In a dream, a rabbit bit my leg. Rabbit bites

Rabbit in a dream - what could this mean?

Our dreams are often manifestations of everyday activities and events, but in many cases they represent important messages, warnings and advice from our inner being.

If we learn to interpret them and follow their guidance, we can achieve much and have a powerful ally in life.

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Rabbit in a dream - meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about rabbits in general - Rabbits in a dream are usually a good sign. They symbolize success and a positive outlook on the future and life in general. If you dreamed about rabbits, such a dream may ask you to pay attention to your sex life. You may not be happy with it and need to work with your partner to improve it.

Dreams about rabbits can also indicate concerns about your family. They can also symbolize your timidity and shyness. This dream may bring out such qualities and suggest that you try to change them because you feel that they are not serving you well and are hindering your progress and success.

Dreaming about rabbits can also symbolize intuition and its use to avoid any danger or other discomfort. Such a dream can also symbolize your fear and quick reaction. It can also be a sign of cowardice.

Perhaps you are unsure of your abilities or feel insecure about something. Maybe you have a tendency to run away from things instead of confronting and dealing with them.

In some cases, a dream about a rabbit or rabbits may symbolically represent a person in your life with traits that you need to handle patiently and carefully. In some cases, this means fear and avoidance of sex.

A rabbit in a dream is also a symbol of well-being and improvement of your living conditions and increased income.

Decorative animal according to Freud

Breeding rare breeds of rabbits in a dream means love affairs. Decorative specimens indicate the dreamer’s changing tastes and inconstancy in sex.

Freud's dream book promises the beginning of a romantic relationship for everyone who is lucky enough to be present at the feeding of newborn babies. Grating carrots to baby rabbits, feeding them, playing with them, putting them to bed - to sensual pleasures.

Two adults surrounded by offspring are a sign of mutual love, a trusting relationship between spouses and sexual partners.

I am 22 years old and work as a freight forwarder, male. I dreamed that I was in a casino with a friend and watching him play, and then suddenly I got to the dacha and went to the rabbit cages and all the rabbits were sick, and some were even dead, and in one cage there was even a dead plucked chicken


I'm walking in my yard and I see two black rabbits. It seemed strange to me that they were some kind of homeless people, “they would disappear on the street, they must have gotten lost,” I thought. I liked them, they were small, decorative, with large recumbent ears. I wanted to catch them, I caught one just barely, he was struggling, scratching, and his ear was already wounded somewhere. Then I caught the second one, and he turned out to be nicer, not so shabby. I put both of them in a cage at home, and they began to live at my house, after all, rabbits should be domestic, not wild.


I dreamed that a large white rabbit fell from a 5th floor balcony, remained alive, but could not move and was crying. I felt very sorry for him and I began to call my father (who had long since died) for help. He was sitting on a bench with the newspaper and pretended not to hear me. This made me angry and we began to fight, but somehow theatrically


Our omnipresent unconscious can appear in a dream in any form (in the form of a dog, a snake, an airplane, an old woman, a train), but at the same time it always has its own internal intimacy, which is the starting point for deciphering the symbol. The Dictionary of Images in Ontopsychology (which uses this point of reference) states that the rabbit “symbolizes a psychologically healthy state, in which, however, a period of stagnation and devaluation of the personality begins.”


It's winter now and I dreamed as if I wasn't sleeping. Then suddenly white rabbits appeared in the snow. I don't know why I started catching them. I didn't catch the first one. The second one was caught right by the ears! What does it mean that I will find it soon? The dream left a bad impression.


In dream 14931, I already described what I dreamed about during treatment for panic attacks. Yesterday I still had hope that I would be cured. However, today I had disturbing dreams again. I'm in some kind of yard, part of which is blocked by a net. Inside I see a white rabbit. When I open the net, he rushes headlong towards me and wants to escape through the gap in the net that I pushed aside. I close it immediately. I don’t want him to run away, he’s so tender, weak, fluffy, I want to tame him, but I can’t figure out how to make him trust me. I open the net again and hand the rabbit a piece of bread, but he sniffs it and tries to run out again. I am overcome with despair. Somehow, it’s not bread in my hands, but sorrel, I feel this sourish pleasant taste in my mouth, and I see that the rabbit is also interested. He grabs the sorrel from my hands and runs away to the far corner. I have mixed feelings. I feel sorry for the rabbit, who is afraid of everyone and sits in captivity. I'm glad that I was able to please him. But the hardest thing is the realization that he is still not attached to me, and to paraphrase the well-known saying, “no matter how much you feed a rabbit...”. I feel hurt and lonely, I wake up with great anxiety and a headache. That same night I had another strange dream. I raise my hands and look at my armpits. On the right side, the hair under my armpit is shaved and the place where it grows is normal, but on the left it is shaved somewhere, but somewhere it grows in tufts, and the growth line of this hair goes down the arm much further than it should. I am afraid that this is a deformity, that I am abnormal, and that they will laugh at me, and I am also afraid that if the hair continues to grow, then the entire inside of my arm will soon be hairy. I’m also worried that no one will be able to help me, and I’ll have to shave my hair, and this will be noticeable to others.


