Hugging a man: dream book. Kissing a man in a dream

Since ancient times, people have believed that dreams are not just pictures that come to people at night. They believed that these were a kind of prophecies that showed what a person would have in the future. Naturally, these messages were encrypted, so interpretations appeared, and various dream books began to be published, offering their own interpretations of certain dreams. And although scientists try their best to rationally explain the appearance of dreams, they do not always succeed in conveying their ideas to people. Now many people already know that dreams are subconscious pictures of what has already happened to people in their lives. These are a kind of fragments of memories that penetrate a person’s consciousness while his brain processes the information received during the day at the time of sleep. But you must admit, this explanation is not specific and certainly cannot be guaranteed to be correct, so it is not surprising that many continue to believe in the interpretation of dreams. And in this article we will talk about specific actions that can occur in a dream, as well as what events they can portend. To be more precise, you will find out why you can hug a man in a dream. Dream books can interpret this or that dream in different ways. But in most cases they agree in their interpretations, at least approximately. And now you will find out what the fact that in a dream you are hugging a man portends. The dream book will give you the answer to any question about dreams!

Hugs in a dream

What can the dream book tell you about this topic? Hugging a man is an event that can often be seen in a dream, but at the same time, who exactly the man is has a big influence. Therefore, you cannot just go and say what such a dream means. Accordingly, it is worth understanding this issue in much more detail, also considering what the hugs of each individual man mean. But if you still consider hugs in a dream as a whole, then you can already draw several superficial conclusions about what the future promises you. The fact is that in most cases, hugs in a dream guarantee you that in the near future a very happy event will happen in your life that will make you incredibly happy. Therefore, you should not immediately panic and rush to look for an interpretation as soon as you realize that in a dream you saw yourself hugging a man. As the dream book says, hugging a man is good. Naturally, you should remember your dream in more detail, since every small element can play a major role. For example, if you were hugged from behind, then this means that somewhere near you there is a person who is not indifferent to you, and the reference to happiness most likely means that you will soon find out who this person is and, quite possibly, you can build a happy relationship with him.

Now it’s time to deal with the most important detail, namely the personality of the man in whose arms you found yourself in a dream. As mentioned above, this information can completely change the interpretation of sleep.

Who was that?

The interpretation of night vision is based on the character of your embrace:

  • the beloved promises joy, prosperity, happiness;
  • the husband foretells a future happy event;
  • lover - the threat of opening a secret relationship;
  • the father symbolizes the insincerity of others;
  • familiar person - expect separation;
  • a stranger is a sign of dissatisfaction with a current relationship;
  • ex-boyfriend is a sign of impending quarrels with today's partner;
  • the enemy is a symbol of approaching victory.

The interpretation agrees on one thing: hugging a stranger, another man - a lack of attention from your boyfriend. It's worth discussing the problem.

Hugs with your spouse

So, if you happened to hug a man in a dream, what could this mean? We will have to immediately disappoint all readers who believe that hugging your husband in a dream is a good sign. It turns out that everything is completely different, and if you see yourself hugging your spouse in a dream, then you should prepare for the worst. However, there is no need to panic, as the problems will not be too big. Simply put, minor personal and domestic troubles are expected in your home in the near future, so you should prepare for possible problems. At the same time, you need to try to remember how you felt during the hug. If you did not feel joy, but rather sadness or melancholy, then the problems are more likely to be more serious.

As mentioned earlier, don't panic right away. If you carefully read the dream book, you will learn that any problems in the family foreshadowed by such a dream will pass, so there is no point in worrying about the safety of your marriage. You will only need to wait out this period of turmoil, and everything will get better in your home again.

But what should you do if you happen to hug a man in a dream who is not your spouse?

Hugs with a relative

Many people, when thinking about hugs, immediately begin to think of romantic relationships, imagining lovers or spouses. But this is not always the case, and for the interpretation of a dream this is also very important information. If you are hugging not your husband, but your father, brother, uncle or some other male relative, then you should prepare for trouble. The fact is that such a dream foreshadows quarrels between you and the person you hugged. A period of clarification awaits you, and these may not be one-time quarrels out of nowhere. The reasons may be serious, so try to carefully analyze your relationships with relatives, and also try not to provoke them when you meet.

