Why dream of kissing a man: dream book about kissing

Dreams can predict the future or show what not to do so as not to attract danger. For a detailed interpretation, you need to use several dream books, this will help you get an accurate result. Dreams of an intimate nature mean a meeting or a new relationship. The general message of a dream in which a man kisses a breast is always positive, but different interpretations are possible, depending on a number of details.

Interpretation in popular dream books

Interpretation of dreams according to various dream books:

  1. Miller gives his interpretation of the vision of the kiss. If you happened to kiss your ex, and at that moment you are in a relationship, then everything is not as good and stable as it seems at first glance. A dream can also symbolize a situation where, during parting, all the dots were not completed, so in your heart you want to return to that time again in order to find answers to all your questions. It may be possible to revive lost feelings and renew relationships. I had to kiss my loved one - betrayal awaits in reality. Good news promises a kiss with a stranger. This may be a symbol of an imminent wedding if an unmarried girl had a vision. A surprise promises a dream about a kiss with a young man you don’t know. A kiss with a friend - joyful events; with an enemy - reconciliation with someone with whom you recently had a quarrel. If one of the lovers dreams of a kiss with a friend, this means separation from him. Separation or betrayal is foreshadowed by a vision in which you happen to kiss your own husband. Perhaps this will be temporary, and the dream is associated with his imminent departure. A kiss with your ex-husband indicates that the relationship was not completely completed; it is worth dotting all the “i”s so that your soul becomes more calm. A dream in which a girl kisses a girl can mean an imminent conflict with your friend, disputes and troubles. If a young guy dreams that two girls are kissing, it means that a pleasant surprise awaits him.
  2. Freud's Dream Book. A dream seen by a woman promises her a new relationship. You need to be careful, because the man will turn out to be a gigolo. If a man dreams of a kiss, he needs to treat his chosen one more tenderly. She feels lonely and suffers from lack of attention. Watching someone kiss in a dream means being involved in an unpleasant situation; perhaps you will become an accomplice in not the best deeds.
  3. Loff's Dream Book. For this interpreter, kisses are just a symbol of the manifestation of one’s sexual desires.
  4. Vanga's dream book. The seer claimed that a kiss with her ex-husband is a reflection of past feelings, experiences and emotions. Perhaps one of the partners wants to renew the relationship. If the dream does not evoke any emotions, then it promises the manifestation of some unexpected events in reality that could destroy your new, already established relationship. If you happened to kiss your ex-boyfriend, then this indicates that everything is not very smooth in the new relationship. If a guy sees a dream in which he kisses a beautiful girl, this foreshadows his imminent marriage in reality. A kiss with a stranger means new acquaintances, a relationship doomed to suffering in advance. This could be a person who himself has a bad reputation, and “bestows” it on all his new passions. Watching your friend being kissed by a stranger means you should be attentive to new proposals from your significant other, colleagues and friends. Kissing a dead person in a dream is a very bad sign, which can be a symbol of imminent disappointments and troubles. Material losses, the development of a serious illness and separation from loved ones, even their death, are possible.

Important. Some dream books claim the opposite: a kiss with a dead person foreshadows a long and happy life.

Popular interpreters

Each dream book takes as a basis an emphasis on some detail that allows you to look deeper into the interpretation of the dream and see the hidden meaning. In Miller's dream book one can find the following interpretations of the plot:

  • A man kisses a woman on the chest. There will be many pleasant moments and pleasure for the sleeping woman. For unmarried people, this is a prediction of a meeting with a fan who could become a spouse.
  • Kiss the ear and neck - tell something important, share valuable information. The dream indicates a trusting relationship between partners. If a stranger kisses, then this is a secret admirer or a man who wants to be friends.
  • Hugging a girl or carrying her in your arms while kissing her. The dream predicts positive events and joint recreation.

According to Vanga’s interpreter, kisses and hugs mean reliability and a successful search for a soul mate. If a stranger kisses you, then this means the appearance of a admirer and new interesting acquaintances. But to see how a partner hugs and kisses another is a sign of betrayal and quarrels in reality. Perhaps soon there will be an intensity of passions that will lead to a break in relations.

According to the Mayan interpreter, kissing a woman means taking a bold step or not being afraid of the judgment of others. In reality, there will be an opportunity to stand out among others and the sleeping woman will take advantage of it.

Kissing a man or showing him your breasts means intimacy and new pleasant emotions. For the sleeping woman, this is also a prediction of a stormy relationship or meeting a new lover. With such visions, it is important to pay attention to the little things. For example, a pile of things in the background or an untidy room will indicate minor family problems, but cleanliness and order will indicate pleasant emotions and pleasure.

