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The owl symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. She is a lonely night bird, personifying solitude and darkness. Sometimes it is even associated with death. In order to correctly interpret a dream in which an owl appeared, it is worth taking into account every detail.

Interpretation of dreams about an owl

Other interpretations

Why else do you dream about an owl? The dream book offers several interpretations at once, which depend on its appearance and condition.

  • Dead - avoid trouble.
  • Without feathers - something will throw you off balance.
  • Red - to a meeting with an evil person.
  • White - to the discovery of secrets.
  • Gray - to melancholy and worries.
  • Gold - to deception.
  • With prey - to freedom from minor problems.
  • A stuffed owlet means a stupid mistake.

By the way, the dream book especially highlights two meanings. So a white chick is in any case a favorable sign. Most often it symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, less often it can be seen in a dream before a date. But gold is a harbinger of troubles, hypocrisy and intrigue.


Owls in a dream are a harbinger of minor, everyday troubles. Dead owlets foreshadow reward for work and avoidance of trouble. A plucked owlet portends a situation due to which the dreamer will feel insecure and unstable.

A large number of owlets indicates a meeting with the personification of evil, with an evil, merciless person. The white owlet, on the contrary, is a sign of spiritual enlightenment, enlightenment.

Gray owlets in a dream foreshadow longing and worries about the departed. The dream may also indicate painful nostalgia. A small black owlet indicates a health threat due to unfavorable working conditions.

An unnaturally golden or yellow owl in a dream indicates the presence of intrigue in the dreamer’s environment, the hypocrisy of his closest friends, or open deception that the sleeper does not notice.

For women, seeing owls in a dream speaks of a lover’s betrayal and failure in a love relationship. For men, the dream foreshadows illness, deterioration in health, as well as the likelihood of an accident.

Symbol of unrealized ideas

In order for the interpretation of the dream to be complete, you definitely need to remember where exactly you happened to see the owlet.

So his appearance in the house does not promise anything good. It symbolizes petty disagreements, quarrels and lack of money. But if you feed it, it conveys worldly wisdom and experience.

If the bird not only ended up in the house, but was also put in a cage, then the dream hints at unfulfilled desires and ideas.

Did you dream that there were a lot of birds in the house? The dream book claims that soon troubles and troubles will befall the whole family.

Esoteric decoding

Why else do you dream about an owl? The dream book gives the dream an esoteric meaning. So holding it in your hands literally means possessing occult knowledge and wisdom.

Probably, in real life you are busy with spiritual quests, and an owl in your hands indicates that you are on the threshold of a secret. Moreover, the black bird personifies dark forces, the white one – light ones.

If your thoughts are occupied with purely material problems, then the vision takes on a negative connotation. For materialists, holding an owlet in your hands means fear, overwork and fire.

Why is this bird dreaming?

  • Miller's Dream Book

    Seeing an owl in a dream predicts all sorts of dangers and adversities. The vision warns the dreamer about an impending attack from enemies and possible physical violence. The dreamer will not be able to prevent the approach of danger, but he can properly prepare for it.

    Hearing the dull cry of an owl in a dream predicts losses for the dreamer associated with family or personal life. The dream especially has a negative meaning for people in love - it foreshadows betrayal and betrayal of the other half.

    For a young girl to hear the cry of a night bird in a dream means the loss of her innocence, emotional dependence on some man. Men need to think about the well-being of loved ones.

    A dead owl in a dream predicts a miraculous healing from some disease, recovery.

  • Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

    An owl in a dream indicates a meeting with a person who practices black magic. Seeing a large number of birds indicates that in the future dark forces will gain complete power over the earth.

    Killing a bird in a dream indicates a chance to get rid of the influence of a merciless person, which the dreamer must certainly take advantage of. Hearing an owl's cry in the night means receiving sad news that will bring a lot of grief and suffering.

  • Loff's Dream Book

    The owl predicts long life and good health for the dreamer, as well as the acquisition of worldly wisdom. An owl in a dream also means that a person in reality is trying to reveal some secret, to get to the bottom of the truth. If an owl flaps its wings in a dream, then in reality the dreamer may be in danger due to the knowledge acquired.

  • Small dream book

    Seeing an owl in a dream means that in reality the dreamer will be subject to criticism, which will seriously hurt his feelings. A dead bird in a dream indicates illness or death of the dreamer himself or someone close to him.

    Hearing the cry of an owl indicates an extreme, difficult situation in which the dreamer will find himself, contrary to his wishes.

  • Esoteric dream book

    Seeing an owl sitting on a tree in a dream foretells death to the dreamer. A terrible, lonely cry of an owl in a dream predicts the dreamer's imminent death as a result of an accident. If an owl flaps its wings, this means that in reality the dreamer and his friends will be in mortal danger.

  • English dream book

    An owl in a dream is a negative sign, promising the dreamer disappointment, poverty or major failure. If you see an owl before an important event, this means that the event will either fail or be extremely unsuccessful.

