Let's leaf through the dream book. Flowering trees: the meaning of sleep, the most complete interpretation

  • August 26, 2018
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Since ancient times, humanity began to notice that sometimes we have memorable dreams. As a rule, it is unforgettable night dreams that carry meaning for the dreamer or dreamer. A dream that “does not go away” for a day or several weeks is an omen of some events. What do night visions promise us, in the scenario of which there are flowering trees?

Mayan Dream Interpretation

A dream about an old blooming plant with a thick trunk, gnarled branches and twigs is an omen of an imminent meeting with a wise person. It is he who will be able to reveal for you many interesting points related to the world around him. Thanks to the acquired wisdom, you will be able to bypass many of the traps and obstacles prepared by life.

In a dream, did the flowering tree wither and dry up? Pay attention to your well-being and general emotional background. The dream hints that your health is undergoing metamorphosis. It may well be that the dreamer or the dreamer will end up in the hospital. You are at risk of depression, and it is very difficult to cope with this on your own.

Russian dream interpreter

A dream about a flowering tree, according to this dream book, represents the emergence of hopes. The dreamer's dreams will definitely come true, but under one condition - these fulfilled plans should not cause even the slightest harm to the people around him.

Climbing high on it and, trying to pick flowers, falling off and falling down is a loss of benefits. Your position is unstable. If you recently transferred to a better paid position and thus increased your income, you may soon lose a good position.

Cutting down a gorgeous tree in bloom - the dream is a very sad sign. The dream warns of the possible death of someone very close to you.

Walking along an alley with flowering trees - the dream book suggests that a long and prosperous life awaits you. It will be full of joy and respect from posterity.

Interpretation from a noble dream book

According to the noble dream book, what the dreamer does with a tree in a dream is his veiled actions towards his ancestors or descendants.

A huge oak tree dreams of a long family history.

But when another person, according to the scenario of your dream, performs different actions with a tree in bloom, it means that what he is doing concerns the sleeping person. It’s bad when woodcutters cut down branches in a dream - the dream book hints at betrayal on the part of friends or loved ones.

A fresh flowering tree, young and flexible, with many buds in lush foliage - the dreamer will have a successful and prosperous marriage.

An unfavorable sign is a night dream in which flowers fall. Such a dream prepares the dreamer for difficult times. Failures in life, unhappy love and difficulties in your financial situation are coming.

Why do you dream of a flowering tree broken by a lightning strike? The Universe is warning you that you need to moderate your pride and ambition. These character traits will destroy you if you don’t change anything about yourself.

But what does the dream book say about the flowering trees that the hurricane in your nightmare uprooted from the fertile soil? Misfortunes and sorrows surround the dreamer and will soon strike a crushing blow. All these troubles belong to the category of insurmountable obstacles.

What tree was blooming

When interpreting a specific image of a flowering tree, we should not be content with one fact of this period of its life - flowering. You need to pay attention to its variety, even age, time of year in a dream. And no less important is the circumstance of what is happening around this image, what phenomena are captured in the fragments of the dream. Let's look at excerpts of plots in our night visions:

  • wood type;
  • flowering period;
  • current events.


Why see blossoming buds on a plum tree? This is the personification of thriftiness for your soulmate. Thanks to her, your family life is filled with coziness and comfort.

Why did you happen to see a blooming olive tree? Unfortunately, sleep forecasts are associated with an unhappy marriage in which there will be no children and sincere feelings.


Why do you dream about citrus plants? So this is good news. They can be associated with offers of lucrative contracts, with the introduction of innovative ideas into the business that will raise it to the highest level and generate huge profits. In this situation, a profitable marriage is not excluded.

For married women, this dream promises the normalization of relationships that have been a little shaken. Moreover, they will become even stronger than they were before this moment.

The interpretation of dreams where you happened to see a blossoming lemon tree says that you are unnecessarily tormenting your lover with jealousy. This feeling is unfounded. You're just acting like an owner. Do not escalate the situation, otherwise your loved one will run out of patience and simply leave you.


Why does an apricot appear in a dream during flowering? It promises a gracious, peaceful life.

