Why dream of kissing a man on the lips in a dream: interpretations of dream books

A kiss in a dream symbolizes changes in the dreamer's life. They can be both good and bad. It all depends on the details of the dream. If you enjoy a kiss with your loved one, then the dreamer will experience pleasant changes, but if on the contrary, then you need to beware of ill-wishers in real life. Next, we will take a closer look at what a kiss on the lips means according to popular dream books.

What they write about kissing a man on the lips

If in your dream you kissed on the lips with a man you know, in life this shows the development of your relationship. And the interpretation occurs depending on what kind of relationship you have with this man in reality.

  • If in a dream you kiss your ex-husband on the lips, then the authors of some dream books disagree. In Miller's book, English and Gypsy, this portends trouble in a relationship with him, and may also be an indicator that you do not know your “acting” husband or boyfriend as well as you would like. But the authors of the new family dream book are confident that such a dream, on the contrary, is a sign of harmonious family relationships in reality.
  • If you kissed a person with whom you are on bad terms in life, then troubles in the future are associated with the activities of other people.
  • According to the esoteric version, if an acquaintance kissed you, he is in danger of trouble.

What they write about kissing a guy on the lips

Why dream of kissing a guy on the lips? Most likely, outsiders will influence the course of your relationship with this person in the near future, and not for the better. Or this guy is starting to have a streak of troubles in his life.

  • Kissing a stranger. Why dream of a kiss on the lips with a guy you personally don’t know? In answering this question, many sources agree - if you kiss a stranger, then you are a very frivolous person, not burdened by high moral principles. And this is what will form the basis of your problems. It is worth reconsidering your views on life and relationships with people, and then it will be possible to avoid many unpleasant situations.
  • Kiss the guy you like.Why dream of kissing a guy you like on the lips? If you kiss a person you like, but have not yet been able to get close, you will achieve your goal, you just need to be bolder, and this does not only mean love. Direct all the power of your charm to those around you - and all peaks will be conquered by you.

Kisses with husband, boyfriend

If you happened to kiss your loved one in a dream, it means that in reality you should be prepared for any unexpected incidents. Since this vision is a symbol of separation from your soulmate. If the kiss with your husband was passionate, then separation awaits you. When it did not evoke any special emotions, it means that the partner can simply leave for a while (to go to relatives, on a business trip, etc.).

A dream in which you saw a kiss with a boyfriend or husband after a long separation or a strong quarrel indicates that the old relationship will not be able to be restored.

Interpretation of this dream according to various dream books

Miller's Dream Book

Miller interprets dreams that involve a kiss depending on who is being kissed. If this is a relative, then such a kiss in a dream will only bring joy from friendly relations.

If in a dream you see that your wife is being kissed on the lips, then this is a sign that soon your relatives and friends will no longer respect you. If a girl dreams that she is kissing someone else, and her husband took her by surprise, then this is a sign that the friends are not who they say they are; most likely, they will set their friend up very soon.

  • According to this dream book, a kiss with a man or guy indicates your frivolous actions in terms of morality. Kissing your husband in a dream means a harmonious and cloudless married life.
  • If a young lady is caught by surprise while kissing a fan, in reality she should be wary of fake friends who may commit an inappropriate act.
  • When asked why you dream of kissing an acquaintance on the lips, Miller’s dream book gives the following answer: pleasures and strong friendships await you.


  • This dream book says that if a woman kisses someone in a dream, it means she will meet an interesting young man who, as it turns out later, is an ordinary gigolo


  • Loff’s dream book says that a dream about a kiss is just the realization of sexual attraction to some person.


It is stated here that a kiss in a dream is a harbinger of betrayal and separation. The one who kissed you will become a source of trouble.

Tsvetkov interprets that a kiss in a dream only means treason or betrayal. Moreover, this may not necessarily be a betrayal of a loved one, maybe a stranger will simply deceive you, or a fraudster will take advantage of your gullibility.


  • Esoteric. If they kiss you, it means separation from your loved one, but if you are the initiator of the kiss, mutual love awaits you.

In this dream book, a kiss with a man foreshadows a conflict with a loved one over a trivial reason. Moreover, the more they kissed, the longer the quarrel will be. If an acquaintance kissed you, he is in danger of trouble.


If in a dream you kiss someone with whom you shouldn’t do this in reality, your friend and lover is being a hypocrite. If your loved one gives tender and passionate kisses, he is devoted to you and has crystal clear intentions towards you. When you kiss your spouse in a dream, in life he may turn out to be a treacherous person.


In the French dream book, dreams of kissing foretell good luck in all endeavors. And if you feel that someone is kissing you, unexpected joy awaits you.


The modern dream book warns that: If you dream of a kiss on the night of Wednesday, Friday or Sunday, all sorts of troubles await you. At other times, it may simply be a reflection of your secret desires and thoughts.

If the kiss was with a stranger, then your frankness and frivolous behavior will cause trouble.