  • Dream Interpretation of Hasse

    An owl in a dream is a sign of a bad, dangerous society in which the dreamer finds himself, of harmful influence from someone else. Seeing a gray bird in a dream means an imminent illness of one of the sleeping person’s loved ones, a possible epidemic.

    The cry of an owl in a dream indicates the death of the dreamer himself or his acquaintance. The lingering cry of an owl means that the sleeper will witness the death of a stranger.

    To see an owl flying in a dream indicates that in reality a person will be able to avoid danger. If an owl sits on the roof of the dreamer’s house in a dream, then in reality a misfortune will happen in the dreamer’s house.

  • Universal dream book

    An owl in a dream is a sign of secret, sacred knowledge and life experience. An owl in the dark indicates upcoming difficulties and obstacles. A flying bird means the dreamer's familiarization with occult knowledge and theological cults.

    An owl with prey in its beak speaks of deliverance from material difficulties and everyday worries. If an owl sits on a branch or on the roof, then this foreshadows poverty and ingloriousness, difficult life circumstances.

  • Velesov's dream book

    A dream about an owl can have several meanings. An owl in the daytime foreshadows a fire in the dreamer's house, and at night it indicates a fatal date that will lead to unexpected consequences.

    For a lonely man to see an owl in a dream foreshadows an early engagement or marriage to a beautiful girl. A dead owl indicates a lonely life or unhappy love.

  • Russian dream book

    An owl in a dream is a double sign, symbolizing, on the one hand, life wisdom, and on the other hand, an evil, unclean force. If in a dream an owl attacks a person, then in reality the dreamer has an evil, powerful enemy who wants to cause great harm to the sleeping person.

    A dreamed owl in a cage represents a person’s unfulfilled desires, missed opportunities or buried talents. Seeing an owl without feathers indicates a situation in which the dreamer will feel out of place.

    Finding a small owlet in a forest in a dream speaks of useful advice that someone from the dreamer’s circle will give him.

  • Dream book of the 21st century

    An owl in a dream foreshadows a meeting with a friend or acquaintance in reality. The dream can also mean fun gatherings with friends or colleagues. Holding an owl in your hands portends a fire in a house or a person’s panicky fear of something.

    Hearing the cry of an owl in a dream means receiving news of misfortune or even someone's death. A white owl dreams of a romantic date.

  • Longo's Dream Interpretation

    Seeing an owl in a dream means that someone is trying to use the sleeper for their own selfish purposes. Seeing in a dream how a night bird hunts and pursues its prey speaks of the dreamer’s panicky fear of something or someone. Perhaps the sleeper is afraid of being weak or becoming a victim.

    Killing an owl means that in reality a person is planning an evil deed and it will not end well for him. The dreamer should beware of the dangerous influence of other people's opinions and other people's influence.

  • Dream Interpretation of Grishina

    A gray owl in a dream indicates that the dreamer will learn some secret and this will open his eyes to some aspects of life. An owl of a dark, black color portends the receipt of news.

    Holding a bird in your hands and stroking it represents a person’s fear of losing someone close to him. A white or light owl in the hands portends a fire. A screeching owl portends news of someone's death or illness.

    Seeing a bird with glowing eyes in a dream means that the sleeper has obsessive ideas that border on turning into mania. Watching an owl fly speaks of the dreamer's immersion in dark, forbidden secrets, black magic and witchcraft.

    Seeing an owl with prey indicates the destruction of evil or the removal of obstacles in its path. A white bird in a dream foreshadows a date and strong, pure love.

  • Family dream book

    Seeing an owl in a dream means that in reality the sleeping person needs to listen to the advice of a close friend. An owl on a branch speaks of help or support from a loved one.

    An owl in flight foreshadows a situation in which the dreamer will save a stranger from danger. If an owl flies with some prey in a dream, then in reality someone will learn about the cherished secret of the sleeping person.

  • Freud's Dream Book

    An owl in a dream indicates that there is a lot of different gossip and rumors floating around a person. A dead owl indicates relief from some disease, recovery from an illness.

    Hearing the dark, drawn-out cry of a night huntress means that death is on the dreamer's heels and can take away those who are next to him.

Be careful!

An owl that appears in a dream, according to the dream book, perfectly predicts the future.

Why do women dream about him? He warns that a lover can cheat. For men, it promises situations involving risk to life. For seriously ill patients, it means deterioration of their condition and imminent death.

If you dreamed that a bird scared you in a dream, then in reality you will be shocked and even shocked. It is worth postponing trips, walking less in the evenings and generally exercising maximum caution.

Dream Interpretation of the White Mage

In the White Magician's dream book, an owl is a warning from the subconscious that someone is planning to strike the dreamer, taking advantage of his weakness. The next day a person may be bothered by negative thoughts, but one should not allow fear to take over one's mind.

Seeing an owl hunting for prey in the kingdom of Morpheus symbolizes the reflection of the dreamer’s fear. Subconsciously, he is afraid of being in the role of a victim and experiencing all the hardships and hardships of life.

