Why do you dream of earrings in red, blue, green and other colors: interpretations

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Earrings are not only an elegant decoration, but also a special sacred symbol in many pagan cultures. Therefore, dreams in which earrings are seen have long been given great importance. Read the article about how to correctly interpret such a dream.

General interpretations of dreams with earrings

Many experts know that there are quite a few versions of dream books. And it happens that the same vision in a dream is interpreted differently. This is even beneficial for us, ordinary people, since we can choose the best one from all possible interpretations. And, as you know, what you think about is what you attract. Dream earring is no exception. Here are some meanings from famous dream books:

  • According to the Astrological Dream Book, a girl can dream of earrings and bring a romantic relationship.
  • An old dream book says that for lonely people, such a dream promises a meeting with their soulmate. For married people - the birth of a baby. For those who are separated - a quick date.
  • According to Azar’s dream book, a dream about an earring promises a romantic trip or a meeting with your soulmate along the way.
  • According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, earrings can be seen as a gift, and they also promise to find out the truth about someone. The same meaning is according to Veles’s dream book.
  • The esoteric dream book says that the interpretation depends on what metal the earrings are made of: precious for empty or cheerful troubles, jewelry for deception.
  • From Rommel’s dream book it follows that losing earrings in a dream means expenses and losses, and taking them off means a declaration of love. Broken earrings - to rumors addressed to you.
  • According to the psychological dream book, earrings can be a dream of a promotion, and for those who are looking for an interesting job offer.
  • The dream interpreter's dream book says that buying earrings means a quick reconciliation with your loved one.
  • Catherine the Great had her own ideas about dreams, and according to her interpretation, the dream of an earring promises good news, as well as success in business.
  • A very interesting interpretation and advice is offered by the Mayan dream book. Why do you dream of silver earrings? To meet an old acquaintance. And for this meeting to be pleasant and sincere, for a week you need to put a ring or earrings made of silver without stones in the coffee, and then drink the drink.

These are the different meanings of the same dream. You should listen to them and monitor your actions and actions so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Interpretation according to different dream books

There are many publications on dream interpretation in the world, and in almost all of them you can find information about the image of earrings in night dreams. However, the following publications will help you most accurately decipher dreams:

  • Miller's Dream Book. This dictionary of interpretations by the famous psychoanalyst Gustav Miller helps to reveal the image from the dream from the point of view of somnology and psychoanalysis;
  • Dream Interpretation of Zodiac Signs. A very important interpretation option, since each Zodiac Sign corresponds to a certain metal and stones, which plays a big role in deciphering the dream;
  • Freud's Dream Book. Sigmund Freud examines dreamed earrings from the point of view of sexology and psychoanalysis;
  • Women's Dictionary of Interpretations . A high-quality publication, thanks to which representatives of the fair sex can find out what their dreams mean;
  • Dream book of Miss Hasse. The author of the publication interprets the image of earrings as a harbinger of making a profit or, on the contrary, of big expenses. The interpretation depends on the plot of the night's dreams.

The interpretation of a dream about earrings in different dream books may vary.

This is due to the different approaches of the authors of interpretation dictionaries: some give preference to esotericism, and others to psychoanalysis. For the most accurate interpretation of your own dream, take into account all its details, as well as the characteristics of the feelings and emotions experienced the day before, and then choose the appropriate dream book.

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Why do men and women dream of earrings?

This exquisite decoration can be dreamed of by both women and men. Moreover, their interpretations will differ. And this is not surprising, because their character, temperament and behavior are different.

Why does a woman dream of earrings? Most often, such a dream comes to a strong, self-confident woman who is ready to share her experience and wisdom with others. She understands that if she receives advice or a material gift, she needs it and accepts it.

  • For a woman who is expecting a baby, the dream promises the birth of a girl.
  • Beautiful earrings in a girl’s ears - to find out someone’s secret and keep it.
  • Earrings in the ears of another woman or friend - to gossip and unjustified condemnation.
  • Why dream of losing an earring - it means losses or even robbery.
  • Trying on earrings for a woman in front of a mirror means that you will soon meet your loved one. If you believe the dream book on numbers, then the love wish will come true in two weeks, provided that the earrings are the same. And if they are different, then the cherished meeting should be expected no earlier than in two months.
  • If a girl received earrings from her lover in a dream, then they will have a long and happy life together.

If a representative of the stronger sex dreams of earrings, then most likely he has a discord in his family relationships. The spark of love has gone out, and it’s time to solve family problems before they turn into a snowball of troubles.