A kiss is interpreted according to its signs: a passionate and sensual kiss foreshadows an illness, a long one - to a strong quarrel or a long, painful separation. Cold lips, according to the authors, are a mark of death. If it was painful, free yourself from some kind of concern.

New family

  • The new family interpreter claims that if you kissed your enemy in a dream, then in reality your relationship with your friend will improve. A marital kiss is a sign of harmony in a relationship.


In Gypsy, a kiss with a lover portends a quarrel with him, and a kiss with a stranger portends a fight.

Eastern female

According to this dream book, kissing someone means that soon your relationship will fizzle out and your paths will diverge.

Dream book of health

Here, kissing a colleague in a dream means conflicts at work. A kiss with a handsome man indicates dissatisfaction in sex.


A kiss with a pleasant stranger - to joy, with an ugly or old man - to unpleasant news, with a dead man - to a secret.

TOP 2 negative values

  1. Kissing a colleague means conflict with employees, dismissal.
  2. The sleeper feels disgust for the one he kisses - for the loss of reputation.
  1. Kissing your beloved man is a sign of acquaintance, which can develop into a serious relationship.
  2. Seeing a passionate kiss means an exciting journey.

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  • if you dream of a kiss with your spouse - to family happiness;
  • with a fan - to betrayal of friends, quarrel;
  • with an unfamiliar man - to temporary loneliness.

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A dream with a kiss on the lips, according to psychoanalyst Freud, promises a passionate sexual relationship.

Other interpretations:

  • if the kiss is long - to a problem with reproductive health;
  • tender - the dream predicts a sexual relationship in which the dreamer will dominate;
  • kissing several people means condemnation from others.

According to the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga, such a dream predicts reconciliation with old friends and meeting new ones.

A kiss on the lips with a loved one in a dream represents the sincerity of feelings and foreshadows a strong and mutual relationship.
Kissing an unfamiliar or unpleasant person means deception or unjustified expectations.

Interpretation using special books

Some dreams leave such a pleasant aftertaste in the soul that you want the dream to be repeated again and again... For example, hardly anyone will refuse to kiss in a dream! But what does it mean to Kiss on the lips, especially if you had to Kiss a stranger or Kiss an ex-boyfriend?

Dream books have somewhat contradictory opinions on this matter - from predictions of a quick marriage, if you happen to kiss your loved one, to the prophecy of serious illnesses. But as many people as there are, so many opinions, you need to get acquainted with them, and only then draw final conclusions.

Kissing in a dream

- to the good news that has long been awaited; Otherwise, beware that your close people and comrades may betray you; Otherwise, what is happening around you is false, insincere.


Everyone is well aware of the expression “the kiss of Judas,” which symbolizes betrayal, falsehood and unreliable friends. Some Dream Interpretations describe dreams in which you happened to kiss in exactly this way - hence the predictions of treason and betrayal. This opinion has a right to be, because it has biblical roots - so reevaluate your surroundings and think about whether these people should be trusted...

  • According to the following version, kissing in a dream
    is a very pleasant and joyful sign, since in most cultures this is a traditional manifestation of one’s affection and positive attitude towards someone. From this point of view, the dream foreshadows both good news and good mood.
  • And here is a completely opposite view of Kissing in a dream - there is an expression “kiss of Death”, which brings with it illness and death.
  • But psychoanalysts who study dreams are convinced that in this case we are talking about dreams in which they felt, and did not see, a Kiss.
  • It could scare you, cause unpleasant sensations, turn out to be chilling, you could subconsciously avoid it... Such dreams are extremely rare, so let’s not focus on them and scare ourselves!


Kissing on the lips in a dream - the dream has sexual overtones. If you kiss (kisses you) a person of the opposite sex, we are talking about hidden interest, sexual attraction to this person. If you kiss a person of the same sex on the lips, the dream promises the development of diseases of the genitourinary system; otherwise - to enmity.

  • A kiss on the lips primarily has sexual overtones. Remember who and how exactly you kissed - this will help you understand yourself and learn a lot.
  • Kissing a loved one in a dream
    - for a young girl, the dream promises a quick marriage; Otherwise, your lover is insincere with you, he may cheat or betray you.
  • Kissing in a dream with your loved one is the most common and brightest dream! You should discard all gloomy and frightening predictions (promises of treason, betrayal, illness) and assume that the dream is provoked by the work of your subconscious. The dream is definitely inspired by the events of recent days.
  • Kissing in a dream with an ex-boyfriend
    - expect this in reality; opposite opinion: he forgot about you; another version: the guy still has sexual interest in you.

Such dreams are most often caused only by the work of the subconscious, a hidden longing for a person who was once dear to you, for a relationship with him. Don’t think that this is a “dream in the arm” and in reality you will actually kiss your ex-beloved. Perhaps the guy has some feelings for you, so it’s better to find out everything and talk frankly.

