If the dreamer does not heed this recommendation, he risks getting into an unpleasant situation on the road.

Classification criteria

  • The first reason for classifying dreams into a separate group is based on common signs or sensations (fun, sadness, etc.).
  • The second principle of classification is the actions that dreamed relatives perform (quarrel, take pictures, etc.).
  • The third group includes dreams in which spouses are present (husband, wife or couple together).
  • The fourth type of dreams is children, your own or someone else’s.
  • The last, fifth group includes dreams in which other relatives (parents, brothers, etc.) are present.

General signs

If you dreamed of your own happy, joyful family, then this portends good health and prosperity. If people are gloomy and do not talk to each other, a calm stage is coming in the dreamer’s life, when it is not recommended to take active actions. The faces of your relatives reflect grief - perhaps you will have ill-wishers. Fear - to peace and quiet.

In Loff’s dream book, a strange but prosperous family appears from the subconscious as a harbinger of a grand holiday.

  • Such a family quarrels means a lull in business.
  • If you see poor relatives in a dream, in real life this means monetary success.
  • I dreamed about the royal family - a symbol of future success in the field of finance and recognition by society.

The image of the groom's cheerful family means for the girl that happiness awaits her in marriage. If future relatives were gloomy, then such a dream advises showing greater diplomacy.


A family gathers at the table - according to Aesop’s dream book, the subconscious mind speaks of a joyful message from distant relatives, the possible birth of a child. If one of the household members was sick, then such a dream portends recovery.

In the Erotic Dream Book, a family gathered together is a symbol of positive changes in private life. Household members are seated at the table in turn from grandfather to grandson - get ready for a pleasant surprise, do not pay too much attention to a situation that you cannot influence.

You dream of an unpleasant family scene that spoils relations between relatives - this is a meeting that will have an impact on your life, or meeting a nice person. If you dreamed about abandoning your household, your subconscious predicts future life changes.

The dreamer looks at a family photo - portends financial success and career growth. And if he himself films the family, he will receive a long-awaited message.


  • If the subconscious showed the dreamer an image of his wife and him fighting or quarreling, then the dream book interprets this to mean peace and harmony between you and your spouse.
  • Dreaming of a married couple sitting at a laid table means a short separation.
  • A dream about traveling with your husband or wife is a symbol of possible problems in the material sphere.
  • If you hug your spouse, this is a harbinger of happiness, and being close to your wife or husband is a sign of great joy.
  • You dreamed of a naked wife - such a dream promises happiness in family life.
  • If the subconscious sent the image of a former spouse with a new family, then this means the dreamer is freed from the shackles of the past.


If you dream about how they quarrel or fight, and you separate them, the subconscious mind warns you not to take rash actions. The issue that worries you in real life will be resolved over time and without the dreamer’s intervention. You saw a sick child or in a wheelchair - a signal that you are too worried, you need to relax and enjoy life.

Dreamed of babies (son or daughter) - portends great joy. You hug your own - to misunderstanding on the part of others. The subconscious mind signals you to be more open and friendly. If you dreamed about the death of your son, the dream warns you to choose your words more carefully.

Other relatives

The image in a dream has a compensation function, according to some dream books. I saw drunken parents - the dreamer is warned that he idealizes them too much in reality. And their murder symbolizes the need for freedom.

If you dream about how you shout at your own father, then for a man such an image in the Psychoanalytic Dream Book is interpreted as a protest against his masculinity. You are breaking up with your brothers - this is a warning against a possible conflict situation. Be careful about people and what you say.

  1. If a dream about a family has a positive meaning, then find a family photo and put it in a prominent place. You can light a church candle.
  2. If the dream, according to some dream books, is disturbing (a quarrel in the family or other negativity), then in order to avoid conflict, give your household small gifts or sweets.

If you dreamed of a family, remember the ambivalence and connection of this archetype with internal problems when analyzing the dream. The subconscious mind sends the dreamer signals on what to pay attention to in order to get rid of recurring situations.

Listen to the message encrypted in your dream and get ready for positive changes. Author: Maria Kuglerova

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