  • Why should a guy wear earrings in his ears? He should beware of rumors addressed to him.
  • A man sees earrings in his ears - there is a chance to commit a bad act that will affect his future life.
  • The dream book according to numbers promises the man who put them on separation or divorce from his wife in eleven days.

Don’t be upset if the interpretation is not very good, because a dream is a guide to action. If it promises something negative, you need to show wisdom to avoid it.

Finds and gifts in dreams and in reality

Receiving earrings as a gift means an offer and new opportunities. What will be available to you now largely depends on what they were made of and whether you liked them or not.

If a man gives a girl earrings, he will soon propose to her. The dream does not necessarily foretell marriage: it is quite likely that it will contribute to your career and position in society, or very soon you will learn that the guy is throwing words to the wind.

Receiving a gold item as a gift is a worthy offer. The exact interpretation of the dream depends on the style and model of earrings. If they were beautiful and fashionable, expect an improvement in your career, a luxurious and prosperous life.

A conservative style or family jewel indicates a marriage proposal, stability and constancy, but a feeling of boredom.

For the bride, such a dream is a warning: she will not be happy with a man who turns out to be much older than her or who adheres to old views on marriage and is constantly tormented by jealousy.

Silver earrings dream of kindness, a stable and prosperous life, but without luxury.

If a man gave you large, but fake earrings that quickly fell apart, this means a damaged relationship and empty promises. The Islamic dream book writes that you will be glad that you part with such a person in time.

If he gave only one earring, beware of fraud. This dream symbolizes uncertainty and changeability in the relationship with this man.

When he gives someone else's or plastic jewelry, expect poverty if you connect your life with him. But when you like her, you can remain good friends.

If you dreamed that a man gave you his wife’s earrings in a dream, then he will soon make a choice in your favor and vice versa. Seeing your jewelry on her or what he was going to give you initially is a sign of separation.

In dreams, plots are important in which incidents occur with real gifts from a husband or loved one.

If you put them on yourself, then the dream book indicates that you will be happy and take their advice. Especially if you do it in front of a mirror and with pleasure.

Darkened, bent or damaged jewelry dreams of great worries and tears. Sometimes such a dream indicates a separation, especially if you found one earring.

Throwing them away, giving them to another person means breaking off relationships with loved ones forever. The dream indicates that you will make this decision yourself. Seeing that a gift from your husband or loved one has been stolen is a sign of treason and betrayal. Especially if you saw such jewelry on another woman or his ex-wife.

For a pregnant woman, a dream predicts an early birth. Finding a pair of earrings on the street is a sign of pleasant events. Sometimes a dream predicts happiness or an opportunity, especially if you immediately decided to wear them.

Knowing who they belong to means rivalry in love and choice in your favor. If you don’t like someone else’s jewelry, you will give up tempting plans for the future.

If you find one earring, you dream of revealing someone else’s heart secret. Stealing a gift that was given to you in reality indicates competition in the desire to win the heart of this person.

Why dream of earrings with blue stones

Now you can understand in more detail the dreams in which earrings with inserts appeared. The dream book interprets blue earrings differently, depending on the mineral.

  • Earrings with sapphire. If they were given as a gift, it means that the person is looking for a mentor, teacher or soulmate. Seeing them on yourself is a sign that peace and good luck will soon enter your life. Why do you dream of finding earrings with sapphires? This may be a sign that you need some introspection. You lack worldly wisdom and determination in some matters.
  • Earrings with topaz are suitable for a person who is trying to solve some problem in reality. Some dream books claim that earrings or other jewelry with this stone can promise winnings. So buying a lottery ticket would be a good idea after such a dream. Seeing earrings with a gem on another person in a dream means friends will come to visit soon.

There are several more interesting interpretations of why you dream of blue earrings. So, losing them in a dream means getting tripped up by envious people and gossipers. Receive as a gift - in reality a romantic love adventure awaits you. There is also an opinion that blue stones come in a dream to someone who has well-developed intuition. It is worth taking this hint and boldly relying on your inner instinct.

Dream magicians say that a blue stone in a dream can be a signal that you have clairvoyance, magic and astrology abilities.

Buying earrings with blue stones promises a meeting with good people. These can be either new acquaintances or old friends. If someone took or stole such jewelry from you in a dream, then there is a chance that someone will ruin your reputation.

Holiday decorations and heirlooms

Their appearance in a dream predicts joy and pleasant impressions and events for you. Sometimes a dream foreshadows changes in the material side of life and in love, or an invitation to a holiday or celebration.

