Dream Interpretation of people who are fond of Basketball: why do women or men who are fond of Basketball dream?

Playing basketball in a dream is a bad sign. You need to work hard and hard to achieve success in life. In this case, you need to take into account the smallest details of the dream in order to interpret it correctly. Next, we’ll take a closer look at what it means to play basketball in a dream according to popular dream books.

Miller's Dream Book

The famous expert on human dreams, Gustav Miller, in his dream book voiced the following scenarios if you dreamed of basketball:

  • You took part in a match in a dream - you can count on the support of a friend.
  • You were sick at the stadium - you prefer to achieve your goals systematically, without risk.
  • Watching a match on TV in a dream means that many everyday joys are not available to you.
  • In a dream you trained a basketball “team” - expect tempting offers.

Who had the dream

Depending on who dreamed of basketball, the meaning differs. Look at the interpretation options taking into account the gender of the dreamer.

To a woman

If a woman dreams of basketball, according to Vanga’s dream book, this is a harbinger of a meeting with a former lover. The dream may promise restoration of relationships.

To a man

According to Felomena’s dream book, if a man saw basketball in a dream, he will meet an unpleasant person and communication will not be productive. If the dreamer played himself in the dream, difficulties await him at work.


According to G. Ivanov’s newest dream book, if a pregnant woman dreams of basketball, then this is a good sign. The dream promises the birth of a healthy and strong child who will have a happy destiny.

The sadness of defeat is a sign of betrayal

If you dreamed that, despite the fact that the team played well, you still lost, then in reality you should be prepared for the betrayal of a person whom you considered especially close. Playing poorly in a dream and losing is a sign that you yourself are to blame for the fact that the attitudes of others towards you do not correspond to the desires you put forward.

Why do you dream of a vision in which the team desperately fought against strong opponents, but they still managed to play better, Pastor Loff’s dream book will tell you. Such dreams suggest that you cannot judge people by their first impression; they may not be what they seem.

I had a dream about Basketball according to the Modern Dream Book

If in a dream you watched a basketball game on TV, it means you are jealous of someone. You don't have what he has. Apparently, due to some circumstances, you cannot achieve this right now, and this is driving you crazy. This can apply not only to material, but also to intangible things. Maybe you want warmth and cordial relationships, like in the family of your friends; or you feel that the time has come and you are ready to get married and start a family; or you are eager to meet your soul mate as soon as possible; or you dream of visiting some place; etc. If you feel jealous, that's normal. It encourages you to expand your horizons. Convincing yourself that what you want actually exists (through the example of someone you envy) motivates you to take targeted action.

Watching a basketball match on a sports ground in a dream means that you are not a risky person at all. Moreover, you do not approve of other people's adventurous actions. You are very careful (sometimes even too careful). In some situations, this character trait may be inappropriate, preventing you from enjoying life.

If you see in a dream only some attributes of a basketball game (for example, a basket or a ball), this means the successful implementation of all your plans. All your endeavors will be promising. They will bring you success not only in business, but also happiness in your personal life. Do your best and get lucky.

Being a coach - From authority to the need to be recognized...

Do you want to know why you dream that you play sports and coach the basketball “team”? Such interpretations are available in many dream books. For example, if you see yourself teaching children to throw a basketball into a basket, then you can count on success and increased authority among colleagues.

And if in reality you are far from sports, and in a dream you appear as a first-class basketball coach, deftly throwing a basketball into the basket, standing with your back to it, then this speaks of the need to be visible.

What kind of basketball did you dream about?

It is important to try to remember what kind of basketball you dreamed about. This detail will tell you the true meaning of the dream.


According to interpreter Miller, if you saw men’s basketball in a dream, this is a harbinger of the appearance of an opponent or rival. In reality, you will encounter jealousy, and you will have a good reason for it.


Seeing women's basketball in a dream means meanness on the part of a close friend or comrade. The dream promises disappointment in people. Don’t idealize those around you, don’t expect more from them than they can give you.


According to the Lunar Dream Book, if you dream about children's basketball, this is a warning. You will find it difficult to implement your idea due to unforeseen circumstances.


Felomena's dream book interprets the dream as follows: if you dreamed of professional basketball, successful negotiations await you. You will be able to agree on something that is extremely important for you in the current period of life.


Seeing amateur basketball in a dream means increased income and financial well-being. An increase in quality of life and abundance awaits you.


According to Jung's dream book, if there was street basketball in the dream, good news awaits you in reality. You will learn some information that will make you happier and give you joy.

The fan is an important “element” of the game, or Work: difficulties and successes...

The person who dreamed that he was rooting for a friend playing basketball should be prepared for the fact that difficult and painstaking work will fall to his lot. But how “monetary” it will be will be determined by the nuances that you should pay attention to when interpreting why you dream that you are an ardent basketball fan.

Interpretations of a dream in which a friend and his basketball teammates won a difficult battle with an enemy predict “money rain.” Losing promises meager pay despite great physical and moral effort, the Eastern Dream Book upsets.

Where did they play basketball in a dream?

Depending on where the events of the dream unfolded, its meaning will differ.

On the street

According to Fedorovskaya’s dream book, if you dreamed that you were playing basketball on the street, this is a good sign. The dream indicates an exciting journey, a trip to another country or city.

At the stadium

According to Martyn Zadeki’s dream book, if you play basketball at a stadium, in reality you will encounter excessive attention from people of the opposite sex. You will have many fans or admirers.

At school

According to E. Erickson’s dream book, if you dreamed about playing basketball at school, in reality you will have to deal with the consequences of your mistakes, rash decisions and actions. The dream promises trouble.

In the forest

Seeing basketball in the forest in a dream means the successful completion of started projects. A breakthrough in business and rapid achievement of the desired results awaits you.

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