“Why do you dream about sorrel in a dream? If you see Sorrel in a dream, what does it mean?

Night dreams successfully use a person’s subconscious to suggest ways to resolve a controversial situation or open their eyes to the future.
Why do you dream about sorrel and what does this short garden herb with a sour taste portend? It all depends on the dreamer’s personality, gender, age and details of the vision that were remembered.

Famous mediums devoted their predictions to the interpretation of dreams involving sour garden grass. For example, according to Miller’s dream book, sorrel and everything connected with it will bring a lot of empty troubles, wasted time and postponed plans. But Hasse predicts an unsuccessful matchmaking.

Love troubles

Seeing sorrel in a dream also means: grief is coming due to unrequited love. Don't give in to despair - many people experience unhappy love. Remember: eventually this torment will end and you may later meet someone who will reciprocate your feelings.

Have you picked off these green leaves? Unfortunately, your loved one will cheat on you. Such an act will cause a lot of suffering.

A woman dreams of sorrel

For representatives of the fairer sex, such a vision reveals simple secrets related to household chores:

  • For a girl of marriageable age, the dream foreshadows grief from a failed love affair. The stranger seemed to show attention, looked at him with admiration, but did not dare to come closer. He disappeared, disappeared among people and left a slight sadness in his heart.
  • For a married woman to see sorrel in a garden bed in a dream means endless troubles in everyday life, a lot of small things will pile up at once. Tearing off leaves means hearing gossip about your husband’s infidelity. Sadness and heartbreak.
  • An older woman dreams of sorrel in a garden bed and looks withered and yellowish - the disease is gaining strength. Green and lush - to get rid of the machinations of a long-time ill-wisher.

For a woman to eat a dish with aromatic herbs in a dream and clearly feel the sour taste, this will not be the best period in life: disappointments, resentments and grief from loved ones, painful clashes with her spouse.

Remember your actions

To correctly interpret the dream, remember what you had to do with it:

  • plant - things in the near future will only bring trouble;
  • collecting from the garden - difficulties with work;
  • to sell - there is need and deprivation ahead;
  • buy - change your decision on some important issue;
  • there is a joyful event ahead;
  • cut - success awaits you;
  • cook - your dreams are unfulfilled.

“Why do you dream about sorrel in a dream? If you see Sorrel in a dream, what does it mean?

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about Sorrel in a dream according to the dream book?

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If you see wild sorrel bushes, you can count on the success of your planned enterprise.

Culinary dream book

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Seeing sorrel is an unfavorable sign and foretells failure in business; collect sorrel - pay debts; there is sorrel - slander, slander, and sometimes annoying someone.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Sorrel - failure, grief, misfortune; to tear up - there is order in the family, to pay debts.

Newest dream book

What does Sorrel dream about in a dream?

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Sorrel - plans will unexpectedly change.

Russian dream book

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Collecting sorrel means trouble; eat - to illness; to see it growing is success in business.

Dream Interpreter

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Seeing sorrel in a dream is an unfavorable sign and foretells failure in business; Collecting sorrel means paying debts.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Sorrel?

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Seeing a lushly growing sorrel in a dream means happiness, peace and comfort.

Eating sorrel - you will be offered something that you cannot agree with, because it contradicts your interests and tastes.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

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Sorrel - unsuccessful matchmaking.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Sorrel in a dream symbolizes the little things in life: minor sorrows, minor annoyances and minor joys. Seeing it on the table foretells a little fuss in your home.

Sorrel thickets in the garden suggest that you are drowning in trifles, which is why your business may falter.

Dream Interpretation of Druids

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If in a dream you see wild sorrel bushes, in reality you can safely count on the success of your enterprise.

For a woman, a dream in which she prepares pies with sorrel means that she has an innate inclination for housekeeping. However, it is possible that fate did not provide her with an opportunity to show her talents.

Dream Interpretation of Health

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Seeing or eating sorrel - in the spring it means vitamin deficiency, lack of vitamin K and choline, as well as trace elements; for older people - to gout.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Sorrel - dreams of suffering associated with illness.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Sorrel - you will have a sour face when you see one comrade.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Sorrel - bad news will reach you, which will ruin your mood.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream of Sorrel in a dream?

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Sorrel - unsuccessful matchmaking.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see Sorrel in a dream?

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Tearing sorrel from the garden in a dream foretells troubles at work.

Collecting wild sorrel - you may be deceived by imaginary friends.

Buying sorrel means that you will have to change your initial decision on an essential issue.

Selling sorrel in a dream is a sign of need and deprivation in real life.