Kissing a stranger in a dream

- this is what awaits you in reality; Otherwise, for a young girl or woman, the dream predicts a meeting with a person who will turn out to be a gigolo. Expect good news and joyful events differently.

Kissing a stranger in a dream is a good reason to look deep into yourself! First of all, we are talking about your subconscious interest in people of the opposite sex, even strangers to you! Everything is easy to explain and understand if you are alone at the moment - your body itself tells you that you simply need a partner. And it’s another matter when such dreams visit married women or women already in a relationship. It is worth rethinking the relationship with your spouse (partner) - perhaps the spark has disappeared or sexual interest has faded.


Why dream of kissing a man on the lips? Such a plot is called very ambiguous. It portends harmony in relationships, joint overcoming of difficulties, and mutual understanding. But such a vision in a dream can promise troubles and conflicts. Pay attention to the details.

The meaning of sleeping with a girl

Kissing a girl in a dream may be a sign that some changes are expected in the dreamer's life:

  1. A girl sees herself kissing another lady, which means that enmity may develop between you and your friend. This quarrel can develop because of the guy or due to unforeseen disagreements associated with misunderstanding.
  2. If a guy has a dream in which he kisses an older woman, it means that in reality he will be disappointed in his relationship with his soulmate.
  3. A dream about a kiss with a beautiful girl promises a quick wedding. If she was not very attractive, then the relationship will be broken.

When in a dream you happen to see a plot where there are many girls and the dreamer kisses them, it means that the sleeper will have luck in life and joyful events.

Possible illness of loved ones

Did you dream of kissing on the lips with a man who had already died? Explanations: if the dreamer did this, there is a danger of serious illness or even the death of someone close.

To see how the deceased himself kissed the sleeping woman in a dream - success in business and career lies ahead. New attractive prospects will open up before her.

Mutual understanding, love

Why does a married woman dream of passionately kissing her significant other? The dream book suggests: in a couple there will arise that special spiritual harmony that firmly binds the two and becomes a reliable foundation for the relationship. From now on she will not leave their house.

Kissing a lover in a dream who is now far from the dreamer is a good sign. He thinks about her, really looks forward to meeting her, loves her.

Let your chosen one know what you want

Did you dream of taking the initiative and passionately kissing your chosen one? This means: you lack tenderness in relationships. We need to talk about this, explain: his little tenderness and caresses would be useful

To see such a plot in a dream in relation to a young man you know means you fell in love with him. If there are no obstacles to your connection, why not open up your feelings to him?

Quarrels are possible, but together you will overcome difficulties

Why do you dream of a passionate kiss from your loved one? This means: in reality, a quarrel, some kind of conflict between you is possible. You should show more patience, calmness, and balance. If you feel that you are wrong, be the first to make peace.

Kissing a man on the lips in a dream when he is your beloved is very pleasant! And the possible meaning is the following: the couple will have to overcome difficulties together, which will bring them closer together and make the union stronger.

Loff's Dream Book

According to the American psychologist Loff, such a dream means that the dreamer will commit a forbidden or illegal action.

According to the medium Miss Hasse, a kiss on the lips symbolizes separation from a loved one.

For women:

  • if you are kissed by a male leader, it means separation from your partner;
  • the dreamer herself - to mutual love;
  • unexpected kiss - a dream predicts passion with a new admirer;
  • airy - short-term sexual relationships await.

According to Nostradamus, kissing a person on the lips in a dream foreshadows a quarrel with him due to deception.

For men:

A man's dream about a kiss on the lips foreshadows joyful changes in his personal life.

According to Azar's dream book, a dream about a kiss on the lips can portend betrayal of a loved one and separation from him.

In the dream book of the great martyr Canaanite, such a dream foreshadows frivolous relationships that can destroy the dreamer’s marriage.

According to the Veles dream book, a kiss on the lips symbolizes a serious illness.

According to the philosopher Aesop, such a dream means that in reality a person experiences loneliness and lack of communication with loved ones.

For women:

  • a sensual kiss with a man - to a short but passionate romance;
  • affectionate and quick - a difficult separation from your chosen one awaits;
  • with a feeling of cold on the lips - to losses;
  • painful - to unrequited love.

Who was the hero of the dream?

The interpretation of the dream depends on which man you dreamed of doing this with:

  • loved ones - mutual understanding, passionate relationships;
  • hated - you will be able to establish relations with the enemy;
  • a good friend - perhaps one of you has feelings that go beyond friendship;
  • to acquaintances - you will have a pleasant time among friends;
  • strangers - you will receive good news.

Why dream of a passionate kiss with an unfamiliar young man? In reality, the dreamer may commit some immoral act.

Changes are coming

Did you dream of kissing a man on the lips, but it turned out that he was a stranger? The dream book says: pleasant changes are ahead. Perhaps you will soon meet an interesting person.

A vision in a dream has the same meaning when the sleeping woman caught someone else doing this activity. Life will present an unexpected surprise: changes will soon begin, and your personal life will sparkle with new colors.

