Why do you dream of a small crocodile: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

A small crocodile is, of course, a less terrible animal than its parent, but when it appears in a dream, it also symbolizes trouble. Although, when interpreting what this reptile is dreaming of, remember your feelings from meeting it, and also what it looked like in the dream and what it did. It is very possible that a baby alligator will become for you a symbol of victory over weakness, dream books suggest.

Briefly about “modern dinosaurs”

Very rarely, an encounter with a crocodile ends in a “happy ending.” This toothy monster, once it grabs you, is unlikely to let go. Waking up in the morning after such a dream, the most correct thing to do is to interpret what you dreamed. Be sure to find out why you dream about such a plot.

  • A small crocodile attacked you in a dream - be prepared for trouble.
  • In a dream you were next to a predator - do not let yourself be drawn into a scam.
  • Jump on the backs of alligators - no obstacles will scare you.
  • Seeing a small crocodile in a zoo means an unforgettable adventure with some risk.

Personality of the sleeper

The personality of the sleeper and his characteristics are of key importance. Interpretation of dreams about crocodiles depending on gender and marital status:

  • For unmarried people - a harbinger of disappointments in love. Marriage to the person who is now nearby is a fatal mistake.
  • For young ladies - to dangerous adventures and acquaintances with dubious personalities. You need to beware of suspicious men and not make contact with strangers trying to win your favor.
  • For mature women - an intimate relationship with a cunning and calculating representative of the opposite sex. The lover will blackmail the dreamer and bully her in every possible way.
  • For lonely people, it is a symbol of irreparable losses and internal devastation. The person who falls asleep will feel very unhappy and forgotten by everyone.
  • For men - to problems with superiors. After such a plot, you should not expect a promotion. The boss will be extremely dissatisfied with the work done and may fire you by writing a negative letter of recommendation.

A tiny toothbrush as a symbol of risky actions

Do you want to know why you dream in which you are holding a newly hatched crocodile in your hands? You are taking a huge risk by letting someone you don’t know well into your social circle. Most likely, he will turn out to be an insidious type who can ruin your plans, warns the Modern Dream Book.

If you dreamed that you were buying crocodiles in order to breed them, you are ready to do anything to make a profit. But holding a crocodile in your hands and feeding it - by some miracle you will be able to establish relations with your old enemy.

The place where the crocodile dreamed

When deciphering a dream, it is important to take into account where the crocodile was, how he felt, what he was doing in this place.

In water

A dream in which a crocodile is in water can have different meanings:

  1. A small animal floating in the water is an image of a hypocritical and insidious person. Someone close to you is not trustworthy.
  2. The reptile is in natural conditions, swimming through a body of water - you should prepare for minor troubles that will ruin your vacation.
  3. An animal jumps out of the water and attacks the sleeping person - conflicts and scandals lie ahead. However, a conflict situation may reveal the real enemy.
  4. A crocodile swims through clear water - a dream cannot be fulfilled. But according to the Modern Dream Book, a small crocodile swimming in a clear body of water is a warning about a dangerous situation.
  5. The sleeper goes for a swim, but sees that the pond is teeming with fish and crocodiles - to negative events.
  6. The animal swims into the sea - the dreamer risks missing the opportunity. Sometimes a dream indicates blues, lack of hope.

In the house

A crocodile as a pet is an unexpected image in a dream, but it promises an improvement in relations with an old enemy.

Running after a reptile around the house and trying to catch it means problems in your home or an emergency. Driving an animal out of the house with a broom or mop is a sign of everyday problems that cannot be properly dealt with.

In bathroom

Seeing a small animal on the floor in a sanitary room means a plumbing breakdown. A dream can also warn of an unexpected negative event, conflict, or a disease of the digestive system.

Swimming in a bath with a live crocodile means problems in everyday life. If a reptile climbs into a pipe, you won’t have to deal with the problems; they will disappear on their own.

Seeing a crocodile egg in the bathroom is a strange situation. Watching the baby hatch is a wonderful experience.

In the apartment

A reptile in the dreamer’s apartment warns of negative events associated with the aggressive behavior of a certain person.

A crocodile swimming in an aquarium in someone else’s home is a warning of trouble. They will be insignificant, but to get rid of them you will have to work hard.

There are many small reptiles in someone else’s apartment - surrounded by evil and insidious individuals who skillfully hide their true intentions under a benevolent guise. However, these people can be overcome: their anger is great, but they have little intelligence and cunning.

In zoo

A crocodile in a zoo is a harbinger of either traveling to a distant country or finding yourself in a strange situation.

In hand

The dreamer, holding a tiny crocodile in his hands, let into the environment a certain person who cannot be trusted. This is an insidious person aimed at destroying the plans of the sleeper.

The dreamer or someone he knows leads a crocodile on a leash - to an unusual incident. The dream can also warn that hiding your own anger and aggression will not last long: sooner or later the negativity will spill over onto those around you.

