Miller's Dream Book. Children: why they dream, the meaning of sleep, the most complete interpretation of dreams

Children in a dream are a good sign, foretelling the dreamer favorable changes, happy news and amazing events. Exceptions are disturbing dreams with a gloomy plot and negative emotions that a person experiences both in sleep and immediately after waking up. You can understand what newborn children dream about based on your own feelings while watching a nightly “movie.”

General value

Children in a dream portend surprise or a wonderful event. Night vision with a beautiful and happy child is always interpreted favorably. This can be a pleasant surprise and a joyful occasion.

The interpretation of the dream depends on what the child looked like. Overweight children dream of material well-being, while thin, sickly-looking children dream of poverty. Dirty and unwashed children, according to Miller’s dream book, foreshadow disputes, squabbles and litigation.

To be touched by a nice and charming baby in a night vision promises good news or a pleasant acquaintance. Seeing yourself as a child indicates that in reality the sleeping person does not behave quite correctly and causes others around him a lot of disappointment with his actions.

A foundling foretells wealth, and twins or twins foretell double profits. This is a good time to make deals and invest funds. According to Miller’s dream book, a disabled child speaks of a person’s bad habits, which harm not only his health, but also have a bad impact on the lives of people nearby.

Seeing a mute child in a dream means that in real life the dreamer will become a victim of gossip and slander. Trying to find out something from a mute child means hearing about the death of a loved one.

If a sleeping person dreams that he has children, although in real life he is lonely, then this indicates that the planned enterprise will be successful.

Two boys - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, two boys - to sudden enrichment, to plan an important purchase, to fulfill a former dream. One of the most ancient symbols of wealth and monetary well-being, material wealth. Seeing boys in dreams has long been considered a very auspicious sign. This promises a significant improvement in your well-being in the near future.

In Loff's publications there is no place for dividing dreams into positive and negative. In his opinion, every dream portends something happy, but some interpretations may not be entirely accurate. Everything is still complicated by the individuality of people’s attitudes to the same interpretation results. Therefore, you should not worry if you meet boys in a dream - this is a good sign.


Why does a child-boy dream according to Miller’s dream book? These dreams always symbolize profit, and not necessarily financial. This could be any favorable change.

Caring for a clean and tidy boy in a dream promises pleasant chores in reality. A crying male child speaks of the sleeper’s concern for his financial situation.

An angry, aggressive boy who fights or offends other children portends failure and trickery from unreliable friends. Betrayal by loved ones will bring pain and disappointment to the sleeper.

An undressed little boy means that there are rumors of an unpleasant nature about the sleeping person in society, and it will be difficult for him to refute them. To clear your reputation in front of people, you will have to try a lot.

I dreamed about a child boy

If you dreamed of a little boy, a pleasant surprise lies ahead. You may be offered a good position or promoted. A marriage proposal or unexpected profit cannot be ruled out.

A baby or newborn boy dreams of a good mood. You will unwind and enjoy communicating with loved ones.

If you are trying to soothe an infant, you will have minor financial difficulties. There is a great risk of making a rash purchase or losing money due to your carelessness.

Gemini in a dream means that you are an insecure person. You have many talents, but you don't show them for fear of criticism. You are also afraid of responsibility, which is why you lose many opportunities for development.

If in a dream you give birth to a boy, you will achieve a lot thanks to your efforts and knowledge. Career advancement is possible. For businessmen, such a dream foreshadows a lucrative contract or successful competition.


According to Miller’s dream book, a girl child symbolizes the feelings and emotions of the sleeper. A girl in a dream may indicate future unpredictable situations that will plunge the sleeper into a state of shock.

Also, a female child indicates that at heart the dreamer himself is still a child and does not know how to properly control emotions and situations. A girl in a dream is a sign of important matters. After such a night vision, you can safely proceed to your plans, all of them will be successfully implemented.

A sloppy girl dreams of a decline in business. Letting someone else's girl into the house means unexpected guests. Kick out - experience jealousy. Seeing a red-haired girl in a dream is a very auspicious dream. He speaks of complete success in all areas of life. A dream about a naked girl portends illness.

Adopting a girl in a dream means taking on other people's worries in reality. A girl crying or dressed in long white clothes symbolizes illness or tragic news. Catching up with a running female child means a cooling of feelings between spouses or lovers.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The second and third phases of the lunar cycle are the most favorable for the fulfillment of such a dream. And the day of the full moon has a pronounced peak in this probability. Important - the chance that two boys will come true on other days is practically zero. The lunar calendar also strongly recommends avoiding making important decisions these days.

In its essence and purpose, the lunar dream book is strikingly different from others. It reflects the time at which dreams have a high chance of coming true. It is based on the study of the dependence and influence of lunar phases on the course of human dreams. Some people combine it with the lunar calendar to create a powerful tool at their disposal.

A lot of children

Why do children dream according to Miller’s dream book if there are many of them? A large number of children in night vision promises good luck and material well-being. The more guys there were in the dream and the more elegant they looked, the more favorable the interpretation of the dream.

Noisy, unkempt children foreshadow a lot of turmoil and empty troubles in real life. Many children, depending on the plot of the dream, may also indicate a person’s desire to have a large and friendly family.

A restless and disobedient crowd foreshadows the dreamer’s nervous exhaustion or moral fatigue from constant worries. Many infants promise an invitation to a family celebration or holiday event.

An orphanage with a large number of orphans symbolizes loneliness and bad mood. Taking in a homeless child means honor and wealth.

Boys according to modern dream books

If you dream of two boys, expect a big celebration for the arrival of relatives on your father’s side, and make plans for the future. Such a dream usually foreshadows the appearance of distant relatives. Usually such a dream occurs before the upcoming holidays, but the meeting may be for no reason. Be prepared to also see some close friends who will also honor you with their appearance.

The main goal of the modern dream book is to correct old interpretations using recent research. Time takes its toll - and malleable human perception changes with it. This was also reflected in the meaning of boys in dreams - their descriptions in dream books constantly underwent changes. And only a modern dream book is able to answer the question about the meaning of previously non-existent symbols.

Birth of a child

Seeing the birth of a child in a dream is a harbinger of a new stage in life. The news of a newly born baby foreshadows the receipt of an inheritance.

According to Miller's dream book, giving birth to a child in a dream means happy events and family wealth. A dream about the birth of a child has a positive meaning for a man. The more children born he saw in a dream, the more successful his life would be.

Watching a friend or acquaintance give birth promises favorable changes for her. For those who dream of a child, seeing childbirth in a dream means the onset of the desired pregnancy.

According to Miller’s dream book, giving birth to a child yourself portends the achievement of a long-awaited goal, a complete, albeit difficult, victory over circumstances. Seeing your own childbirth in a dream means the resolution of all difficult problems. Having several children at once means happiness and luck in everything.

The birth of a sick baby who immediately dies is a bad sign. The dream indicates serious health problems and recommends that the sleeper immediately consult a doctor.

The emotions of the sleeping person play a big role in the interpretation of sleep. If he is happy about the birth of a child, then the dream has a good meaning; if not, the dream takes on a negative connotation.

It also matters what kind of birth there was: easy - for happy changes, difficult, with a lot of blood - for family conflicts, protracted - for long waits and obstacles, fast - for the speedy fulfillment of desires.

If a married woman dreams that she gave birth to a baby not from her husband, then the dream means her dissatisfaction with family life.

Interpretation of the dream if the woman is married or unmarried

The dreamer's marital status plays an important role in the interpretation of dreams about a girl and modifies their interpretation. Pregnancy is important if it is present in a dream or in reality.

  • For a woman and a girl, according to Freud’s dream book, seeing a girl in a dream means the need for care and affection or unforeseen life difficulties, the presence of which she suspects in reality. This is a subconscious desire to return to childhood and hide from adult problems.
  • For a young unmarried girl, a girl in a dream means an imminent marriage, a subconscious desire to become a mother, or good news from relatives.
  • For a married woman, such a dream means trouble and is a harbinger of troubles that will result in a small profit.

But all these interpretations relate only to moments when in a dream the dreamers are pregnant, breastfeeding, or soothing a crying child.

Infants according to Miller's dream book

A newborn baby dreams of a pleasant surprise or a new business in which you will have to invest a lot of effort and money. Fencing off or holding a baby in a dream so that he does not fall indicates a person’s lack of confidence in his abilities.

