Why does a woman or man dream of a chase: interpretation from dream books

Phenomena inexplicable to science have always attracted humanity. The mystery of the origin of dreams still excites the minds of millions of people. Many scenes dreamed of at night are so realistic that they cause a whole storm of emotions after waking up. For example, it is not always clear why you dream of a chase or pursuit. Dream books interpret such a dream ambiguously.


Pursuit in night visions usually indicates anxiety in a sleeping person. If you feel like you are being chased, then you are afraid of something in reality. It could be anything - from an upcoming exam to an exciting meeting or date. Only you can understand what exactly is bothering you.

If you have a dream about someone chasing me, and they want to kill you , and such dreams are constantly repeated, this indicates the impossibility of getting what you want. You can't achieve your goal, and this causes internal tension and frustration.

From the killer

If you are involved in a dream not just in a chase, but are trying to escape from a killer, then they want to take something valuable from you. It is difficult to say what exactly you are in danger of losing in the near future. It is possible that we are talking about financial values. It is possible that they want to deprive you of your position at work. It is possible that they want to conquer you and make you fall in love with them.

If you manage to escape, then your pursuers in reality will not succeed. If you suffer as a result of the chase, you will have to suffer some losses. And if they manage to kill you, then be prepared that losses are inevitable .

People's dream book

, the meaning of dreams of persecution in a dream is defined as follows :

  • just watching him from the side - you are trying to control the events that are happening, but you are doing a bad job. Think about what led to this. It may be worth choosing a different tactic to achieve what you want;
  • trying to escape from a large group of strangers - in reality you are afraid of the responsibility that lies with you. Most likely, you do not want to solve complex issues that arise in the service. But the desire to hide from responsibilities will not allow you to succeed;
  • if in a dream there was a car chase , it means that you are trying to hide from others. You are very reserved and do not want to share your thoughts with other people;
  • you were pursued by the police - in reality you are trying to keep your own secret. Although you really want to talk about her, you cannot do this. This is what torments you;
  • If you dreamed that you were catching up with someone, you actually had inflated ambitions. You should set realistic plans for yourself in order to be able to implement them;
  • you dream that you are running away, but you don’t see your pursuers - you will have to cope with a difficult task very quickly;
  • If you dreamed that you were being pursued by your loved one, your spouse - in reality, pay attention to the relationship. There are some omissions. If you ignore the problem, it can provoke separation. Think about what you want from the connection.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next we will give some tips on interpreting a dream about a chase. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the Moon.

Estimated sleep sales as of November 16, 2022, according to the Gadalkin House website. Today is Tuesday, rising Q2 from November 11 at 15:48, the Night Sun entered the 2nd house. If you had a dream on another day, you can see the tips in this table. Now let's look at today's main indicators that, according to astrologers, influence interpretation.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 60%
IndexInterpretation Guidelines
Day of week: TuesdaySleep from Monday to Tuesday is often colorful, interesting and calm. Its interpretation will most likely have to do with your relatives or friends, their actions or words. If in a dream you see some changes in your life, and the dream itself was vivid and seemed like a reality, get ready for new interesting acquaintances and pleasant meetings.
Lunar day: 1212 lunar day. Dreams on these lunar days show your attitude towards the soul. If in a dream you thought about some material values, then in reality you need to take care of your spiritual world. Pay special attention to vivid and realistic dreams - they may turn out to be prophetic.
Moon in sign: Aries (16°31'54");Aries is a fire sign and always symbolizes a bright event. If you had an emotional dream, in reality you will certainly experience severe nervous tension. A brilliant battle and the same victory await you. Leadership qualities will help you achieve your goal, the main thing is not to give up, show endurance and determination.
Phase: growth in the 2nd quarterCrescent. Regardless of the nature of the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that the Moon is now in a phase of active growth. You are experiencing a serious emotional outburst and concentrated energy. This period is considered the most suitable for the implementation of the most daring ideas.
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Freud's Dream Book

The founder of psychoanalysis believed that a dream where you can be chased or chased represents sexual intercourse. If you are pursuing a specific person, then in reality you would like to have intimate intimacy with him. Running after animals or children is the personification of an unhealthy need for sex with minors.

Trying to catch up with a vehicle means you don’t really feel confident in your own attractiveness. You strive for numerous sexual contacts in order to get rid of your complexes.

If you dreamed that you were being chased, this is a sign that you are afraid of showing incompetence during intimacy. A very unpleasant dream with a chase and shooting may indicate a subconscious desire to come into contact with manifestations of masochism or sadism. Sometimes stalking speaks of a desire to diversify your usual life and change many partners.

Watching running from the sidelines - you like to spy on the intimate lives of other people. If you escaped and felt comfortable, this indicates satisfaction with the sexual experience and your activity. If you are exhausted, it means that intimacy with your partner is not enjoyable. You are looking for a new relationship and have already found someone who can satisfy you.

Miller's Dream Book

In this dream book, a chase with a whole group of people predicts an interesting pastime, as well as success in business. If you were chasing someone and fell, it means you risk facing defeat, loss of property, and a damaged reputation. Running alone is a symbol that you will gain a high position and respect from others. You will surpass those closest to you. If you dreamed that you were being chased, you risk losing something important. Don't hope for the best - the moment is not suitable for important matters.

If you dreamed that someone else was trying to hide, you risk losing a loved one. Chasing a hare - in the real world you will participate in a competition from which you will emerge victorious. Dogs chasing hares indicate that you have to go through serious trials.

Vanga's Dream Book

The fortuneteller believed that the image predicted an interesting time spent with pleasant people. But sometimes it can indicate an acquaintance with a dangerous person who will manage to deceive you. If they were not chasing you, but you, you will actually have to solve unpleasant problems. Enemies will make it so that you cannot easily cope with your plans. If you want to realize your own ideas, you will have to repel ill-wishers.

