“What do you dream about thirst for? If you see Thirst in a dream, what does it mean?

Why quench thirst in dreams?

Water is necessary for life, and the feeling of thirst, if it cannot be satisfied, causes fear. Among ancient peoples, dreams in which a person drinks water or experiences extreme thirst, but cannot immediately satisfy this need, were perceived as signs from above, requiring special treatment. They were never ignored and they tried to understand what they were trying to convey to higher powers.

The interpretation of such a dream can be either positive or negative, depending on the characteristics of what was seen. In modern dream books, attention is also paid to such dreams, and they are assessed as a signal. At the same time, if the dreamer drank alcohol or ate salty foods before going to bed, then thirst appears for physiological reasons, which is reflected in the dream image. This is no longer a real dream, but a signal from the body that you need to get up and drink water. In such a situation, there is no point in interpreting what you saw, since the dream is certainly not a signal from higher powers.

Dr. Freud's interpretation

Thirst in a dream symbolizes sexual dissatisfaction, which arose due to prolonged abstinence. It is also possible that the existing partner is simply not capable of delivering the desired pleasure. If thirst remains after waking up, then this is a signal from the body that it simply wants to drink.

If a man dreams that he gets drunk, he will soon be able to satisfy all his intimate needs. Perhaps a whirlwind romance will happen. If you fail to get drunk, then you should pay attention to your health and, in particular, your genital area.

For a woman, a vision of thirst is a sign that she dreams of becoming a mother and is quite ready for this. If she cannot find water and quench her thirst, then there is a possibility that the lady is infertile or will become so in the future.

Dry mouth when taking medications

Complaints of dry mouth are not directly related to sleep disorders other than those described above, but their occurrence may be associated with medications used by patients with insomnia, anxiety, circadian disorders, and other diseases that affect sleep quality.

Dry mouth often occurs when taking the sleeping pill Donormil, due to its slight M-anticholinergic effect, which reduces the secretion of the glands. It can also appear when taking phenazepam. In less than 1% of cases, dry mouth bothers patients taking citalopram and other antidepressants related to serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Sometimes it accompanies taking Melaxen.

With “medicinal” dry mouth, the problem can be resolved by stopping treatment, adjusting the dose of the drug taken, or replacing it. Any of these actions should be carried out with the participation of the specialist who prescribed the treatment.

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I dreamed of thirst - according to Vanga’s dream book

In a dream, did you happen to wander through a desert area and look for water? All your thoughts and desires are focused exclusively on material wealth. If you drink pure spring water, then in real life you can cleanse yourself of negativity and receive forgiveness.

Did you dream that you tried to quench your thirst with cloudy, dirty and tasteless liquid? In real life, you strive to get pleasure in any way, regardless of the morals and opinions of others. In addition, dirty water acts as a symbol of some kind of addiction, for example, drug addiction or alcoholism. Even if you are not into alcohol and drugs, you have a hidden tendency towards vicious habits.

Seeing a terrible drought, as a result of which rivers and reservoirs have dried up, and people are literally dying of thirst, is bad. This is a sign of a real environmental catastrophe, an impending natural disaster and other universal misfortune.

Significance in psychology

If you ask the Erotic Dream Book why you dream about thirst, you will find out that this is a sign of dissatisfaction in communicating with the opposite sex. Often such a dream is dreamed by two categories of people: either those who have recently started a new relationship and have not yet had time to quench their thirst for communication with the object of their love, or couples who are forced to communicate at a distance.

In the first case, the satisfaction of thirst will depend directly on the dreamer. You can organize dates, be the initiator of communication over the phone or online. In the second case, the course of the situation depends more on the circumstances, but you can also pay increased attention to conversations on the phone, communicating on social networks or by email.

In your night vision, you quenched your thirst with clean water - soon the feeling of dissatisfaction will pass. If you greedily swallow water from the fountain, you will be overwhelmed by passion. Drinking dirty water means there is a possibility that a conflict will occur in communication with your loved one. However, you can easily avoid it if you show tolerance and show your love.

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If you dreamed of thirst, it means that in life you are experiencing dissatisfaction in the fulfillment of sexual desires, says Sigmund Freud. According to the great psychoanalyst, such dreams most often occur to single people or couples at a distance. Also, such a dream may mean that the dreamer in reality is not aware of his true aspirations, but he is on the way to solving them.