At work

An animal located in the sleeping person’s work or study place warns of minor troubles and disputes. The arguer is angry and offended by the dreamer, but is unable to harm him.

A reptile lying on a work or desk means a gift or meeting an unpleasant person.

Catching a crocodile in the workplace means actually determining the cause of the trouble.

The little killer is a sign of betrayal and deceit

Seeing a small crocodile in the water in a dream is a symbol of hypocrisy and deceit. Someone close to you will be insincere with you. If you dreamed of many alligator cubs in the water, there is a traitor in your team, try to understand who it is before he harms someone, advises Pastor Loff’s dream book.

The Eastern Dream Book will help you understand why you dream that you are swimming in the river and see many caiman babies around you - this is a warning that the people around you are not as simple and harmless as they seem.

Dream Interpretation: Why do you dream of a small crocodile in a dream?

According to Miller's dream book

According to Gustav Miller, a dream with a small crocodile appearing in it is considered a bad omen.

A crocodile, according to the author of the dream book, is a threat of deception and injustice from not only ill-wishers, but also the dreamer’s friends.

If you happen to step on an animal, expect a difficult period in your life. But you cannot count on support in resolving problems; you will have to overcome difficulties on your own.

Miller's dream book also says that a dream about a crocodile is a warning that you should not be frank with strangers. This could have bad consequences.

According to Vanga's dream book

The famous soothsayer considers toothy predators as a symbol of a resourceful and insidious person who can harm the dreamer at any time.

You should take such a dream seriously and avoid dangerous situations with suspicious individuals.

If you saw other people next to a crocodile in a dream, you should warn them about the impending danger.

According to Loff's dream book

According to the author of this dream book, if a person happens to feed a small crocodile by hand, he will temporarily tame an unpleasant person.

However, communication will be short-lived and will again end in discord. If you dreamed of a crocodile torturing its victim or another alligator, this indicates that you will soon witness conflicts that you will not be able to resist.

According to Freud's dream book

The interpretation of this dream book represents the crocodile as a symbol of duplicity and hypocrisy. This animal reflects the opportunism, cunning and resourcefulness characteristic of the dreamer.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

The author introduces the crocodile as an imaginary friend who seeks to drag you into serious troubles. Also in this dream book there is an interpretation of a dream in which a toothed animal was depicted on a poster or label.

8 out of 10 dreams about a crocodile indicate an internal struggle

This image acts as a warning to the dreamer that in the struggle between feelings and common sense, it is better to give preference to the second.

According to Hasse's dream book

The appearance of an alligator, even a small one, personifies the insincerity and pretense that other people show towards the dreamer.

They may try to scare you or make you feel sorry for you, but you should not be manipulated by your environment, because they will only bring trouble.

According to Meneghetti's dream book

In this dream book, the crocodile is a reflection of the dreamer’s stubbornness and intractability. But if the animal attacked, in the near future you will become an object of ridicule.

Don't take them seriously and be careful in your interactions. Unexpected meanness or deception risks turning long-time friends into inveterate enemies.

Mortal combat, or Danger never sleeps...

The interpretation of a dream in which a baby crocodile attacks and bites you will surprise you. Such a plot may be a reflection of the dreamer’s character: he is ready to “tear and throw” just to prove that he is right. This quality can harm and ruin financial stability, suggests the Lunar Dream Book.

Do you watch one small crocodile attack and bite another? You will witness the fight between two strong rivals. And if in a dream you were disturbed by a picture in which a toothy little animal attacks a deer and bites, then you will come to the defense of a weak-willed colleague.


When deciphering a dream, it is necessary to take into account what the reptile did, how it behaved towards the sleeper, what actions the sleeper himself performed.


A dream in which a small reptile tries to bite reflects the character traits of the dreamer himself: the desire to push ahead, show aggression, stubbornly rush forward, just to prove to others his importance. Such personality traits can negatively affect business relationships and financial status.

If the animal bites not painfully, playfully, then you should prepare for minor troubles.


The dreamer faced an attack by a crocodile - in reality, he will be subjected to angry attacks from one of the family members.

A dream in which two predators attack each other has a negative meaning. In real life, the sleeper will witness a fierce confrontation between two strong competitors.

If the dreamer watches a crocodile attack an ungulate, then in reality he will stand up for a weak and helpless colleague.


A person feeding a tiny crocodile will in reality establish relationships with an old competitor.

The sleeper watches how the crocodile feeds and tears the victim apart - in reality he will witness injustice, but will not be able to correct the situation.

Run away

A crocodile is chasing a sleeping man - in real life you need to keep a treacherous person wearing a friendly mask at a distance.

The animal catches up with the dreamer on land - to positive events.

If you managed to escape from the reptile, things will go up and there will be an opportunity to solve complex problems.


Hush up the conflict. A dream in which you managed to drive an animal outside has a similar meaning.

step on

The dreamer crushed a tiny crocodile - this means big troubles that you will have to deal with alone. You can solve problems, the main thing is to be persistent.

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