A cheerful and healthy baby means good luck and prosperity. Family happiness is foreshadowed by a dream of a wet nurse holding a baby in her arms.

A tightly swaddled baby will predict illness. For a pregnant woman, a dream can mean premature birth. For a married woman - illness of her husband. A naked newborn baby is a harbinger of an accident, especially if the baby was dirty and unkempt.

According to Miller’s dream book, rocking an infant to sleep promises joy, peace and tranquility. Seeing your adult child as a baby in a dream indicates that he needs the attention of his parents.

Hearing the babbling of infants in a dream means that there is a lot of empty chatter around the sleeper or he does not understand his desires. In Miller's dream book, bathing a small child is interpreted as a successful attempt to get out of a difficult situation. The baby in this case symbolizes the sleeping person, and dirt on it symbolizes problems.

A dream about walking with a baby is always associated with trips and travel. The cry of a newborn is a great joy. But if the child cannot be calmed down, then this indicates that the sleeper will have to experience fear for some reason. Rolling an infant in a stroller promises an interesting event that will happen to a person on the road.

Standing near a crib and watching a baby means a serene future. Breastfeeding means health and longevity.

Seeing yourself as a baby means that in order to recover from a series of failures and achieve success in life, the sleeper will have to start all over again.

Little girl in arms

The summer dream book indicates that a girl in her arms, who is happily nursed by a girl, dreams of quarrels with her superiors and, perhaps, even dismissal.

For a woman, holding a female baby in her arms means unexpected profits. If she breastfeeds him - to surprise, financial stability and good news.

But the modern dream book has another interpretation, according to which seeing any child in the arms of a gypsy foreshadows trouble and deception.

Actions of the sleeper

Playing with children in a dream means fulfillment of desires in reality. Babysitting a child foreshadows the betrayal of a person on whom great hopes were pinned. Dropping a child on the floor means complete failure of planned projects.

Punishing children is a sign that in reality you will have to repent of your actions. Hitting means big trouble. According to Miller's dream book, feeding a child in a dream is a sign of joy and pleasure, especially if he eats with appetite.

To save a small child from an accident is to receive a well-deserved reward for hard work, honors and fame in society.

An unfavorable interpretation for a dream in which the sleeper lost a child. Looking for children and not finding them means failure of plans, failures, problems with business partners. The dream suggests that a person will not be able to find a way out of a dead end.

Kissing children means peace in the family. Carrying in your arms means worries. Engaging in some interesting activities with your children promises exciting adventures or travel.

To be in a dream visiting people you know with your children and feel shame for their bad behavior means failure to fulfill the hopes placed on children in real life.

If a person dreams of treating a child or providing medical assistance to him, then in reality he will have to show mercy towards some person or take part in a charity event.

Visiting a child in the hospital is bad news. Seeing a baby with a sore means that an unforeseen event will disrupt the dreamer’s plans and unsettle him.

Yelling loudly at children means doing work that no one else wants to do. This thankless task will bring a person great spiritual discomfort.

Kidnapping children is a sign of a tempting offer that will seem profitable to the sleeper, but in reality will turn out to be a deception. Holding a child's hand means the successful completion of a risky undertaking.

“Why do children dream? If you see Children in a dream, what does it mean?

English dream book

↑ to contents

If a married woman sees small children in a dream, this means a completely special state of her soul and body.

Seeing your own childhood in a dream is a harbinger of good luck in trade, or professional pursuits, or in courtship and marital affairs.

If you see yourself as a child in a dream, this is not a very favorable dream.

Eastern dream book

Why do Children dream in a dream according to the dream book?

↑ to contents

Many children are a warning that you have to solve many small problems, each of which will require a lot of time and effort.

Playing with children is evidence that you are looking for a job you like, but, despite your efforts, you will have to spend some more time at the old unloved job, which deprives you of your last strength.

Children's dream book

↑ to contents

Children - something will make you very happy in the near future.

Sick children - you will be pleased with the success of your friends.

Players - your pleasure will not end any time soon.

Children are beautiful - you have a pleasant acquaintance ahead of you.

Idiomatic dream book

↑ to contents

“Like foolish children”, “fall into childhood” - become stupid; “baby talk” - unfounded arguments; “to experience childish delight” - naivety, freshness of perception; “child of nature” - naturalness, naturalness.

Italian dream book

↑ to contents

Children are instincts or functions that are not fully developed; sometimes it is possible to determine from the context whether this is positive or negative for the individual.

Maly Velesov dream book

↑ to contents

Children - success in business / enemies; small, naked - soon to become pregnant (for a woman) / troubles, quarrel with a friend, gossip, misfortune, funeral, illness; feeding a child is loss; breastfeeding, nurturing children, nursing - illness, worries; rocking - to illness; cheerful children are good news; crying children are sad news; bathing children means recovery.

Lunar dream book

↑ to contents

Kissing children means peace; to see the breast - to well-being, to improvement of affairs; seeing beautiful people means joy and health.

Maly Velesov dream book

↑ to contents

Rocking children means grief, crying, illness.

Newest dream book

Why do children dream in a dream?

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Children - to recovery, prosperity, success, including in love. Good news; love languor.

New dream book 1918

↑ to contents

An ugly child is a lawsuit; lull - flattering promises; chest - well-being.

Russian dream book

↑ to contents

Children - to profit; boy - warning; in your hands - to losses;

Family dream book

↑ to contents

Pretty kids - dream of prosperity and happiness.

If a mother dreams that her child is slightly ill, he will actually have very good health.

Seeing children learn brings peace and prosperity.

Children who are upset about something and cry are a sign of trouble.

If you played with children in a dream, you will achieve your goal in all commercial and love affairs.

Symbolic dream book

↑ to contents

Children are joy or worries, worries of adults, success or failure (depending on how they look).

Children also mean a business that has been started, so they speak with pride about a certain result of work - this is my brainchild (creative, professional...).

Children in a dream can also be some kind of creative idea, plan, idea, which is often painfully “gestated”, developed and, finally, “born”.

Slavic dream book

↑ to contents

Children - to a strong family life.

Dream Interpreter

↑ to contents

To see a child with a wet nurse in a dream - foretells a long-term dangerous illness; but if a pregnant woman has such a dream, it means that she will give birth to a daughter who will not live long, or that she will soon lose her husband; to see a wax child - in a dream there is a sign of important friendship; to see many children running around the house - foreshadows the troubles of business for one who does not have children, and this dream reminds one who has children to take more care of raising them; this dream portends pleasure, joy and prosperity.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Children?

↑ to contents

If you dream of many beautiful children, the dream predicts prosperity and tranquility for you.

For a mother to dream that her child is a little sick means that he is in good health, but other small worries will bother the mother.

Seeing children working or studying means a calm, peaceful life and prosperity.

To see your child hopelessly ill or dead in a dream means that you have good reason to worry, since there is a threat to his well-being.

Seeing a dead person means frustration and disappointment in the near future.

Saddened children are an omen of troubles that your enemies will bring you, and anxious forebodings caused by the secret intrigues of hidden ill-wishers.

Playing with children means success in business and love.

Swaddle a baby - health, swing - depression, thoughts of old age, beat - trouble, kiss - luck, joy, play - recklessness.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did Children dream in a dream?

↑ to contents

A dream in which you see children promises you joy and success in the very near future, very beautiful ones - a pleasant or useful acquaintance, sick ones - to joy, crying - to troubles.

Cradling a child in a dream means that you will believe false promises and show excessive gullibility.

Seeing a baby in a dream means great surprise; seeing an infant means well-being; beautiful - to joy, ugly - to unexpected worries.

If you dream that you are being lulled to sleep, family joys await you.

For a man to see in a dream that his wife is breastfeeding his children - to success in business.

Seeing a lot of children in a dream means money and profit.

Hitting children in a dream means trouble, kissing them or talking to them means success and joy, playing with children means you have to commit a reckless act.

For a pregnant woman to see a child on a man’s shoulders in a dream - a boy will be born, for a woman - a girl.

Having children means wealth.

Seeing a baby in a dream means prosperity, success in business, someone else’s baby means gossip and quarrel, breastfeeding a child means good health, nursing means profit.

A dream in which you learn about the birth of your daughter promises you a surprise; seeing her in a dream means mutual understanding in the family; if she dies, it means losses.

Seeing your son handsome and healthy in a dream is a good sign: honor and respect await you.

Seeing a foundling in a dream means profit, success and well-being; holding him in your arms means success and wealth; taking him into your upbringing means having an opportunity to do a good deed.