As the dream book explains, seeing such a plot is a signal: the dreamer likes the new acquaintance as a man. Even if this is a young man seen briefly, he is sexually attractive to a girl, even if in reality she does not think such a thing.


Everyone has dreams - both children and adults, but it is not always possible to remember them in detail. Sometimes we do not attach importance to the events we dreamed about and immediately forget them, but some stories captivate us so much that we cannot get them out of our heads.

And I really want to know what such a dream could mean! Whatever you have to do (and sometimes do) in the world of dreams, any action, even the most extraordinary, has an allegorical meaning and means something, and often even foreshadows.

  • Who doesn't love kisses? Everyone loves kissing in real everyday life, especially romantic people, because through a kiss we express the most tender feelings, and it’s so nice!
  • But in dreams, kisses take on a different meaning, and sometimes we even have to kiss completely different people than we could imagine in such a situation. What can we do, dreams are strange, we do not control them - and often we do things in the world of dreams that we cannot expect from ourselves.
  • So how can you reliably and most accurately interpret why you dream about kissing? What could such a harmless action mean in a dream? It is worth taking into account a number of nuances - it turns out that in the dream book everything is not so simple.
  • Remember a dream - you had to kiss an acquaintance or loved one, a mysterious beautiful (or not so) stranger, your ex or current boyfriend, or a man you have secretly liked for a long time? Was there a kiss on the lips or did you kiss the girl at all?
  • In addition to these stories, it is very important to remember what emotions you experienced while kissing in a dream. This characteristic must be added to the general interpretation of the dream, which you receive from the dream book.

If you felt incredible pleasure, joy and euphoria while kissing someone on the lips in a dream, any interpretation takes on a positive connotation, and a good prediction only intensifies. And, on the contrary, if you experienced disgust, fear or anxiety, then you should be more careful.


In general, the scenarios of such dreams look like this:

  • In the dream we saw a couple kissing from the side.
  • Kissed a stranger.
  • Selflessly kissed your beloved guy.
  • You dream of kissing on the lips with an enemy or someone you really dislike.
  • A kiss in a dream is just with an acquaintance or friend.
  • You kissed a guy you know that you secretly like.
  • Kiss a girl.
  • Kissed on the lips in dreams with a friend.
  • Kiss with your beloved man.
  • Just a kiss on the lips, you don’t know or don’t remember with whom exactly.

Location of people in space

The meaning of the dream depends on the place where the kiss took place:

  • A location familiar to a woman, the memory of a real kiss with a loved one in a dream speaks of a separation or an unforgettable pastime.
  • The process takes place in places known to the woman, but with a stranger - to a breakup or a pleasant surprise.
  • Non-existent, fantastic locations - vain dreams and hopes.
  • Kissing in bed, having passionate sex is a prophetic dream.
  • A public place, but without unnecessary glances - a dizzying romance.
  • In public - declassification, an important incident.
  • In the summer, on the seashore or ocean - reciprocity of feelings with your soulmate.
  • There are far-reaching plans in the garden.
  • A kiss while traveling by car, on a bus, subway, tram - fleeting romantic connections.
  • In a secret place - major quarrels with people, an unexpected turn of events will change the course of life.

When interpreting dreams about kissing a man, it is important to pay attention to various details. Then the meanings of dreams will be much more accurate and can serve either as a warning or as a prediction of pleasant changes in life.

Sweet kiss

  • As is already clear, the most important point for the interpretation of such dreams is who exactly you kissed - a stranger or a loved one, a former or current one, an enemy or a friend.
  • Other nuances, such as, for example, scenery and external events, phenomena, do not carry any special meaning in this case and do not change the meaning of the dream.
  • For example, it was raining or snowing at that time, they kissed on a crowded street or in a dark room - this is not as important as who it happened to and how they felt. So concentrate on this fact - it is decisive.

1. Such a dream, in which it was not you who had to kiss, but you saw from the side how a guy kisses a girl on the lips, foretells that you will soon be drawn into some kind of adventure or risky business.

It may seem fun and interesting, but be careful not to cross the line, protect your reputation and conscience, and not risk your safety.

2. Kissing a stranger in a dream means surprises and something new. And here what emotions and experiences you had in your dreams plays a special role.

  • If, while kissing a stranger, you felt pleasure, you were pleased, then rest assured that pleasant and joyful changes and good surprises await you.
  • On the contrary, if you didn’t want to kiss him and felt displeasure, then be careful and get ready for unpleasant surprises or not the most joyful news.
  • 3. Kissing your beloved, beloved chosen one is always pleasant - even in reality, even in a sweet dream. In addition, this magical dream foretells love and harmony.
  • And if you have friction, conflicts or misunderstandings in your love union with your partner, they will pass, reconciliation and complete harmony await you.
  • 4. If you had a strange dream where you had to kiss your own enemy, competitor, adversary, ill-wisher, or simply someone who invariably arouses your dislike and dislike, this is very interesting.

