Why did you dream about a deer - detailed interpretation of the symbol

Did you wake up this morning and realize you were dreaming about horns? An unpleasant feeling has crept in because you don’t know why they are in your dreams? Not sure whether to expect something good after this or everything will be bad?

Options for interpretation

  • Horns according to Miller's dream book
  • Interpretation of a dream about horns according to Vanga’s dream book
  • Horns in the Islamic dream book
  • Who had the dream?
  • To the girl
  • To a woman
  • To a man
  • Interpretation of sleep in detail
  • Goat horns
  • Dreamed of ram horns
  • Large deer antlers
  • Many different horns
  • Moose antlers
  • Buffalo horns in a dream
  • Cow horns
  • White goat attacks with horns
  • Horns on a man's head
  • conclusions

Don’t rush to get upset – read this article and everything will fall into place!

Many dream books give different interpretations of horns in a dream. Moreover, you need to remember in what situation you saw them and where. It will also be useful to remember which animal's horns you saw.

Interpretation of the dream Horn: dream book of Catherine the Great

Rogavo in a dream symbolizes disappointment in marriage. Seeing horns on someone else's head signifies misfortune for the one who saw this dream. Having horns yourself in a dream means power, strength and triumph over the enemy. Cutting off horns in a dream means that you will make a mistake, due to which you may lose a case or lose your fortune.

A hunting horn seen in a dream means a quarrel with a loved one.

Drinking from a horn at a celebration in a dream foretells that a risky business can turn out to be profitable. Hanging the horns of an animal you have killed as trophies in a dream means that you, without knowing it, are incurring troubles that could adversely affect your family unit.

A dream in which you are walking along the road and see a horn foretells obstacles and bewilderment. If you raise this horn, then your affairs will go badly. It’s good if you pass by the lying horn, then in life you will successfully cope with obstacles on your way.

Seeing a unicorn in a dream means great happiness, peace and harmony in the family.

Other stories

If in the dream there was a horned snake or another creature that in fact cannot have any growths on its head, then such a plot promises the normalization of sexual life.

If a person fights with a horned animal, then a conflict awaits him in reality. Horns on your own head are a sign of anxiety. According to many dream books, touching the horns or holding an animal by them means participating in a complicated matter that will be tied up in intrigue.

According to other dream books, growths on your own head promise the need to defend your rights and principles. Despite the huge number of opponents, the dreamer can easily prove that he is right.

When studying dream books, it is also important to take into account the gender and status of the person who saw the dreams. Interpretations can be completely different:

  • For a young and unmarried girl, such a dream means a long-awaited marriage. The marriage will be concluded out of mutual love. The family will be strong and happy.
  • For a young boy, such a plot predicts an acquaintance with a unique person who will win his heart. He will be able to win her favor. Perhaps this acquaintance will develop into something more.
  • For a pregnant woman, a dream with fancy branchy horns portends an easy birth and the birth of a healthy baby.

Bloody horns are an unpleasant sight. If in a dream a person is attacked by an animal, and after the attack blood remains on its horns, this means that a black streak is approaching the dreamer . Don’t get discouraged: it’s better to gather all your will into a fist and face challenges with faith in success.

Sleep is a reflection of the human subconscious. Bad stories are dreamed of by those who are worried about something. The dreamer needs to try not to think about the bad and look at the world positively. Then he will not be afraid of any problems. The correct interpretation can only be obtained if you carefully analyze the scene you saw, as well as remember all the details of the dream.

See the Horn: dream book of O. Adaskina

Horn - A little intimacy: Seeing that you had horns means that you are often overcome by a feeling of anxiety. You are afraid that your love union may collapse. You shouldn’t indulge in gloomy thoughts, because everything depends only on you: whether your relationship with your loved ones will work out or not, whether it will last long or last for a short moment. To improve your affairs on the love front and strengthen your relationship, give your loved one more positive emotions, become him a wonderful partner not only in love, but also in friendship.

Dreaming of Horn? See the following interpreter.

How to find the best option

As the dream book describes, horns are a symbol that is almost impossible to interpret unambiguously

It is important to decide on who you saw it on: . on yourself - to the onset of a bright streak of life;

Seeing yourself or others in an unusual way in a dream

for another, you may become a victim of someone else’s adventure.

  • on yourself - to the onset of a bright streak of life;

    Seeing yourself or others in an unusual way in a dream

  • for another, you may become a victim of someone else’s adventure.

Reading the interpreter of dreams of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, you can understand that the dreamed image is a reflection of inner strength, activity and determination . If the horns are lying on the bed, then, according to experts, you have some kind of intimate problems. When you feel something is wrong, it makes sense to analyze the current situation and draw conclusions.

Whose horns?

If you dreamed of horns, you will have to remember which animal they belonged to. This is the only way to facilitate the decryption process, no matter how difficult it may seem.


Seeing deer antlers in a dream is a symbol of the respect that people around them emit towards the dreamer. The pictures you see can be interpreted as follows: new opportunities will appear on your way that will allow you to achieve success in your professional field.

The most important thing is to use the given chance correctly.

I dreamed about deer horns


The small horns of a cow, described in dream books, are a symbol of wealth, prosperity and fertility. In simple terms, the animal represents peacefulness and patience towards this world. It radiates maternal care, which is so lacking in a sleeping person. It is no coincidence that the heads of the moon goddesses are decorated with the horns of cows.


If we talk about bull horns, then the dreamer should come to mind with genuine power and aggression. According to the dream interpreter, a strong opponent will appear on your way, whom you will be able to defeat only after preliminary preparation.