Family jewels indicate significant changes in the dreamer’s family life, not only in her relationships, but also in the fate of her parents, grandparents, and new knowledge about her own ancestry.

Trying on an expensive piece of jewelry while going to a holiday means trying to attract attention. Accidentally piercing your ears with them or seeing that there is blood - a joyful event can turn into trouble and sadness.

Beautiful long earrings indicate pleasant impressions and emotions, however, if they turn out to be too massive and heavy, expect troubles and health problems.

Some people have such a dream to signify a difficult decision, gossip, or the fact that you won’t get happiness for nothing. Think about what holiday jewelry was made of.

Expensive and high-quality jewelry often reflects false feelings or the desire to get into high society at any cost.

Stylish and beautiful products made of precious metal, gold and silver dream of success. Remember their length and appearance. Stud earrings indicate modesty and prosperity, the desire for a prosperous life. You will be happy and will be able to live prosperously and warmly.

If you dream that you are trying on long and provocative jewelry, including rings, in front of the mirror, beware of gossip. The more expensive and longer they are, the more conversations, gossip or envious glances will be directed in your direction.

Family jewels indicate changes in the family, riddles and secrets. Looking at them in a dream means looking for answers to the questions posed.

Wearing it means a significant event in the family. The same dream means if someone else takes them. Such a dream foreshadows a significant event in life, including a wedding, pleasant impressions and emotions.

If the jewelry was damaged or precious stones fell out of them, expect losses and worries. Such a dream does not always predict only material losses. In some cases, the dream is a sign of worries and tears, loss of self-esteem.

Receiving family earrings as a gift from parents is a blessing for marriage for the bride. Sometimes this is a sign of special trust and disposition towards you, true maturation.

To discover that family jewels have been stolen is a sign of significant losses and unfavorable changes. The meaning of the dream depends on who they belonged to.

Seeing that new jewelry has appeared in the family box is an auspicious sign. A dream indicates significant changes and acquisitions in life. For a girl, such a dream predicts her position in society, a prestigious job, or the receipt of a truly valuable gift.

Miller writes that this plot predicts a successful marriage for brides. Seeing that you have the same earrings at the holiday as another girl is a sign of rivalry in love. This dream predicts trouble for the dreamer.

But if her jewelry turned out to be fake and ugly, then you will win in it and be happy in the relationship. Seeing a family decoration on a deceased person is a sign of bad luck.

This dream predicts unfavorable changes, however, if a deceased person gives you jewelry, this is a favorable sign, a blessing from above. You can change your life for the better if you follow this man's advice.

Interpretation of dreams with earrings and green stones

Why dream of earrings with green stones? Green color is a symbol of joy, youth and freshness. This is a favorable color, and dreams with it often mean something good. The interpretation in this case will depend on the type of gem.

The most famous and beloved green stones by many fashionistas are emeralds. The emerald itself in a dream promises good events in your life, as well as success or fame in some business for your close relative.

Earrings with emeralds in a dream are harbingers of a quick reconciliation between loved ones. According to Millir’s dream book, when asked why one dreams of buying earrings with this stone, in real life one should be more careful about making large transactions. Deception on the part of business partners is possible. If in a dream you dreamed that a woman lost earrings with emerald and pearls, then this means separation or divorce.

They may also dream of success in an issue that has been bothering you for a long time. It is worth taking the initiative so as not to miss the chance.

According to Vanga’s dream book, receiving earrings with this gem as a gift is a sign of your irritation and irascibility towards those who give you advice or lecture. If you are wondering why you dream of earrings with emeralds being tried on in front of a mirror, this is a sign of quick and unexpected joy.

Some interpreters claim that earrings with emeralds can be dreamed of by those who have the gift of healing. They recommend not resisting and accepting such forces.

According to the American dream book, such a dream promises quick success in a business that has been standing still for a long time and is not bearing fruit. It's time to act.

Another famous green stone is jade. It is considered ornamental, but jewelry is also made from it. So putting on jade earrings means a successful outcome to a painful problem. Seeing earrings with it on another person in a dream symbolizes that you miss someone and are nostalgic. Why dream about being given earrings with this stone - to unexpected profit.

Interpretation of a dream with an earring according to Vanga’s dream book

For Vanga, seeing earrings in a dream is good luck. Happiness is waiting for you around the corner and will very soon enter your life. If you choose and examine earrings in a dream with great interest and warm feelings, it means your behavior in life is worthy and aristocratic. If the jewelry is lost, then there is a risk of being left without finances in real life.

