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  • September 10, 2018
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In dreams, eyes often represent bright character traits, the sun. Dream books associate eyelashes with power and freedom. Their color emphasizes the presence of energy. But there are also negative interpretations. In your dreams, does your style change due to your hairstyle and eyelashes? What could such actions mean? If you started to paint your eyes in a dream, you can find out the interpretation by reading the review.

Correct your behavior, avoid lying

Seeing yourself tinting your eyes means: you need to reconsider your insincere behavior, since the desire to appear not quite as you really are can play a cruel joke.

Why dream of painting your eyes with eye shadow? The dream book says: you want to hide certain information from others, but these attempts are noticeable from the outside.

Using shadows is often interpreted as an indication of lying. You should beware of it and limit your communication, as you can seriously harm yourself.

What exactly did you dream about?

The plot of a dream may be uncomplicated and simple. Dream Interpretations view such a symbol in different ways. Therefore, it is recommended to remember the details of the dream.

Did you paint your eyes with eye shadow in a dream? This is a bad sign. The dream warns of the presence of a traitor in your close circle. Accuracy in actions and attentiveness will help to reveal the identity of the ill-wisher. It is recommended to control emotions. Didn't you apply eyeshadow on your eyelids? The motives for the actions of loved ones are not fully understood. In reality, a sleeping person will want to understand their actions, understand their goals and plans. Some dream books interpret such a vision as a reflection of plans. Perhaps the dreamer wants to do something unworthy or hide a deception.

Have you started applying mascara to your eyes? The dream reports that in reality there is a loving person around who is capable of performing feats for the sake of the dreamer. A large amount of makeup hints at a desire to manipulate loved ones. Perhaps the dreamer wears a mask and is not real when communicating with friends and relatives.

Why did I see such a plot in a dream? In most cases, dream books indicate a desire to hide something, to deceive. This is a symbol of excessive isolation or self-confidence. Some dream books interpret the dream as the appearance of a fan in the dreamer’s life.

Don't overestimate yourself, be more friendly

Did you tint your eyelashes with mascara in a dream? You love yourself very much, but beware of showing too much selfishness in reality - you will only alienate those around you.

Why dream of painting your eyes with pencil? The sleeper often withdraws into herself. You need to be more friendly towards others.

Did you dream of using a black makeup pencil? In reality, you value your sexuality too highly. Such self-confidence can harm the relationship with a partner - he can be taken away by a rival.

General interpretations

Have you started painting your eyes in your sleep? The dreamer puts makeup on his eyelids - serious problems may arise in personal relationships. The fault will be excessive confidence in one’s own irresistibility and sexuality. Such a point of view will lull vigilance, which a competitor will certainly take advantage of. There is a possibility of a breakup due to infidelity.

Did you paint your eyes in your sleep? The process of applying makeup communicates determination, which will help you achieve success in any project. According to dream books, the sleeper will not stop on the path to the desired result even in the event of emotional exhaustion and fatigue. It is not recommended to refuse help from relatives and friends.

If you painted the eyes of someone else in a dream, it means that in reality thoughts that are not entirely worthy will appear. You will want to achieve great heights by deception. There is a possibility that the dreamer will try to lie even to close people, which he will later regret.

Reconsider your views

Did you put on too much eyeliner in a dream? The dream book suggests: when meeting a man, you need to pay attention to his behavior, actions, and not to his appearance.

Seeing how you put on too much makeup in your night dreams means: you have the wrong view on many important things. You need to correct mistakes in your behavior. Friends will help you see the true state of affairs.

Psychology point of view

In psychology, the eye is closely intertwined with an attempt at tracking by competitors or enemies. Makeup means the need for protection from meanness, betrayal by unfriendly persons or loved ones. The dream book considers brightly colored eyelashes as wrong priorities, wrong views on life. Perhaps the dreamer is guided in everything by stereotypes imposed by public opinion. It is advisable to get rid of such a worldview.

How did you make up?

The interpretation of the dream takes into account how they painted:

  • modestly - you are tired of the increased attention to your person, you want to take a break from claims;
  • how to go to work - you will be faced with a lot of everyday worries;
  • applied evening makeup - a romantic meeting is planned;
  • boldly, defiantly - you want to act contrary to someone;
  • sexy - an interesting man will like you.


Did you imagine that you started to paint your eyes in a dream? Why do you dream about such a plot? A lot depends on the color of your makeup. If the choice was made in favor of delicate shades that emphasize youth and beauty, then in reality everything works out fine in personal relationships. Circumstances will help the dreamer in the love sphere. Moderate makeup symbolizes unexpected joy. Probably, pleasant events will happen soon.

Bright cosmetics and tropical tones represent joy and the realization of desires and goals. However, a positive interpretation is possible only if in the dreams the dreamer experienced pleasant emotions, pleasure from his own appearance. Otherwise, it is recommended to prepare for trouble. However, there is no need to worry, the problems will not become significant.

Black or blue shades indicate that in reality the dreamer will take a decisive step to achieve what he wants in love. However, in some dream books such a dream is associated with insincerity and deception. Have you started painting your eyes in your sleep? The use of sparkles and rhinestones communicates an invitation to a festive event. Metallic shades in makeup indicate troubles in the professional sphere. You can find yourself in an absurd situation, because of which your reputation will suffer.

Pastel colors symbolize relaxation. Soon you will be able to cope with all the tasks and take a break from work. Blue shades with a pleasant texture foreshadow joyful events and interesting incidents. Perhaps you will be able to go on a trip. Some dream books claim that the blue color in makeup represents the dreamer’s indecision. Personality traits prevent you from achieving your goals.

Using a black pencil in a dream indicates the appearance of dark thoughts. Unpleasant events will begin to occur in the dreamer’s life, which will cause worries. There is a possibility of being in mortal danger. Perhaps the dreamer is afraid of something. Dreams in which red, burgundy and brown shades are present also have a similar interpretation.

Do you dream that they started doing daring makeup? For a young dreamer, such a vision portends independence from her parents. You will be able to achieve inner freedom. Gray color in a dream warns of the appearance of a flattering, deceitful person in your environment. With his actions he will try to harm his reputation. It is recommended to be careful in your actions and words.

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