Drinking large amounts of water in a dream, but not feeling quenched, means not seeing the results of your work in life. You have been working on a project that is significant to you for a long time and gradually begin to feel exhausted and tired of what you have done. Don't despair, very soon you will get the desired result that will exceed your expectations. Remember the saying: “Patience and work will grind everything down”!

If you have dreams in which you travel through the desert in search of an oasis, then this is a symbol that in life you are looking for your meaning in life. This question is paramount and key for you when choosing further actions. Wise mentors, books and good friends will certainly help you in your search.

Remember how in a dream you asked people for water to quench your strong thirst - in reality you are looking for support and mercy from the outside. Psychologists recommend that in this case you indicate your desire, since many may not be aware of your need. Friends and family will be happy to support you.

If you tried to quench your thirst with water from a puddle or swamp, you feel a loss of strength in life. Often such dreams come during periods of intense work or when there are a large number of tasks.

Experts recommend taking time to relax and do what you love. Even two or three hours dedicated to yourself will help you recharge your batteries for the days ahead.

Sometimes psychologists give a fairly straightforward interpretation of dreams in which you wanted to drink water. If after waking up you continue to feel thirsty, then your body in a dream was simply sending signals about a lack of fluid, so you should not attribute additional meaning to your dreams. Author: Ekaterina Lipatova

Complete dream book of the New Era - thirst in a dream

Thirst literally symbolizes thoughts of the unattainable. Satisfying it completely means dreams come true, purification, forgiveness. Looking for water or another drink in a dream symbolically reflects the direction of material desires and thoughts, as well as the need for spiritual communication. Did you dream that other people suffer from thirst? There is a possibility that a natural disaster will occur.

Interpretation of the Yellow Emperor's dream book

This dream book connects dream thirst with health. If your mouth becomes very dry in a dream and you feel thirsty, then there is not enough water in the body, which can lead to disruption of the stable functioning of various organs. In particular, thirst indicates problems with the digestive system and respiratory tract.

Drinking water or drinks in a dream means that the body has the strength to heal itself. But in order to prevent deterioration, you need to take care of your own health now.

If you were unable to find something to drink in your sleep or did not quench your thirst fully, then get ready for a long struggle with an illness associated with the digestive, excretory and respiratory systems.

Hidden symbolism of the image

If a person happened to drink in a dream, then first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the liquid itself, because it is one thing when it comes to wine or stronger drinks, while drinking plain water will have a completely different meaning. In both cases, the dream image should not be taken literally, because water, according to experts in esotericism, psychology and astrology, has a hidden meaning, symbolizing the replenishment of energy and the receipt of life-giving forces.

The quality of drinking also plays an important role , and if the dreamer is lucky enough to drink mineral water from a pure salt or fresh source, then in reality the brightest and most joyful events will await him. Thus, this image can promise a long-awaited recovery to a sick person, mental healing to a suffering person, enrichment to a needy person, reciprocal happiness to a lover, and finding shelter to a wandering person.

Things will be completely different when in a dream you happen to drink from a dirty source, regardless of the form in which it appears to the sleeper’s attention. A rusty tap, a puddle, a swamp, a muddy, clogged river - all these are bad symbols that promise serious health problems, a painful breakup or any other difficult trials of fate.

However, you should not despair ahead of time, because not all dreams turn out to be prophetic. And not the least role in their interpretation is played by such indicators as the day of the week on which a strange vision appeared to the sleeper . Experts believe that:

  • a dream on Monday will turn out to be prophetic only if the birthday boy sees it;
  • on Tuesday you have dreams that come true in the shortest possible time (up to two weeks);
  • environmental dreams can predict the future;
  • Thursday night visions are empty;
  • Friday dreams are almost always prophetic;
  • Saturday visions come true with a 50% probability;
  • Sunday dreams turn out to be prophetic only if the dreamer does not tell anyone about it.

As practice shows, the determining factor for the interpretation of a dream is the current time of year. This is explained quite simply, because each pore has a special effect on a person. And if you focus on seasonality, then experts recommend taking into account the following important nuances:

  • a dream about drinking in the winter season is often a sure sign of ordinary thirst;
  • if a sleeping person dreams that cats drink water or milk in the spring, then in reality he can expect the happiness of motherhood or fatherhood, and it is possible that twins will be born;
  • in summer, the same image can have a completely different interpretation, predicting to the dreamer a vile deception on the part of stronger competitors who will be able to take advantage of his weakness;
  • an autumn dream promises a person the loss of personal savings accumulated through overwork;

By the way, about thirst. A night vision, according to the plot of which the sleeper happened to drink water and did not get enough to drink, may indicate severe thirst not only in winter, but also in other seasons. In any of these cases, you should not take what you see at night to heart, since it is unlikely to contain any hidden meaning.