Visiting an orphanage in a dream means that in reality you can count on the help of friends in difficult times, being an orphanage yourself and leaving the orphanage means that your plans are full of illusions and you are unlikely to be able to bring them to life.

Seeing a baby carriage in a dream is a sign of loyalty and reliability of your friends.

If in a dream your child was kidnapped and they demand a ransom, it means that in reality you have made a minor but annoying mistake, because of which you will have a lot of trouble.

To participate in the abduction of children yourself means that they will make you a tempting and interesting offer, but some nuances may be hidden from you, thanks to which you can understand that this is a trap.

If in a dream you are annoyed by your child’s pampering, it means that you are tired of problems and difficulties, you need to rest!

If you like how your baby indulges, this means that you are loved and life makes you happy.

Dream book of the future

↑ to contents

Children - to a strong family life, prosperity and happiness; playing and fiddling with children in a dream means success in work and love awaits you.

Vanga's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Seeing many children in a dream is evidence that you have many small problems ahead, each of which will require additional time and effort from you. Perhaps such a dream prophesies an increase in the birth rate on the planet.

If in a dream you saw yourself as a child, in real life you are not behaving in the best way. Your childish antics are extremely inappropriate and offend those around you.

To see crying children in a dream - the dream foreshadows world danger. There will come a time when men will go to war, women will do things unusual for them, and children will shed a lot of tears. For the dreamer, such a dream prophesies troubles from his children or the children of close relatives.

If you dreamed about disabled children, your addictions harm not only your health, but also the health of those around you. Sometimes such a dream prophesies an environmental disaster on the planet.

If you saw your children in a dream, you should be more careful in your relationships with your family. It is quite possible that your actions and words greatly offend them.

Looking for children is a bad omen. You will not be able to find a way out of this situation due to a number of minor troubles.

Playing with children in a dream is a sign that in real life you are looking for a job you like, but despite your search, you will still have to spend some time at your old unloved job, which is depriving you of your last strength.

Dream book for lovers

↑ to contents

If you dreamed that you were playing with children, this means that happiness and success await you in love.

Healthy children portend good luck, a happy marriage and a strong family.

Dream interpretation horoscope

↑ to contents

Many children mean trouble at work.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

↑ to contents

Seeing your children good as adults is fortunate; bad - secretly worry about them.

Seeing your little children as adults is help, hope.

Seeing children means joy, success in the very near future / good or bad sprouts in your soul; those playing - satisfaction, peace in the soul; very beautiful children - a pleasant acquaintance; sick children - joy; crying - trouble; a lot of children - money; seeing a baby - surprise / worries / well-being / improvement of affairs; seeing someone else's infant in your home - gossip, anger, enmity; foundling - wealth; naked babies - treason; swaddled - illness; sucking someone's breast - illness; breastfeeding - health / pregnancy; swaddle - health; babysitting - profit; swing - sadness / thoughts about old age; hitting children - success / peace, joy; kissing is a nuisance; bathe - harm from deception; Playing pranks with them, pampering them is a disease; playing with them is recklessness; speaking is success.

Dream book for the whole family

↑ to contents

Seeing children in a dream means that you will spend more money than you planned.

If you are nursing a baby in a dream, in reality expect an addition to the family or the arrival of an unexpected guest. Also, such a dream foretells success in business, but the path to success will be difficult.

A woman who dreams that she has become a mother of many children will have a meeting with old acquaintances, which will entail a lot of trouble.

Feeding a child in a dream means labor-intensive work that your boss will “push” onto you, but fulfilling your professional duties will bring you a large monetary reward.

Seeing a mute child or several children in a dream means that you will become a victim of gossip.

If you ask a mute child about something in a dream, you will soon learn about someone’s death.

A child whom you help get rid of a splinter in a dream promises you in reality a solution to many work-related problems, and you will also avoid major troubles.

Seeing a sick child in a dream is an unexpected nuisance that will disrupt the usual order of your home.

If you dream that your child (or another person close to you) is in pain, you should be careful in reality so as not to make a fatal mistake.

A dream in which you see yourself giving birth to a sick child means that you should change your character and stop living with emotions. It only makes your life more difficult. Live in the present and do not burden your soul with vain fears. Otherwise, you risk illness.

If you visit a child in the hospital, expect unpleasant news.

If you dream that you yourself are sick and in the hospital, this promises you impending difficulties.

If in a dream you see a baby with a huge sore, be prepared for the fact that an unfortunate misunderstanding or an unfortunate combination of circumstances will disrupt your plans. In addition, monitor the health of your children: they may be at risk of infectious diseases.

If you see a crying child in a dream, this means that your health will deteriorate. The dream also promises fruitless efforts and unrealistic dreams.

Seeing a laughing and contented child in a dream means that a new love will appear in your life without betrayal.

Seeing a child walking alone is a sign of independence and an open-minded attitude towards life.

Nursing a child in a dream foretells deception on the part of someone you unconditionally trusted.

If the child is a stranger, you will not make peace with the person who betrayed you.

If in a dream you yell at a child, in reality you will experience mental and physical discomfort; you will have to do work that no one else wants to do.

Dream book for a bitch

↑ to contents

Children - joy, profit, prosperity at home.

Playing with children brings satisfaction and happiness.

Teaching children anything is success in business and in love.

A sick child means good health in reality, but a lot of behavior problems.

Dream Book of David Loff

↑ to contents

Children are an image that deserves special attention because it conveys a true reflection of all our thoughts and experiences. Children are always afraid of what is worth fearing; they have a heightened sense of justice, they clearly distinguish between good and evil; They also tend to openly express their feelings to the objects of both adoration and hatred. Do you dream of friendship with a child? The interpretation is ambiguous.

If you dream of adopted children, perhaps you are trying to satisfy someone's need for additional care and guardianship. Or maybe you are looking for this yourself.

If this child exists in your real life, it is simply a projection of your desire.

If the child is unfamiliar to you, perhaps it is you yourself in the past. The main element of interpretation is how you behave and how you are connected with this child.

If in a dream you become a parent and see your own children, it is likely that this is a common wish come true. However, this may also be an indication that your relationship with your parents or other people important to you is not going well. In addition, seeing yourself as a parent means the need to realize the desire to influence someone. For example, a relationship with someone in your circle is getting out of control, and you want to return everything to normal. And since most of us have experienced the domineering attitude of our parents, we can do the same thing in our dreams as adults.

Another possible option is a dream in which you yourself are a child, while others are showing their authoritarianism towards you and trying to control you. For example, you dream that you, like in childhood, play dress up at work, and all your colleagues are ordinary adults. In relation to reality, this may mean that your colleagues are more authoritative than you.

Children's playgrounds are the object of our most pleasant childhood memories. In a dream about a playground, the person accompanying you, as well as your age, is of great importance. Dreams in which the sleeper is shown as the only child among adults or the only adult among children are quite common. Such dreams usually indicate a discrepancy between the actions you take in the real world and your usual line of behavior. Perhaps you should consider self-improvement or start taking yourself seriously. It depends on those images that are most clearly visible in your dream. Equally important in a dream is the presence of certain friends or family members. This is especially significant if these people died in reality, but participate in the dream as living characters. Dreams of this kind often indicate the incompleteness of relationships, which are either an exact copy of the real state of affairs or require reflection and revision.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

↑ to contents

Child killer - your relationship with your children could be better.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

↑ to contents

Child killer - dreams of rumors about the appearance of a maniac.

Having fun playing with your children in a dream means family harmony.

Seeing a dead child in a dream means a deeply stressful state in reality.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

↑ to contents

To dream of someone killing a child is a sign of impending old age.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream about Children in a dream?

↑ to contents

A child on a man’s shoulders means a boy will be born; those playing - pleasure, fun; with mother - happy hours; nice - make a pleasant acquaintance; having your own means happiness and prosperity; to see it fall - obstacles in your endeavors; seeing a lot is anxiety.

Miller's Dream Book

↑ to contents

Seeing beautiful children in a dream foretells extraordinary prosperity, happiness and goodness.

Seeing your child slightly ill in a dream means that he will always have good health, but she will be bothered by other minor troubles associated with him.

Seeing children working or studying portends peace and prosperity.

Seeing your child hopelessly ill or dead in a dream means that you have reason to be afraid, as terrible threats to his well-being arise.

Seeing a dead child in a dream foretells anxiety and disappointment in the near future.