Losing a gold earring in a dream - interpretation from dream books Gold is the most famous and noble metal; a variety of magical and healing properties have always been attributed to it. First of all, we perceive gold...

Red stones in earrings in a dream

Why dream of choosing earrings with a red stone? Red is the color of passion and love. But not only that, it is also a symbol of aggression and rage. The interpretation again depends on what kind of stone appeared in the dream.

  • Seeing earrings with a ruby ​​on someone else or in a box in a dream means good luck in your personal life or at work. Accepting such jewelry as a gift means getting married successfully; if you are already in Cancer, then he will be happy, prosperous, without financial problems. Cleaning earrings with a ruby ​​in a dream means troubles and efforts, which in the future will result in a fair reward.
  • A dream with earrings containing pomegranate means that the dreamer will soon face a certain problem, but clarity of mind and wisdom will help to make the right decision. According to the dream book of Catherine the Great, seeing garnet earrings in a dream is a sign of danger that threatens you or your loved ones. But a letter or, in our modern world, a phone call will clarify everything.

If it is not clear which red stone is in the earrings, then you can try to clarify the situation using general interpretations:

  • Red earrings in a dream - to ardent and bright love.
  • A bright red and pure mineral in jewelry promises the fulfillment of a cherished desire.
  • The dream of an earring with a red stone for those who tied the knot promises a long and happy life together.
  • A cloudy, dirty stone in earrings can be a harbinger of false gossip or deception on the part of your significant other.

We found out why the earrings were removed, but will the dream come true or not? After all, it is believed that they have the ability to come true on a certain day of the week. Therefore, even if a dream promises something bad, you must first figure out whether it is destined to come true in reality. And only then, armed with the clues of fate, solve problems and turn them to your advantage.

Choose and buy in the store

A showcase with jewelry symbolizes favorable changes in life. It represents the possibilities that are currently available to you.

If there was only plastic jewelry or fake jewelry, do not expect favorable changes in your life. Most likely, the opportunities you desire are not available to you at the moment.

If there are real gold and silver jewelry in the window, then this is a favorable sign. But if their prices turn out to be huge and beyond your reach, don’t expect a quick path to happiness.

But if you had enough money for a purchase, you gave it as a gift in a dream, or you managed to steal a product you liked, then a happy occasion will present itself and the opportunity to get what you want.

Trying on jewelry in a dream means making a choice between possibilities. But if the decoration doesn't suit you, you'll change your mind.

Putting on earrings that you will wear on a regular basis means changes in everyday life. Such a dream portends joy and pleasant impressions and emotions. If the product suits you and you like it, expect significant changes in your life. Remember what stones were on it and what it was made of.

Gold indicates the envy of others towards you, sometimes it dreams of illness. But some people see it as a warning against greed and anger. Such a dream indicates prestige and wealth, happiness in your personal life.

Dreaming of silver symbolizes love and pleasant impressions and emotions. Small gold earrings mean prosperity, but lack of luxury and chic, significant reasons for envy.

Long and large items indicate chic, but such a life indicates hatred of those around you, and unhappiness.

Diamonds dream of pure feelings, tenderness, but coldness in relationships.

Pearls indicate incoming happiness and tears. However, sparkling pearl earrings with pink or lilac stones dream of good news, but trying them on and not buying them is better than buying them.

A blue diamond or topaz symbolizes rare luck and happy events. Amethyst and alexandrite predict pleasant impressions and emotions for you, changeability in feelings.

Green emerald indicates stability and constancy in life, while ruby ​​and garnet dream of frightening events. For some people, their appearance portends danger.

Black pearls or diamonds dream of enrichment through death and suffering. It is better not to purchase jewelry with such stones in a dream. Sapphire dreams of wisdom and spiritual maturity, inspiration and inner freedom.

Looking closely at jewelry in a dream and choosing a product made of plastic is a frivolous act. Such a dream predicts poverty and great experiences, especially if you are used to wearing gold.

Costume jewelry and fake jewelry, but affordable, indicate an underestimation of your capabilities and desires.

Refusing to buy such jewelry in favor of gold and silver means choosing stability and constancy in your life.

If you had a dream in which you purchased a small but gold piece of jewelry instead of plastic, this means choosing true values ​​instead of fake ones.

If you chose lush jewelry instead of valuable metal, then you will stand out in the crowd in any way, just to please yourself and those around you with your showiness. This dream represents the choice between a boring, but stable and permanent job and an artistic activity in which the money will not flow constantly.

Trying on gold and silver in front of a mirror indicates that you are assessing your capabilities. Leaving the store without buying anything - you won’t want to take advantage of any of the opportunities offered.

