Why do you dream of cutting veins - 90 interpretations from different dream books

If a person sleeping sees venous vessels in a dream, problems await him in relationships with other people. The positive meaning of a dream is considered to be an improvement in life. According to numerous dream books, veins are interpreted differently. Interpretations of the most famous of them will help determine the future fate of the dreamer.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman cut her veins in a dream, according to Vanga’s dream book, in the coming days you should avoid hypothermia and crowded places. This will help you not catch a cold or catch a viral infection. Prevention should not be neglected either.

To a man

According to Fedorovskaya’s dream book, if a man cuts his wrists, a conflict with his superiors will be provoked by the machinations of ill-wishers. It will be difficult to defend your point of view. Give your emotions time to subside and only then prove you are right with numbers and facts in your hands.


The plot, in which a girl in a position cuts her wrists, suggests that a trip with a significant other during a vacation will help bring back the former passion into the relationship. You will be able to remember all your emotions that overwhelmed you during the candy-bouquet period.

What color were the veins in your dream?

The color of the veins seen in a dream matters. It is necessary to interpret the dream taking into account this nuance.


Miss Hasse predicted: black veins are a warning of danger. Something will threaten you, you must remember to be careful.


According to the Winter Dream Book, seeing blue veins in a dream is a good sign. For an unmarried girl, this image promises a kind and loving husband who will be by her side for the rest of her life. For a married woman or a married man, a dream foreshadows an improvement in relationships.


Interpretation according to Azar’s dream book: if you dreamed of red veins, an escalation of conflicts awaits you. In a dream, you need to pay attention to the other people you dreamed about - you will quarrel with them.


Interpretation from Krada Veles’s dream book: green veins in a dream are a symbol of prosperity and success. A period of abundance awaits the dreamer; luck will accompany him in all matters and endeavors.

Who cut the veins

Before trying to understand the prediction, you need to remember who cut the veins in the dream.

  • you yourself - dreams of a struggle for reputation;
  • father - for a pleasant evening with the family;
  • deceased father - a desire to change lifestyle;
  • mother - to injury or illness;
  • deceased mother - to career growth;
  • grandmother - to financial stability;
  • deceased grandmother - to a meeting with a loved one;
  • grandfather - to pride in his child’s achievements;
  • deceased grandfather - to severe fatigue from routine;
  • son - to competition at work or in love;
  • daughter is a symbol of great luck;
  • brother - portends harmony in the family;
  • sister - promises the emergence of creative ideas;
  • husband - dreams of committing a bold act;
  • ex-husband - to apathy;
  • wife - to a feeling of mental confusion;
  • ex-wife - to promotion;
  • loved one - to a deterioration in the sleeping person’s well-being;
  • boyfriend or girlfriend - the appearance of a mortal enemy;
  • neighbor - to get along with your loved one;
  • colleague - to betrayal of business partners;
  • boss - to conflicts with loved ones;
  • enemy - to well-being and prosperity in the house;
  • a stranger - to powerlessness and apathy;
  • dead man - to cool down towards any business.

“Why do you dream about Vienna in a dream? If you see Vienna in a dream, what does it mean?


Hello! Please help me with the interpretation of a dream that has been keeping me in tension and fear for many days. I dreamed that I was with some two women unfamiliar to me (I think they were mother and daughter) in the apartment of one of my former friends in my hometown (I have been living in another city for 14 years). This friend in REAL LIFE (not in a dream) went crazy and, shortly before I left, tried to kill me and my family in this very apartment of hers. We (me and these two women) are getting ready to go to bed, but at the same time they don’t talk to me at all and maybe even ignore me. At this time, a man’s groan and pleas for help are heard in the next room. These women, pushing me aside, rush into another room, and I, completely confused, follow them, feeling superfluous because of their coldness towards me. ON A WIDE 2-SIZE BED (on the same one that my husband and I once slept on 14 years ago - in real life we ​​rented an apartment from this friend for six months) LYING, BLEEDING, A VETERINARY DOCTOR (in real life he was two months ago I was nursing my dog ​​in the veterinary clinic after a difficult operation to remove cancer and I felt that he liked me very much, although he never crossed the boundaries of decency - I always appeared at the clinic with my husband or sons, judging by the ring, he is married. and to besides, he is ten years or more younger than me, but I saw that he really lost his head over me, he always tried to get closer to me, to hold me longer, he was very worried, although he is a top-class specialist, after healing the dog, we are no longer together met). THE VEINS ON HIS LEFT WRIST HAVE BEEN CUT. He is very depressed, his strength is almost leaving him, he cries and begins to complain to these women, and these turned out to be his mother and sister, that he is unhappy in life and marriage, that he has fallen in love with another, but does not dare to count on reciprocity and is no longer able to carry this burden, and therefore decided to die. At the same time, he always looks into my eyes with such unbearable sadness and asks me for forgiveness for leaving me in this cruel world without love and protection. I feel an acute sense of guilt and regret, because I understand that he is in love with me, I am very sorry that he passes away so young, but at the same time I understand that this is not my fault and his decision was caused by a very strong the pressure on him from his mother, sister and wife, for whom he never had tender feelings and who never needed him (judging by his revelations in a dream). His mother and sister begin to save him and, without saying a word, quickly and professionally provide him with medical assistance, but they cannot stop the bleeding. I dared and approached him. I sat down on the edge of the bed, took his wounded hand in mine and saw that it (his left hand) was wearing my glove. I bought these gloves for myself in real life for the fall and have never worn them yet - they are incredibly beautiful and expensive Italian kid gloves made of red leather, with a very beautiful finish. He reached out to me with a smile and, taking my hand in his left hand (the wounded one) and intertwining the fingers of our hands, with the other hand he began to stroke my hand. Then for some reason I pressed my hand on his wrist and the blood stopped flowing. He was grateful that I did not let him die, looked into my eyes with sad tenderness, and did not stop squeezing my palm with his palm. This is where the dream ended. I will be very grateful to you for your interpretation. Sincerely, Elena.