Upset by something, crying children are a sign of impending troubles, anxious premonitions, deceit and unkindness of your imaginary friends.

Playing and fussing with children means that you will achieve your goals in all commercial and love affairs.

If you dream of a baby stroller, this is a reminder that you have a very loyal friend who can do you a lot of good and even give you a surprise.

Chinese dream book

↑ to contents

If you hug your son or daughter, it foretells a squabble.

The death of children indicates a verbal quarrel.

Seeing newborns portends great happiness.

Seeing a marriage ceremony or children worshiping their parents portends misfortune.

Dream Interpretation of the Pechora Healer

↑ to contents

Little children are good news.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Children in a dream?

↑ to contents

Seeing your children in a dream, if they look healthy, beautiful and smart, portends happiness and prosperity. If they are shabby, dirty and sick, it means that in real life they will always have good health.

Seeing infants means your affairs will get better; cradling them means hearing promises in reality and believing them.

Playing with children in a dream means committing a reckless act in reality.

Kissing children means peace and joy will reign in your home. Carrying children in your arms means minor troubles in the family. Placing them on your shoulders means you will have a boy if this is your first child, and a girl if this is your second.

Seeing children playing portends pleasure and fun. Seeing them in kindergarten means you will spend happy hours in peace and doing your favorite activity.

If children say or sing something in a dream, then in reality you will make a pleasant acquaintance. Crying children in reality will cause you a lot of anxiety.

To dream that your child has fallen and hurt himself is a sign of obstacles in his endeavors.

Seeing children doing their homework and helping you with housework portends peace and prosperity.

Seeing your child seriously ill means that in reality something threatens him and you should pay the most serious attention to this.

If a child has a sore throat, do not worry - this is a positive dream, all fears will be in vain.

Seeing a dead child in a dream foretells anxiety and disappointment in the very near future.

Hitting children in a dream means family troubles due to one’s own lack of self-control and irritability.

If in a dream you punish your children, this means that in your heart you doubt the correctness of the educational methods you have chosen, which lack respect for children.

Upset children complaining about something are a sign of impending trouble due to the cunning of people posing as your friends.

Doing something interesting with your children means that interesting purchases or gifts await you in reality.

Reading books to children and seeing them read them themselves means that you will find a common language with them and they will delight you with their successes when they grow up.

Seeing children frolicking in a river, fountain, etc. is a happy dream that foretells good luck for you.

For a mother to hear the voice of her child in a dream is a sign that she should be prepared for sad events.

Seeing mentally retarded children in a dream means grief and unhappy changes in life.

If in a dream you protect children from an angry dog ​​or dangerous wild animals, it means that the enemies threatening you will succeed if you succumb to their tricks and evade fulfilling your debt obligations.

If, while visiting with your children, you feel ashamed of their ugly behavior, in reality this foreshadows your unfulfilled hopes in the future.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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Beautiful, healthy children in a dream portend extraordinary prosperity, happiness and well-being.

For a mother to see her child easily ill in a dream means that he will always have good health, but she will be worried about other minor troubles associated with him.

Seeing children working or studying portends peace and prosperity.

Saddened or crying children are a sign of future troubles, anxious premonitions, deceit and imaginary friends.

Looking for children is a bad omen: you are unlikely to be able to find a way out of the current situation due to a number of minor troubles.

Seeing a dead child in a dream foretells anxiety and disappointment in the near future.

Seeing your child hopelessly ill or dead can mean that there is a serious threat to his well-being.

Playing with children in a dream is a sign that in real life you are looking for a job you like, but despite your search, you will still have to spend some time at your old unloved job, which is depriving you of your last strength.

If in a dream you saw yourself as a child, in real life you are not behaving in the best way. Your childish antics are extremely inappropriate and offend those around you.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Children according to the dream book?

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Children are worries.

Beautiful, neat - a sign of joy and good luck.

Ugly, dirty - a bad state of affairs and situations.

Foundling - wealth.

Children's room - feelings associated with growth, care, joy, parental duty.

Baby carriage - a relationship can lead to the desired marriage.

Dream Interpretation of Signs

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Beautiful, well-groomed children - good luck, good luck.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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To see healthy and cheerful unfamiliar children in a dream - they are waiting for you.

Dreaming of unfamiliar sick children is a sign of a great joyful event.

You dreamed of children in carnival costumes - you will soon get sick.

If you dreamed of children with wreaths on their heads, beware, you may become a victim of an accident or a fatal accident.

Crying children mean that you will soon learn important news.

You caressed children - expect trouble.

Beating your children in a dream means trouble in business.

If you dreamed that you beat children you didn’t know, your endeavors will be successful.

Feeding children means illness.

You dreamed that you were killing children - an important and joyful event will happen soon.

Freud's Dream Book

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Children are a symbol of genitals in general, that is, both male and female. It is often assumed that a boy is a symbol of male genitalia and a girl is a symbol of female genitalia, but this is not necessarily the case.

If you play or babysit children, you have a very strong desire for self-satisfaction, which you cannot, and do not want, to resist.

If you punish or spank a child in general or a child of the opposite sex, then this also indicates your desire for self-satisfaction.

But if you punish a child of the same sex as you, this may indicate your desire for a non-traditional sexual orientation.

If you save a child from danger, for example, drowning, this indicates your desire to have a child, possibly an adopted one.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Kissing children means calm; hitting children - success.

Child - great surprise; chest - well-being; beautiful - joy; naked and dirty, ugly - litigation, unexpected worries.

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

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If you saw beautiful children in a dream, this means happiness, goodness, and prosperity.

If you dream of children at work or study, it means peace in the family and prosperity.

If you dreamed that you were playing with children, you will achieve your goal in love and commercial matters.

If you dreamed of crying children, your premonitions are well founded. There may also be troubles caused by the actions of your imaginary friends.

Medieval dream book

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Playing with children is a joy. Seeing children and drinking with them is a sign of joy.

Universal dream book

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Think of the children you saw in your dreams as the beginning or outline of the shape your life will take.

The most obvious concepts associated with this symbol are playfulness, innocence and openness to the world. Perhaps this is how you perceive life at the moment. Do you feel like a cheerful and innocent creature? Are you surprised by everything you see in life?

What are children doing in your dreams? If you play with him (them), this indicates your desire to calm down, relax and learn to take life less seriously. Or do children irritate you and you think that they distract you from your work?

Children also symbolize blissful naivety. Perhaps you are naive about something or someone in life and are getting into trouble because of it. Perhaps such a dream speaks of your immature behavior towards someone or something. Perhaps in a certain situation you behave like a child, when you should remember that you are an adult.

What people did you see next to you in your dream? What is your relationship with them like in real life? - perhaps something in your life is developing more successfully than you expected. For you, is this matter solved easily, like child's play?

What kind of child do you think you were? Did you excel at school and in your hobbies from an early age, were you always active, or were you an underdeveloped “ugly duckling” who blossomed as an adult? - in other words, do you think that a person receives all the joys of life in his youth or do they still come to those who are willing to wait? It doesn't matter what exactly you think. Age is a state of mind!

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Children according to the dream book?

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Children are kindness, kind attitude of people.

Having your own children, who actually don’t exist, is a very successful event.

Erotic dream book

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If you see children playing in a dream, this means that happiness and prosperity await you in amorous affairs. Everything you plan will come true; everything you dream about will certainly come true. Seize the moment of luck while fate provides you with such a wonderful opportunity!

Online dream book

Meaning of sleep: Children according to the dream book?

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According to the dream book, children are a symbol of some new enterprise; they also correspond to the negative or positive emotional state of adults.

More interpretations

If there are a lot of them, there will be a lot of hassle that will take a lot of effort and time.

You dream that you are playing with your children - you are busy looking for something that will bring you true pleasure, while in the meantime you have to perform onerous duties.

Letting a child eat means some kind of loss; breastfeeding portends troubles or deterioration in health.

If you dreamed of a baby, your lucky streak will begin and you will live in abundance.

If he cries, your hopes will not come true, and your efforts will be fruitless.

If it is not alive - to serious chagrin.

Bathing children in a dream means improving their well-being; kissing them means harmony with yourself and the world around you.

A child with special needs signals that with your rash actions you are making things worse for yourself and those around you.

If you dreamed that you gave birth to a child, you will get rich; if he is not entirely healthy, this is a sign that you need to become more restrained and correct your shortcomings.