When interpreting night dreams, you need to pay attention to the day of the week, because some dreams may not come true. Psychologists advise to perceive dreams as subconscious mechanical pictures, which are simply a projection of desires and do not have much meaning. Esotericists disagree with this and claim that even an ordinary and inconspicuous, at first glance, dream can reveal a serious meaning. In order to decipher the message as accurately as possible, you need to stock up on modern interpreters and not forget about the details.

Kisses with husband, boyfriend

If you happened to kiss your loved one in a dream, it means that in reality you should be prepared for any unexpected incidents. Since this vision is a symbol of separation from your soulmate. If the kiss with your husband was passionate, then separation awaits you. When it did not evoke any special emotions, it means that the partner can simply leave for a while (to go to relatives, on a business trip, etc.).

A dream in which you saw a kiss with a boyfriend or husband after a long separation or a strong quarrel indicates that the old relationship will not be able to be restored.

Dream Interpretation - Naked man

Seeing yourself naked symbolizes weakness and defenselessness before fate in a given period of time. Most likely, this is due to an approaching illness. Your body is significantly weakened, and such a dream is a kind of warning sign, a request from your body for help. Listen to yourself: timely preventive measures will save you from “breakdown” for several days, or even weeks. If you see one of your acquaintances, friends or close relatives naked, advise them to do the same - undergo a medical examination. However, this disease can be of a common cold nature. In addition to illness, such a dream for men can mean some problematic situation at work or in your personal life, which will bring significant changes to your life. If a woman sees a naked man in a dream, this betrays her desire - intentional or subconscious - to humiliate him, to take revenge on the person who recently offended her. Plans for insidious revenge are constantly being formed in your head. A naked man in your bed symbolizes your desire to find a worthy life partner, to find reliable support and protection in his person. The current state of affairs has been weighing on you for quite some time. Try to change the situation - perhaps a new twist of fate awaits you. If a naked man attacks you in a dream, trouble awaits you from a direction where you do not expect it. Be careful - your self-confidence is sometimes not as justified as you think.

Kissing a stranger

If you dream of a kiss from an unfamiliar man, you can safely count on joyful events and changes in your life. Most likely, you will be able to meet your soulmate or return to your old relationship, making it more tender and lasting.

No less positive is a dream in which you happened to kiss a stranger. The vision also promises the dreamer positive changes in life. If the kiss was passionate and evoked pleasant emotions in the sleeping lady, it means that changes will concern her personal life. To see such a dream without any feelings means you can count on material well-being.

With a dead man

A dream in which you happen to kiss a dead person can have several interpretations. They completely depend on the nuances of sleep:

  1. Resolution of problems is promised by a vision in which the sleeper, without any emotion, kisses the deceased on the lips.
  2. If you dreamed of a kiss from a deceased person, and at that time the dreamer experiences a feeling of fear or panic, it means that in reality many problems will appear, related to both finances and health.
  3. A dream in which you had a chance to kiss an unfamiliar dead person promises great luck and success in all your endeavors.

Despite the contradiction in dream books, it is worth choosing for yourself the most suitable option for deciphering the dream. And in any case, it will be useful to take care of your health and the condition of your loved ones.

I dreamed of a passionate kiss

If you had a chance to passionately kiss a man in a dream, expect separation. This is how many dream books interpret vision.

But there is another opinion on this matter:

  1. This vision promises prosperity and a strong union to a couple in love.
  2. If you happened to see a passionate kiss with an old woman or an old man, it means illness.
  3. The sympathy of the opposite sex is foreshadowed by a vision where the kiss took place in the light of day.
  4. Watching other people passionately kiss means loss or illness.
  5. Joy and prosperity - if you dreamed of kissing children.

Many dream books claim that this dream can only be a symbol of unspent love and unexpressed sexual desire.

With an ex-man

All dreams in which you had to kiss your ex-partner indicate that the past relationship has not yet exhausted itself. Depending on what emotions the dream evokes, it is worth drawing conclusions:

  • Feeling longing and loss when kissing in a dream could mean your partner is attracted to you. Especially if the separation was on his initiative.
  • If the kiss caused a feeling of rejection in the dreamer, it means that it is worth speaking out again, clarifying the situation, and sorting out controversial issues.
  • Lack of emotions - you shouldn’t go back to the past, you need to concentrate on the present.

A dream with a kiss with an ex who died speaks of longing for him.

