Why dream of kissing a man: dream book about kissing

Photo: shutterstock.com: UGC There are people who constantly dream about something, and there are those who only dream occasionally. What does it mean to kiss in a dream? Vivid images sometimes confuse and make you think. It is believed that dreams are a reflection of our thoughts and subconscious. Therefore, their decoding should be given special attention.

Interpretation in popular dream books

Interpretation of dreams according to various dream books:

  1. Miller gives his interpretation of the vision of the kiss. If you happened to kiss your ex, and at that moment you are in a relationship, then everything is not as good and stable as it seems at first glance. A dream can also symbolize a situation where, during parting, all the dots were not completed, so in your heart you want to return to that time again in order to find answers to all your questions. It may be possible to revive lost feelings and renew relationships. I had to kiss my loved one - betrayal awaits in reality. Good news promises a kiss with a stranger. This may be a symbol of an imminent wedding if an unmarried girl had a vision. A surprise promises a dream about a kiss with a young man you don’t know. A kiss with a friend - joyful events; with an enemy - reconciliation with someone with whom you recently had a quarrel. If one of the lovers dreams of a kiss with a friend, this means separation from him. Separation or betrayal is foreshadowed by a vision in which you happen to kiss your own husband. Perhaps this will be temporary, and the dream is associated with his imminent departure. A kiss with your ex-husband indicates that the relationship was not completely completed; it is worth dotting all the “i”s so that your soul becomes more calm. A dream in which a girl kisses a girl can mean an imminent conflict with your friend, disputes and troubles. If a young guy dreams that two girls are kissing, it means that a pleasant surprise awaits him.
  2. Freud's Dream Book. A dream seen by a woman promises her a new relationship. You need to be careful, because the man will turn out to be a gigolo. If a man dreams of a kiss, he needs to treat his chosen one more tenderly. She feels lonely and suffers from lack of attention. Watching someone kiss in a dream means being involved in an unpleasant situation; perhaps you will become an accomplice in not the best deeds.
  3. Loff's Dream Book. For this interpreter, kisses are just a symbol of the manifestation of one’s sexual desires.
  4. Vanga's dream book. The seer claimed that a kiss with her ex-husband is a reflection of past feelings, experiences and emotions. Perhaps one of the partners wants to renew the relationship. If the dream does not evoke any emotions, then it promises the manifestation of some unexpected events in reality that could destroy your new, already established relationship. If you happened to kiss your ex-boyfriend, then this indicates that everything is not very smooth in the new relationship. If a guy sees a dream in which he kisses a beautiful girl, this foreshadows his imminent marriage in reality. A kiss with a stranger means new acquaintances, a relationship doomed to suffering in advance. This could be a person who himself has a bad reputation, and “bestows” it on all his new passions. Watching your friend being kissed by a stranger means you should be attentive to new proposals from your significant other, colleagues and friends. Kissing a dead person in a dream is a very bad sign, which can be a symbol of imminent disappointments and troubles. Material losses, the development of a serious illness and separation from loved ones, even their death, are possible.

Important. Some dream books claim the opposite: a kiss with a dead person foreshadows a long and happy life.

If you dream of a kiss: Azar's dream book

Here is the interpretation Azar offers:

  • You were kissed - you will be disappointed in your friends.
  • The dream of “kissing a woman on the lips” means quarrels and disputes.
  • A vampire's kiss is a threat to life.
  • The dream of “kissing a girl” indicates a pleasant surprise.
  • Kissing the bird means harmony in the family.
  • Kissing a child means being cheerful until old age.
  • Why dream of a kiss with a male friend? To infidelity.
  • Kisses are deception and lying friends.
  • Watching doves kiss is affection.

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Kisses with husband, boyfriend

If you happened to kiss your loved one in a dream, it means that in reality you should be prepared for any unexpected incidents. Since this vision is a symbol of separation from your soulmate. If the kiss with your husband was passionate, then separation awaits you. When it did not evoke any special emotions, it means that the partner can simply leave for a while (to go to relatives, on a business trip, etc.).