However, some dream books give a different interpretation of dreams. Hugging a man who is your relative does not always lead to quarrels. Some dream books say that this may mean that this relative you are hugging will get sick in the near future. One way or another, the interpretation is not very pleasant. And if you see such a dream, a man you know is guaranteed to find himself in an unpleasant situation, be it a quarrel with you or an illness.

Need new experiences

Such dreams may indicate a lack of new impressions and emotions. Such a dream means the need for rest; perhaps it is worth visiting an exotic place, doing something that will raise your adrenaline level and give you exercise.

Hugging a guy you know who is just a friend is a signal to take a closer look, you have a lot in common, a romantic relationship is possible, think about it.

Hugs with your loved one

Separately, it’s worth talking about what it means if you are hugged tightly in a dream by the man you like, or even the one with whom you are in a relationship. As in the case of a spouse, such a dream in most cases foreshadows not the most pleasant consequences. This means that you will face serious problems in the development of your relationship. However, unlike sleeping with your spouse, in this case the problems can be very serious. In most cases, the dream book reports that the stronger your relationship was before, the more serious the problem will be. It is also possible that such a dream foreshadows separation forever. However, again, you should pay attention to how you feel at the moment of hugging. The fact is that if you feel happiness and peace, and not anxiety or the absence of any feelings, then there is a possibility that a very good and joyful period may begin in your life together. As you can see, dream interpretation is not an easy task, and the smallest details play a huge role here.

Dream Interpretation: Why dream that a man hugs

In night dreams, hugs are most often a favorable symbol. According to the dream book, if a man hugs a woman, this may herald the beginning of a new relationship with a persistent and self-confident young man. The novel will bring a lot of positive emotions and will greatly influence the life of the main character. However, for a correct interpretation, it is necessary to take into account all the details of the dream.

Miller's opinion

The famous psychologist Miller devoted a lot of time to the study of dreams and their interpretations. His dream book is considered one of the most popular and reliable. In it you can find the following information:

  1. Hugging your husband or lover is a sign of great happiness. A hug from the back promises the onset of love and heralds the beginning of a bright streak in life. However, if the dreamer felt sadness rather than joy, disagreements may arise between lovers. However, there is no need to panic; serious problems will not happen.
  2. Hugs with an unpleasant stranger can predict the onset of illness. This image can also indicate an imminent serious conflict with a loved one.

  3. Close contact with the enemy foreshadows misunderstandings and disagreements that can provoke a break in romantic or friendly relationships. If the sleeping woman felt joy while hugging her enemy, this may predict reconciliation with him.
  4. A hug with a relative symbolizes the unexpected arrival of guests. This visit can be both happy and unpleasant. You should be prepared for any meeting.
  5. Contact with a deceased relative or friend is seen as great luck.
  6. A plot in which the dreamer is hugged by a dead man who aroused unpleasant emotions in her promises conflicts. Now you should more carefully control your actions and words.

Meanings from other dream books

The kingdom of Morpheus contains a lot of information about what men's hugs mean. You can find out the following information:

