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  • September 12, 2018
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A person goes to bed, hoping to rest and recharge for the next day. However, sometimes everything happens exactly the opposite, and he does not greet the morning as cheerfully as he expected. One of the reasons for such circumstances is dreams in which you have to work physically. For example, swimming across a river in a dream, which fits this category well. And what, in this case, do various dream books promise a person? How do they interpret the plot of his night dreams, in which he needs to cross the river? We will find out about this right now by reading the article. It contains interpretations of different people and nations, famous for their detailed and truthful explanations.

What are you afraid of?

Did you dream that you were desperately afraid to cross the river? It is likely that there is some obstacle that you are afraid of in real life.

If in a dream you didn’t even have the desire to swim across the stream, then the dream book believes that you are quite happy with your life and are not going to change it.

Swimming across the river in a hurry and with fear literally means that insurmountable circumstances will arise that will force you to change your place of residence or work, or even your life priorities.

Non-trivial approach

Did you happen to swim across a river in a dream? In life, you are a brave and even desperate person who is not afraid to take risks.

Did you dream that you managed to swim across the river while carelessly lying on your back? the dream book believes that the business you have started will go successfully and easily.

If you swam against the current on your back, and even forward with your feet, then your non-trivial vision of the world drives those around you crazy, but helps you achieve your goals.

Women's dreams

A river in a girl’s dreams symbolizes correctly set priorities, a strong marriage, harmony and homeliness in the home. It is necessary to pay more attention to communicating with the child, caring for the other half and saving the hearth. There is no need to sacrifice family values ​​because of the desire to climb the career ladder.

The river has the following meanings for women:

  • seeing muddy water means quarrels and disagreements with loved ones;
  • watching the other half drown - to adultery, when they were able to save - the marriage will survive;
  • fishing - to an early pregnancy and successful childbirth;
  • swim along the river - have good health;
  • a woman jumps into the water - to a successful marriage;
  • washing your face means quick grief;
  • wandering on the ice - to expose love affairs;
  • jumping from a bridge into a stormy river - to the death of your significant other;
  • seeing a reflection in the water surface means a successful birth of a healthy child;
  • swim to the opposite shore - to slander and rumors that can lead to despair.

When a woman was swimming, but suddenly began to drown, this symbolizes that all her plans will soon come true. A successful marriage promises a dream with a river that flows into the ocean. The girl will join a good, wealthy family, where she will be loved, constantly supported and given gifts. A vision of rising water for a free person predicts numerous admirers.

Watching a river flood predicts victory over ill-wishers or difficult circumstances. A small duct promises a love interest that will quickly pass. When the water is cloudy, huge obstacles will stand in the way of achieving what you want. A dry riverbed for a married girl is considered a bad sign, predicting a break in family relationships.

The surface of the water, which is covered with duckweed, is a symbol of the dreamer’s gullibility. There is no need to share your innermost desires with others. This will help avoid gossip. When a pregnant woman sees a stormy stream in a dream, it advises her to get rid of nicotine addiction, which will greatly harm the unborn baby.

Did you get there?

Why else dream that you managed to swim across the river? The dream book considers this action to be a symbolic liberation and deliverance from the past.

To see that in a dream the crossing to the other side was successful, then your cherished dream will come true.

If you were never able to set foot on the other side, drowned, returned back, or were carried away by the current, then your plans and hopes will be completely destroyed.

Everything will work out!

Why do you dream that you have to swim across a relatively clean but muddy river? This is a harbinger of small but regular quarrels, problems and worries.

If in a dream you stepped into a muddy river, then the dream book advises you to prepare for the fact that obstacles will appear in your business and plans, which you will successfully overcome.

Did you dream of an absolutely clean, transparent and calm surface? It marks the acquisition of freedom, independence and prosperity.

Swimming or swimming

If you just swim and swim without a specific goal, this means that you will not have precise intentions.
Water, its temperature, transparency, objects and animals in it indicate circumstances or situations in which you will soon find yourself.