Other dream plots

Try to remember your dream in detail and look at the popular meanings taking into account these nuances.

  • want to cut your veins - dreams of buying a car;
  • opening the veins on the wrists means competition in relationships;
  • cutting the veins in the legs means adding to the family;
  • blood gushing out from a cut - to disappointment in your best friend;
  • opening the veins and seeing that there are no traces left means losing money;
  • opening a swollen vein on the arm means promotion;
  • accidentally cutting your veins with a knife means an invitation to a date;
  • open veins and commit suicide - to receive a reward;
  • open the veins and then try to stop the bleeding - to travel abroad;
  • opening someone’s veins means committing a bad act;
  • walking down the street with cut veins means a big quarrel;
  • getting scared and bandaging a cut means an unpleasant acquaintance;
  • opening the veins and going to the hospital means a visit from an annoying person.

Interpretation of sleep from other sources

Numerous sources help determine the exact meaning of a dream, depending on the details. The meaning of such a vision according to dream books:

  1. Dream Book of the Wanderer. Blue and swollen - to strong feelings, physical strain and stress.
  2. Interpretation according to Hasse. Seeing on your feet means making high profits in your business.
  3. Dream book of the 21st century. Healthy veins are a good sign; ill-wishers will not be able to harm the dreamer. Cutting in a dream means bad news.
  4. Interpretation according to Longo. Cutting means colliding with an obstacle on the way to achieving your goal. In this case, the sleeper will strive to isolate himself from the outside world.
  5. Oracle's opinion. Venous vessels are a reflection of difficulties in reality. Injecting some kind of drug into a vein means a crime, problems with the law, as a result of which an administrative penalty or fine will be imposed on the sleeping person. Turned blue - to advance up the career ladder. Watching the blood flow is a pity about wasted time.
  6. Interpretation depending on the time of year. Spring means big trouble. Summer - to inflated self-esteem. Autumn - to diseases of the cartilaginous surfaces of the bones of the musculoskeletal system.
  7. Modern dream book. Healthy veins on the body - to resolve conflicts with people who have a negative attitude towards the sleeping person. Veins are bleeding - to big troubles that cannot be avoided, swollen - to promotion on the career ladder.
  8. Interpretation of sleep according to Felomen. Bleeding - to troubles that cannot be avoided. Pouted - to get a high position. Cutting means sad news.
  9. Esoteric interpreter. Opening your own veins means serious illness and misfortune for children. Large and swollen - a warning; the dreamer should undergo a medical examination.
  10. Family dream book. Cutting yourself means bad news from a friend with whom you have not spoken for a long time.
  11. French interpreter. Dark and swollen - indicates long-term treatment of a serious illness. Thin, barely noticeable - means an unstable future; you should not make big plans. Throbbing on the neck is a bad sign; a threat hangs over the sleeper.
  12. Dream Interpretation from A to Z. Seeing veins in a dream means slander from envious people. Seeing blood coming from a vein is a sign of serious problems. Bloated - to great success in new endeavors. Covered with hair - to the acquisition of strong competitors, in the fight against which the support of reliable partners will help. Looking at the veins in the legs means a worsening financial situation in connection with helping those in need.

The interpretation of the dream varies depending on the chosen dream book. Using it, you can correctly determine the meaning of a dream in which venous vessels are dreamed of.

The dreamed details and understanding of the current situation will help you choose the right option and take the necessary actions, due to which the situation will stabilize and improve.