Cooking sorrel speaks of the impossibility of your dreams.

Eating sorrel means an unexpected and joyful event that will help you improve your financial situation.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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In a dream, you planted sorrel - the business that you will start in the near future will bring you nothing but trouble.

You were collecting sorrel - you will have problems because of some old things that you have long forgotten.

Eating sorrel means big trouble in family life.

If you dreamed that one of your relatives or friends was planting sorrel, the business that they will start in the near future will turn into trouble for you.

In a dream, one of your friends or relatives was collecting sorrel - trouble awaits you because of some old, long-forgotten matters.

You dreamed that you were buying sorrel - you will bring trouble on your head in the most unexpected way.

If you sell sorrel, you will be able to avoid trouble by shifting all the blame onto someone else’s shoulders.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Sorrel is a disaster.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Sorrel according to the dream book?

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Collecting sorrel means a good harvest and a satisfying year. In business, it promises sustainable profits.

Cutting, cooking - you will lay the foundation for future prosperity, a foundation for the future.

Success of the plan, comfort, tranquility

Have you seen bushes of wild sorrel? The dreamer can expect the success of his planned enterprise if he calculates the details well.

Did you happen to pick these greens? There is order in the family - household chores go as planned, household members get along with each other.

Picking sorrel in a dream, which has produced a good harvest in the garden, is a positive sign. Comfort, tranquility and happiness await the dreamer.

Interpretation of dreams with details

Seeing sorrel in a dream and taking actions means completely different predictions:

  • Dream: collecting sorrel in a basket, filling it with healthy plants - make a profit soon. The leaves are dull and diseased, worn out by pests - waste money on a waste of money.
  • Dreaming of planting a plant - business activity will lead to losses, plans to increase profits will not come true.
  • Dreaming of collecting sorrel and giving it to a stranger means difficulties in everyday life and family life, conflicts with children, irreconcilable confrontation with a spouse.
  • Dream: buying sorrel at the market - life will present you with a choice, and the dreamer will make the right decision. Such a vision predicts good luck.
  • In a dream, cutting sorrel with a sharp knife means dreams will remain dreams, you won’t be able to bring what you want to life, you will have to retreat from your plan. A dull knife means hard work and effort will help you achieve success.
  • Sorrel in a dream is small - this means the absence of major troubles and failures; gossip and gossip behind your back will not bring the desired result to your enemies.
  • I dreamed of sorrel in a garden bed in someone else’s garden - quarrels and squabbles will be avoided, the dream predicts reconciliation in the family, improving relationships with children and relatives.
  • Eat green and shiny leaves greedily, enjoy the taste - receive good news, take part in a fun party, communicate with friends.
  • Collecting wild plants alone in an empty field means a close friend will deceive you, or a business partner will let you down. Trust for the dreamer will turn into an irreparable disaster.
  • Collecting green leaves from your own garden and baking pies from them is repaying debts.
  • Cooking soup with aromatic herbs in a dream means work and social duty will come to the fore in life. You will have to give up your own ambitions so as not to harm a loved one. If eggs were added to the soup, you will have to help financially relatives, communication with whom was interrupted long ago.
  • Baking a pie with sour grass and apples is a sign that good luck is right on the doorstep of the dreamer's home. It is important to think everything over and not miss a favorable moment. Eating a hot pie means learning good news. If you get burned at the same time, trouble will pass you by.
  • Green sorrel in the hands of a stranger - the dream book warns - trouble is close, someone plans to cause material damage to the dreamer.
  • Tear and throw away sorrel - according to the dream book, such a vision will bring good news or help bring spiteful critics to clean water and repel the enemy.
  • I dreamed of a rich harvest of fragrant sour grass - the coming year will be spent paying off loans, painstaking work without remuneration. Life will come to a standstill; no change for the better can be expected.
  • Dig up a plant and plant it to grow in an indoor pot - shelving your plans and not realizing your aspirations.
  • To see blackened or withered in a dream - the dream book promises good luck. Life will present a pleasant surprise, perhaps receiving a certain amount of money or winning the lottery. The conflict that has been tormenting the soul lately will be resolved to mutual satisfaction, and reconciliation will be stormy.
  • A hearty, rich soup with green leaves, served in a dream at an exquisitely decorated table with a white tablecloth, promises separation from a loved one for a long period of time. Perhaps the spouse will go on a business trip.

The appearance of garden grass in night dreams does not threaten the dreamer with fatal troubles. After such a dream, you need to listen to the advice of a wise person or independently rethink your own behavior.

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