  1. Women's dream book. If he hugs a guy with whom the sleeping woman recently broke up, this indicates her sadness. The dreamer misses this man and cannot let him go.
  2. Erotic dream book. When a man hugs from behind, it indicates the presence of physical affection and spiritual intimacy with him. The tighter the hug, the stronger the dreamer's fear of losing this young man. Contact with a stranger indicates dissatisfaction with the current relationship or fear of loneliness.
  3. Idiomatic dream book. This source interprets a dream in which a man hugs as a symbol of an unexpected acquaintance or a pleasant spontaneous meeting.
  4. Small Velesov dream book. A hug with a relative can portend either serious success, recognition from colleagues and a promotion, or betrayal by a lover. Interaction with an ex-boyfriend is seen as a sign of illness. It is best to visit a doctor and undergo a medical examination.
  5. Esoteric dream book. This source interprets such dreams as a symbol of support for loved ones in moments of sadness. A hug with a stranger, for whom the sleeping woman has no feelings, speaks of a painful feeling of loneliness. The dreamer experiences a feeling of hopelessness, and anxiety does not leave her even in the company of close people.
  6. Dream Interpretation of Simon Canaanite. A dream in which a woman hugs a relative warns her of impending difficulties. For a representative of the fair sex, such a plot promises betrayal by her lover.
  7. Dream Book of the Wanderer. A hug with an attractive person is seen as a sign of love and understanding. If a woman experienced negative emotions, this indicates a possible separation from her partner.
  8. Dream Interpretation Azura. Hugging a loved one in a dream means sadness in reality. Close interaction with the boss foreshadows the emergence of new job responsibilities, perhaps not the simplest ones. However, the sleeping woman should not consider herself insufficiently competent; her work will certainly be rewarded.

Hug with the dead

If the sleeping woman happened to hug a dead person, this foreshadows a long journey, perhaps a trip or a business trip. For those who dream of fame, a plot involving a deceased celebrity promises great success. If the deceased not only hugged the main character, but also communicated with her and gave advice, you should listen to what the deceased said.

If during contact with the deceased the dreamer felt sadness, negative events will take place in her life. Such a plot may promise the occurrence of a disease, so it is better to undergo medical diagnosis in a timely manner.

Interaction with children

A woman may dream that she was hugging a male child. In this case, we should remember who exactly this character was to her. The following options and their meanings are possible:

  1. Embracing your son means conflict with a loved one. Such a dream indicates the need to control words and actions in order to avoid possible disagreements.
  2. Hugging several boys means experiencing fear and a feeling of excitement. Similar plots can be seen if the sleeping woman has recently experienced stress, since a child is a symbol of defenselessness.
  3. Warm interaction with a nephew is a dream of material well-being. Such a plot may foreshadow winning the lottery or an increase in wages. Now is a good time to invest.
  4. Seeing yourself as a schoolgirl and hugging your classmate means having unbreakable life principles, adhering to the position established in your youth.
  5. Hugging a younger brother means increased responsibility; perhaps the sleeping woman will be assigned new job responsibilities.

Unfamiliar young man

If a girl dreams of being hugged by a stranger, this plot may promise a meeting with her betrothed. An unmarried woman is able to discern in a given person the traits of someone who could become her lover. Also, in the image of a man, the facets of her self are hidden. If the stranger behaved aggressively or there was sexual overtones, it is these traits that the girl actively suppresses in herself.

An attractive, romantic young man is often seen as a sign of favorable life changes, while a repulsive young man is often seen as a sign of failure. If the stranger was elderly, the dreamer will live a long life. According to the dream book, if a man hugs and kisses unexpectedly, this may indicate betrayal by his lover.

If in your night dreams a stranger whispered words of love, this can indicate dissatisfaction in the social area. A relationship or marriage with a successful, attractive man is considered an indicator of a certain status and a reason for pride. Perhaps the sleeping woman wants too much to impress other people and forgets about her real desires and aspirations.

Friend or comrade

If in her night dreams a woman was hugged by a good friend, she will soon have to make a difficult decision, act quickly and decisively. Perhaps the dreamer will agree to participate in a risky business. For a young girl, such an image can promise a meeting with her future husband.

Interaction with a good friend whom the sleeping woman has not seen for a long time can bring excellent prospects for her business. If a girl is caressed by a friend, good luck awaits her on the love front. The embrace of a man from the past is seen as a sign of material prosperity and stability.

Close relative

A hug with a relative (not a father) is a dream of receiving guests, an invitation to a wedding or a name day. The celebration will be very fun, many people will be present. If the hero of the dream was the sleeping woman’s husband, she really misses affection.

A father hugging in a dream means that the sleeping woman will face a serious test and learn an important lesson . Also, the image of a father can symbolize a powerful personality who will help the dreamer.