Why dream of floating down a river a short distance, splashing or swimming? The dream book writes that your emotions and sensations and environment will change. Evaluate your own feelings and fellow travelers, if any.

Just swimming in a clean and transparent pool, sea, river at a short distance from the shore - leads to a new life situation. The dream book writes that you will experience joy if the lighting is bright, and the pond was at room temperature and was transparent without algae, snakes and unpleasant creatures.

Swimming in it, seeing fish, enjoying life and having fun is a good sign. This dream in reality predicts joy, unless you find yourself in the water wearing clothes other than a swimsuit.

Falling into cold water and floundering, especially in icy water and in winter, is a bad sign. Most likely, you will suddenly get sick with a cold or find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Getting out of the water and freezing means illness. Warming up, changing clothes and drinking hot tea on the shore is good news. In a difficult situation, friends and relatives will lend a hand to you and help you overcome all the unpleasant moments.

In other situations, swimming in clean and clear water is a favorable sign. You will be happy in love, satisfied with the coincidence of circumstances.

Often a woman has such dreams to symbolize a reciprocal feeling, freedom, sexual relationships, and even an early pregnancy if she caught a fish in the water or tried red caviar. For others, a similar dream can predict joy, good news and meetings.

Cloudy water, hot and too warm, dreams of an illness, often of an inflammatory nature. Splashing or falling is a bad sign, predicting a sharp deterioration in the dreamer’s health.

Especially if it contains smelly algae, dead fish or snakes. The meaning of sleep increases when a harmful substance floats in the water: oil or gasoline. These kinds of dreams predict troubles, bad health or bad news for you.

If a child starts swimming in a dirty pond, he may be poisoned or have a dangerous disease. When a teenager swims in muddy water, he will associate with bad company.

Falling into a dirty pond while passing by or saving a person is very bad. You may find yourself in an unpleasant and scandalous situation if you interfere in other people's affairs.

Getting out safely from a swamp or extremely dirty and muddy water is a good sign. Especially if there was a clean spring nearby in which you washed yourself.

When you fall into a pond that is free of pollution and moderately cool, the surprise will force the dreamer to look differently at some circumstances of his life.

A dream in which one dreams of falling into icy but clear water is seen by the sick as a sign of recovery, and by lovers as a sign of sobering up.

Perhaps you will take off your rose-colored glasses and be able to see your loved one as he is. But often the dream dreams of harsh conditions, high performance, sobriety and inner strength.

Swim across the river in a dream: interpretation of dream books

A person goes to bed, hoping to rest and recharge for the next day. However, sometimes everything happens exactly the opposite, and he does not greet the morning as cheerfully as he expected. One of the reasons for such circumstances is dreams in which you have to work physically. For example, swimming across a river in a dream, which fits this category well. And what, in this case, do various dream books promise a person? How do they interpret the plot of his night dreams, in which he needs to cross the river? We will find out about this right now by reading the article. It contains interpretations of different people and nations, famous for their detailed and truthful explanations.

Russian dream book

In general, swimming across a river in a dream means something good. But it all depends on what kind of water was in it:

To cross a small river - in real life you will experience difficulties.

What if you started swimming across a river in a dream, and eventually found yourself splashing in a shallow, dry stream? Such a vision hints at an unstable position in the team. Perhaps the person is in danger of losing respect among colleagues or family.

Did a fabulously beautiful, pleasant river, with beautiful fish and other underwater world, give you a feeling of peace and quiet delight while you were floating along it in a dream? Life has many pleasant moments in store.

According to the dream book of nobles

You need to swim across a river in a dream, but for some unknown reason you remain on the bank. Such a development of the scenario is possible before receiving important news.

Having difficulty overcoming the oncoming current means you will have many difficulties of varying degrees of severity. These chores will take up most of your vital energy and optimistic attitude. Perhaps your plan will come true, don’t give up halfway.

If you are in a body of water whose current carries wood chips and other debris, you will, due to circumstances, have to start living by different rules.