Refusing it - perhaps in reality you are not acting very wisely with your own child, infringing on his sense of self-worth.

If they are mentally disabled, changes for the worse await you.

A dream in which you take the lives of children portends happiness for you.

If you search for them, in reality you will get confused in your own problems and will not be able to make a worthy decision.

If you dream about yourself as a baby, it means unfavorable events.

When you dream of many children, the dream foreshadows the appearance of a number of small difficulties and difficulties in life. And you will have to spend a lot of effort on each problem, the solution may take a lot of time.

Children's behavior

Seeing a child fall in a dream foreshadows obstacles and difficulties in business. Crying children symbolize the appearance of envious people and ill-wishers in the life of a sleeping person. Also, such a dream indicates deceitful friends.

Children playing - to joy, family well-being and peace. Seeing a child walking alone in a dream indicates that the sleeping person neglects useful advice from people close to him.

According to Miller’s dream book, children singing in a dream foreshadow a pleasant acquaintance. Helping parents with housework means good welfare. Complaining or sneaking guys in a dream prophesy the treachery of close friends.

A child reading books in a dream will delight his parents with his knowledge in reality. Children with wreaths on their heads are a danger of a fatal accident for the sleeping person. Swinging on a swing - to thoughtless waste.

General interpretation

A child in a dream can become a very symbolic sign for those who strive for change, try to change their character, achieve success by embodying new ideas. A small child can reflect the dreamer’s character: modesty, shyness, naivety, defenselessness.

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Children are the personification of our true experiences, thoughts, emotions. This is the moment when we quickly begin to differentiate people into good and evil, to fear what is really worth fearing. Feeling like a baby in a dream means realizing your weakness, confusion, and professional inexperience.

Dead or sick

If in a dream you dream of a child with a high temperature, tossing about in the heat, then in reality the sleeper will experience great emotional unrest, worries and anxiety. Seeing your child dying in a dream is a sign of impending danger over the family, collapse or ruin. If the child was saved, then problems in reality will be successfully overcome.

A dead child in a dream in no way means that a terrible event will happen to him in real life. Children in a dream are the offspring of the one sleeping in reality. That is, a project, an important plan, a dream. Dead children in a dream represent all that is of value to a person in life.

Psychologists believe that such dreams often occur to women after a divorce from their husband or the end of a long-term relationship with a partner. This means that someone or something will leave the sleeper's life.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see two boys in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means meeting a new person, spending time actively, getting new impressions. However, be careful with new acquaintances. It may not last long, although it will give you many positive emotions. It is also not recommended to have loving feelings for a new person.

Is it possible for boys seen in dreams to positively come true? The researcher recommended staying focused on goals, thoughts and dreams. Your unconscious part of the mind is looking for ways and opportunities to achieve them. This will allow you to make intuitively correct choices in difficult and difficult situations.

Whose child was it?

According to Miller’s dream book, an unfamiliar, alien child signals problems and troubles in life. If he was well-groomed and beautiful, then all problems will be resolved in favor of the sleeper.

If you dreamed about the child of someone you know or are close to you, then this indicates that the person is trying to do his job with someone else’s hands. Seeing an unfamiliar child, but recognizing him as one of your own, means future disappointments and distrust of people.

Picking up an unfamiliar child indicates that the dreamer is surrounded by hostile or deceitful people. The vision may also indicate unexpected meanness on the part of a loved one.

Someone else's child falling asleep in your arms portends a promotion.

Seeing your children in a dream is a dream reminder of the lack of parental attention of the sleeping person towards them. Night vision may indicate that the dreamer's child has unresolved problems that he is unable to cope with without parental help.

Do you dream about Children? Tell me your dream!

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Do you dream about children? Tell me your dream!

  • Regina 2010.08.08 10:47
    The children attacked me in my sleep and started beating me, but I couldn’t do anything, even though they were very young, about 5 years old.

    - Answer

  • angel cani 2010.08.24 17:42

    menya videla moya tetya,vo sne ya derzala za ruku s odnoi storoni malzika,sdrugoi devozku. (detei poka ne imeyu)

    - Answer

  • Julia 2010.08.25 10:26

    My husband and I really want a second child. But we can't do it. Today we had a dream in which one of our good friends brings us an infant child (5-6 months) straight home. He brought him from the maternity hospital and we want to adopt him. He looks very healthy, plump, white and curly. I have very warm feelings towards him, tenderness and all-consuming joy. I'm so excited. Both my husband and my daughter were in the dream. My daughter helped change him and she liked him too. But dad behaved a little strangely, did not approach the child, and this worried me a little. But overall the dream was so pleasant and clear. I remember everything in detail and the name we gave him and even his date of birth (February 28). By the way, the name was given by dad (Gleb). Although in reality we want to call it something completely different. I'm really looking forward to your comment on my dream.

    - Answer

  • Yulia 2010.08.27 11:25

    I dreamed that some kind of situation had arisen, that people were drowning behind the doors, and they drowned because they couldn’t get out. I stand and realize that my daughter is there. The doors open and the first thing I see there is my daughter, she has drowned and is swimming to meet me. It’s just horror.

    - Answer

  • Yulia 2010.09.01 11:45

    I dreamed that my child went to the bottom in clear water, I got scared and shouted to my husband to pull the child out of the water. But as soon as the son touched the bottom, he immediately pushed off from it and swam out with a smile!

    - Answer

  • Ksyusha 2010.09.07 08:13

    I’ve been dreaming for a week now that I’m saving a 6-7 year old girl, protecting her from various enemies...

    - Answer

  • Olya 2010.09.09 12:33

    For example, I dream about children because of money) I notice this time and time again... I once dreamed of a boy about 7 years old and a girl... she was 3 years old in the dream, they are my children) and they just transferred my salary + stipend) the salary is more than the stipend, just like the boy older than the girl) and I have a lot of such examples)

    - Answer

  • Nadya 2010.09.18 11:27

    and I dreamed that my daughter drowned in a well. I went up to him and saw my daughter. she is underwater and dead! then they got her out and there was a funeral... horror!

    - Answer

  • Snezhana 2010.10.04 15:08

    And I dreamed of a baby, a girl (and in the dream it was my child, in reality I don’t have children) and in this dream there was also my boyfriend. We all tried to climb some mountain together, there were several attempts, I didn’t let my child out of my arms, and felt excited for him, in the end we found an easy way and climbed this mountain, after which I heard a child’s joyful laughter from the diaper in which the child was wrapped, well, at that moment we were all happy, all three of us!!! What could this be for?!?!

    - Answer

  • Oleg 2010.10.24 08:34

    I dreamed that a small child peed on me. I still don’t understand what this is for

    - Answer

  • OLYA 2010.11.01 13:07


    - Answer

  • Julia 2010.11.22 16:31

    A friend had a dream that my children were lost and she was looking for them. I found my son right away, but I searched for my daughter for a long time. But then I found it too. He says that the dream is not good, but it seems to me that there is nothing like that in it.

    - Answer

  • Irina 2010.12.04 22:33

    Snezhna, a child in a dream: yours is your desire in reality... You think a lot about your family. This dream is a very good sign to start a family. But it will be difficult for you at first. Mostly financial..In the end, you and your boyfriend will be able to overcome all obstacles. A very good family life awaits you =))) I wish you success :)

    - Answer

  • Elena 2010.12.04 23:49

    I was very frightened by my recent dream. It happened from Thursday to Friday. I dream that my son and I (he is 2.5 years old) came to the pump to wash apples, 2 bags, one large, the other small. My son was the first to run out of the car to the pump and I can clearly see how he stands with one leg on the wooden remnant of the lid over the well that should be there, and with the other he falls into the well with muddy water with his head. There is quite a lot of water in the well, but it is so low that it is impossible to get out of it without help; I see yellow rubber boots floating up. I practically jump after him, but I’m stopped by the thought that the two of us will drown, I scream that my son fell into the well, but everyone passes by... I wake up. what could this mean? Tomorrow my husband and I are flying to Egypt, I’m terribly scared. Help!

    - Answer

  • Alina-p 2010.12.05 09:39

    I was very frightened by my recent dream. It happened from Thursday to Friday. I dream that my son and I (he is 2.5 years old) came to the pump to wash apples, 2 bags, one large, the other small. My son was the first to run out of the car to the pump and I can clearly see how he stands with one leg on the wooden remnant of the lid over the well that should be there, and with the other he falls into the well with muddy water with his head. There is quite a lot of water in the well, but it is so low that it is impossible to get out of it without help; I see yellow rubber boots floating up. I practically jump after him, but I’m stopped by the thought that the two of us will drown, I scream that my son fell into the well, but everyone passes by... I wake up. what could this mean? Tomorrow my husband and I are flying to Egypt, I’m terribly scared. Help!