General interpretation

Kisses are a symbol of tender affection, love and fidelity. The more openly a man behaves with a woman in a dream, the more pleasant the moments will be in reality. Often night visions are a projection of a woman’s desires, of what she lacks in everyday life.

Accepting signs of attention and feeling affection from your man means new emotions in a relationship, loyalty and affection for each other. Such a dream indicates that the couple has reached mutual understanding at the highest level and feels each other mentally.

If an unfamiliar man kisses a woman’s breast, then for the sleeping woman this is a prediction of a pleasant meeting and light flirtation. For a married woman, the dream foreshadows increased male attention at work or hidden feelings from a family friend. A passionate kiss from your husband and further caresses means pleasant surprises and family joys. Probably, the spouse wants to pamper and is looking for options to surprise.

The following interpretations can also be considered positive:

  • A loved one kisses the neck - a man wants to say an important thing, perhaps make an offer or offer to live together. If the situation in the dream is pleasant and lightness is felt, then you need to agree.
  • The guy kisses the girl on the chest. Feeling the kisses of a stranger means new fans and, possibly, the emergence of new interesting and romantic relationships.
  • I dream of a romantic dinner and kisses. A pleasant vision that will give not only a good mood, but also new influential friends or a secret admirer.

But if you dreamed of a naked man, then this could provoke quarrels or a showdown in reality. If this is a stranger, then there will be problems with money or at work, so you need to be careful and check the documentation well.

In night dreams, where a man begins to pester you and the sleeping woman feels severe discomfort, there is also a hidden warning about possible problems at work: one of the employees is going to set you up . You need to be prepared for slander and try to adequately perceive the aggression of others.

Hugs from a familiar man and pleasant kisses guarantee positive events in life. Probably, the sleeping woman lacks male support and a reliable shoulder, so in her dreams images of handsome and strong men come to her.

Types of kisses

The meaning of the vision and what can happen in reality depend on what the kiss was like. A French deep and passionate kiss in night dreams speaks of trust in your partner and strong passion. Probably, the relationship is based on physical attraction and it is the spiritual connection that is lacking. A girl needs to reconsider her behavior and spend more time with her partner in order to learn about his tastes, preferences, and take the relationship to a new level.

A friendly kiss on the cheek and a pleasant light hug in a dream mean that in reality, after a while, a male friend will appear with whom it will be quite comfortable and pleasant to spend time. If the sleeping woman had problems, then the vision promises the appearance of someone who will help solve all the unpleasant moments.

A gentle and sweet kiss on the neck, and then on the chest from a handsome guy will mean new acquaintances; in reality, men are eyeing the dreamer, but for some reason she does not allow them to approach her. You need to open up a little, attract attention and let true love into your life.

Feeling kisses in a dream, but not seeing a man, means problems on the intimate front. There may be disagreements with your partner or minor quarrels in life. You need to wait out this period of increased emotional activity and not be fooled by provocations. Kissing through force or violence leads to health problems . It could be an unexpected illness or forgotten emotional wounds. You need to find the willpower within yourself and simply survive these troubles.

A hard kiss symbolizes jealousy, the desire to control your other half and constantly be near her. If a guy kisses his chest like this, then something unpleasant will happen soon, perhaps a breakup or betrayal by his partner.

The meaning is in the eyes

Night dreams twist reality, and often the subconscious shows what a woman wants to see or feel. Not all dreams can be deciphered in detail due to a lack of details. Intimate visions can predict the future if the man’s face is visible, namely his eyes. This factor helps to decipher in more detail what you saw at night and extract as much information as possible:

  • Eyes are open and looking straight at the woman - a guy will appear who is ready to move mountains for the sake of his beloved. If you dream that he passionately kisses you on the lips for a long time and does not break visual contact, then the dream can be considered a prediction of a meeting with fate.
  • A sleeping woman kisses a man who looks away - to treason or lies. Probably the husband is looking for joy on the side or has a girlfriend with whom he is having fun.
  • Kissing a guy whose eyes are closed means seeking affection and support from a person who does not reciprocate his feelings. This is a one-sided game, the lady better give up the idea of ​​fighting for her lover, because this relationship will not bring anything good.

When you dream that your partner is crying or his eyes begin to water, then in reality the man is worried about the relationship and is afraid of disappointment or dissatisfaction on the part of his other half. A lady should listen a little to her chosen one and stop dominating the relationship. In dreams where the chosen one hugs and kisses another, there is an encrypted warning that perhaps the man has a girlfriend on his side or he often succumbs to love temptations.