Why do you dream of being thirsty?

Did you happen to feel thirsty in your dreams? In reality, you are busy searching for new knowledge or trying to find a solution to an old problem. If you are terribly thirsty, then in real life you are striving for something that is not yet available.

At its core, dream thirst symbolizes personal ambitions, dissatisfaction, and the need for something. This is also a sign of an onset of a cold or other illness.

Sometimes thirst indicates that you will have to communicate with a hypocritical, two-faced person. You will consider him your reliable friend, but in the end you will only get a lot of problems.

Calming by nature

The simplest thing is to make tea with lemon balm.
What should you drink before bed to sleep better and not be thirsty at night? For health and good rest, it is not at all necessary to make a choice only in favor of clean water. There are a lot of drinks with a slight sedative effect that not only perfectly quench your thirst, but also help you fall asleep soundly and quickly. These include:

  1. Lavender and chamomile tea . One of the best remedies for insomnia. Chamomile owes its sedative and anti-stress properties to the flavonoid apigenin, which it contains in abundance, and the relaxing and soothing aroma of lavender only enhances this effect. To prepare the drink, you need to pour a glass of hot water into a mixture of 1 teaspoon of plants, let it brew, strain and add milk and honey to taste.
  2. Valerian root decoction . Useful for good sleep for those who find it difficult to cope with worries and worries in the evenings. 1 tbsp. pour a spoonful of crushed raw materials into a glass of hot water, boil for 15 minutes and leave for the same amount of time, then strain and take 20 ml three times a day.
  3. Tea with lemon balm . To normalize sleep, just pour boiling water over a few branches of the plant in the evening, wait 10-15 minutes and slowly drink it with a spoon of honey.
  4. Infusion of mint, hop cones and valerian root . 1 tbsp. a spoonful of the mixture is poured into a glass of boiling water and left for half an hour. The finished drink should be filtered and taken 100 ml 3 times a day.
  5. A decoction of thyme, calendula and motherwort flowers . 1 teaspoon of ingredients taken in equal proportions must be poured into 200 ml of water and boiled for 10 minutes, and then left for at least an hour. The prepared decoction should be drunk daily before going to bed, adding a spoonful of honey to improve the taste.

Infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants are the best answer to the question of what to drink before bed instead of synthetic sleeping pills, which often do more harm than good.

In addition, they are ideal for combating insomnia in pregnant women, for whom any medications, especially sedatives and hypnotics, are potentially dangerous.

What does it mean that others are thirsty?

Have you ever seen people suffering from thirst? If there were a lot of them, then this is a sign of a large-scale natural disaster. Did you dream that people literally die without drinking? Try to cope with your raging emotions and desires, otherwise they will deprive you of your strength.

If those who are thirsty were able to get drunk, then you will receive a kind and influential patron. Giving water to those who are thirsty in a dream is also good. This is a sign that after going through obstacles and trials, you will achieve a lot. For an unmarried lady, seeing other characters greedily drink water means meeting and possibly marrying a worthy rich man.

Why do you dream about looking for water?

If you spent the whole night searching in vain for water, wandering around your own apartment, then your secret wish will come true, but not soon. The same dream indicates a situation, the solution of which is postponed for an indefinite period.

In general, the search for drink symbolizes the focus of thoughts and actions on obtaining material benefits, and also reflects spiritual quests and the need to receive moral support. The outcome of real events depends entirely on whether you were able to achieve your goal in a dream.

So finding water and finally getting drunk means that the outcome will be successful. If the search is not successful, then the matter will either stall in place or end very badly.

Why do you dream about thirst and its quenching?

Did you dream that you were able to quench your thirst with clean water or a tasty drink? Over time, all dreams will come true. Quenching thirst is a symbol of satisfying current needs. The same vision predicts great success in the future, symbolizes work well done and profit.

It is very important to remember whether you were able to quench your thirst completely or only partially? At the same time, the vision can be interpreted literally. If you get drunk to your heart's content, you will bring some accomplishment to its logical conclusion. If you still want to drink, you still have to fight. The duration of drinking also matters. That is, the longer you drank, the later success will come.

What else can you drink to sleep?