Touch Features

Hugs can be different. If a man not only touched a woman, but also kissed her on the cheek, something will make the main character very happy in the near future. Perhaps this will be an acquaintance with an attractive young man who will make a lasting impression on her. This romance will definitely be pleasant, but it is unknown whether it will develop into a serious relationship.

If a man hugged him very tightly, and the dreamer felt a lack of air or even pain, in reality she may have breathing problems . The desire to free yourself from the touch of a young man as quickly as possible indicates being trapped, a feeling of being trapped. The sleeping woman probably has problems at home or at work and is tormented by anxiety.

A friendly hug on the shoulders symbolizes reliability and mutual assistance. This image suggests that the dreamer will soon need the help of a loved one, or she herself will be forced to provide support.

Observation from the side

A woman could see some girl hugging her boyfriend or husband. Don't worry about this plot. This image most often tells that the partner has a reliable friend (not necessarily female).

A dream in which a man also kisses another girl has a completely different meaning. This may indicate that there is a woman who likes her sleeping lover, and her attempts at seduction greatly flatter the guy.

Dreams of hugging can have different meanings. It all depends on the details of the night’s plot and the personal feelings of the sleeping woman.

If a woman wakes up joyful and calm, such a dream foreshadows positive changes, in turn, a feeling of sadness and melancholy indicates the need to reconsider her life values ​​and priorities.

Perhaps the dreamer has long wanted to change something, but does not dare. Now is the best time for active action.

Hugs with a stranger

It’s one thing to hug a man you like in a dream, but it’s quite another to find yourself in the arms of a man you don’t know. Naturally, dreams don't work like that at all, and you simply can't see someone you don't know. The fact is that in dreams you see only what you saw in the real world, therefore, most likely, a person whom you saw somewhere, whose face turned out to be somewhere in your memory, is classified as a “stranger man”, but You don’t consciously remember it, much less know it.

So, if in a dream you happen to gently hug a man who is unfamiliar to you, then you should know that an unexpected visit awaits you. Guests will appear on your doorstep either completely unexpectedly or with warning right before their arrival. In such situations, few people are ready to accept someone, so you should remain vigilant for some time after such a dream. It is also worth understanding that such a dream can promise guests both good and bad news, so be prepared for absolutely all possibilities.

Friend or comrade

If in her night dreams a woman was hugged by a good friend, she will soon have to make a difficult decision, act quickly and decisively. Perhaps the dreamer will agree to participate in a risky business. For a young girl, such an image can promise a meeting with her future husband.

Interaction with a good friend whom the sleeping woman has not seen for a long time can bring excellent prospects for her business. If a girl is caressed by a friend, good luck awaits her on the love front. The embrace of a man from the past is seen as a sign of material prosperity and stability.

Hugs with the deceased

Well, finally, the time has come to consider a situation where in a dream a girl hugs a man who has already left this world, that is, a deceased person. In most cases, people dream of hugging their deceased relatives, and if something similar happened to you, then you should understand that such a dream foreshadows a long-awaited rest that you have not received for a long time. Perhaps you haven't taken time off from work for a long time, or your home has always been noisy and cluttered. If you saw an embrace with a deceased relative in a dream, then order should come to your life.

However, you should pay attention to which of the relatives who left this world was in your arms in a dream. The fact is that if it was your grandfather, then this may mean the approach of unpleasant troubles and problems, while hugging your deceased father means that you will finally be able to deal with matters that have long been “hanging” on your conscience.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the deceased may not only be a relative. For example, some people see themselves hugging deceased celebrities in their dreams. This dream could mean that you will eventually get the fame and fame that you have wanted for so long.

If you happened to hug a man by the neck in a dream, and you know that in real life he has already died, but at the same time he gave you various advice, then you should listen to these advice. The fact is that his advice can be very useful in real life, and if you follow it, you can achieve success and avoid trouble.

The meaning of sleep by day of the week

If you dreamed of an unknown guy from Sunday to Monday, the sleeping woman should prepare to receive news. How good they will be depends on the appearance of the man. The more beautiful and neat he looks, the more pleasant the news will be.

