Why do you dream about an ice slide - 110 interpretations from different dream books

Avoid troubles, you can correct failure

Have you watched how they make an ice slide by filling the slope with water, and then slid off it? This portends a fun time.

Why dream of going down an icy mountain, risking slipping, but completing the descent safely? The dream book explains: troubles literally surround you on the way to your goal, but you will successfully avoid them.

Did you happen to descend from there on foot in a dream? The dream is encouraging: you can very carefully correct a mistake or failure, and there will be no consequences from it.

Did you dream of going down an ice slide? The dream book states: all the difficulties are left behind, so you can relax. But you need to try to maintain stability in business.

Climb the ice slide

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Now you can find out what it means to see Climbing an ice hill in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

A Buddhist mentor ascending to an eminence portends illness.

Wearing an official headdress, you climb the tower - there will be a promotion.

Holding hands with someone and climbing onto a bridge portends your wife’s pregnancy.

Thunder rises from the ground - your aspirations will come true.

The crane rises to heaven - foretells trouble associated with younger family members.

Black vapors rise from the ground - trouble.

A cow or a bull climbing the mountainside means great happiness and prosperity, good luck.

A light rises above the grave - fortunately.

Vapors rise above the burial mound - fortunately.

Suddenly a strong wind rises - there will be an appeal to the people of the state.

A huge flame, the fire rises to the skies, portends the establishment of order in the country.

Smoke rises and flames and fire burn - all sorrows and anxieties will go away.

Climbing to a high mansion or a tower is happiness in everything.

Ascend to the highest heavenly palaces - you will receive a high position.

Climbing the mountains while holding an object in your hands means your wife will give birth to a noble son.

Climbing the tower is happiness in everything.

Climbing the city walls, red in color, portends great happiness.

Ascend to heaven in search of a wife - sons and daughters will achieve a noble position.

Climbing to heaven in search of an object means you will receive a high position.

Climbing to heaven on dragons means achieving a very high position.

Climbing a cliff, holding a stone in your hand, will lead to movement in your service.

When climbing a mountain, experiencing fear means advancement in your career.

When the dragon arrives and climbs the mountain, what you wish will come true.

Destruction and losses when climbing the mountains - portends evil and misfortune.

Clouds rise from four sides - happiness in commercial transactions.

The light of lightning illuminates the body - there will be a happy event.

The family rises to a high tower - calm and confidence in business.

Common cause, big changes

Riding from there with a friend in a dream means: you have to work together with him or have some kind of common cause.

Why do you dream about an ice slide and skating together with a stranger? In reality, you will meet a person who will become a good friend or reliable partner.

Rolling down from there in a cheerful company foreshadows, according to the dream book, an exciting, interesting trip with family or friends. This entertainment will bring a lot of positive things.

Did you dream of sliding off it, feeling that it took your breath away? Big changes in life are ahead. She is capable of not only changing dramatically, but also making a surprise - a risky adventure.

Friendship, love adventure

Did you dream of sliding down an ice slide, several people sitting in a large sleigh? The dream book tells you: relationships with friends will improve.

Did you see in a dream how you had the opportunity to move out, experiencing delight? An unusual love adventure lies ahead. Meet an interesting, cheerful person of the opposite sex who will not let you get bored. Mutual sympathy soon transforms into ardent passion.

Interpretations of dream books: why do you dream of riding down a hill in a dream?

If a person happened to ride down a hill in a dream, such an image is associated with his vitality and energy. Since skiing on a snow and ice slide involves frequent and sharp ascents and descents, you should expect changes in reality. Sometimes such a dream can indicate that in real life the dreamer lacks bright emotions, he is captured by routine and monotony, so subconsciously he strives to change the situation. To correctly interpret a dream, it is necessary to take into account all the details: what the slide was like, what emotions the sleeper experienced, in the company of whom he rode.

General interpretation

A snow slide, which you had a chance to slide down in winter, symbolizes a lot of joyful surprises. The ice slide promises events in the near future that will entail large-scale changes. Perhaps the dreamer will soon take part in a risky, but inspiring and interesting business.

If the ice slide was very steep, the dream indicates a person’s readiness to bear responsibility. Rolling down such a mountain in a dream in winter is a sign that the sleeper is able to endure all difficulties on his own, relying only on his own strength.

Sliding down an ice hill on a sled means dissatisfaction with the situation in life. A person is tired of the daily routine, he needs rest and a change of environment. Also, such a dream suggests that it is time for the dreamer to see old friends: meeting them will make it clear how much he values ​​them.

If an unmarried girl dreams that she is sledding through the snow, she will soon have to defend her lover to someone.

Characteristics of the slide

When interpreting a dream, it is necessary to take into account what the descent from the hill was like:

Trigger qualityMeaning of sleep
It's suspiciously easy to go down the hillTo serious obstacles to achieving goals in real life
Roll down a gentle, small mountainTowards the emergence of new perspectives. If during the descent the dreamer manages to look at the beautiful surrounding landscapes, a new love awaits him, and good luck will accompany him in business
Roll down a scary steep mountainThe dreamer's worries are completely groundless
Bouncing on potholesTo conflicts and quarrels with close friends. If a person is in love, such a dream may indicate cooling of feelings and alienation
Fall while descendingThe dream warns of the dreamer's precarious position. He cannot even predict what awaits him tomorrow, so he needs to learn to clearly plan his life
Driving along a snowy track and not seeing the finishA person has unfinished business that is recommended to be completed

Interpreters agree that if in a dream you were injured while riding down a hill, this is a warning that you need to be careful when drinking alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, the matter may result in serious health problems or even an accident.