If the apple tree blossomed

Apple tree

Everything that a blossoming apple tree dreams of predicts temptation . Women connected by marriage are encouraged by such a dream to be prudent. Because a momentary whim can destroy a stable family situation. The dream encourages young unmarried women to be selective in choosing a life partner. Do not be overly naive, do not buy into pompous and beautiful words, but focus more on the actions and behavior of your chosen one.


The interpretation of dreams where a pear was present during the flowering period promises tears. However, such a reaction will occur out of joy . Some event will make you happy to the point of tears. This will probably be something long-awaited, something the dreamer has already stopped hoping for.

For women who have adult children who are uncertain in the family sphere, this dream promises wedding troubles.


A blooming pomegranate warns of interference on the love front, quarrels. However, they are as short-lived as flowering.


A fruitful peach warns of labor-intensive and lengthy work before you reach your goal. But a flowering plant, just as in reality it begins to bloom earlier than many fruit plants, also in dreams promises a quick achievement of the intended results.

Cherries and sweet cherries

If the cherry tree blossomed

The interpretation of dreams where you happened to see cherry blossoms speaks of a beginning climb up the career ladder, or it is a statement of the fact that you have opened your own business and it promises to be profitable.

The interpretation of dreams where cherry blossoms are blown by the wind indicates promises made to the dreamer by someone that will not be fulfilled . Do not rush to take the word of people who make hasty promises. By relying on them, you will miss the chance when you could come to an agreement with more responsible and serious people, or resolve the situation yourself.

If in the plot of your dreams you wanted to pick cherry blossoms, this is a confirmation of your chastity and virginity.

The interpretation of dreams, where cherry blossoms flew away from time to time, indicates regrets about the mistakes of youth . You finally realized that by tying the knot with a person you don’t love, to spite someone, you ruined the lives of three people - yourself, your spouse, and your loved one. Now all you have to do is come to terms with this situation.

If in the plot of your dreams you saw the buds of cherries begin to burst, it means that you will soon achieve popularity and recognition, thanks to your creativity or unselfish character.

If you break cherry branches with inflorescences and put them in a vase, this incriminates you of stealing someone’s very successful idea . Admit what you did before it's too late. If you do this and repent, then perhaps you will be taken as a partner. Otherwise, you will create a situation where others will turn away from you.

When in your dreams you shook the cherry blossoms, this indicates your protest of your partner’s infidelity. You will get tired of constantly turning a blind eye to this. Moreover, you will immediately meet true love.

I dreamed that the cherry tree had some branches with inflorescences, and some with fruits setting. This promises you a rapid growth rate of your newly implemented project. This may be due to the increase in the network of enterprises.

When you dreamed of cherry blossoms in winter, it means the dreamer will get a second wind. His rationalization thinking is activated. His seemingly unprofitable business will find a new, rapidly developing life.

If the sleeper ate cherry blossoms, it means he will receive a declaration of love, and possibly a marriage proposal.

Blooming cherries promise peace of mind and tranquility.

Other plants

A blooming nut promises the nobleness of risk in the implementation of plans.

Figs promise long-awaited conception.

The mulberry plant portends having many children.

If you had to admire the lilac blossoms, it means that frivolous intimate affairs await you, which will exhaust themselves very quickly.

If you were hiding in the shadow of a lilac, it means you will experience a surge of passionate emotions and romantic encounters.

If the lilac bushes were blooming

For unmarried women, a bouquet of lilacs promises an upcoming intimate conversation, from which she will learn a lot about her partner that she did not even suspect. This news is extremely positive.

For a married woman, a bouquet of lilacs promises a revival of feelings from first dates, restoration and strengthening of sexual desires.

A lilac branch plucked by someone warns of illusions, deceptive hopes that are never destined to come true. Beware of strangers who offer seemingly sincere friendship.

Seeing lilacs blooming from a window promises an expensive gift. For married women, this could be real estate or a car. For women who are not married, this can be a gift hinting at a wedding.