From Monday to Tuesday, seeing an unfamiliar guy means getting married soon. An unknown guy is seen in dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday as a harbinger of worries and worries about relatives and friends. A woman sees a warning dream with a stranger from Wednesday to Thursday. Some unpleasant events will arise in her life. If you dreamed of a gray-haired man unfamiliar to her, then troubles should be expected at work.

If you saw an unknown guy from Thursday to Friday - expect to meet in reality a quick meeting with a young man who in the future may become your spouse. A stranger who dreamed from Friday to Saturday also promises a new acquaintance. However, a woman can only have a friendly relationship with this man.

Dreaming with a stranger from Saturday to Sunday means that a woman’s life is monotonous, dull and uninteresting. She needs to make changes, otherwise the routine may lead to a depressive disorder.

Kissing a Stranger

So, now you know what hugging a man in a dream can mean, but not always everything is limited to just hugs. Often in a dream you can see a kiss, and in this case, just as in the case of hugs, who exactly you kiss is of great importance.

First of all, naturally, it is necessary to consider the situation in which an unfamiliar man kisses you in a dream. This happens quite often, and in such a situation, a woman wants to find out as soon as possible what this could mean, especially if she is already in a relationship with another man. It is worth noting that there are reasons for concern, since such a kiss means that in the near future life will confront you with a person whose past will raise certain questions. As a result of such an acquaintance, your reputation may also suffer, so you need to carefully monitor your social circle.

If you do not yet have a man with whom you are in a romantic relationship, then such a dream promises you a meeting with someone who wants to take a vacant place in your heart. But don’t rush to rejoice, because if a stranger kisses you in a dream, this may mean that you will meet your chosen one, but he will most likely turn out to be some kind of gigolo or narcissist, so you will definitely have a full-fledged relationship from such a meeting will not work.

Don't be too trusting

The plot of a dream with the hugs of a person you like symbolizes an upcoming conflict, do not rush to open your feelings, you are considered only a friend for now.

Excessive expression of sympathy for a guy is a symbol of gullibility, which can become reckless. Hugs in bed - the dreamer is in danger of disappointment; she will be used by a womanizer for his own purposes.

Kissing a man you know

Now you know what it means if a stranger kisses you in a dream. But what if this man is familiar to you? In this case, such a kiss will mean parting and separation, and the more intense and passionate the kiss is, the sooner the separation will occur and the greater the likelihood that your paths will not cross again. Accordingly, such a dream will not bring you anything good.

In addition, some dream books indicate that kissing a man you know in a dream may mean that this man is in danger in the near future. If you have the opportunity, you should try to protect him from the danger that threatens him. But this opportunity is not always available, so you should just keep in mind that there is a certain threat.

Kissing a stranger

You can also kiss a man in a dream who is in a relationship with another woman. This is far from the most pleasant feeling, but you should pay attention to the little things, as this can play an important role in the interpretation of your future fate with the help of a dream book. First of all, the difference lies in whether you are a married woman or a single woman, since this aspect radically changes the interpretation of sleep.

If you are a free woman, but at the same time kiss a strange man in a dream, this means that in the near future you will have an intimate relationship that will be incredibly passionate and ardent. But you shouldn’t think that this will lead to something more, since your feelings with this person will flare up very quickly and brightly, but will fade just as quickly. Fortunately, your separation will not be painful, because both you and your man will understand that nothing will work out of this relationship. So just try to enjoy the short-term passion and get as much pleasure out of it as possible.

But everything is completely different if you happen to kiss in a dream with a man who is married, provided that you are also married. This means that in the near future you should expect the emergence of a passionate temptation, which you can very easily succumb to. We can talk about anything here, but in most cases, naturally, we are talking about another man, that is, about cheating on our spouse. Naturally, you should not think about betrayal under any circumstances, since this is far from the most worthy act, but if you had such a dream, then you should also remember that your affair will only bring you pain. Nothing good will come of it, and something bad will happen as a result. Your husband may find out about your infidelity, you may accidentally get pregnant, and so on. In general, this will end badly, so it is better to try to avoid any men who try to flirt with you if you happened to hug a naked man in a dream who is someone's husband, despite the fact that you yourself are actually married.