Dreamer's emotions

The interpretation largely depends on what emotions a person experienced in a dream when he rolled down an ice or snow slide:

If a sleeping person dreams that he is riding down a hill with his friends, experiencing positive emotions, then in reality he will have a pleasant time in the company of loved ones.

Opinion of famous dream books

Various popular dream books interpret such a dream differently:

Dream InterpretationInterpretation
MillerThe mountain is a symbol of obstacles. Rolling off it is a sign that the dreamer is creating difficulties for himself. The dream also warns of the machinations of ill-wishers who are trying to harm the sleeper. An ice slide symbolizes fun and entertainment. But if it is covered with sand, you will have to do household chores
WangiGoing down a hill is a warning that there are many envious people among the dreamer’s colleagues. They will intrigue against him, slander him, set him up and try to ruin his career. You should be extremely careful and not trust others, otherwise you may lose your position
HasseRolling down a hill means parting with your loved one. The dreamer himself will be to blame for this breakup, since his partner will get tired of tolerating a frivolous attitude towards himself. A dream in which the sleeper rolled down a hill with his other half also warns of separation: feelings will outlive themselves, but the couple will separate peacefully, without mutual offense
EsotericThe dream speaks of the desire of the sleeper to return to the past and characterizes him as a person prone to nostalgia
FreudThe dreamer will suddenly become dissatisfied with his partner, feeling that he deserves better. But this opinion is illusory: in this situation it is necessary to wait and not part with your loved one, otherwise you will later have to greatly regret your decision
TsvetkovaTo numerous failures that will soon begin to haunt the dreamer
LongoRolling down a mountain is a mean and unfair thing to do to someone you know. This person does not deserve such an attitude towards himself: he considers the dreamer his friend, appreciates and respects him

Dream book by numbers: interpretation table

Day of the monthInterpretations
1to conclude a profitable contract
2to the appearance of a new lover
3to support loved ones
4to the betrayal of a loved one
5to get rid of a bad habit
6to victory over enemies
7to a conversation with a loved one
8to betrayal, treason
9to temporary difficulties in business
10to deterioration of health
11to the appearance of a true friend
12to pressure from others
13to get rid of bad habits
14to fulfill a wish
15to the completion of a complex project
16to an unexpected illness
17to the appearance of a lover
18to sadness due to bad news
19to disagreements with friends
20to purchase a valuable item
21to get rid of bad habits
22to receive important information
23at risk of becoming a victim of gossip
24to wasteful expenses
25for the upcoming wedding
26to big trouble
27to easy money
28to a scandal with a colleague
29to new relationships
30to difficulties at work
31to the fun

The story of one of our readers Alina R.:

Money has always been my main problem. Because of this, I had a lot of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the problem is in you, all failures are just a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other bad force.

But who can help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that your whole life is going downhill and passing you by? It’s hard to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to pay 11 thousand for renting an apartment. Imagine my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed overnight for the better. I couldn’t even imagine that it was possible to earn so much money that some trinket at first glance could have such an impact.

It all started when I ordered my own personal one.


What does this dream mean?

In general, a slide in night vision symbolizes obstacles. True, the interpretation will depend on the actions of the sleeping person, whether he will descend or rise, in what mood, the fact that the mountain was in front of him plays an important role.

Dream book predictions

Although this article will mainly consider information regarding what an ice slide means in dreams, it is still worth considering the general interpretations of dream books.

It matters a lot whether you are going up or down the mountain . It is not superfluous to clarify whether it is flat or steep. And, of course, with what emotions did you do this?

Miller's Dream Book

In a dream, a mountain appears before the sleeper - unforeseen events will arise that will confuse all plans. You just have to wait out a streak of bad luck, and soon everything will return to normal, the dream book promises.

According to the dream book, the hill you are climbing promises an opportunity to cope with difficulties. Miller believed that a sleeping person has enough knowledge to overcome future obstacles.

Go down - you create difficulties yourself. Even the most insignificant obstacle in your eyes becomes insurmountable and causes a storm of negative emotions.

Going downhill means that ill-wishers will try to do everything possible to annoy you, so you should be extremely careful and not trust everyone.

According to the dream book, an ice slide promises a fun time . The mountain is strewn with sand - you will have to forget about rest for a while, as you will have to do household chores.

If you don’t go down the hill on a sled, you will be able to have a good rest and have fun without spending money. A “hare” holiday will not spoil your good mood at all.

Vanga's Dream Book

To be at the very top in a dream

Mountains made of ice and snow

According to the dream book, riding down a hill in a dream promises quick and drastic changes in your real life. Life can not only change dramatically, but also present you with a real adventure. You will be interested in participating in the case, although you will understand that this is a big risk.

If the ice slide in your dream was so steep that just looking at it took your breath away, it means that you are ready to take responsibility for everything that happens around you.

Experience the delight of descending in a dream

Roll down and feel delighted - in fact, you are a strong and resilient person who can endure many trials.

According to interpreters, going down a hill on a sled is a dream-indication. You are tired of gray everyday life, you need to unwind, experience new sensations, change your surroundings.

The ice on the slide is covered with snow - many unforgettable and happy events await you ahead.

Changes in relationships, dubious undertakings

A dreamed vision promises a precarious situation: it will not be known whether the plans will be realized or not.

Seeing a slippery ice slide in a dream often means: the relationship between you and your loved one will be similar to it - sharp deterioration and improvement.

Rolling down it means you will soon be engaged in some unreliable business. The result can be either good or bad.

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