    Elena - This dream warns you that a misfortune will happen to your loved one, and this will happen through his own fault through negligence, you yourself will not be able to help him in any way, and those who surround you, despite your pleas - will remain indifferent. And where will it be, when and with whom? That is the question!

    - Answer

  • Natasha 2010.12.13 17:06

    The dream is terrible! There is some kind of construction site, trucks with construction waste are running, removing it from the site. I go down to the basement of a half-destroyed house, and there on metal beds lie the naked bodies of children and are burning with flames! :ups: What is this? In my youth, I had a dream several times in which I was burning as a baby, lying on a piece of cardboard, and my mother was trying to pull the cardboard out from under me and put out the flame. People who know, help me understand what all this is about? Thank you in advance!

    - Answer

  • Elena 2010.12.24 14:31

    Thank you for your answer, two days before returning from Egypt my child fell ill with bronchitis and sinusitis, I pierced him for 10 days, but he still coughs, although there is no temperature, I’ll go to the ENT specialist on 27, let’s see what they say

    - Answer

  • Olga 2011.01.07 13:24

    my mother had a dream in which I was standing near the subway with a little girl! what could this mean?

    - Answer

  • Lena 2011.01.24 00:10

    Hello! I dreamed that I couldn’t find my children. There was a big house with many doors and I went into these doors but I couldn’t find the door behind which my children were, I cried, I looked, I opened different doors but I couldn’t find that same door?)

    - Answer

  • Tatyana 2011.02.02 07:40

    And I have had the same dream several times already, that in some city there is an apushka, and on it there is some small house with a round roof, boarded up windows and a metal door. All the residents are afraid to go there, but I go up there alone and listen to little children, a boy and a girl, talking, then they come out all so dirty in tattered things and besides, they have been dead for a long time, they start telling me something, but I remember it only in a dream, but I don’t remember how I wake up, then we hear people looking for me and then the children take me into this house and tell me not to read anything there, I only remember these words and I remember what they say about their death, and what I don’t remember exactly. The house is very small, it’s dirty, there’s a canopy under which we sit, and on the floor there are letters that are not clear, like Japanese or English, but I don’t try to make out them, and then when people leave, I also leave there and say goodbye to them, but then I discover that I left my bag there, and I think that I’ll pick it up later and wake up. And always in this dream I make myself look a little older. What this could mean, I don't know.

    - Answer

  • Tatyana 2011.02.05 13:26

    Please tell me why I dream about a dead baby. I had a dream in which I saw someone else’s dead child, but as if he were alive, he cried when I approached him. Explain

    - Answer

  • Svetlana 2011.02.20 12:11

    I dreamed of a little infant granddaughter but my daughter-in-law took her away

    - Answer

  • Alla 2011.02.24 05:40

    And I’m happy, I’m not an adult, I’m only 15 years old, but in my dream I saw a woman come into the house and she was a client... And she left the child in the bedroom, he crawled towards me.. I took him and carried him to the woman, but she wasn’t there and I was dragging around the city with this baby... and I also had plans that his parents would take him under his care, but I would babysit... I can’t understand what this dream is about!!! :)

    - Answer

  • Daryana 2011.02.27 19:10

    Oleg, as far as I know, this dream speaks of an imminent marriage. I recently had the same dream and voices around me began to whisper about my wedding. I often have prophetic dreams. I wonder if you are married or maybe you have gotten married or are planning to start a family? =)

    - Answer

  • shining 2011.03.11 10:45

    I had a terrible dream: I’ve been driving a car for 1.5 years, so I’m driving along the main street in our city and I see the corpse of a child (I think it’s an accident - what a horror), and then 1 more, and for a long time, the corpses of children lie badly mutilated - all -in different ways and in different poses...I felt so scared: someone had no legs, someone was lying in a very unnatural position, as if they had broken him in half and turned him inside out...Lord, and there were sooooo many of them, very much. I felt so scared ! The dream had a continuation: I went somewhere for some reason, but I don’t remember anything else... Tell me, I’m so scared, I’m afraid to fall asleep...

    - Answer

  • Anna 2011.03.11 14:55

    Hello, I dreamed that I was just walking with my child (son) and he ran to play.. I noticed that he had been gone for a long time and my sister and I started looking for him.. suddenly we saw that he was all under water in a small hole.. as if he was just running and fell into it from a slide... my sister got him out and he opened his eyes... then I took him in my arms and we walked for a long time along some streets and roads... and came to some woman doctor - and I woke up from this... this dream scared me - since my child just got sick that night... he had a fever and a cough...

    - Answer

  • Aglaya 2011.03.12 12:27

    I had a strange dream: I was walking with girls unfamiliar to me in reality (but in the dream they were my classmates at the university), there were a lot of them, about 6 people. Two or three of them were carrying approximately one-year-old children in their arms. We are crossing a small river and suddenly one of the girls’ baby falls from her hands, hits her head on the rocks and falls into the river. No one is going to get him, everyone moves on. We arrive at the university building (more like an old one in appearance, lighting and decoration) and everyone starts crying out loud, asking the lecturer to let us out of class. The lecturer says he made a mistake and there are no classes today. Me and one of the girls return to the river again, she slips and falls into the river, then emerges and drags that drowned child by the legs, shouts: “Catch” and throws it to me. He is dead and his left eye is leaking. I lay him down on the ground and turn around. Those girls are standing behind. Seeing the dead baby, one of them drops her child from the steps into a deep iron well. I know that there is a hole in one of the walls of the well and I go to the wall to get it out. Meanwhile, the girl goes down into the well and takes out a crying but alive child. This is such a dream > — Reply

    Irina 2011.03.21 00:13

    I dreamed that I dropped a stroller with my children into a hole, ran for help to pull it out and woke up, I’m very worried that this was a bad dream

    - Answer

  • Lyolichka 2011.03.26 22:46

    my mother dreamed that I came home pregnant and she started beating me...WHAT COULD THIS BE????

    - Answer

  • TATUSYA 2011.04.05 13:08


    - Answer

  • Nikitos 2011.04.13 20:58

    An amazing dream))) It seems to me that you are either in a mental hospital or will soon get there. Good luck to you!!! Sincerely, a boy without a left eye!!!

    - Answer

  • Alexander 2011.05.19 01:02

    My girlfriend had a dream about our children... She says they were very beautiful and she really liked them... Why is this, please tell me)

    - Answer

  • Angelina 2011.05.19 07:59

    I am 16 full years old. (I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl and adopted a child from my friends, but the next day they were gone. I was told that the boy was born and my daughter turned into a cat and froze! Then I told my dad that I would give birth to a child like a friend’s a girl cannot give birth to a child!) The question is what is this

    - Answer

  • Asya 2011.05.22 17:49

    Good day everyone! I dreamed that I had a miscarriage and I didn’t even have the strength to cry, I was heartbroken. I am very scared because I have been trying to get pregnant for several months now, but in vain. Please tell me what my dream was about. . . Thank you!

    - Answer

  • July 2011.05.27 04:04

    I dreamed that I had many many children, 13, approximately 3-4 years old. tell me why this dream, if I’m only 13 years old?????

    - Answer

  • Nastya 2011.06.07 17:24

    my sister had a dream that her baby hanged itself, and she was just pregnant, she was very upset and went to the doctor and it turned out that she had twins))) so don’t be upset about it, you’ll have another baby)

    - Answer

  • Laminaria 2011.06.08 11:49


    , I believe that your mother is now very afraid of this news, and apparently, she is not yet internally ready for the role of a grandmother or considers you not yet ready for the role of a mother.

    - Answer

  • Svetlana 2011.07.05 01:16

    I dreamed that my daughter was lost, it was already dark and I called her for a long time and cried. And when morning came I returned to the place where I lost her and found her.

    - Answer

  • Lena 2011.08.11 07:51

    I have a similar dream, only there are 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys, 3-4 years old. We walked and played with them. What is it for? Mom said that there would be minor troubles or distant relatives would come :)

    - Answer

  • Darcy 2011.08.15 09:00

    Why do you dream of disfigured children?

