Why does the ex-boyfriend’s mother dream: meanings from dream books

Almost all people have the ability to see certain events, nature, new interlocutors, friends and relatives in their dreams. Many people are interested in this question: “Why do you dream about your ex-boyfriend’s mother?” What could this mean? There is no need to immediately worry or panic because of such an unusual dream. You need to carefully understand this issue and read the article below.

A dream is a kind of embodiment of the subconscious. The thoughts, fantasies and events that a particular person lives by are demonstrated as pictures. That is, during a dream, a specific picture with a special meaning emerges. Sometimes she can predict the future or warn against serious mistakes. Not everyone is able to remember all the details of their dream, but thanks to them you can find out further events that occur.

Regrets about the past, nostalgia

Such a dream indicates regrets about missed or unrealized chances in past relationships.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend's relatives means: you are now in a bad emotional state due to the failures that have happened. Don’t overdramatize the situation—everything will get better over time.

Why do you dream about the mother of a guy you are no longer dating? The dream book explains: you are upset because of a failed relationship, you miss him.

The relatives of the guy with whom they recently broke up indicate a bout of nostalgia. But you shouldn't give in to him.

Sleep Prediction Parents

The roles played by family members usually change dramatically. But despite these changes, stereotypical ideas about parents always live in the memory of our souls. In these memories, the father is always associated with authoritarianism and with a linear thought process.

The father can be a symbol of: your own projecting power and your inner authority. This image can symbolize your own father or your fathering skills that you apply to your children.

Don't give in to negative emotions

In a dream, did you see drunken relatives of your husband, whom you divorced? The dream book says: the sleeping woman wants to escape reality. You shouldn’t wish for the impossible: you need to be patient and overcome difficulties.

Did you dream that they were swearing or saying nasty things? In reality, hostility towards your ex-partner will become very aggravated - perhaps due to some of his unseemly actions.

Why do ex-boyfriend’s parents dream about dream interpretation?

After breaking up with a loved one, a girl may dream not only of his former friends, but also of her mother and father. They can condemn the dreamer for some words or actions, beg to return and forgive their child, show gentleness and kindness, or ask to remain friends. Sometimes their attitude in a dream is radically different from what happens in reality. For example, a guy’s unfriendly parent may appear to be kind and gentle and vice versa. This is what parents of an ex-boyfriend most often dream about.

  • Their very appearance in a dream is a difficult sign. This means that your relationship has gone too far and has affected the feelings of not only the young man, but also his relatives. Parents in a dream symbolize the sound, rational principle in every person, practicality and the desire to look after someone and show care. Sometimes their appearance in a dream is a sign that a relationship with a former boyfriend could lead to marriage or family life.
  • If, after meeting your parents, you dreamed that you were sitting together at some table, then perhaps they will judge you for some actions. Perhaps the parents have been looking for a bride for their son for a long time, so they wanted your wedding and regret that you broke up.
  • If you dreamed that your ex-boyfriend's parents were unhappy with you and condemned your actions in a dream, this is an unfavorable sign. Most likely, this was the case in reality, even if outwardly the man and woman did not show it and behaved quite friendly. Very often this is a sign of a difficult and very strained relationship between a girl and the young man’s parents, which can turn out to be conflicting and lead to quarrels.
  • Seeing a young man’s mom and dad discussing something or someone, speaking loudly and emotionally, is news. An attempt at reconciliation or the appearance of a new bride in his house is possible.

Scandals, troubles

The sister of the former spouse in a dream foreshadows a family scandal, says the dream book. And if she reports that her brother wants to return to you, a dangerous person can interfere in the sleeping woman’s life and cause great harm.

Did you dream of talking to the mother of your former boyfriend? The interpretation of the dream is as follows: in reality, it was she who became the reason for your separation.

Did you see your ex-mother-in-law in a dream saying something neutral? She regrets that you divorced her son. Perhaps the woman regrets her nagging towards you.

Dream details

To correctly understand the meaning of the dream, you need to remember exactly how the ex-boyfriend’s mother dreamed in all the details. In order not to make mistakes in understanding the meaning of what you dreamed, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Mom's mood - whether she is happy or sad, kind or angry.
  • What exactly does the silhouette of a woman look like - is it visible clearly or vaguely?
  • Actions performed by a failed relative.

If the parent of a former lover in a night vision behaves kindly towards the girl, does not raise her voice, does not express her dissatisfaction, then this is a good sign. A calm conversation with a woman predicts joyful chores and good news. And also a pleasant conversation can foreshadow a possible reconciliation with an ex-boyfriend and a resumption of relations with him.

It is much worse if the mother dreams of being in a bad mood, when she is irritated and angry with the girl who could become her daughter-in-law. But it’s also bad when, in a dream, representatives of the fair sex sort things out, shout at each other, and swear. This suggests that false rumors or misunderstandings may arise regarding the sleeping woman. If only an elderly woman shows aggression, then you should prepare for a possible conflict.

In dreams you can see anything. Dreams can be either black and white or color, and the images that arise can have completely different appearances. For example, the image of your ex-mother-in-law may appear very clearly in your dream and this is a good sign. If only a vague silhouette is visible, then this indicates that the girl does not mean anything to people, she is of little interest and they do not notice her.

In addition, in what mood the mother dreams, you need to remember and analyze the actions that she performs in her sleep. These can be a variety of actions and situations .

  • You dream of a crying mother if your ex-young man is in a difficult life situation and maybe needs help.
  • The mother of the former groom dying in a dream is a bad sign and the guy will face serious difficulties and problems in the near future.
  • If in a dream a mother takes a young man and takes him away, then, as a rule, this is a harbinger that any attempts to restore the old relationship will lead nowhere and there will be no reconciliation.
  • You dream of a mother joyfully hugging a girl if the girl has not completely let go of her former relationship and on a subconscious level strives to return it.
  • Did your ex-mother-in-law pass by without saying hello when you met? This means that the sleeping woman is experiencing internal tension and is psychologically unbalanced.
  • If the ex-boyfriend’s parent gave a gift to a girl in a dream, this portends success in her future personal life and harmony in relationships.
  • A mother seeking to separate a young couple is dreamed of in the presence of a rival who, with all her might, wants to take the place of her former lover.
  • A dream in which a girl dances or cooks with her failed mother-in-law portends financial profit and the emergence of new opportunities in the implementation of future plans.

You can renew your relationship

Did your ex's relatives always treat you well, and in your dream did you see their loyalty or even friendliness? The relationship with this person may soon resume.

Is one of your ex-boyfriend's relatives asking you to forgive him? This means: he regrets your breakup and would like to take everything back, but does not know how to do it.

I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend’s grandmother or meeting my parents

In general, parents and grandparents in a dream, if they are kind, adequate and wise individuals, most often dream of good memories or a warning against some action. Getting to know them indicates that you are assessing the prospects of the relationship. Sometimes a dream reflects what will happen in reality, for example, quarrels, conflicts and resentments.

Grandparents in a dream, if they are benevolent and friendly, dream of peace in the house, the fact that you were accepted into the family. Angry, scandalous people predict insults, injustice and great grief.

If you dreamed of having dinner together at the table and meeting the guy’s parents, expect a new turn in the relationship and listen to your impressions - any negative aspects promise you evil and warn you against an ill-considered step.

Attention! Sometimes a dream about a wedding with a bunch of relatives or a funeral indicates an imminent and significant, albeit alarming event in the family of a former young man or in your family.

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