But seeing the decoration of your dreams in a window is a dream of a lucky chance. If it suits you in terms of value and price, this is a favorable sign. The dream book says that your wish will come true.

Sleeping and seeing that the jewelry you like has been bought is a missed opportunity; if the jewelry turns out to be unaffordable, expect disappointment and annoyance. When a significant discount was applied to products, this is a favorable sign.

Trying it on and seeing that someone paid for the purchase is a happy coincidence. Buying earrings for yourself and seeing that you have enough money is a good sign. Taking off a product without purchasing it means that you will be disappointed in love or some opportunity.

When dreams come true

Before finding out why the earring dream could have occurred, it is worth clarifying the following. There are prophetic dreams that come true just as they were dreamed. They come true quickly and usually reflect a person’s real life. Usually they can be dreamed of during the holiday week, which begins on January 7 and ends on the 19th. Or before church holidays.

And there are symbolic ones, they represent a guide to action, a hint on what to do in a particular problem that worries you.

Now you can figure out why you should remove earrings on this or that day of the week and whether it will come true.

On Monday, dreams rarely come true. Dreams on this day can most likely be considered as the psychological state of the dreamer. They indicate nervous tension, anxiety and stress. The more chaotic and incomprehensible the dream, the more tense the person is.

• Dreams that happen on Tuesday reflect your creative nature. They are bright and memorable. Particular attention should be paid to details. They are the ones who can help with decoding the dream. If the dream brought you positive emotions, then you should start the day with an interesting creative idea. A bad dream signifies troubles that can happen within ten days. If after this time nothing bad has happened, then just forget the dream.

• Why take off your earrings on Wednesday ? This may come true if you had a dream before midnight. But usually on this day the dream is light and fleeting, it’s difficult to even remember it. And if it was clear, then small details will help to find a solution to the pressing issue.

• A dream from Thursday to Friday is considered prophetic. Especially if he visited you closer to the morning. It will come true by Sunday of the same week. And if not, then just forget it. But a romantic dream on this day of the week will not come true, these are just a person’s experiences on the love front.

• On the contrary, Friday romantic dreams come true. Other dreams also come true on this day: if he visited you before 12 at night, it will come true, but not soon; if he had a dream before three in the morning, it will come true within three months, but morning dreams will come true very soon.

• Dreams on Saturday , like on Monday, reflect our reality. You need to try to analyze it from a psychological point of view, maybe it will help you cope with problems in your personal life.

• Dreams true from Saturday to Sunday , but only those that relate to relaxation and travel. A bright Sunday dream can also promise a meeting with your soulmate.

It is not necessary to believe in dreams, but using the clues of our subconscious can be useful in any life situation.

Other dream options and their interpretation

The broken earrings that the dreamer saw in his dreams indicate that a lot of gossip, rumors and troubles, as well as problems, can be brought to him by a person who enjoys great trust. An unfastened earring indicates the onset of imminent depression and mental suffering. If you dreamed of two different earrings, then in reality all a person’s wishes will come true a month after the dream.

If a person in his dream sees earrings being sold in a shop window, this means that there are many different illusions in his life. Moreover, the paler the display window looks, the greater the chance that these illusions will come true. However, if the shop window shines with beautiful rainbow colors, then the illusions will remain pipe dreams.

Examples of interpretation of dreams about jewelry

Tell me what the dream in which I was given a ring could mean, a ring made of silver but golden in color, gilded, a big ring, so big that sometimes it becomes hard for me, without stones, with different patterns. But despite the fact that this is a large ring and sometimes it becomes heavy on my hand, I really like it and I don’t take it off.

This is an auspicious symbol. Perhaps you will gain some kind of ally or even the attention of society, the opportunity to somehow influence it and receive your benefits. Even though sometimes it will be a burden for you, you will enjoy it all. You will achieve this thanks to some purity of your soul and some claims to material achievements.

What if you dream that you are putting a man’s ring on your middle finger? (Written by a woman)

So, you will find yourself a certain partner. But you yourself will be in the role of a man.

Today I dreamed that my loved one sent me a large bouquet of flowers and a package. Inside the package were jewelry - a ring, a bracelet and a necklace. I don't remember putting on a bracelet, but I definitely put a ring on my index finger and a necklace on my neck. There was also an envelope, as if he had proposed to me. Please tell me what this could mean?

It is quite possible that this young man will propose to you in reality. The fact that you put the ring on means you accept the offer. And this will bring you various favorable changes in life.

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