If you happened to smell a branch of lilac, it means that the dreamer has a very strong, almost mystical attraction to the object of desire . This may not be his beloved, but one of the women who will charm him for a while. The dream advises you to try to ignore these false feelings so as not to spoil the happy future.

Picking the color of lilac is a reflection of the dreamer’s desire to please a certain person.

Seeing lilacs bloom in winter is a harbinger of separation.

Have you ever brewed tea from lilac flowers? These dreams are the prerogative of women. This is a reflection of their extravagant desires. They are very romantic natures, loving beautiful relationships and courtship. Everything is as gentlemen should do.

Gypsy dream book

This dream is also symbolic. What happens to a plant in a dream is connected with the personality of the one who is watching this dream.

I dreamed of a flowering tree - the dreamer’s life is going through a round of good times. The family is friendly, the spouse is loving, the children are beautiful and smart. Everything is fine in the life of a sleeper. And this will continue for some time.

Did lumberjacks use a flowering tree for firewood in a dream? Prepare to suffer financial losses.

In your nightly dream, seeing a whole grove fragrant with the scent of flowers, admiring them, inhaling their incredible smell is an encouraging dream, talking about a friendly family and close ties between all relatives.

By name

Flowering trees are easier to interpret by their names.
Each of them has its own meaning. Pay attention to what exactly blooms in your dream and whether you liked its aroma.

Seeing cherries or cherries in blossom is a sign of disappointment. Sometimes a dream predicts bitter love, tears and grief. Some books write that cherry blossoms dream of rash actions and tears.

After this night vision, expect disappointment and worries, tears and losses, although they will not enter the dreamer’s life right away.

After a dream, you should not believe beautiful words and promises, as they will be followed by bitterness and disappointment.

Blooming cherries, on the contrary, predict happiness and joy. If it begins to bloom in the garden, expect joy, a pleasant turn of events.

Seeing an apricot orchard in a dream means hope and kindness. Such a dream predicts the pleasure of love and favorable prospects.

Explanation of dreams with a flowering tree, according to Chinese interpretation

  1. A dry tree blossomed. Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will live in prosperity and prosperity.
  2. Forest of trees in bloom. A joyful dream, promising profitable investments and successful purchases.
  3. Plant a young flowering tree. Prosperity and joy await the dreamer.
  4. In a dream you are standing under a tree. In reality, there is a kind person in your environment.
  5. Climbing a tree in bloom. The sleeper expects fame and happiness in life. His life will be long.
  6. A huge tree broke with a crash and collapsed in his sleep. This vision promises misfortune for the dreamer.

Seeing the trunk of a large tree in a dream

To see in one’s own vision only a tree trunk - many dream books interpret such a symbol as follows:

  1. If you are trying to hide behind it, in reality you are striving for protection from many life problems and adversities, you want to find a reliable patron.
  2. If you see a thick tree trunk in your dreams, you are letting a long-forgotten past into your present, which pulls you back and does not allow you to grow upward.
  3. When a branched trunk with green foliage and fruits appears before your eyes, this is an indication of strong friendship, true in its manifestation. Therefore, you can be glad that you have such reliable friends.

All these details will help you correctly interpret night vision and lift the veil of the future.

Explanation of sleep by Eastern women

To see an orange fragrant and with bright flowers - most likely, the lady’s hopes and dreams will come true.

According to this dream book, a tree blooms for good events. If it withers or drops flowers, you should be patient and survive the dark times of failure.

An almond tree in the rain is a sign of the revival of life, improved well-being or the emergence of a hobby (with a man).

Flowers and fruits are hanging - the best time to collect the fruits of your labors will soon come.

Hitting a tree or being damaged in some other way means trouble at work. Most likely, you need to look for a new place for yourself. Only in this way will you achieve a more stable financial situation.

Tsvetkov's assumptions

In a night dream, did you discover that a flowering tree has been turned into logs? The dream hints at the division of inheritance between close people. You will soon find out what your relatives are worth.

A tree in flowers dying in a fire warns of losses.

To fall off and fall from it - in real life the dreamer will become an object of ridicule from colleagues and neighbors.

