Why do many butterflies dream: a woman, a girl, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation from dream books

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The butterfly symbol is ambiguous in a dream. On the one hand, these winged insects mean lightness, on the other – frivolity. Therefore, to interpret a dream where a large number of butterflies appear, you need to take into account the details of the dream and the emotional state of the dreamer. To understand why there are many butterflies in dreams , you should compare the events occurring in reality and the information received.

Why do girls and women dream about a butterfly: interpretation of the dream

In general, it is a symbol of spirituality. This dream suggests that you should devote more time to yourself and spiritual development. Read new books, develop yourself, find an interesting hobby.

Interpretation of sleep:

  • Perhaps a lonely girl will meet her soulmate
  • If moths flutter in a meadow, this will improve financial well-being
  • If there are a lot of moths, then you will hear from good friends

Why do girls and women dream about a butterfly: interpretation of the dream

Don't give in to bad...

In David Loff's dream book, a beautiful large butterfly represents lightness, charm and emptiness at the same time. The psychologist interprets this symbol in two ways, recalling that external attractiveness must be nourished spiritually.

For young ladies, a night vision tells them that to achieve their cherished goals, it is not enough to have a pretty face. Take care of your education, broaden your horizons, change your lifestyle, find new hobbies.

Why do you dream about a big, beautiful, huge butterfly?

This is definitely good news. Depending on the details, such a dream can mean different events.


  • If it flutters above your head, your problems and worries will soon disappear
  • If an unmarried girl dreams of a moth, then this indicates the appearance of a secret suitor
  • If a butterfly lands on your shoulder, a serious patron appears
  • If a sick person had a dream, he will soon recover

Why do you dream about a big, beautiful, huge butterfly?

To size

  • A large butterfly with beautiful wings is a reflection of the fact that in real life you too often try to help people who do not appreciate or deserve it. Don’t take an unbearable burden on your shoulders, otherwise there is a big risk of simply breaking down as a person overnight.
  • Many little moths - a carefree and irresponsible life for your own pleasure.
  • A small butterfly means minor troubles in terms of work.

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Why did a butterfly land on your hand, head, face, clothes in a dream?

The interpretation of the dream depends on where exactly the butterfly landed.


  • Moth on the head. This is for disturbing thoughts and reflections
  • If a butterfly lands on your finger, you may be saying hello to an old friend
  • If on clothes, then good news awaits you

Why did a butterfly land on your hand, head, face, clothes in a dream?

Activities during sleep

If in night vision an insect is entangled in a web, you must be prepared for difficulties, obstacles and trials. The butterfly managed to get out - it will be possible to solve the problems that have piled up .

Trying to catch is a longing for a deceased person or an attempt to restore a lost relationship. To catch is a successful proposal of various kinds: marriage, business, financial.

To feed is the acquisition of something worthwhile or valuable, not necessarily material. This could be new knowledge or invaluable experience.

To cripple is an insult, a misunderstanding, annoyance, an unfortunate coincidence.

Killing a moth on the wall means bad fame, a damaged reputation, revealing a secret.

Putting an insect in a glass jar means spending days in a calm, peaceful environment, a serene life with your family.

If a man catches a red swallowtail with his hands in a dream, it means that in reality he will meet a virgin who will give him healthy offspring.

Why see in a dream a lot of butterflies in a room, a house, a lot of butterflies landing on clothes?

In general, the butterfly symbolizes some kind of connection between the outside world and the real world.


  • Lots of butterflies. This is for news and suitors
  • If there are a lot of moths in the apartment, then this indicates possible troubles and troubles
  • If butterflies land on clothes, this promises a waste of money

Why see in a dream a lot of butterflies in a room, a house, a lot of butterflies landing on clothes?

Interpretation of a collection of dream books

The image itself is very interesting and meaningful. If in a dream you clearly saw a winged guest, then in reality you have to delve into some kind of knowledge, it is possible that it is secret.

Often it is butterflies in night dreams that call for the use of magic and paranormal abilities to solve vital problems. After such a vision, you need to listen especially carefully to your own intuition and pay attention to various signs. Perhaps the time has come when you can meet a teacher or spiritual guide.

A particularly clear image of a moth indicates that you have moved to a new stage, filled with ambiguous events and mysterious incidents. Right now you can solve your mental problems and understand your past actions.

Why do you dream about a butterfly that died in a dream?