    - Answer

  • Tatyana 2011.08.23 17:00

    Good day.:( I had the same dream twice that my two-month-old daughter was lying in her stroller filled with water, dead, with her eyes open. And in both cases I left her with someone for a while. Such dreams scare me.. Moreover, they are repeated, this has never happened before.. :bad:

    - Answer

  • Olesya 2011.09.01 14:02

    I dreamed that my little child drowned in a bathtub with muddy water, but then I gave him a heart massage and he came to life. What is this for??

    - Answer

  • Alexander 2011.09.09 20:05

    people, a dream is your subconscious)) you shouldn’t kill yourself over this, maybe you’ve been thinking about something for a long time and now you’re having a bad dream, so just hope for the best and everything will be fine.)) I wish you all the best and success :like:

    - Answer

  • Elena 2011.09.12 14:55

    Lately I have been dreaming about children very often, sometimes very young, sometimes a little older, beautiful, plump, but the most interesting thing is that in the dream they are not my children. I have such a strong love for these kids. And yesterday, in a dream, I was spoon-feeding a little girl, and then I found two babies in the garden. Who knows what this would be for, tell me? In real life I have children...

    - Answer

  • Gulya 2011.09.21 12:03

    I had a terribly scary dream! It’s as if our apartment is on fire and I’m home alone with 2 children, and for some reason I take the eldest and run away, leaving my one-year-old daughter... Then they brought her out to me, already dead. I woke up covered in sweat and fear, and couldn’t sleep for a long time. I love my children very much, and this dream just scares me, and the interpretation is not good...

    - Answer

  • Akmaral 2011.11.03 16:24

    Today I woke up in a good mood, I don’t have children of my own, today I dreamed of small babies as if I had given birth to them. Four beautifully dressed and we got into the car, one I held in my hands, what’s that for?

    - Answer

  • Anna 2011.11.12 19:52

    I very often dream that I am in labor, I feel contractions, and then a beautiful blue-eyed baby is born... I see all this very clearly... I am 21 years old, I don’t have my own children... What could this mean????

    - Answer

  • Alexandra 2011.11.15 23:29

    For 2 days now I have been dreaming about 4-6 month old babies. In one dream, the mother of a small baby yelled at me. I just watched her play with him. And she rudely told me - Get out!

    - Answer

  • Alya 2011.12.21 16:15

    I dreamed that I had two small children, one about 1 month old, the other 2 years old, although I myself am nulliparous, and the younger one I lost in the hospital... I put him to bed, and when I arrived he was not there

    - Answer

  • Rina 2012.01.06 11:08

    Today I dreamed that I had twins, a boy and a girl. They're so pretty. And it seems that I also have an older daughter, about 2 years old. What does it mean? In real life, I am not married, I have no children.

    - Answer

  • Alina 2012.01.08 16:25

    I dreamed that my friend lost her child and she was looking for him for a long time and was very worried, I went to look for him and saw a little girl about 6 years old, I was sure that she was her daughter, but in Java she has a son. What could such a dream mean?

    - Answer

  • Lisa 2012.01.10 12:31

    Today I dreamed of 2 little girls, they were born to my dear aunt... why is this? :)

    - Answer

  • Maxim 2012.01.11 13:10

    :bad: feeeghguy

    - Answer

  • Ekaterina 2012.01.13 19:45

    I have more than once dreamed that in bad weather I was carrying small babies, still unknown to me, in my arms, and in every dream one of my best friends was present, what could this mean?

    - Answer

  • Aglaya 2012.01.14 10:05

    I agree, my dream is very good, perhaps I’ll include it in my book. And I’ll call the boy without a left eye Nikita. xD

    - Answer

  • Vila 2012.01.23 07:53

    And I dreamed that my child ran away somewhere, I looked for him everywhere, but could not find him... It seems that someone close to me is deceiving me, betraying me... and it seems I know who... like this, the less you know, the better you sleep

    - Answer

  • Alena 2012.01.28 11:34

    Help me decipher, I’m dreaming, like a dream within a dream, and not for the first time... as if I’m waking up, starting to get dressed... children run out from under the blanket, the first time I dreamed of 2, today there’s only a child.. they are very cheerful and mischievous.., I was able to talk to a girl today.. what does this mean? maybe these are not children at all?

    - Answer

  • Olga 2012.01.30 19:58

    I very often have a dream that a child is born to me, but I forget to feed him and he dies. What does this mean?

    - Answer

  • Oxy 2012.02.15 09:15

    The birth of children is a dream of profit; two children mean a big profit, but you will spend part of this profit on your health. The dream has not a bad meaning)

    - Answer

  • Elena 2012.04.25 09:53

    Today I dreamed that I and my loved one were running around a kindergarten and the teachers and children there were everything as usual, but for some reason he and I were looking for solitude there and even in the bushes we were trying to enjoy each other.. what does that mean...??%)

    - Answer

  • Katya 2012.06.06 10:16

    help me turn blue child when I approach the mirror he stands next to me I’m 12 years old he’s about 14-13 he writes something on the glass and holds out his hand for me to follow him

    - Answer

  • Galina 2012.06.25 15:49

    Help me decipher this dream I’ve had more than once - I dreamed that I was having a child, or rather a daughter.

    - Answer

  • Tanyusha 2012.07.19 01:36

    I dreamed that my eldest son drowned. I didn’t believe it until the last moment until the rescuers moved the barges that were standing there and a children’s toy flashlight floated out from there. Then I screamed and cried so much, it was very scary. Tell me why this dream???

    - Answer

  • Valeria 2012.08.02 12:50

    I dreamed that today I gave birth to a very beautiful two-year-old daughter, why would that be?

    - Answer

  • Marisha 2012.09.12 02:28

    Please help me understand: I dreamed of a very beautiful but sad little girl who said that she could be our child. After some time, I found out that my loved one was expecting a child from another girl. Could this be somehow connected?

    - Answer

  • aleks 2012.10.31 19:59

    I dreamed that I was at a concert at school! and an unfamiliar girl is standing next to me and I am adjusting her T-shirt! and in the dream there was such a moment that my friend was looking at me, but he was looking at me with such a despising grin or something! PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE IT OUT! I had this dream 2 times!!!!!

    - Answer

  • Svetlana 2012.12.13 16:05

    Hello! I dream about children all the time. They are so cute, funny, mischievous and never cry. The children are newborns and I talk to them like a mother with her children. I am 15 years old and I don’t have children! What does this mean, please tell me.

    - Answer

  • Anatoly 2013.02.05 15:34

    Please explain my dream to me. Today I dreamed of a little blond girl. I was in a maternity hospital, my wife gave birth to a girl naturally. I took her in my arms and began asking my eldest daughter what we would call her. Then the whole family went to the village to my parents, I was very happy about my newborn daughter. What could this mean?

    - Answer

  • Alexander 2013.08.31 10:12

    I often dream that a little girl is dying, in different situations, it’s a girl! Could you tell?

    - Answer

  • Valerie 2013.09.06 10:29

    I dreamed, from Thursday to Friday, that I had two children. One is one or two years old, and the second is not walking yet. (In fact, I only have a 5-month-old daughter). So, at first, my children and I get into a car accident, with us everything is fine. then it seems like the smaller child was baptized. why is this?

    - Answer

  • Sveta 2013.09.10 17:16

    I recently talked to my boyfriend and he told me his dream: “Lately I often dream that we are walking around the square with a stroller. We have a girl, she looks a lot like you?” What is this for? :bad:

    - Answer

  • Natalia 2013.09.19 01:14

    I dreamed that my eldest daughter was washing herself in the bathroom with some little boy, the water from the bathtub almost overflowed - the water was clean, but I managed to turn it off. And then, as if I was in my room, and the same boy was lying on on the couch and starts whimpering, I went up, called him by name, and pulled long blond hair from his mouth, neatly tied in a bun. Tell me what this dream is about? Thanks in advance.

    - Answer

  • Elena 2013.10.22 18:47

    Today I dreamed of a child as if he ran away from me and got stuck in a fence, I pulled him out and brought him into the house, music was playing and he began to dance, there were two more children, one was also dancing and the other was sleeping. what is it for? :(:)

    - Answer

  • Anastasia 2014.04.15 06:44

    I dreamed that I, my husband, aunt, mother, grandmother and two of my children were crossing a wooden bridge, the grandmother fell through first, then the children, the river was fast, they were carried away and were not found. Why is this dream?