Dark and narrow river - you are unhappy with your situation. The dream may also hint at some circumstances due to which you do not allow yourself much. Probably, this circumstance is the main one for dissatisfaction with one’s own life. There are at least two ways out of this situation. Firstly: make an effort and end up where you have always dreamed. Secondly: accept that your aspirations were in vain and continue to live, enjoying what you have.

Interpretation from a family dream book

To plunge into and swim on a smooth and calm water surface - the sleeper (sleeping) knows how to enjoy life and uses his talent at any convenient moment.

Quarrels with colleagues or family scandals can happen in a person’s life if he happens to cross a raging river.

The dream book also warns against a scenario in which the river has overflowed very widely and it is scary to swim along it - in reality, this dream is fraught with problems at your place of work. It will be difficult to resolve moments of misunderstanding with colleagues.

An attempt to cross a dry body of water indicates that bitter experiences and serious unrest will overtake you.

The river is very deep - a favorable dream if the water in the river is crystal. If the turbidity has overcome the reservoir, the dream warns of deception.

Basic values

  • Swimming across the river in any case, regardless of the width of the stream, means achieving your goal, starting a new stage, parting with the past. The significance of the achievement depends on the width of the river and the difficulty of overcoming the water obstacle. If you do not plan to return to the shore you left behind, this is a sign of a serious decision to separate. It is not necessary to part with people; it is possible to part with your former self, your habits, beliefs, and way of life.
  • In most cases, you will have to swim in muddy flat water, heated from above, but insidiously hiding in the depths an insidious dank cold and, quite possibly, chthonic monsters lurking in quiet river backwaters. A dream in which you are floating along a river does not have a single general meaning and always carries with it a certain amount of unpredictability and danger.
  • Floating with the flow of the river - in full accordance with the idiom, means agreeing with the circumstances, peaceful and leisurely movement forward with minimal effort. This is not always a bad thing; you can swim much further with the current than against the current, pointlessly fighting the waves. Perhaps you have found a comfortable niche for yourself. This is amazing. Don’t waste time and energy fighting the elements, since you can control it without fighting.
  • Swimming and rowing against the current - it is quite obvious that such a dream shows the unfavorable circumstances in which you find yourself, whether of your own free will or not. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, it doesn't always make sense to fight to the last, unless your goal is to lose weight and build beautiful muscles. Find an opportunity to look around, get out of the situation and solve it without extreme effort. The dream shows you that overcoming the river is an impossible task. You should enjoy swimming in the river.
  • Testing the water in the river with your foot means considering possible options for the course of the situation. Entering the water means deciding to make changes, starting to move towards solving problems.
  • Swimming away from a boat, steamship, boat or catching up with a watercraft - you have lost your transport, through which you planned to navigate the waves of life. Perhaps you are about to change your job or face other significant changes.
  • Sailing in the hope of saving someone in a dream means falling for a trick. Someone skillfully manipulates your consciousness, awakening deep fears, forcing you to act against your will.

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Interpretation from the gypsies

If a married person decides to swim across the river, the dream book promises him all sorts of benefits. Wealth, health and respect from people - the dreamer will achieve all this in the future.

To see someone floating along a calm river with clear water - the dreamer will have a life full of prosperity.

Jumping into the river and crossing it means plunging into a whirlpool of unknown pleasant feelings. Perhaps the person who decides to do this will find true love in real life. But before everything happens, he will need to try hard.

Authoritative interpretations

  • The women's dream book promises family happiness, especially if you happen to sail in a river on a boat, along a calm current. A stormy river in this case means exclusively family passions. Swimming across a river means complete victory over any circumstances.
  • Miller's dream book promises financial well-being, especially if there is a fish in the river. Turtles swimming with you mean great luck, luck, and true friends.
  • Vanga's dream book foretells an early pregnancy and a happy family life. Storms, waves in the river, cloudy water mean the usual adversities of life that you will overcome without any problems.
  • According to Freud's dream book, swimming in the river means having sexual fantasies that you would like to realize. Swimming or wading a river means breaking off a relationship.

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