After all, it indicates your inner willingness to give in and reconcile. You are probably already spiritually mature in order to internally accept this person, forgive him everything, and if not make him a friend, then at least no longer hold any grudge against him.

  • Come up with something! Take a vacation, do something exciting, go somewhere new. Just stay within the bounds of prudence, do not rush to extremes after reading the instructions!
  • 6. I wonder why you dream of kissing a man for whom you secretly have sympathy. This could be either your friend or a stranger whom you see somewhere and have a hidden feeling for him.
  • A dream of this kind promises a novel - new and dizzying. But the insidious one is silent about whether this romance will begin with the same hero of the dream or whether you will meet someone new. But in both cases you will be happy!

5. As they say, kissing a familiar person, for example, a friend, colleague, neighbor - in general, with a person with whom you would never even think of doing this - indicates a clear and acute lack of adventure, new emotions and acute experiences.

  • Come up with something! Take a vacation, do something exciting, go somewhere new. Just stay within the bounds of prudence, do not rush to extremes after reading the instructions!
  • 6. I wonder why you dream of kissing a man for whom you secretly have sympathy. This could be either your friend or a stranger whom you see somewhere and have a hidden feeling for him.
  • A dream of this kind promises a novel - new and dizzying. But the insidious one is silent about whether this romance will begin with the same hero of the dream or whether you will meet someone new. But in both cases you will be happy!

7. Kissing a certain girl on the lips in a dream means quarrels and conflicts, squabbles at work or at home. Such a dream is a reason to be more restrained and tolerant, not to lash out, and to try to avoid conflicts.

8. If you kissed your girlfriend in a dream, this is also a symbol of conflict, but with someone close to you. Not necessarily with her, with this friend - maybe you will lash out at your family or nag your loved one.


As in the previous case, the advice is urgent - restrain yourself, do not be quick-tempered, because reconciliation is a much more difficult thing. It is easier to avoid conflict than to smooth it over later.

  • 9. A kiss in a dream with a former chosen one does not, as it might seem, promise reconciliation and a return to a relationship with the ex. This dream foreshadows some adventures, new, vivid emotions and unforgettable events. Something truly incredible awaits you!
  • 10. It also happens that in dreams you kissed on the lips, but you don’t remember with whom exactly, and in your night dreams it somehow didn’t matter. Such a dream foreshadows a new, very interesting and promising acquaintance, pleasant flirting, and, perhaps, if you wish, the beginning of a romance.
  • A kiss, by definition, cannot be associated with negativity and something bad. In dreams, it often promises new novels, pleasant experiences and vivid emotions, with the exception of certain cases.

One way or another, you should analyze the interpretation of a dream with a kiss soberly, and remember that a girl in love, for example, could dream of a sweet and long-awaited kiss with her lover, because she cannot even think about anything else - and the dream only continues her dreams in reality.

But still, pay attention to the interpretation of sleep - and think carefully about how to use this knowledge to bring your happiness closer! Author: Vasilina Serova


More nuances

  • If a man or guy kisses you passionately in a dream, then this is not a good sign. Such a dream indicates that illness is approaching. Perhaps you don't have enough rest in your life.
  • Kissing a man passionately on the lips in a dream can mean dissatisfaction in your sex life. Such a dream can occur to girls who have insufficiently tender partners who care only about themselves.
  • In a dream, kissing a man on the lips, but not knowing who he is, is a sign that in reality you have been too wasteful lately and have not kept track of your finances.
  • A kiss on the lips in a dream can mean completely different events, it all depends on who is kissing whom.

If you kiss an enemy in a dream, you will soon find a new friend. Kissing your mother means increasing the degree of respect from colleagues and friends. Seeing little children kissing is a sign of happiness in family life.

  • Pay attention to what feelings accompanied the cherished kiss. If you were happy about this event, then a new meeting will await you. If a kiss in a dream confused you, then most likely your thoughts are occupied with your lover.
  • Now you know why you dream of kissing a guy you know on the lips, and you can be ready for a new meeting.
  • Listen to your own intuition, perhaps it will tell you that the person you kissed in a dream is not worthy of you forgetting about him. Perhaps this is a sign to get back into your old relationship or call him.

If you recently broke up with your boyfriend, and are now puzzled by your dream and don’t know why you dream about kissing your ex-boyfriend on the lips, we dare to assure you that there is nothing wrong with it. When a person has recently broken up with someone else, their energy remains close for some time, so you can see your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in a dream for several weeks after the breakup, until the subconscious mind lets go of this person.

  • If you kiss your beloved girl in a dream, then in reality you will definitely quarrel with her, and she will be the one who starts this quarrel. A girl who was kissed in a dream may even leave you.
  • This departure may be forced, but it entails an unpleasant showdown, so guys should be careful after they dreamed of kissing a girl on the lips.
  • If a girl dreams of a guy whom she kisses, and they have a love affair in reality, then nothing good should be expected from this dream. In real life, she will quarrel with the guy, and also will not be able to arrange a future with him without clarifying the relationship.
  • If a married couple, namely the husband or wife, dreams of a kiss, then this only indicates the strength of their union.