    - Answer

  • Ivan 2014.09.02 20:52

    I dreamed that I ran out of the house with my girlfriend and saw how my parents (who were divorced and did not recognize me) mocked two babies, I kicked my father and yelled at my mother, I was rude and said that she was worthless and simply disgusting, he took the children and gave them away to his girlfriend She calmed them down, I said that I’d rather adopt them myself and we went into the house, begged the children, fed them (there was one boy and the other a girl), they wrapped the children and they smiled at us, then we heard the screams of the parents through the screams and moans, we made out the names. The children's names were the same as ours, that is, Victoria and Ivan, and then I woke up covered in sweat from stupor.

    - Answer

  • Love 2014.10.29 11:40

    I dreamed that I accidentally killed someone else’s child, but it was like a phantastic nightmare!!!(((

    - Answer

  • Yulia 2014.12.03 02:46

    I dreamed that I went on vacation with my children, and they jumped into the water themselves, although they didn’t know how to swim, and I jumped in there to catch them.????

    - Answer

  • Natalia 2015.02.25 09:11

    I dreamed that I adopted many teenage children about 7

    - Answer

  • Marina 2015.06.12 04:06

    Lately I have been dreaming of a group of children, for example, in kindergartens or schools. One dream I saved a kindergarten group from terrorists. In the second dream, a group of children simply went swimming. In both the first dream and the second, each group had an adult teacher. Normal healthy children. Well maintained and clean.

    - Answer

  • Victoria 2015.07.14 07:56

    I dreamed that I had three children, two boys and a girl, and we were going somewhere with bags

    - Answer

  • Dima 2015.11.01 13:03

    To dream that there is military action going on, many people have died and a young mother has died, and her child is sitting next to her and crying, saying that her mother is sleeping. A little later, three small children are sitting next to that woman, and another volley begins. A man runs up to the children and throws them to me, but he remains in the place where they were, he dies from the explosion of rockets, and I covered those children with my body and we are covered with earth...

    - Answer

  • Julia 2015.11.26 06:53

    Hello! I dreamed about the death of someone else’s child from some illness. The child was in kindergarten with a teacher I knew.

    - Answer

  • Dmitry 2016.01.17 02:27

    I dreamed from Thursday to Friday from 01/14/16 to 01/15/16 that I and an unknown person in a boat were getting from the bottom of the estuary, as I understand it, or the sea, two drowned girls in a white dress, the faces are not familiar, I don’t even really remember them, I remember that with the second person we hiccupped for a long time, but I didn’t see him either, they were broke, you could say, we pulled them into the boat without getting out of it, just bending down, there were third voices asking for help, like so that we could sleep, but they there were already drowned people, dead... the water was clear when I took out one of the girls, at the bottom of the sand I saw coins, and like jewelry, if my memory serves me correctly.. please help! I’m very worried, because I have dreams very rarely, but let’s put it this way...((

    - Answer

  • Katya 2016.01.19 02:02

    I dreamed on 01/19/15, two children, the eldest boy of seven years old, a girl of 3 years old, a husband, my boyfriend from life, before that a couple of days ago I dreamed that I gave birth to a son! What does this mean?

    - Answer

  • alina 2016.02.11 17:45

    Hello! I dreamed that my child was bathing in a hole filled with water, what was this for?

    - Answer

  • Svetlana 2016.03.11 07:16

    Hello. I dreamed that my nephew walked and ran for the first time, although in reality he does not walk yet.

    - Answer

  • Natalia 2016.03.13 13:16

    I dreamed that my children came to me, opened the doors, I saw that my daughter was thin, pale and blue, and my son stood next to me in normal condition. And I had another dream that I asked my daughter for lipstick, she gave it to me, and I compared it with mine and told one person, you see, this is a pink shade, but mine is red, so it’s not her fault. By the way, in real life, I am sure that my daughter betrayed me.

    - Answer

  • Elena 2016.05.11 08:11

    I dream that I am leaving the maternity hospital (I don’t remember whether it was my own child or not) and stealing someone else’s child who is lying on the table. At home I forget about him, and when I remember that the child is hungry, he has lost a lot of weight. I start to frantically prepare something for him to eat, but everything falls out of my hands. In the end, I finally fed him and I see him sleeping soundly. Why is this dream

    - Answer

  • Anastasia 2016.05.14 05:53

    My common-law husband dreamed of a stranger’s girl riding a small children’s tricycle, driving up to him and saying: “Soon your child will be taken to an orphanage” (or something like that). But in life we ​​don’t have any children together, and neither does he.

    - Answer

  • Victoria 2016.09.08 18:03

    My sister gave birth to a daughter in reality! And I had a dream that I came to visit my sister and lifted her daughter into my arms! Her daughter was a month old! What could this mean?

    - Answer

  • Roman 2016.10.20 05:17

    I'm driving along the road and suddenly I see a lot of children. They are being crushed by Mashi from the guts and brains, I turned around and saw a guy who was beating them. And they crawl like zombies and run towards him. I started to run away, but he chased after me and shouted for me to help him. But I left him.

    - Answer

  • Ksenia 2016.12.24 01:32

    I dreamed that I was running up the stairs, and then I started jumping using the railing from one staircase to another (precisely in the front door), it felt like I was running away from someone... And then I saw a butterfly, it was red and I it seemed that I had already seen her, I had thoughts in my head “bloody butterfly, bloody butterfly” and so many times... Then I stop when I see that the butterfly is moving into the child and he becomes translucent, I saw her face, he stood facing the door... What could this mean????

    - Answer

  • Anna 2022.01.18 11:19

    I dreamed that I was sitting in my apartment with a friend, we heard a rumble outside the door, I ran up, looked through the peephole and saw a little kitten in the vestibule, I opened the door, picked it up and it turned out to be a baby. (Most likely this is a girl, since the suit was white and yellow). And in a dream I decided to keep it for myself))) What could this dream mean?? Thank you in advance!

    - Answer

  • Nastya 2022.07.11 19:49

    Dreams in which you see children may not always be prophetic. You should pay attention to the context of the dream, which is important:

    - Answer

Miller's Dream Book: if a child talks

According to Miller, if you dream that a child is talking, it means making a difficult life choice, finding motivation and strength, and being on the threshold of a new life stage. A large number of difficult decisions are faced by anyone who sees such a dream. Probably, at some points you just lack a little self-confidence. Believe in yourself and the decisions you make will help you make big changes in your life.

Children occupy a special role in Miller's publications. Appearing in a dream, they foreshadow many good changes on the path of life. In some cases, they foreshadow the emergence of new good acquaintances and business partners. Be that as it may, Miller advised remaining prudent and not making hasty decisions.

See a face close up

During a night's rest, children can mean troubles or that your friend has committed some actions, the consequences of which you will have to deal with for a very long time.
The dream book writes that this person may gossip about you or do something bad behind your back. Pay attention to what exactly the children say and why they turn to you.

If you dreamed of a friend with children who constantly cry and scream, it means that not everything is going smoothly in her personal life.

A child of the same sex as the one who held him in his arms means infantility, childish facial features and behavioral characteristics characteristic of this person.

If the baby cried and asked for help, this means that the dreaming adult is suffering and wants to share his troubles with someone.

It is possible that deep down he wants to establish contact with you, but he is unable to do so. Perhaps shyness or some other experience interferes with this.

Child's age

  • A newborn is an excellent sign for a sleeper. All plans are being implemented, gestalts will be closed.
  • A one-year-old is a sign of an important fateful event that will affect the entire course of life, this is fatigue, difficult events;
  • Teenager - problems are ripe, they need to be solved;
  • The age coincides with the real one - you need to take into account everything that you dream about;
  • Age does not coincide with reality - illusions surround you, the news will have double meaning;
  • In a dream, a child is older - the troubles that await you in reality are greater than you imagine;
  • In a dream, a child is younger - you should not be afraid of problems, they will be successfully overcome, rethinking.

Where was the child?

  • In your hands - acquisition of property and profit;
  • In bed - an excellent quiet life for the sleeper;
  • In the house - happiness awaits in your personal life, new acquaintances, flirting.
  • On the street - causeless anxiety, a strange incident
  • In the middle of the road - a person will be betrayed, abandoned by loved ones, a break in relationships.
  • In the hospital - something dangerous awaits;
  • In a stroller - excellent acquaintances that will help in your career;
  • In the water - problems on the personal front will finally be overcome,
  • In the cemetery - sorrows, troubles, difficult events.
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