If after the chase you are caught up and attacked, then you hope in vain that the enemy is defeated. You have won only a temporary victory, but the enemy will gather his strength and try to inflict even greater harm.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

The dream book describes as follows what it means to dream of running away from a chase in a dream :

  • I dreamed that adults were running after a child - they once got a chance, but did not take advantage of it;
  • if they run after a teenager, it means you can move up the career ladder. Although you will not like the new responsibilities, you will receive enough money;
  • dreaming that the police are chasing a criminal with a knife - in the real world you are experiencing aggression towards someone. Try to restrain yourself and do not rush to conclusions;
  • housewives are chasing homeless people - in reality you are doing everything possible to realize your plans. But circumstances will be stronger than you, and nothing can be corrected;
  • the police are pursuing an entire criminal group - they will have to quickly complete a large amount of work;
  • trying to catch up with someone you know is a sign that this person is in danger;
  • The police are running after your parents - relationships with others will deteriorate because you will show excessive pride and disdain.

“What does the chase mean in a dream? If you see a chase in a dream, what does it mean?


Hello. The dream was very chaotic and often incoherent. I remember that at the beginning I met an old friend of mine who had to go somewhere with me on the subway. She promised to show me something. As a result, we arrived at some half-abandoned station without people, and from this station there was a passage to the theater. It was a small stage, something was being shown there and people were sitting in the hall, about 2/3 of the hall was filled. She ran and took some place, and I was still embarrassed and afraid that people would understand that we didn’t have tickets. And I stood behind. At that time, some young man passed by, and I thought that he worked here and he would definitely kick me out of here. He passed, and I hid behind some kind of canopy. But he saw me and started talking to me very nicely. In the end, we both sat down on the floor right there and sat watching the performance, and I put my head on his shoulder. Then I don't remember some part. I further remember that we were walking somewhere through the forest (everything was green and beautiful), but I don’t remember who we were walking with. We ended up on the same lawn near the house. The lawn was covered and very well maintained. I was sure that this was my friend’s lawn, which he told me a lot about. There we saw a man, I met him warmly, but he was kind of gloomy. I started praising this lawn, and he muttered something. Then I very vaguely remember what happened, I can’t describe it. I remember that I found myself at the same house in the company of some pleasant young people. And one guy seemed to be the son of the owner of this lawn. And we started talking. Then I don’t really remember what happened. There was some kind of canopy there, and someone tried to finish it, but he didn’t succeed, but for some reason I decided that I could do it with the power of magic, I started trying, at first it worked, but then it didn’t. And there was a feeling of powerlessness. (I dream about it quite often) Then I vaguely remember what happened. The next highlight is the chase. I wanted to run away from some people. Middle-aged women, one for some reason was wearing a cleaning lady's outfit, and the second seemed to be wearing a medical gown. They somehow had a very negative attitude towards me and for some reason they really needed me (as if there was something special in my body). This scared me very much, and I began to run away from them. First she ran through some forests, and then she found herself among high-rise buildings. And I seem to understand that I broke away from them, but then I see or hear that they are nearby again, and I just couldn’t understand how they were able to catch up with me again. I climbed into some high-rise building and began to run around in it. On some floor I went into some apartment and hid between two entrance doors. And this first front door was kind of tattered, everything seemed to be calm, but I began to worry that this was a bad place to hide, I went out and heard them again. She started running somewhere again. Then again, I remember a little vaguely, but I found myself in some apartment among young people about my age, and we were all sitting at a large white table. I had a feeling that they were all hiding from these people who were chasing me. We were talking about something, and then suddenly we realized that the people who were chasing us were already here. We all began to slowly hide under the table, and heard a rather heavyset woman come in, dressed as a cleaning lady. The girl who was hiding next to me crawled across the room and hid in another place. And I was amazed how they didn’t notice her. And then I hear that a woman is approaching the place where I am hiding, and I begin to be very afraid. And she’s right there where I bend down and say something (I don’t remember what exactly), but the point is that she knew I was there. I was overcome with fear, then she disappeared and we all got out from behind the table. And the main boy there, his name was Seryozha, told us that they had found us and we needed to pack our things and leave here. Everyone rushed to collect things. At this moment I had deja vu. Either I dreamed about it at one point that I forgot, or I was simply sure at that moment that it had all already happened. I went to the chest of drawers, from which I was supposed to take some toiletries. And the last time I was worried about this, this same Seryozha told me to take these things, since their previous owner (Kristina, it seems) died. And I understand that I again take out these things, turn to Seryozha and say: “But Christina didn’t die?” And he answered me that no, and was a little surprised. And then I turned to some apparently familiar guy, saying that it was not in vain that you returned to the past, you were able to change the future and now Christina is alive. We were happy, Seryozha was a little surprised. I go up to him, see some familiar things in his hands, and ask: “Are these your sister’s things? You and I talked a lot about her, you told me a lot” (That is, as if I was simply reliving some events, only now taking into account the fact that Christina is alive). And Seryozha began to make excuses in response. And I had the feeling that I really liked him and that something arose between us last time, when this Christina was dead. And that now something will definitely work out. And I felt his sympathy for me. (Besides, I think he was the same guy from the theater at the beginning of the dream). I don’t remember what Seryozha looked like, I only remember that he was fair-haired, tall, thin and young. And then someone walked past us and told me that you and Seryozha will still have children. (as if this person knew my future) I was very surprised, looked at Seryozha, experienced very warm emotions and woke up. The chase in this whole dream is the most vivid. And I really dream about this type of chase. That I just can’t tear myself away and I can’t understand why, it seems like I’m running very fast, but I can’t. Sorry for so much nonsense) I will be very grateful to you for decoding.


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