What does a kiss in a dream mean for a girl and a guy?

  • If you kiss your beloved girl in a dream, then in reality you will definitely quarrel with her, and she will be the one who starts this quarrel. A girl who was kissed in a dream may even leave you.
  • This departure may be forced, but it entails an unpleasant showdown, so guys should be careful after they dreamed of kissing a girl on the lips.
  • If a girl dreams of a guy whom she kisses, and they have a love affair in reality, then nothing good should be expected from this dream. In real life, she will quarrel with the guy, and also will not be able to arrange a future with him without clarifying the relationship.
  • If a married couple, namely the husband or wife, dreams of a kiss, then this only indicates the strength of their union.

Plot Features

The situation also plays a role for correct interpretation. Imagination gives us the most amazing stories. They must be taken into account when decrypting. It is worth paying attention to the emotional factor. If you remember that it was raining or snowing in your dreams, then focus on receiving news regarding your personal sphere.

Important: darkness worsens the prognosis. Bright light and sun rays, on the contrary, cancel negative prospects.

Caresses of the enemy, competitor

The psychology of a woman is difficult to analyze. She can hate outwardly, but feel compassion deep down. Awareness of this fact comes in a dream. Hugs and kisses with a hated person are a reflection of a deep attitude towards the situation:

Same-sex kisses foreshadow squabbles, scandals, and emotional imbalance. It is advisable to do a ritual to get rid of a negative prognosis. For example, retell the plot of flowing water before noon.

Sweet kiss

Pleasant sensations promise good things. The depth of passion in this case does not play a special role. Explanations regarding the partner's personality:

If the hero appeared with a loved one, with whom you are now in a quarrel or conflict, it means that within three days the relationship will improve. Harmony will be restored.

Unpleasant contact

Rough kissing reflects the dreamer's state of mind. The girl is in a broken, upset state. And this is reflected outside. Those around you intuitively sense the state. This results in actions:

The sleeping woman kissed herself indecently, which means she will make a fatal mistake. It will take a long time to correct this, sacrificing one’s own principles and enduring shame.

Stranger's lips

Exciting sensations sometimes remain in memory after waking up, and other details are erased. This picture has nuances of interpretation:

Explanation: sexual images are accompanied by the release of a large amount of pure energy. She goes to build events. Their essence depends on the state of the aura.


The breakup leaves an imprint on the girl’s worldview. Scenarios involving an old partner reflect feelings or hopes.

You rushed into the arms of your ex - you will soon find real happiness with a new acquaintance.

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Psychological analysis of dreams

Psychologists do not focus on generally accepted interpretations of symbols and images, but on the subjective assessment of the dreamer himself. Therefore, they suggest answering the following questions for yourself:

  1. How do you feel about the person you kissed?
  2. What emotions did you experience when kissing a man?
  3. What sensations accompanied your kiss?
  4. Do you know the man who gave you a kiss on the lips?

It is logical to conclude that a kiss on the lips symbolizes a manifestation of passion, but each case is unique. Therefore, you should not immediately look into the dream book (a kiss can mean even the most banal worries regarding everyday worries). Psychologists recommend doing the following:

  1. Remember and write down a fragment of the dream. It is important to take into account the thoughts that arise in connection with the dream and its characters. You should remember what has bothered you over the past 2-3 days (people, questions, problems that you try not to think about).
  2. Revive your dream: talk about the kiss in the present tense (take it to the room you are in now). Identify yourself with the man you are kissing, speak on his behalf (what you feel, what you want).
  3. Ask people close to you to track the following points: changes in the strength and timbre of your voice, what postures you take, what are the actions of your hands, the rhythm of your breathing and the general emotional background of the story.
  4. Try to decipher the message of the dream (what new things you learned).

Logical conclusion

It is logical to conclude that a kiss on the lips symbolizes a manifestation of passion, but each case is unique.
Summarizing the impressions of several hundred women who dreamed of a kiss on the lips, we can highlight the following dream scenarios with accompanying interpretation:

  1. A kiss on the lips with a man you don’t know at all suggests that you want new sensations in the sexual sphere, but are afraid to admit this need.
  2. If a woman kisses her beloved man, with whom she has a serious relationship, while experiencing a feeling of euphoria, enjoying pleasant sensations, then this is often an indicator that the woman misses her soulmate (perhaps we are talking about a temporary separation, but filled with painful anticipation) . Or the young lady often sees her lover, but still constantly thinks about him, and the dream is only a continuation of her thoughts.
  3. If you kiss a person you hate, then you internally feel his superiority over you.
  4. A kiss with a man you know, for whom you do not have romantic feelings, indicates the need to make decisions regarding important issues in life.
  5. If you kissed in a dream, but absolutely do not remember with whom exactly, then we are talking about repressing information. A psychologist can help you understand the current situation.