Why do I dream about a guy clinging to me?

Why does a guy dream according to the dream book? For girls, as a rule, the interpretation will have a romantic overtone; for everyone else, such a dream means worries and events. A lot of

young men - troubles.
boys - a situation of choice.

What kind of guys did you dream about?

According to Magini’s dream book, the ex-boyfriend is interpreted as affairs of bygone days, and also sometimes confirms the fact that one of the members of the former couple remembers the other, that is, the incompleteness of the past relationship, someone from the broken couple is still sad and worried.


, friend - in the absence of other signs that you would like to interpret, predicts the achievement of a goal known to you, as well as the confident implementation of plans thanks to knowledge in this area. For students, this could be a test or exam paper that you can confidently answer.

Daughter's boyfriend - the same meaning as a dream about an acquaintance. New

beloved - says that the girl thinks about him.
An unfamiliar
guy, unknown to you in real life - you will have to go more by feel, but on your way you will still meet assistants and moral support.


(married) – a feeling of guilt gnaws at you;
experience pangs of conscience. If you dreamed about your first love
, it means a very pleasant period in your life, the fulfillment of a wish, romantic surprises.
I dreamed of a guy I liked
- a favorable development of the situation, good luck in my plan.

See your loved one

- will indicate to you his true attitude towards you, and will also predict happy times.


young man - interpreted as a lack of romance in reality.


boy - to monetary losses, or to a poor fan.
In shape
- to achieve happiness in your personal life, make it less chaotic to begin with. In military uniform - your forced behavior towards your boyfriend.

In a dress or skirt

- unmasculine actions of a gentleman.
In a wedding dress - unexpected actions. A shirt
is a sign of independence.

In costume

business or holiday - the dream calls you to conscious, thoughtful actions.


I dream about a handsome guy - the most favorable development of events.
A young
and full of energy boy - achieving a goal, fulfilling a dream.
A guy younger than you
means a good mood, but you shouldn't expect more.

In a different guise

than in real life - the situation (or person) will turn out differently than you might expect.
Becoming a girl
means inappropriate behavior on the part of the stronger sex.


boy - you have set your sights on something that will be quite difficult to conquer.
- perhaps it will not be difficult to get the intended target, but is it necessary?


boy (red) - for a romantic relationship.
means success with the opposite sex.
A brunette
is a suitor unworthy of you.
- a boyfriend older than you, experienced and wise.

With long hair

- to go somewhere, perhaps even in good company.
- your expectations will be deceived.
- positive results of cunningly wise plans.
With a beard
- to mature actions, thoughtful actions.

See a guy in white

clothing - to pleasant acquaintances and communication.
In black
clothes - former friendliness will turn into ingratitude and betrayal.


- shortsightedness in relationships.
With a wedding ring
on his finger, a young man is bound by obligations.


a familiar young man who appears deceased in a dream either asks for remembrance or foreshadows the necessary changes.
, corpse - indicates the unrealizability of your hopes.

Beaten up

, he was beaten - you will not get what you hope for.
In the blood
- to make new acquaintances through relatives.
, sick - to disappointment, postponed plans.


the boy indicates according to Magini’s dream book - someone is suffering for you.
A disabled person
, for example, without legs - you cannot hope and completely trust your chosen one, and perhaps there is not even one next to you.
- completely unaware of gender relations.

See a pregnant person

a guy means that you will unexpectedly gain more than you could have previously expected, the main thing is to call on your ingenuity and imagination to help, and then your haste will not be equal. Also, male pregnancy may tell you that a creative approach is required in business.


the boy is dreaming, angry about something - to failure and dissatisfaction.
- to a good party, a pleasant free time.


– you will have to fight for the attention of the boy you are interested in.