Warm milk is very good before bed.
What is the best thing to drink before bed to quench your thirst and benefit your body? Ideal for such purposes:

  1. Fruit and berry drinks . The best options are freshly squeezed cherry juice, rich in melatonin, or a banana smoothie with almonds and skim milk, which replenishes the deficiency of potassium and magnesium in the body. In this case, is it possible to drink jelly made from fruits or berries at night? On the one hand, it is tasty and nutritious, which means it quenches both thirst and hunger. But on the other hand, it contains sugar and starch in excess, so it is not suitable for people with problems in the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Yogurt . Contains tryptophan, a natural sleep enhancer that is fully absorbed by the body and improves the quality of night's rest.
  3. Warm milk . One of the most famous folk remedies for insomnia, especially when combined with honey and cinnamon. The amino acid tryptophan, which milk is rich in, reduces brain activity and allows you to quickly fall asleep.
  4. Green tea without caffeine . After carefully studying the information on the packaging and making sure that the tea is truly decaffeinated, you can safely drink it before bed. Green tea leaves are rich in the amino acid theanine, which reduces stress levels and promotes sleep.

What is useful for those who snore and interfere with the rest of those around them at night? In most cases, you can cope with this problem if you drink freshly squeezed juice from a carrot, an apple, half a lemon and a piece of ginger root before going to bed. To get the desired effect, it is better to use the product an hour or two before going to bed.

Why dream of drinking water and not getting drunk?

The worst thing is if you dream that you drink and cannot get enough of it. This is a sign of great dependence, and not necessarily physical (drug or alcohol). This may well be a spiritual addiction. Perhaps in reality you feel unfree from relationships, other people’s power, and your own emotions.

In addition, strong thirst and the inability to quench it hints at some painful process that is developing in the body. After such a dream, all dream books advise immediately seeking help from a medical institution, resting, undergoing a course of restorative procedures, etc.


To find out the causes of extreme thirst, a consultation with a therapist is required. The doctor organizes an initial examination of the patient and, taking into account the results obtained, refers him to specialized specialists. The diagnostic plan includes instrumental research methods and specialized laboratory tests. The most informative ones are:

  • Blood tests
    . Fasting blood sugar levels should be assessed first; if equivocal results are obtained, an oral glucose tolerance test is required. The concentration of insulin and C-peptide is determined to exclude type 1 diabetes mellitus. Be sure to measure the level of vasopressin, thyroid and parathyroid hormones.
  • Urine examination
    . A standard clinical urine test is done to assess kidney function. The excretory and concentration capacity of the tubular apparatus is assessed using the Zimnitsky test. To exclude inflammatory processes in the renal parenchyma, urine analysis according to Nechiporenko is used. A rapid glucose test is informative.
  • Ultrasonography
    . Ultrasound of the thyroid gland helps confirm or refute the hormonal causes of pathological extreme thirst. The abdominal organs are examined and a targeted scan of the pancreas is performed. Using ultrasound of the kidneys, the size of the organs and the contours of the pyelocaliceal system and the presence of space-occupying formations are assessed.
  • X-ray methods
    . Radioisotope scanning and CT scanning of the thyroid gland with contrast are designed to study the structure of the organ and functional activity. To exclude renal causes of polydipsia, excretory urography is recommended, which involves taking a series of x-rays.
  • Neurological examination
    . The study is indicated for all patients with a history of TBI. During the examination, the congenital pupillary reaction and the symmetry of superficial and tendon reflexes are assessed. Muscle strength and tone, coordination of movements are checked. A CT scan of the brain is prescribed to identify signs of focal lesions or hematomas.

If exogenous intoxication is suspected, the examination is supplemented by examining hair or saliva for toxins and measuring the concentration of alcohol in the blood. To assess the degree of dehydration and blood loss, a general and biochemical blood test and a coagulogram are performed. If there are signs of an infectious disease, a bacteriological analysis of stool, urine, and other biological fluids is provided to identify the pathogen.

I dreamed of bloodlust

Perhaps the most unusual situation in a dream is the thirst for blood. If you happen to become a vampire in your dreams, then you risk getting into trouble due to excessive self-confidence or carelessness.

If you experience a thirst for blood, then in order to solve a certain problem you will have to deliberately cause pain to another person. The same vision hints at a loss of strength and vitality, dissatisfaction with ambitions and other negative feelings.

Have you ever drunk human blood? Try not to be tempted by an easy romance, it can bring an unpleasant illness.

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