Dream Interpretation Scratching cats: why do women or men dream about Scratching cats?

Scratching in the dream book of the White magician Yuri Longo

If the dreamer dreamed of Scratching

Scratching someone in a dream - in reality you feel strong hostility towards this person, but for one reason or another you cannot express it. By the way, such a dream will haunt you until you sort things out with this person, of course, in a more civilized way, for example, analyze his behavior and find out what exactly irritates you so much. It may well turn out that this is a worthy person in all respects, you are just biased towards him. If this is the case, then get over your hostility and learn to evaluate people objectively. If someone scratches you in a dream, then in reality you will have to listen to a lot of unflattering words addressed to you, but the most upsetting thing is that for the most part these accusations will be fair and you yourself know it deep down. Try to treat critical comments not with hostility, but with gratitude, because by pointing out your shortcomings, those around you will help you get rid of them. Seeing a scratch on your body means that in reality you will have a conflict with a loved one. In this quarrel, you will be wrong and even realize that you are wrong, but nevertheless you will persist, which will lead to a quarrel that will leave a deep mark in your heart, but because of false pride you will not admit your mistakes. You still have the opportunity to change the situation, and to do this you just need to realize that you were wrong and ask for forgiveness for being too persistent. Seeing a scratch on a friend’s body means that pretty soon he will behave far from the best with you (possibly even betrayal on his part), which will alienate you from him. However, this person will soon realize the unseemly nature of his act and try to find ways to reconciliation. You, in turn, try to show maximum compassion and do not push the person away without finding out the reasons for his behavior. Then you can make the right decision.

Where were the scratches in the dream?

Skin wounds can occur in various places on the body. Each part of the body symbolizes a certain aspect of life, and therefore the dream is interpreted.

On the face

Seeing scratches on your face in the mirror is a sign of low self-esteem, which interferes with relationships with the opposite sex. Feeling a wound means temporary health difficulties. Seeing scratches on someone else's face in a dream means the dreamer will suffer from the slander of a liar.

On foot

Seeing scratches on the thighs is a complication in love. Possible rupture. Scratches on all legs from top to bottom - dream warning: you should be careful with the nearest offers. There is a risk of being left with nothing or even being robbed.

On hands

If you dream of scratches on your hands and they hurt, this means betrayal by your other half, due to which the dreamer’s health will deteriorate. Painless wounds on the hands dream of gossip that will not affect the dreamer, but will harm the gossipers.

On the back

A scratched back dreams of a call from the past. Someone long forgotten will show up, and the person risks hearing claims and reproaches. Moreover, all this will be undeserved and absurd, but it will hurt the dreamer. You should just say goodbye and ignore the harmful influence.

On the body

Scratches all over the body dream of a serious illness. Either mental or physical. Seeing the appearance of many scratches, which gradually heal and turn into scars, is a sign of a successful recovery. Bleeding wounds - someone has great power over a person.

On the neck

A dream about scratches on the neck promises dissatisfaction with the other half. You will have to endure a period of being ignored, which will be replaced by peace and love. Seeing someone's neck scratched symbolizes loneliness. The wounds are gradually healing - a romantic date that will end with mutual serious feelings.

On the knees

Wounds on the knees - hard, low-paid work will lead to illness. Other people's scratched knees promise quiet work without problems. The knees are not visible due to many wounds, which means that the dreamer does not want to give up bad habits that are killing him.

On the forehead

Seeing scratches on your forehead in the mirror is a sign of grief from your mind. We need to stop being smart about it so much. Most likely, others do not like the dreamer because he is boring. Dream warning: you need to reconsider your attitude towards people so as not to be left alone.

By car

Seeing scratches on a car in a dream means involuntarily witnessing someone’s quarrel. Scratching your own car means powerlessness before your superiors, the inability to achieve more. Dreaming of scratching someone else's car means shame in front of your friends for your terrible behavior.

Why dream of Scratching // Freud's dream book

Why did you dream about Scratches?

Scratching - In a dream, seeing traces of scratches on your body - a talkative person will appear in your environment who will pester you with his conversations. You can be rude to him, but you should not do this so as not to interfere with possible cooperation. – If in a dream you saw scratches on someone else, it means that you will be able to solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time, but for this you will have to resort to someone else’s help. It is best if it is provided by one of your relatives or people you completely trust, since the problem will be strictly confidential. For the dreamer himself, scratching someone with his nails in a dream means very violent sex awaits you.

Who had the dream

Scratches can be interpreted depending on who dreamed them. For a man, this sign promises victory over the enemy and competitors. For a woman - worry and minor troubles about the household. For a pregnant woman, there is an unnecessary fear of the upcoming birth.

To a woman

A woman's dream about scratches means worry about loved ones. If the scratches hurt, there is no need to worry. Unpleasant events are coming soon. Seeing how the scratches heal means everything will end well.

To a man

A man dreams of scratches as a sign of competition at work for a good position and salary. Painful wounds mean loss of chance. The appearance of smooth scars from scratches means getting a position and recognition.


A pregnant woman's dream about a scratch signifies insomnia and neurosis from fear of childbirth. The dream warns that you should go to a good psychotherapist to restore your mental health. Otherwise, the child may be harmed.

Dream meanings

If you scratch someone in your dreams, it means that you have a far from flexible character. Sometimes your obstinacy prevents you from communicating normally with others and building harmonious relationships with loved ones. The dream book advises you to fight this character trait and try to become softer. If you were scratched, perhaps one of your ill-wishers will try to put a spoke in your wheels.