African American

- according to the dream book means surprise of a romantic nature.
- a difficult choice between interesting gentlemen.

Seeing a guy’s hands in a dream means a profitable agreement, friendship and mutual support. Eyes

– you will really like someone.
- the desire to make a favorable impression on others, in particular on the opposite sex. Face – believe in your own attractiveness. I dreamed of a boy's eyelashes - the desire to be liked.

What did the boy do in his dream?

I dream that a guy is saying something - to hear some information about him. He said something unpleasant - what you heard about this person will not please you. He says that he loves, confesses his love, gives compliments - this is good news.

Offers something, makes an offer (for example, he offered to meet, invites you to go for a walk, invites you to get married) - to receive a tempting offer in reality. Asking for something is a situation where someone will be highly dependent on your decision and goodwill. Say hello - you have been noticed.

Apologizing, asking for forgiveness - a reflection of your desire to get closer and make peace. Calls and talks to you - receive information about someone through third parties. Just hearing a call, and you know that He called, means romantic news.

A message from a guy in the form of a note - to learn something new about a person you are interested in. I wrote you an SMS - the information will come to you quite quickly. Silent

boy - everything will remain at the same level without changes.

In a dream, a guy hugs

, presses you to yourself - to be protected, to receive support in business. Holds you in your arms and doesn’t let go - you’ve really hooked someone. Hugs from behind - you can confidently move forward, they won’t let you down. Hugs around the waist - to become an object of courtship.

Hugging you by the shoulder means a friendly disposition. In a dream, a guy holds your hand (took you by the hand) - you want to get closer. Hugging another girl - they are ready to provide protection and help not to you. touches

, touches you, caresses you - wants to get closer.

Touches the chest - represents you as a mistress or mother of his children.

Kiss with the dead

Well, the last point that you should pay special attention to is a kiss with that person who has already left this world. As a matter of fact, women do not often have the opportunity to kiss a man who has already died in a dream, but if this happens, then such a dream is remembered for a long time. But what can the dream book tell you about this? How does he interpret such a dream? You can immediately be sure that such a dream will not bring anything good, since all interpretations, regardless of who exactly you see in the dream, are negative. Firstly, hugging a dead man in a dream may mean that in the near future you will be very disappointed in your love. This can happen in a variety of ways, so you always need to stay alert to early signs of disappointment and try to do something about it.

However, the situation is complicated by the fact that there are several interpretations, and kissing the deceased may also mean that you will be separated from your loved one. This does not mean that your relationship will end - it only means that you will be separated, and you will experience a constant feeling of melancholy, which also cannot be called a very pleasant feeling.

It is also worth noting that kissing a deceased person can also mean something more terrible, such as death. However, there is no need to panic, as death will not be physical. We are talking rather about moral death, that is, about complete spiritual exhaustion, depression, apathy and other similar states of complete moral emptiness. It can even lead to thoughts of suicide, so if you see such a dream, then you should immediately seek help from at least your friends, so that they always control your condition and support you in a good mood, avoiding moral devastation. In addition, you can always contact a specialist if you begin to feel the first urges of depression, since it is always better to get checked in advance and prevent disastrous consequences. Therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist is a good way out of this situation.

Even if a kiss with a deceased person in a dream does not mean physical death, it can portend a serious illness that can ruin your near future. Accordingly, you will need to especially carefully monitor your health if you want to avoid the negative consequences that the dream book predicts.

One way or another, you should remember that any predictions in the dream book are just guesses of ordinary people, and there is no guarantee that they will come true. But if you believe in the mystical power of sleep and dreams, then this article will help you interpret some dreams associated with hugs and kisses.

Strengthening relationships

The dream shows the meeting of a loved one after a tiring separation, a strong hug - strong love that will become stronger over time. If there is a kiss, harmony awaits the relationship, listen to each other.

For a lonely girl, night dreams of kisses and hugs from an unfamiliar guy foreshadow a new romantic acquaintance.

For any woman, such a plot promises the appearance of a stranger who will show persistent attention, advice to take a closer look at the person who wants your attention.

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