A dream in which you saw a kiss with a boyfriend or husband after a long separation or a strong quarrel indicates that the old relationship will not be able to be restored.

Interpretations of famous dream books

The value of the collections lies in the fact that the authors take into account the experience of different cultures when deciphering them. Analysis of dreams from different books allows you to create a holistic, accurate interpretation.


This source interprets kisses in two ways. Kisses from relatives are considered a positive omen. A harmonious period awaits the sleeping woman. Rest:

  1. Contact with a man reflects the character of a girl. She is full of frivolity, capable of ruining her own future. Miller recommends listening to the advice of wise people and correcting your behavior.
  2. If a young lady is taken by surprise in the arms of a gentleman, then it’s time for her to reduce communication. There are unworthy individuals rubbing around. They will cause trouble.
  3. A kiss with a friend or colleague hints at strong friendships.


A psychotherapist predicts a relationship with a gigolo for a woman. A man is also not recommended to give in to obsessive people.


The author does not interpret such stories. They are a reflection of sexual temperament.


The esotericist sees only the bad in the image. Kissing your loved one is a harbinger of betrayal. With a stranger - betrayal. You will encounter tough, unfair people. The source of her worries will not necessarily be her sweetheart. On the contrary, he will be the only comforter and support.


Conflicts over trifles. If the initiative comes from a man, then he seeks to receive secret pleasures. If the sleeping woman tries to kiss, she will be happy in love. The caresses of an unknown person are a scandal. A friend is in trouble.


In the UK there is a special attitude towards women's reputation. Pictures of kissing are deciphered from this fundamental position:

  1. With a stranger - the beloved is a hypocrite. He will harm, betray.
  2. With your current heart friend - to a harmonious union.
  3. With a spouse - treason.

Most of women's troubles, according to English tradition, are associated with being left without a livelihood.


The seer associated tender contact with unbreakable friendship and reconciliation in a quarrel. However, she warned:

  1. Girls initiating contact. They are about to meet a guy who cannot be trusted.
  2. Women who kissed a dead man. A harbinger of a terrible illness, probably death.

French dream book

A good omen. Forecasts all kinds of joys. They promise the sleeping one the delights of shared love.


Current interpreters have associated the decoding with the time of dreams:

  1. On the nights of Wednesday, Sunday and Friday - trouble.
  2. On other days, the image reflects the passion of the dreamer’s nature.

Warning: you may accidentally spill your secrets and those of others. This will lead to a scandal.


The authors explain the sensations:

  1. A long kiss means parting with a loved one, bringing pain.
  2. Sensual is a disease.
  3. Painful - release from responsibility, care.

The cold lips of a passion partner are a mark of death.


Quarrels, scandals, fights.

New family

Marital kiss - reconciliation, harmony. A guy and a girl - an imminent wedding. With an enemy, peace will be established with a friend.


A harbinger of separation. The paths of those who kissed will diverge forever.


Kissing a dead person means you will have a secret. If you come to life, you will find out the secret. With a pleasant young man there is joy. An old or ugly man nearby is a nuisance.

Kissing a stranger

If you dream of a kiss from an unfamiliar man, you can safely count on joyful events and changes in your life. Most likely, you will be able to meet your soulmate or return to your old relationship, making it more tender and lasting.

No less positive is a dream in which you happened to kiss a stranger. The vision also promises the dreamer positive changes in life. If the kiss was passionate and evoked pleasant emotions in the sleeping lady, it means that changes will concern her personal life. To see such a dream without any feelings means you can count on material well-being.