If you dream that a man turns away from the sleeping woman and goes to meet another, in reality the partner is thinking about breaking off the relationship. Perhaps he has already found a replacement for his soul mate or is simply tired of this relationship. The dream warns: you need to talk as soon as possible, to put all the dots in place so that later it won’t be too late.

The meaning of sleeping with a girl

Kissing a girl in a dream may be a sign that some changes are expected in the dreamer's life:

  1. A girl sees herself kissing another lady, which means that enmity may develop between you and your friend. This quarrel can develop because of the guy or due to unforeseen disagreements associated with misunderstanding.
  2. If a guy has a dream in which he kisses an older woman, it means that in reality he will be disappointed in his relationship with his soulmate.
  3. A dream about a kiss with a beautiful girl promises a quick wedding. If she was not very attractive, then the relationship will be broken.

When in a dream you happen to see a plot where there are many girls and the dreamer kisses them, it means that the sleeper will have luck in life and joyful events.

Breast symbol in a dream

Of course, when interpreting such dreams, one cannot ignore the meaning of the bust itself, which was dreamed at night. In psychology, the general meaning of such a dream is the need for the love and care of a mother. This part of the body is also supposed to be a symbol of food and abundance.

Such dreams become a reflection of the need for safety, well-being and care. Breasts often indicate that a person is looking for close people on whom he can lean. Or the dreamer simply needs a safe place to rest and even cry about his troubles. The bust is very often dreamed of by deeply lonely people. Sometimes such a dream is a reflection of the need to confidently and calmly solve all problems.

A woman's bust often indicates repressed sexual desires, which a person should pay more attention to. You can find other interpretations in dream books:

  1. Happiness. As some ancient books tell, the breasts of a beautiful woman predict many joyful events.
  2. Personal immaturity. The bust indicates an immature personality who subconsciously yearns to return to infancy. Such a person does not want to take on any responsibilities.
  3. Success and losses. Large breasts often promise significant success, while small breasts can warn of financial losses.
  4. Luck. A baby suckling at the breast is a very bright and powerful symbol of good luck.

Although most people who dream of a woman's bust may not notice a lack of care and love, this does not mean that problems are absent. It is possible that this request appears on a psychological level, especially when a person is under stress. It is also a symbol of the need for spiritual support. This is the need for that food that will satiate the spirit.

Sometimes a beautiful female bust can indicate an upcoming love affair, and the breasts of an old woman can indicate a fear of losing power. Usually a bust seen in a dream does not have any sexual connotation.

What portends for married, unmarried

If a married girl sees a dream that is associated with a kiss, then she should take a closer look at her surroundings and be prepared for any turn of events:

  1. In a dream, kissing a man on the lips means betrayal on the part of your significant other.
  2. A kiss on the cheek is a sweet surprise.
  3. A dream where someone else kisses your husband means unpleasant conversations and gossip. Perhaps some of your secrets will soon be revealed.
  4. A dream in which a married lady had to kiss her deceased lover promises problems with women's health. In this case, it is important not to ignore the sign and check the condition of the internal organs.
  5. If a married lady kisses another girl in a dream, it means a quarrel with her husband’s relatives.

For an unmarried girl, a dream with a kiss may indicate that her life will change for the better:

  1. The girl looks at the kiss from the side - she will soon have success with men.
  2. Seeing how you had to kiss a stranger or your boyfriend - there may be a quick wedding.
  3. There was a kiss with an older man - to some obstacles on the way.
  4. In a dream, kissing a man you know means peace and harmony in relations with relatives.
  5. If a girl kisses another girl, a quarrel may arise. According to other sources, this vision is a symbol of the fact that in life you will meet a person who will influence the fate of the sleeping lady.

If a girl is already preparing for a wedding, such a dream indicates haste in choosing a partner. Most likely, this is not the person you should connect your life with.

Feelings and associations

When interpreting dreams with a bust, a person can guess for himself why he saw this or that sign. This will be prompted by the sensations that first arose immediately after waking up. Possible associations related to breasts:

  • fear;
  • wish;
  • excitement;
  • confusion;
  • uncertainty;
  • waiting for a surprise;
  • luck;
  • hope;
  • heartache;
  • joy;
  • awareness;
  • Love;
  • wealth;
  • rewarding;
  • puzzled.

It is not always possible to remember all the details of a dream in the morning. Usually only fragments of the most striking symbols and some sensations remain. In this case, when searching for the hidden meaning of a dream, you need to take into account vivid associations or emotions that persist after awakening.

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