A spreading tree with a wide crown, weak flowers and long fragile branches - a “vampire man” has appeared in your society, who will “feed” on your energy. Through his fault, the dreamer will experience fatigue and apathy. It is possible to calculate such a subject. To do this, pay attention to someone who constantly complains about his difficult (in his opinion) and poor life. As soon as you notice this type in your environment, immediately limit the time you communicate with him to a minimum.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

  1. The tree blossoms in a night dream. The sleeping person will be pursued by success in many endeavors.
  2. Float on a tree trunk along the river. Your aspirations will not be fulfilled; all your efforts turned out to be empty.
  3. Carrying a tree trunk in your dream means that in reality you will be lucky in something. A successful purchase awaits you.
  4. The tree grew and blossomed in the house. The dream hints at a successful outcome of the matter.
  5. Entering a flowering fruit garden means your life is getting better. Material well-being will not leave you for a very long time.
  6. The tree sheds flower petals - this is a truly magnificent, fabulous spectacle. The dream interpreter speaks of an upcoming happy event for the one who dreamed about it.
  7. A beautiful but poisonous tree is an omen of the machinations of enemies. The dream warns of two-faced acquaintances or relatives. They smile when they meet, but behind their back they create traps, prepare troubles for a person, and secretly and vilely harm him.
  8. A multi-trunked tree in bloom speaks of a strong family bond. The dream may also hint that your ancestors are protecting you.
  9. Admire the blooming apricot. You need to be prepared to change your place of residence.
  10. Watering garden trees in a night dream. In real life, a sleeping person expects respect from children and respect from colleagues.
  11. Graft a plant. Your contributions will contribute to the development of financial stability.
  12. A blooming pomegranate tree in dreams represents motherhood.
  13. Poplar blossoms in a dream. For men, this is a sign of good health.

Decoding the details of the dream

Petal color

A tree with white flowers symbolizes joy, love, happiness, good luck. Snow-white blossoms more often speak of spiritual benefits than material ones.

Soft pink, yellow, lilac or red flowers speak of physical health and monetary profit.

Green petals promise a period of harmony, balance and peace, blue petals - new knowledge, ideas, creative projects.

Brown or black flowers that look dried out or spoiled have a negative meaning. This is a sign of unwanted interference in a favorable period of life, because of which it will quickly end without bearing any fruit.

The reasons can be very different: your personal attitudes, incorrect perception, heavy karma, witchcraft, etc.

Tree variety

For a more accurate interpretation of the dream, try to remember which tree you dreamed of blooming.

Most plants have different symbolic meanings and this also affects the meaning.

If you dream of fantastic views, happy events will turn out to be very unexpected, similar to magic.

Apple tree

Apple tree blossoms predict bright impressions and joyful events. Perhaps new romantic relationships or renewal of old ones await.

An apple tree in a dream makes you think

For a girl, a tree with flowers gives advice: attach importance to the actions of a young man, and not to words and promises.

Seeing fruits is also a warning not to give in to temptations, otherwise they will lead you away from a happy and successful path.


Cherry blossoms symbolize successful creativity, quality work, development and self-realization.

Seeing ripe berries along with flowers means processes will proceed at an accelerated pace. At the same time, despite the active activity and rapid change of events, you will be calm and balanced.

A blooming cherry orchard promises success in all areas of life according to the principle “one joy attracts others.”


Seeing an apricot blossom in a dream means a calm and prosperous period. Contentment and serenity await you.

Advice: relax and enjoy your holiday, even if you planned something else for these days.

It may seem that some hopes and expectations have not come true, but do not be discouraged - everything will come and work out at the right time.


Pear blossoms predict a happy event that you have been waiting for a long time and may have already lost hope.

A big surprise is coming soon. Often this is news of an imminent wedding.


Seeing lilacs bloom means sensual pleasures, passionate and romantic love.

For married women and married men, the dream promises a new “honeymoon,” a revival of passion and a renewal of feelings.

For unmarried girls and single guys, the dream predicts love affairs that will surprise and delight, but most likely will be short-lived.

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