With a dead man

A dream in which you happen to kiss a dead person can have several interpretations. They completely depend on the nuances of sleep:

  1. Resolution of problems is promised by a vision in which the sleeper, without any emotion, kisses the deceased on the lips.
  2. If you dreamed of a kiss from a deceased person, and at that time the dreamer experiences a feeling of fear or panic, it means that in reality many problems will appear, related to both finances and health.
  3. A dream in which you had a chance to kiss an unfamiliar dead person promises great luck and success in all your endeavors.

Despite the contradiction in dream books, it is worth choosing for yourself the most suitable option for deciphering the dream. And in any case, it will be useful to take care of your health and the condition of your loved ones.

I dreamed of a passionate kiss

If you had a chance to passionately kiss a man in a dream, expect separation. This is how many dream books interpret vision.

But there is another opinion on this matter:

  1. This vision promises prosperity and a strong union to a couple in love.
  2. If you happened to see a passionate kiss with an old woman or an old man, it means illness.
  3. The sympathy of the opposite sex is foreshadowed by a vision where the kiss took place in the light of day.
  4. Watching other people passionately kiss means loss or illness.
  5. Joy and prosperity - if you dreamed of kissing children.

Many dream books claim that this dream can only be a symbol of unspent love and unexpressed sexual desire.

With an ex-man

All dreams in which you had to kiss your ex-partner indicate that the past relationship has not yet exhausted itself. Depending on what emotions the dream evokes, it is worth drawing conclusions:

  • Feeling longing and loss when kissing in a dream could mean your partner is attracted to you. Especially if the separation was on his initiative.
  • If the kiss caused a feeling of rejection in the dreamer, it means that it is worth speaking out again, clarifying the situation, and sorting out controversial issues.
  • Lack of emotions - you shouldn’t go back to the past, you need to concentrate on the present.

A dream with a kiss with an ex who died speaks of longing for him.

Basic values

A kiss in a dream means the possibility of sudden rapprochement and is considered not as a prediction, but as a hypothetical possibility. At the same time, you can check your own reaction, how you like it.

  • Kissing some thing or object means that you dream about this object and would like to purchase it, but for some reason you don’t. Try to get what you want, preferably through legal means. You will not only get pleasure, but also an excellent amulet. Even if it's a Lego dinosaur.
  • I rarely dream about kissing my husband or my regular boyfriend. Why, if in real life you have the opportunity to kiss a loved one as much as you like. If you dream of a kiss with your husband, it means that you miss him, you lack warmth and affection. There may be difficulties in relationships.
  • Seeing others kissing in a dream is a sign of envy and the possibility of adventure. Beware, the innocent fun that you start out of boredom will turn into a powerful avalanche that will completely engulf you and begin to control your actions.
  • You are kissed by a person whose motives you do not fully understand. Maybe he is trying to get closer to you for selfish reasons or pursuing career goals. In a dream, you joke and allow yourself to be kissed, having fun. Such a dream should be taken as a warning and a warning about danger.
  • A kiss with a stranger, a stranger, means an interesting surprise.
  • Exciting kisses with a distant acquaintance, colleague, or security guard mean that you are desperately bored and are ready to come up with adventures on your own. Try to prevent a breakdown and organize adventures for yourself - go on vacation, to a climbing wall, on a hike, to a trampoline park. Cinema or theater are not suitable in this case - you need to throw out emotions, not gain new ones.
  • A passionate kiss with a friend - perhaps you are really close in spirit. This is not a reason to immediately turn friendly relationships into sexual ones or, on the contrary, to run away from communication. Female hormonal levels are unstable and fluctuate depending on many factors. A slight hesitation should not be mistaken for homosexual inclinations. Kissing a friend on the cheek means profit.
  • Kissing your ex-husband or boyfriend in a dream means that at the moment you have not found a worthy replacement, and sometimes old feelings can be disturbed. Something was left unsaid, unfinished. You are not obligated to bring everything to the end, express your thoughts, or, on the contrary, rush into hugs. If the decision is made and it's firm, just shrug it off and move on. Everyone has ghosts from their past, but not everyone has to return to them.
  • Getting closer to the person you like in a dream promises an amazing romance in reality. Not necessarily with the same person.
  • If in a dream you tenderly kiss the mirror and flirt with your own reflection, this shows a high level of narcissism. Perhaps you really like yourself very much and don't need anyone else. If that suits you, then why not? But in reality, such behavior is not very comfortable, because those around you demand reciprocity and are not ready to give you the same love as you would like, without a mutual reaction.