Dream book by numbers: interpretation table

Day of the monthInterpretations
1to mother's illness
2to cancel a family holiday
3to a bad date
4to the long-awaited acquisition
5to a profitable but dangerous business
6to worry about past mistakes
7to help friends in difficult situations
8to a casual intimate relationship on vacation
9to panic attacks
10to the need to rest
11to the successful completion of the work started
12to harmony and happiness in family life
13to loneliness
14to the need to devote time to loved ones
15to strong family relationships
16to minor troubles at work
17to change jobs
18to success and respect from others
19to a reduction in wages
20to improved well-being and good health
21to do hard work
22to get rid of depression
23to receive an unexpected gift
24to the loss of a large amount
25to communicate with an evil person
26to the appearance of debts
27for the birth of a child
28to good news
29to meeting an influential person
30to success in business
31to help other people in difficult situations

A friend cut his wrists

Having a close friend in a dream means that you can count on your friends to help you in a difficult situation.
A dream in which you unexpectedly meet a friend predicts that you will soon receive news about him.

Eating or drinking with a friend in a dream is a harbinger of big troubles.

Sometimes such a dream indicates that you will have to share his hardships with a friend.

Seeing a friend in a dream means gossip, discord and family squabbles, sometimes to receiving news about this person.

Seeing a friend you haven't seen for a long time in a dream means that he remembers you.

Finding out in a dream that your friend has died means receiving news of his marriage. Seeing your friend joyful in a dream means receiving good news and a good day.

Seeing him sad means a bad day and unpleasant news.

To be in the company of friends and enemies together in a dream is a sign that soon either one of your friends will become your enemy, or vice versa.

Seeing your friend in a different guise in a dream means expect deception from your loved ones, the disclosure of which will lead to a breakup.

Pay attention to how your friends are dressed in your dreams. If their clothes attract your attention in a dream, then see the interpretation: Clothes.

Looking up at a friend means the fulfillment of bold hopes that you will strive to achieve, as well as the same position that your friend has achieved; looking down is a harbinger that you may lose friends due to your arrogant behavior or selfish motives.

Leaving a friend in a dream (or seeing a friend leaving you) is a sign of separation from a friend.

You take a mirror that belongs to another person - the birth of a noble offspring.

Seeing the reflection of another person in the mirror is a sign of trouble with your wife or lover.

Seeing a person’s reflection in a broken mirror is unlucky.

Seeing another person or yourself dead is fortunate.

If you give a person castanets, it foretells an altercation.

Holding a sword in your hands, inflicting injections on another person is a loss.

Another person gives a brush - portends the advancement of talent.

Another person holding your mirror in his hands portends misfortune with his wife.

Another person plays musical instruments - you will be found to be right in court proceedings or litigation.

Another person supports a bedridden patient - a promotion.

Another person shoots at you - the arrival of a traveler.

You give a longitudinal flute to another person - portends fame, glory.

The death of another person or oneself is fortunate.

Moving to a new house owned by another person is fortunate.

If you accept simple clothes made of hemp fabric from another person, it will bring bad luck.

Receiving condolences from other people - foretells the birth of a son.

A dream in which you see your friends in a good mood, joyful and healthy, suggests that in reality you can expect good news or a meeting with an old friend, which will charge you with a lot of positive emotions.

If you see a dream in which your friend is sad, in reality you are threatened with illness and deprivation.

Seeing your friend in an unusual guise means that you have enemies or a rival who will separate you from your lover.

If in a dream your friend appeared before you in an unusually bright robe, in the near future you will worry, experience anxiety, which will affect the people around you.

If you dream of your friend, who, unexpectedly for everyone, took a high position, then in reality you will have to bring all your plans and dreams to life, your efforts will be adequately rewarded. If, on the contrary, you dream of your friend being defeated, then during your takeoff you will forget about those who helped you in difficult times.

Interpretations in popular dream books

Miller's Dream Book

If you cut your wrists on your hands in a dream, receiving a large sum of money in a not entirely legal way will put you in a dilemma as to whether it is worth going down this road further. Think carefully before making a decision.

Islamic dream book

Dreaming of cutting veins on the legs means losing the trust of people who patronized the dreamer.

Dream Book of David Loff

If you dreamed of a person cutting veins, the business trip may drag on for a much longer period than expected. Reasons independent of the dreamer will force you to solve a wider range of issues than originally planned.

What does it portend?

Another reason for dreaming about cutting veins is perhaps this is a sign that you need to change yourself, become more active, move forward in life, never feel sorry for yourself and don’t expect that life circumstances are to blame for everything. You need to find yourself, the main goal in life, and move in its direction as boldly and quickly as possible. Also, such a dream may mean that there is a desire to change something, to kill unnecessary qualities and traits in oneself. Occasionally, such dreams say that fear for a loved one lives in the subconscious.

But the most important thing is that suicide, the opening of veins in a dream, often symbolizes unhappy moments. Such a dream wants to warn that trouble is to be expected. If you had such an unpleasant and psychologically difficult dream, then perhaps a shock will soon occur that will leave an imprint on your life.

Be careful that even if you had a bad dream, this does not mean that the same thing will happen in life. Cutting veins in a dream is not the most pleasant thing. Such a dream can cause mixed feelings. But in any case, no matter what happens, there is no need to be upset or happy, there is not much chance that what you saw will happen in life.

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