According to another interpretation, the reason for the appearance of bull horns is the severe disappointment and deep resentment that the dreamer will experience. The main thing is that no matter how difficult the situation may seem, it should not be taken to heart, otherwise it will only get worse.


You dream of a huge elk with bushy antlers - material stability and wealth await you. If you see the horns of an animal hanging on the wall, then in real life you can expect serious material losses and failures.


Dream about goat decoration

No matter how strange it may sound, the horns of a goat are harbingers of adultery or deception. If you feel something is wrong on the part of your partner, then there is no point in arranging a showdown. The best solution would be to communicate at the same table, where you will be able to find common ground or completely destroy the existing alliance.


Why do beetles dream about horns? To answer this question, you will have to make sure how honest your competitors are. Most likely, among them there have long been slanderers who are ready to ignore the truth for personal gain.

Who did you fight with?

During the interpretation process, you will have to examine your horned opponent in detail if he dares to attack.

Grab a bull in a dream


If a deer confronts you, then, according to the interpreter, serious conflicts will appear in your life that affect the honor and dignity of not only the sleeping person, but also his family members.


To see how a goat has taken a fighting position and is preparing to butt you - in real life you have to be wary of the machinations of obvious and hidden enemies who want to disrupt your plans.


If you have taken the bull by the horns, then deciphering your dream is not so difficult. The night image promises good luck and assertiveness, which is so necessary to get out of a difficult situation.

If the bull raises its horns, and you can’t do anything about it, then you are destined to gain fame, even if it’s not entirely clear how. Reflecting a bull's attack means overcoming life's difficulties.

If you dreamed about the devil


Why do you dream of such an unusual rival with horns? The dream book suggests that the sleeping person does not have entirely pure intentions. An imp that has turned into a human foreshadows poverty associated with a rash act and one’s own stupidity.

Horns in Lewis's dream book

Hunting horn - A horn in a dream means a call to awakening, the need to pay attention to the inner voice of intuition or spiritual guidance. In addition, since the dreamer's psyche tends to reflect literally metaphors and idioms, a horn in a dream can mean "horn of plenty." Antlers - Since antlers are a distinctive feature of the males of some animal species, they obviously symbolize masculinity, male sexuality (sexual potency) and aggressiveness (especially conflict between men). As a dream image, they can signify masculine strength and confidence or a metaphorical “hunting trophy.”

Other animals

  • Why do you dream? Such a plot informs that a person will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate his talents to others. Seeing a deer with antlers in your night dreams is a sign of strong friendship. For married people, the dream promises fidelity to the other half.
  • Moose antlers dream of prosperity; your financial situation will improve in the near future. He himself may dream of someone whose problems will soon be a thing of the past.
  • Ram's horns symbolize conflicts. The sleeper's relationships with both work colleagues and household members may deteriorate. It will not be easy to restore them, so it is better to try to prevent quarrels. To do this, it is enough to behave more restrainedly, to treat other people's point of view with understanding. Men and women dream of a ram as a sign of trouble on the personal front.
  • Goat horns dream of adultery. The other half has already begun or is about to begin an affair on the side. A goat with horns predicts serious troubles for men. For women, such dreams warn of gossip spread by ill-wishers. You cannot ignore the actions of enemies, as they negatively affect your reputation.

Seeing a Horn in a dream: Symbolic dream book

Horn of plenty - Emblem of abundance, prosperity, economic success. According to Greek myth, this horn originally belonged to the goat Amalthea, who nursed the baby Zeus (according to another version of the myth, Amalthea was the name of the nymph who hid Zeus from his father Kronos). In gratitude for the salvation, Zeus turned the goat's broken horn into a cornucopia, and raised the goat itself to the sky (the star Capella in the constellation Auriga).

Already in antiquity, the cornucopia became an attribute not only of Zeus, but also of fertility deities, primarily the earth mother Gaia, the goddess of luck Fortuna and the god of wealth Plutos. In the Hellenistic era, the cornucopia became one of the attributes of Hermes, the patron of trade.

In the Middle Ages, the cornucopia was often depicted in the hands of allegories of wealth and prosperity. After the French Revolution, this horn became one of the main emblems of bourgeois society. Today it is used mainly as a verbal symbol referring to the Euro-Atlantic "consumer society".

And in ancient times, and in the Middle Ages, and in modern times, the cornucopia was depicted as a horn from which fruits and flowers fall - the personification of the fertility of the earth.

Aggression, attack

If in his dreams a person repels an attack from an animal, in reality he will bypass a serious danger

However, it is still worth taking certain precautions and remaining vigilant in the coming days.

Holding a bull by the horns is a dream that predicts the onset of a white streak. In the near future, a person will succeed in everything he undertakes. Also, such a plot may indicate that the dreamer has a strong character. This will help him move towards his goal.

In a dream, a bull lifts a person on its horns? Surprisingly, such a plot prophesies glory to the sleeping person. The merits of a man or woman will finally be recognized by others. People's attitude towards the dreamer will improve, many will respect him.


Representatives of both sexes can dream of horned animals. Most often people see bulls and cows in their dreams. What does this mean?

  • Why does a woman dream of bulls with horns? Such a plot promises a marriage proposal to the sleeping woman. Even if the lady is now experiencing a lull on her personal front, the situation may change in the near future.
  • For a man, such a symbol prophesies a profitable commercial offer. It should definitely be accepted, as the profits will exceed your wildest expectations.
  • A herd of bulls promises career advancement for representatives of both sexes. The merits of the sleeper will finally be appreciated by management.
  • If in his dreams a person sees a well-fed animal, in reality he will be able to bring all his projects to life. However, if he feeds him, one cannot count on the dream coming true in the near future.
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