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The meaning of sleeping with a girl

Kissing a girl in a dream may be a sign that some changes are expected in the dreamer's life:

  1. A girl sees herself kissing another lady, which means that enmity may develop between you and your friend. This quarrel can develop because of the guy or due to unforeseen disagreements associated with misunderstanding.
  2. If a guy has a dream in which he kisses an older woman, it means that in reality he will be disappointed in his relationship with his soulmate.
  3. A dream about a kiss with a beautiful girl promises a quick wedding. If she was not very attractive, then the relationship will be broken.

When in a dream you happen to see a plot where there are many girls and the dreamer kisses them, it means that the sleeper will have luck in life and joyful events.

Why do you dream about a kiss: Vanga’s dream book

I wonder how the soothsayer explained this? Then check out the transcript:

  • If you dream of a kiss, this is a good sign.
  • Kiss the children - make peace with your family and improve things at work.
  • Kissing your mother means success, respect from partners.
  • Kissing your brother/sister means pleasure and strong friendship await you.
  • Kissing a woman in the dark means beware of debauchery, but kissing in the light means treating the opposite sex well.
  • Kissing a stranger or stranger in a dream is likely to commit immoral acts.
  • Seeing your rival kiss your beloved - you may lose her favor.
  • Why do you dream about spouses kissing? There is harmony in the family, which will always be in the house.
  • Kissing an enemy means making peace with a friend.
  • An inexperienced girl kisses in a dream and is taken by surprise - perhaps your friends will treat you dishonestly.

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What portends for married, unmarried

If a married girl sees a dream that is associated with a kiss, then she should take a closer look at her surroundings and be prepared for any turn of events:

  1. In a dream, kissing a man on the lips means betrayal on the part of your significant other.
  2. A kiss on the cheek is a sweet surprise.
  3. A dream where someone else kisses your husband means unpleasant conversations and gossip. Perhaps some of your secrets will soon be revealed.
  4. A dream in which a married lady had to kiss her deceased lover promises problems with women's health. In this case, it is important not to ignore the sign and check the condition of the internal organs.
  5. If a married lady kisses another girl in a dream, it means a quarrel with her husband’s relatives.

For an unmarried girl, a dream with a kiss may indicate that her life will change for the better:

  1. The girl looks at the kiss from the side - she will soon have success with men.
  2. Seeing how you had to kiss a stranger or your boyfriend - there may be a quick wedding.
  3. There was a kiss with an older man - to some obstacles on the way.
  4. In a dream, kissing a man you know means peace and harmony in relations with relatives.
  5. If a girl kisses another girl, a quarrel may arise. According to other sources, this vision is a symbol of the fact that in life you will meet a person who will influence the fate of the sleeping lady.

If a girl is already preparing for a wedding, such a dream indicates haste in choosing a partner. Most likely, this is not the person you should connect your life with.

Kissing on the lips according to Miller's dream book

According to Miller, the context of your dream is very important, which would be good to remember in all details. If the kiss is surrounded by an aura of mystery and everything happens in the dark, then this is not a good sign. Miller says be careful with your social circle and the places you visit. Perhaps they will try to lure you into some scandalous story related to debauchery. If you do not see the person you are kissing, then the problem of your dissolute behavior and troubles with others is you.

If you see two children kissing in a dream, then this is, on the contrary, an extremely positive symbol. Success in your career and reconciliation in the family await you.

Who did you kiss in your dream?

A kiss in a dream - to the successful resolution of all disputes with friends

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