Psychologists' opinion

According to psychologists, not all dreams are worth believing.

You should take into account only those that have a bright emotional coloring, are full of feelings and rich images

If this is so, then you lack passion, emotion, and events in your life. If during a kiss in a dream unpleasant sensations arose, this indicates that you yourself do not allow happiness into your life, do not allow yourself to be happy.

Take a close look at your surroundings. Do you like it? Regardless of the answer, know that all the people in your life are reflections of you. The qualities that they have will definitely be found in you. Change yourself and your circumstances will change.

As you can see, different dream books interpret the same dreams in different ways. Therefore, if you saw a kiss in a dream, do not rush to look for the answer.

Try to analyze your feelings, tune in to the future and feel it. Most likely, you will understand exactly how to interpret the dream.

If it is difficult for you to do this, then refer to the dream book.

What do dream books say?

In dream books you can read that kissing a man on the lips is a harbinger of troubles that will suddenly fall on your head in the near future. The proposed interpretation should be considered in more detail:

  1. Kissing a stranger in a dream is a sign of surprises. If the kiss was pleasant, then joyful changes await you. If you resisted the kiss, then you should prepare for disappointment in the near future.
  2. If you kissed a loved one, then you will experience friction, conflicts, and misunderstandings in family life. Such a dream does not always foretell harmony and happiness.
  3. If the man kissing you is your enemy, then this dream is a clear sign of your willingness to compromise. You have become wiser, so you are ready to forgive the enemy and internally accept him.
  4. If you kiss a neighbor in a dream, for example, then you are missing new experiences and adventures in life. The dream not only indicates your unconscious need for vivid sensations, but also foreshadows the opportunity to realize your desires. The dream also speaks of not going beyond the bounds of prudence in search of something inspiring.
  5. If you dreamed of a kiss with a guy you are secretly in love with (you feel sympathy), then the dream promises a dizzying romance, but not necessarily with the one you kissed.
  6. Kissing your ex-lover does not mean that you will restore your romantic relationship, but you are guaranteed new bright emotions.
  7. Kissing a man whose appearance was forgotten in the morning means that you will soon meet a person with whom you will have the kind of relationship you want: variations from superficial flirting to marriage are possible. In some, such a scenario is considered as a warning about excessive financial costs, which promises difficulties in the near future.

You can believe dream books, or you can conduct a detailed psychological analysis of the dream. The main thing is your vision of what a kiss in a dream means. After all, even information from it can only become a stimulus for an independent assessment of the events that occurred in a dream.


Dream Interpretation - Celebrities

As the media creates idealized images of famous people, they become frequent guests in our dreams: we imagine that we “know” certain celebrities, which is why they come to us in our dreams. The appearance of a pop star in a dream is usually caused by the desire to make friends or have an affair. And in this way our desire to show that we are not born with bast can be manifested. Sometimes we get used to the image of a star and then we feel involved in her success and popularity. Another option is to become a star yourself. How wonderful it is to perform on stage with other celebrities, and even become famous at the same time. Such popularity indicates your talent in a certain area or pushes you to achieve higher goals in life. Of course, you need to make allowances for the abundance of information messages about the lives of stars. This often reduces their appearance in our dreams to a simple confirmation of the fact of their existence.


In such a dream, a lot depends on the sensations that the girl experiences. Most often, a kiss is accompanied, if not by excitement, then at least by very pleasant emotions. The trick lies in the fact that it is precisely these emotions that serve as a bad sign. It has long been noted that positive emotions during sleep bring minor troubles to people.

  • A girl kisses on the lips with a young man she likes . It goes without saying that this is pleasant for her. But reality will bring a surprise - a relationship with a man can be seriously damaged through her own fault. After such a dream, the girl should very carefully monitor her behavior in the presence of the object of her desires.
  • A woman kisses her husband . The more pleasant the sensations, the more dangerous the consequences. Such a dream speaks of possible betrayal on the part of the chosen one. However, there is no need to worry too much. If everything is good in the couple’s relationship, especially in the sexual sphere, then such a dream may be an elementary reflection of reality and the experiences that accompany it.
  • If a girl goes “to the left” and sees a dream in which she kisses her lover, troubles are possible on the part of her legal spouse. In other words, he will find out about the betrayal and, most likely, will decide to file for divorce, without arranging a long and exhausting “showdown”.
  • Kissing a relative , for example, a father or brother, is unlikely to bring pleasure to a mentally healthy woman. In a dream, everything is different - she might like it. If this is the case, then we should expect an imminent illness of this relative. Usually nothing serious happens, but a bad cold can also cause problems.

Before you begin to analyze such a dream, you need to thoroughly assess your sexual emotionality and activity. If a girl often has sexual intercourse, then such a dream only reflects her everyday experiences; it may not carry any meaning.