The meaning of treating panic attacks is best explained using the example of the “two-core model” of personality. Normally, a person should have one core - his own. However, some children are unlucky in early childhood because some parents cannot help but use their babies as guinea pigs. The “second core” belongs to the mother (or the father, it doesn’t matter, in short, to the one who acted as the mother - the main guardian). The mother ties the child to her, and then all his life he cannot take a step without looking at this second core (“I will go on the attack only when the second core goes on the attack with me”). Usually all this is transmitted along a chain: the grandmother feels confident if she deprives her mother of confidence. A mother feels confident if she deprives her daughter of confidence. The daughter feels confident if she deprives another defenseless rabbit of confidence. (if you see that someone is attached to you and experiences panic attacks when you are not around, then this adds confidence to you). In fact, people recover from panic attacks not because they compensate at the expense of weaker ones and not because they take sedative pills, but because they gradually learn the skills to go on the attack on their own (alone, strengthening their own core, cutting off all the threads that tie them to their not entirely honest relatives).

Hair that is “out of place” or very strange in appearance is a sign of a psychologically negative state or empty eroticism. A generalized definition of empty eroticism could be that these are sympathies (eroticism, an area of ​​feelings, a horizon of affects) that are based on complexes (on clever lies, on the stereotypes of this society, on betrayal of oneself).


Arseny, regarding the second core - oh, how right! However, for some reason, attempts to master the skills of “attacking on your own” end in panic attacks. How to free yourself from internal parental attitudes?


Another question about getting rid of parental attitudes sounds like this: “How can I move from my parents’ cramped shack to my own cottage with a garage and a swimming pool?” Scratching your head a little, you can answer something like this: “Well, first you need to get an education, then find a job. Only, if you don’t have an entrepreneurial streak, then education won’t help you. Then it’s better to stay in your parents’ shack.”

I have noticed that treating panic attacks is very similar to teaching newbies in a driving school. You know, when a newcomer goes to the city for the first time, he can still drive a few kilometers away from the school, and then panic takes its toll. Then the young driver usually slows down, jumps out of the car and begins to demand that the instructor take him back. The instructor has an ironclad answer to this: “Whoever brought it here will be lucky back!” After a series of altercations, the newcomer gets behind the wheel and begins to gradually get used to the general traffic flow. He, of course, wants to close his eyes from fear, but he can’t, otherwise he’ll immediately die.


It's not quite a fair comparison with a beginner. Rather, here we are talking about an experienced motorist who, for unknown reasons, suddenly began to be afraid of the flow of cars, however, not wanting to succumb to his fear, he drove into this flow again and again, thereby further perpetuating the unpleasant sensations and finally losing faith in himself. This is driving me crazy! Antidepressants don't help.

Hello…. I dreamed that I was going to bed with a friend, her husband was so unbalanced, he beat her... He could have killed her, they still have a child... I went into the apartment, but they were not at home, he took the child and her... only animals remained at home, a dog, a cat and 2 rabbits... In general, 2 rabbits (small gray and large black) were closed on the balcony, the window was open and they jumped out of the window and broke, followed by a cat, but she jumped down and climbed along the ledge... The dog left with me

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White rabbit in a dream

— A white rabbit is generally a good sign. It symbolizes luck and love. If you dreamed of a white rabbit, it is most likely a sign of fidelity and faithfulness in love. This dream is often a sign of positive changes in life.

In some cases, such a dream indicates your desire for fatherhood. It can also be a sign of wealth and prosperity.

If the rabbit is put in a cage, the dream also has a good meaning and symbolizes your future abundance. Expect income from unexpected sources.


Why do you dream of a rabbit that turns into something else in your sleep? To solve such dreams, your personal attitude to the final result of such a transformation is especially important. For example, if you like Koli dogs and hate giant rats, then the transformation of a bunny into the first means an unexpected, but quite acceptable turn for you, and into the second - a clearly negative result. If a girl dreams that she is picking up a rabbit and ends up with a kitten in her hands, most likely she will recognize her chosen one from an unexpected side.

If a real living rabbit turns into a plush toy, you should think about your relationship. Are you not being a toy for your partner and are you playing with the feelings of other people? Those who stubbornly ignore the voice of their intuition may dream of a talking animal that operates with words and even telepathy. A white rabbit walking on its hind legs like a famous character can be dreamed of as a call to more often notice the wonders of this world, not limiting itself to the gray routine. If he runs ahead, as if showing the way, feel free to follow your most cherished dream.

Dream about eating rabbit

- If you dreamed that you were eating a rabbit, this dream may indicate good luck and a quick increase in your wealth and finances. This dream could also indicate that you feel better than others. Maybe you try to control others or think you're always right.

If so, then this dream is a reminder to change your behavior and attitude. Nobody likes people who boss others and always have the last word. Try to be more cooperative and compromise. Such a dream could also indicate problems with a close friend and even the end of your friendship.

I dreamed about a lot of rabbits

- If you dreamed of rabbits, such a dream may indicate your childish behavior in some serious life situation. You may have encountered some problems that you are not dealing with properly and maturely.

This dream reminds you that it is time to take responsibility for your actions and realize that you are putting your reputation at risk by not paying attention to your behavior and how others view it.

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As a rule, a rabbit can dream of both good changes and negative ones. You should not take the interpretation of dreams to heart. After all, even the worst dream is only a warning about possible situations that can be prevented on your own. The main thing is to be attentive when making important decisions, listen to your inner voice and rely on intuition. Then you can protect yourself and your loved ones from bad changes. Even a black rabbit in a dream will not be able to influence the course of your life or spoil the planned event.

The dream book of Nostradamus considers a nimble rabbit to be a positive sign. Seeing him in your dreams most often means positive changes. However, some esotericists and psychologists may come across warnings. When figuring out why a fluffy animal is dreaming, do not forget to remember the emotions and sensations experienced in the dream.

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