Killing an innocent animal is a sign that the sleeper’s plans are frivolous and unreasonable. His actions will only make the situation worse. In order for the problem to be successfully resolved with the benefit of all parties, you should seek advice from someone whose opinion is authoritative.

Seeing an owl in a dream

An owl in a dream is a versatile symbol. On the one hand, the bird personifies wisdom, on the other hand, it embodies darkness and gloom. That is why, depending on the plot, dreams are interpreted differently. To determine exactly what a night bird is dreaming about, it is important to take into account all the smallest details.


A white owl in a dream symbolizes the speedy implementation of your plans. If the bird was white and had gray spots on it, get ready for the long-awaited return to its native land.

When an owl flew right before your eyes in a dream, feel free to count on the patronage of very influential individuals.

Interaction with the owl

If you dream of an owl that is in contact with a person, then the nature of this contact is important:

  1. Seeing a bird in your arms in a dream means troubles that will affect the whole family. Often this dream foreshadows a fire. Solving the problem will bring the sleeping person closer to relatives from whom he has moved away.
  2. If you dreamed of a bird that the sleeper is trying to tame, this speaks of his wisdom. However, he does not always listen to himself and follows the advice of others. You need to trust yourself more. The same interpretation has a dream in which the sleeper feeds an eagle owl or an owl.
  3. If an owl voluntarily sits in the arms of a sleeping person in a dream, good news awaits him. Old problems will resolve on their own. For a woman, such a dream promises a meeting with her chosen one.
  4. Catching a bird by the wings means losses. They will concern property. In the near future, you will have to carefully conclude any transactions related to the sale or purchase of anything.
  5. If an owl flew to a fortuneteller and sat on his head, he will be faced with things that are difficult to understand. An ill-wisher is capable of casting a spell or casting the evil eye. It is better to seek help from specialists in this field or go to church. Passivity will lead to negative consequences.
  6. Seeing an owl constantly sitting on a specific part of the body is a sign of health problems. It is worth seeing a doctor and examining the part of the body that the bird has chosen.
  7. If you dreamed of a talking owl, then the sleeper will receive some information on which the success of the business depends. This dream is a harbinger of stunning news.
  8. If you dream of an owl that attacked a sleeping person, he will face a confrontation with a smart opponent. If you manage to catch a bird, the sleeper will win this confrontation. If the owl not only attacks, but also injures, the confrontation will be lost. For a woman or girl, a dream promises a confrontation with a rival in love.
  9. If you dream of a bird that has flown into the house, trouble will come. If you anticipate troubles in time, you can get rid of them. If you dream of two or more birds, then it will be difficult to overcome obstacles.

An owl's interaction with other people also carries important information. If you dreamed of a bird sitting on the shoulder of a friend or girlfriend, they have a secret that is important to the dreamer. Seeing how a bird is about to land on a person whom the sleeping person knows means complete understanding with him. If you need help in resolving any issues, you should contact him. A bad omen is a dream in which a bird goes to the hands of a loved one and attacks the sleeping person. He says that the partner is ready to cheat.

I dreamed about an owl

Almost every interpreter claims: a dream with a winged woman has a double meaning. On the one hand, this bird is the personification of wisdom, deep knowledge, and insight.

On the other hand, it is a symbol of death, darkness, loneliness and sadness. Ancient legends claim that a feathered predator encountered in reality does not bode well.

What does her appearance in night vision predict? The owl is an ambiguous symbol. In modern dream books you can find enough information about this sign.

To a woman

A dream in which a woman saw such a bird predicts a break in a love affair.

7 out of 10 dreams about an owl symbolize secrets

Most likely, the sleeping woman will reveal the secret of her chosen one, after which the feelings will gradually fade away. If the owlets were small, there is no reason to worry. The revealed secret of your lover will turn out to be trivial, your feelings will not be harmed.

To the girl

An owl that appears to a girl in a night vision predicts a happy and long-lasting love. If the winged predator had white plumage, it means that the feelings will be deep and lasting.

The guy you are secretly in love with will definitely reciprocate your feelings. Respect and trust are the motto of your future relationship.


A pregnant woman dreams of chicks happily frolicking with their mother as a sign of readiness for the birth of a baby. If the owlets were alone, it means that the pregnancy was unplanned. The sleeping woman is worried about the future of her baby.

Owl in the house

A dream in which an owl is in a house, in a living space, means the dreamer’s desire to learn the occult arts. Introduction to magical practices is accompanied by the difficulties of worldly life, a narrowing of the circle of friends, as well as a difficult emotional state.

If an owl is in the house, then this indicates the potential and talents of a person, which are locked inside and remain unrealized.

If a bird has flown into the house and is furiously rushing around the house, then this indicates a person’s lack of confidence in his strengths and skills. This is especially true for relationships with the opposite sex.

Holding an owl in your hands that has flown into a house foreshadows a fire in that house. Petting a flying owl or trying to feed it means the dreamer is trying to impress the people around him to the detriment of himself.

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