This is a bad dream because it does not bode well. Most likely, losses and disappointments await you. You may be upset about your work situation. If you see insects that are burning or need your help, then this means that one of your friends is facing trouble. You must help a friend.

Why do you dream about a butterfly that died in a dream?


At the subconscious level, an insect represents renewal, change, and the possibility of internal rebirth. It emerges from a caterpillar and turns into something beautiful. If you dream about this symbol, it means that you dream of changes and hope that they will soon come into your life.

Most often, the dream appears to people who are tired of the usual and monotonous days that follow each other. You want some kind of joy, something that would radically change you and your life. But if you really dream about it, then you don’t need to wait. You can achieve anything once you stop hiding in your cocoon.

Why do you dream of photographing a butterfly?

This suggests that you miss someone who died. Perhaps these are your parents or relatives. You need to go to church and light candles for the repose. You must let go of the deceased and find peace.

Why do you dream of photographing a butterfly?

Butterflies are mythical creatures, so their appearance in a dream indicates that otherworldly forces are trying to warn or caution you.

Ladies' secrets...

Many dream interpreters compare a large butterfly with the soul and internal metamorphoses, rebirth, and the emergence of femininity.

Meneghetti compares this image in a dream with the feminine negative principle, based on the desire to dominate, rule, and the desire to subjugate another. This is a symbol of open relationships, debauchery, coquetry, treachery and inconstancy.

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On the face

If she sits on the cheek , it means a kiss from a stranger. If it is on your forehead, you are not serious about your problems, you need to reconsider your life. If there is a butterfly on your face and it is unpleasant, you will have an annoying admirer who will not give you a pass. A butterfly tickles your face - an unexpected gift from your best friend. If it sits on a man’s face , it means good and strong health. If it’s on a woman’s face, it means buying a new dress or jewelry. If a child sees a dream, he has artistic talent and a penchant for music or painting.

Step boldly towards your destiny

If fluttering beauties met you on the street in a dream, and even against the backdrop of a blue and clear sky, get ready for adventure. An ordinary business trip will turn into a successful acquaintance, and a vacation spent away from home will definitely be remembered for a lifetime.

The dream book of Nostradamus guarantees a number of interesting incidents with your participation. Colleagues, friends, loved ones will not let you get bored and close in your own world in the next few days.

Other interpretations of dreams with moths

The appearance of moths in the English dream book is interpreted using figurative thinking. A moth is the same moth, but this insect can turn your favorite outfits into torn rags. It symbolizes destruction invisible to the eye, the gradual erosion of the fabric of life. A moth seen in a dream warns of possible misunderstandings at work and difficulties in communicating with superiors.

I dreamed of a moth - to difficulties

A dream with a moth emerging from a cocoon is identified with rebirth, renewal of life's principles. Such dreams are a response from the subconscious, approval of decisions and actions taken.

A butterfly landing on your hand in a dream predicts positive changes and reconciliation with a person dear to your heart after a quarrel.

The image of a night moth means that loved ones who have left this world yearn for you.

Seeing a collection of dead butterflies or moths is a bad omen. A big disaster will happen soon. An accident seen, when one dreams of many dead moths, will remain in the memory for a long time and will not give rest to the soul.

Buying a moth in a dream is a rash act. The message encourages you to be careful and take a responsible approach to making every decision, so as not to harm your loved ones.

The dream book says that the death of a moth or the killing of an insect is a harbinger of sadness, financial trouble, and large financial losses.

Interpreter of the 21st century

Some interpretations proposed in this book are also worthy of attention. Did you see a lot of butterflies? The dream book recommends recalling the details present in the plot. Here are some interesting options:

  • Was the cat chasing moths? This means that very soon people will appear in the dreamer’s life who will become his true friends in the future.
  • Did you see some kind of animal with moths sitting on it? This plot foreshadows a meeting with old comrades.
  • Did you dream about how moths, one after another, fall into a web? Unfortunately, this foreshadows a serious test that will have to be passed in reality soon. However, if the butterflies managed to quickly escape from the net, then the dreamer will quickly cope with the problems.
  • In the vision, butterflies, sitting calmly in some place, suddenly fluttered and flew away? So something exciting is coming.
  • Did several moths in the vision land on a huge stone? This plot represents a strong relationship.

And it happens that a person asks the question “What should I expect if I saw how many butterflies are flying above me?” The dream is very interesting, and it foreshadows a holiday in a large company, or some long-awaited, important event.

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