Lack of sex life can also give rise to such dreams. With this situation, everything is clear, the body demands its own and reflects this in dreams. However, you shouldn’t immediately rush into all seriousness in order to get maximum intimacy. There is nothing scary in such dreams.

Decoding by person kissing

To correctly interpret the highest clue, it is necessary to recognize the identity of the erotic character. The image is of paramount importance, sometimes overriding all other explanations.

Carefully analyze your own behavior. If it is the same as usual in life, then it simply reflects past events. If it is different (colder or more passionate), then internal changes are coming.

Interpretation for a married woman

For a married lady, a kiss promises both harmony, joy, pregnancy, and the destruction of the current marriage. You need to be determined by the identity of the virtual partner:

Caressing the lips of a young boy in a story is not good. Dragged into a scandal, accusing you of something you didn’t actually do, didn’t think, didn’t plan.

Kiss with your lover

The vision with the participation of the hero of a real story of intimacy is deciphered somewhat differently. The picture reflects dreams and plans for the near future. But there are exceptions. Options:

If the hero of the plot showed unacceptable persistence, then expect the situation to worsen. Attacks from male acquaintances are likely.

For a lonely lady

The script hints at an internal longing for intimacy. He also prophesies:

Deep kisses are a sign of the secret affection of a certain admirer. Beware of his close attention. Danger! The gentleman will drag you into financial troubles.

For the widow

Prophetic story. Variations:

If the young man was disgusted, trouble was ahead. Take care of your health

For an unmarried girl

The storylines are explained in completely different ways. Accuracy varies by character:

Negative feelings from what you see suggest you give up hope of connecting with your loved one. The guy has long been in love with another beauty. His heart is busy.

A kiss with a relative or close friend is a harbinger of trouble for him. Misfortune options: loss of money, job, accident, serious illness. Warn.


It's hard to find a girl who doesn't enjoy kissing a beautiful stranger. This is not only pleasant, but also very exciting. In a dream, emotions will definitely be the same, and the consequences of sleep are much more favorable than from kissing people you know well.

  • When you kiss a stranger and you don’t see his face , the process is accompanied by music. Such a dream speaks of an imminent opportunity to have good fun. This could be an unplanned vacation with a trip to warmer climes, or maybe an invitation to a fashionable party from your best friend. It should be noted that during this “adventure” you should not count on a love affair. Men won't give you the attention you deserve. But you will have a very good time anyway.
  • You see a stranger's face , and the kiss takes place in a darkened room. This dream, unlike the previous version, is a direct sign of the beginning of a new love. You can meet a man anywhere: in a store, on public transport or just on the street. One woman said that after such a dream she met the love of her life at a military cemetery, where she came to the grave of her grandfather, who died during the Second World War.
  • When kissing a stranger, you experience intense fear . There is nothing to be afraid of, this is just a symbol of the beginning of a new streak of life. She will definitely be successful, but she will have to adapt to some changes. For example, we may be talking about moving to another city or changing jobs.

When analyzing such dreams, you should take into account your sexual activity. Perhaps this will all turn out to be the fruit of intimate experiences. However, dream interpreters take such night dreams very seriously.

The fact is that such moments are accompanied by the release of a huge amount of energy. It cannot go into emptiness; with a high degree of probability, its entire potential will be used by higher powers to form some kind of prophecy. They never lie to people, so you should listen to their signs!


What else could such a dream mean?

Almost every dream book pays attention to kissing ladies expecting a child. Kissing the belly of a pregnant woman is a very complex plot that has no clear interpretation

The main significance in such a dream is given to the stomach. This symbol is a reflection of life in general

Therefore, when deciphering such a dream, it is important to remember all the nuances that characterize the stomach

In general, the dream has a good meaning; if the kiss felt full, it seemed as if the baby was pushing or moving. Such a dream indicates that a person values ​​life, feels a sense of gratitude for everything he has, and his future is filled with prosperity. If in a dream it seemed that the inside of the stomach was empty, then the dream has a bad meaning. Such a dream indicates that a person sets his priorities incorrectly; what he is grateful to fate for will in fact turn out to be empty and of no significance, false.

Every famous dream book also pays great attention to stories about kissing feet. Kissing a woman’s feet in a dream means in reality wanting to shift responsibility for your life to her, to submit to her will

Such night visions that visit representatives of the fair sex can foreshadow the imminent appearance of a powerful and very authoritarian woman in the life. We can talk about the boss at work or a friend or relative. For a correct interpretation, you need to take into account all the details of the night plot. If the woman seemed familiar or the dream took place in an apartment, in a house, then the dream is related to personal life. For example, it may foretell a visit to the dreamer by her mother or another relative, whose decisions the woman is accustomed to obeying. If the character in the dream is completely unfamiliar, as is the place in which the events unfold, then the dream warns of the appearance of a powerful woman at work.

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