Also, the dream book clarifies, a scratch with pus means receiving unexpected monetary profit. Without pus, such damage can warn of the need to protect your reputation from groundless gossip and slander.

Do you dream of wounds on your own body? Perhaps this image promises an upcoming quarrel, which can give the dreamer unpleasant emotions and lead to unnecessary consequences. As the dream book says, scratches in this interpretation are dreamed of as a sign of a call to control your emotions and try not to become a participant in conflict situations.

Did you dream that you met a man with scratches in your dreams? This image may indicate the need to avoid dubious matters and events - they will end in conflicts and quarrels. The dream book urges you to be more careful in your words, actions and refuse offers of this kind.

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Do you dream about another person with scratches? Your problems and questions will be solved with the help of your loved ones. You shouldn’t trust strangers with the details of your life and talk about your problems, but your loved ones will provide real support and help.

Did you see scratches on your neck in a dream? Most likely, in your immediate environment there is a chatterbox person. Perhaps his endless speeches will bore and irritate you, but you need to be patient a little so as not to harm your likely cooperation with him.

If you had a dream in which there was a scratch on your legs, then this image symbolizes your determination and perseverance on the path to achieving your plans. The main thing is not to give in to excitement, otherwise you risk starting to act against the rules, which can result in trouble for you. If the wounds were present on the husband’s neck, dreamers should restrain their excessive emotionality, which often leads to quarrels.

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A scratch on the palm of your hand in a dream can promise a quarrel with a friend. In this case, the Dream Book advises you to control your emotions and not say too much in a fit of anger, otherwise a small disagreement can develop into a protracted conflict. Author: Natalya Chernikova

Hands on modern dream books

If you dream that your hands are scratched, this means long rest and travel, visiting new places, finding new and good friends. The researchers agreed that this interpretation may also have metaphorical meanings. This can be either overcoming new horizons in life or trying out new opportunities. However, regardless of this, you will be expected to make the right decision - be smart about your choice.

The modern dream book contains all the corrections of old editions, correcting them for current research. This is also influenced by changes in human perception over the years. This also applies to the meaning of hands in dreams - it has taken on different variations over the years. This edition also contains new images that have not yet existed in classical interpretations.


Scratches received in a dream usually indicate insults received from the one who inflicted them. If it passes quickly, the situation will soon smooth out. However, an inflamed or festering wound indicates serious conflicts with dire consequences.

Scratched cars, furniture and other things deserve special interpretation. This image speaks of the damage associated with the symbolism of the scratched object. In this case, the losses will be not so much material as emotional and psychological.

Dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Winter. Why did you dream about the scratch?

This image carries symbolism of irritation and resentment. Their appearance on your body warns of the need for self-control and avoidance of conflicts, since any quarrel can lead to very painful consequences. Seeing someone with scratches is a warning about risky undertakings that can lead to conflicts and various troubles. Avoid dubious enterprises and carefully control all your actions.

Who had scratches in their dreams?

Skin wounds can appear on different people, both in dreams and in life. It is through dreams about scratches that signs regarding troubles are conveyed. And from whom they will come, the dream will tell.

With friends

Dreams about scratches from friends signal that soon someone from close circle will harm the dreamer. Dreaming of someone scratching a friend means being tied to a colleague by one agreement, a project, and worrying about it. After all, a person does not trust a colleague.

From strangers

Strangers dream about scratches before some significant event. Worries and vain fears torment the dreamer. But if people do not intend to cause harm, then everything in life will end well. But if someone attacks with scratches, a small incident may occur during the celebration.

At the dead man's

A dream about a dead man covered with scratches means that the painful past will gradually be forgotten, and a new happy life awaits the person. If blood flows from the wounds of the deceased, but the deceased is dead, one of the close people is constantly dissatisfied with the dreamer, and this hurts him.

The main character of the dream

During the interpretation, you should definitely take into account who exactly scratched the body. There can be a variety of options, here are several interpretations proposed in the dream book:

  1. If your father scratched your skin, you need to try to make sure that there is more joy and positivity in everyday life. In the near future, fate will not present any difficult trials or difficulties. You cannot offend your loved ones with your rash words or inattention.
  2. The body was scratched by the boss - a favorable time is foreshadowed for everything connected with love feelings. If the dreamer has not yet met his soulmate, he needs to look around more carefully. If the sleeper’s heart is already occupied, he will be able to have a pleasant time in the company of his loved one. It is recommended to create a program for joint recreation and entertainment.
  3. Buddy, no accidents should happen. A favorable time is approaching to expand your horizons and learn. You can engage in self-development together with your loved one, it will bear fruit. If the sleeping person has a desire to take out funds on credit, under no circumstances should he do so. You shouldn't lend money either, even if it's small amounts.
  4. Neighbor - many interesting events are expected that will pleasantly surprise the sleeper and make him think about many important things. It is possible that tempting offers regarding professional activities and creativity will be received. It is recommended to avoid disputes with colleagues and superiors.
  5. Second half - a person may find himself in an ambiguous position. On the one hand, he will succeed in a lot at work, but on the other, complications in his relationship with his significant other are likely. If the sleeper treats loved ones more tolerantly and tolerantly, he will be able to solve many of his problems.

If a guy dreamed that his girlfriend scratched his body, he needs to focus on professional matters. Then everything will go well in the service, the dreamer will achieve his goals. Most likely, you will not be able to cope with current tasks alone. If colleagues offer their help, you should definitely agree.

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