As the dream book explains why you dream of gold earrings. How often do such dreams come true?

Gold is not only one of the most beautiful metals, it is also valuable, accepted for payments for goods. Therefore, dreams in which this particular metal in any form is remembered are interpreted as a sign of calculation, payment, profit; they relate to the personal sphere, emotions and feelings very indirectly.

For people involved in business, a dream in which gold appeared, including earrings and any other jewelry, is usually a very good sign that promises profit. There are some exceptions to the interpretations: if, for example, a lonely woman or a young girl sees a dream, feelings should not be excluded.

Why do you dream of earrings with stones?

Gold earrings with stones that lie in a store window can speak of the choice facing the dreamer . Among the many profitable offers, you still have to choose one.

If a person buys gold jewelry, imagining how it will look on his beloved woman, daughter, friend, it means that there is a profitable family business ahead , somehow connected with the family. Obviously heavy earrings, too bright or pretentious, can become a harbinger of the burden that will fall on the dreamer along with the business proposed to him.

A woman’s dream of gold earrings decorated with stones can promise her a profitable completion of a business or the receipt of a long-awaited offer, reward or financial independence.

Seeing gold earrings in your ears in a dream

Those who see earrings in their reflection in the mirror in a dream need to be attentive and careful. For creative people and those whose life is connected with conversations, such a dream can promise excellent news , through the skillful use of which they can benefit.

But it can also report gossip if the earrings you are wearing are strangers or you really don’t like them.

Unmarried women may dream of earrings if an interesting romantic proposal awaits . And putting on earrings in such a dream means accepting this offer. However, we are not talking about passionate feelings, but about a mutually beneficial marriage, because gold is a very serious metal, it is kept for a long time in one family, passed on from generation to generation. Take your upcoming marriage seriously; it’s time to leave frivolity in the past.

If you dreamed of an acquaintance, relative or friend with beautiful earrings in her ears, the news will probably be about her. If in a dream a woman sees her earrings on another woman, this is not a very good sign: take a closer look at your immediate surroundings, someone is gossiping about you or spreading rumors. Broken earrings promise problems , and if there is only one earring, loss awaits you.

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In a dream, the deceased husband gave a ring

Seeing your deceased father or grandfather, mother or grandmother alive in a dream means getting rid of difficulties and problems.

Seeing living loved ones dead means that their life will be extended.

A dream in which the deceased beats the dreamer means that he has committed some kind of sin.

Whoever sees that he has found a dead person will soon become rich.

If the deceased whom you see in a dream does something bad, then he warns you against doing it.

Seeing a single dead person means marriage, and seeing a married dead person means separation from relatives or divorce.

If the deceased whom you saw in a dream did some kind of good deed, then this is a sign for you to do something similar.

Seeing a dead person alive in a dream and testifying that he is alive and everything is fine with him indicates a very good position of this person in the next world.

The Koran says: “No, they are alive! They find their inheritance from their Lord.” (Sura-Imran, 169). If the dreamer hugs and talks to the deceased, then the days of his life will be extended.

If the dreamer kisses an unfamiliar dead person in a dream, he will receive benefits and wealth from where he did not expect.

And if he does this with a deceased person he knows, he will acquire from him the necessary knowledge or money left behind by him.

Whoever sees that he is having sexual intercourse with the deceased will achieve what he has long lost hope for.

Whoever sees in a dream that a dead woman has come to life and has had sexual intercourse with him will have success in all his endeavors.

Seeing a dead person silent in a dream means that he from the other world treats the person who saw this dream favorably.

Anyone who sees that the deceased gives him some good and pure thing will receive something good and pleasing in life from the side from which he did not expect.

And if the thing is dirty, then he may commit a bad act in the future.

Seeing a deceased person rich in a dream means that everything is fine with him in the next world.

Greeting a deceased person in a dream means receiving favor from Allah.

If a deceased person is naked in a dream, it means that he has not done any good deeds in life.

If the deceased notifies the dreamer of his imminent death, then he will really die soon.

The blackened face of a deceased person in a dream indicates that he died without faith in Allah.

The Koran says: “And to those whose faces turn black (it will be said): “Have you not renounced the faith that you accepted?” (Sura-Imran, 106).

Whoever sees that he enters the house with the deceased and does not come out will be on the verge of death, but then will be saved.

Seeing yourself sleeping in the same bed with a deceased person in a dream means longevity.

Whoever sees in a dream that the deceased is calling him to himself will die in the same way as the deceased died.

Seeing a deceased person performing Namaz in a dream in the place where he usually performed it during life means that he is not doing well in the afterlife.

Seeing him performing Namaz in a different place than where he performed it during his life means that in the next world he is destined for a great reward for his earthly deeds.

A dream in which the deceased is in a mosque indicates that he is deprived of torment, for a mosque in a dream means peace and security.

If in a dream a deceased person leads the prayer of those who are alive in reality, then the lives of these people will be shortened, because in their prayer they follow the actions of the dead person.

If someone sees in a dream how in some place some previously deceased righteous people came to life, this will mean that goodness, joy, justice from their ruler will come to the residents of this place, and the affairs of their leader will go well.

What is the purpose of receiving earrings as a gift in a dream?

Giving gold earrings on special occasions is common in many families. A dream in which you are given antique gold earrings promises an inheritance or a long-awaited gift from relatives.

Beautiful gold earrings with pendants, donated by parents or loved ones, promise good initial capital for starting your own business , but earrings given in a dream by a stranger can indicate a completely unexpected event that will delight you.

A dream with a gift in the form of gold earrings promises only good things : winnings, victory, a happy event, an unexpected favorable resolution of problems.

The dream in which you give earrings is very ambiguous.

  • Giving or giving jewelry means giving away your success , your luck, your happiness.
  • Giving earrings to your daughter, mother or wife is a great sign; the dreamer will do everything to take care of his loved ones, he has both the strength and the means to do this.
  • Giving or giving away gold jewelry just like that, without reason, to a person who is not related by blood, even to a girlfriend or friend, is a dream interpreted as unfavorable . You will give away something very dear to you with your own hands. Most likely, you are being forced to do this or your feelings are being skillfully manipulated; your subconscious mind warns you about this.

The meaning of flowers as a gift to the deceased

If you happen to give flowers to a deceased person in a dream, this may be a warning not to allow outsiders to actively interfere in your affairs. Otherwise, troubles are difficult to avoid, which will ultimately lead to devastation and apathy.

Giving flowers as a gift to a deceased person in a dream also speaks of committing a worthy act in real life. Sometimes this is also associated with getting rid of unnecessary problems, worries and thoughts. Dreams with such a plot often imply a quick period of luck and success in reality.

Why do you dream of earrings with diamonds?

Dreams in which the most striking detail are diamonds set in gold promise a profitable family business. Earrings with diamonds are a profitable marriage or a great deal, a solid business, capital, and not sudden profit.

Such dreams promise the achievement of all set goals ; unmarried and unmarried people are destined to find a couple, while for married people the dream promises the achievement of their goals.

But if a stone suddenly falls out of an earring, the dream warns of losses that threaten you: a very close or loved one will leave your life.

Do you suddenly find diamond earrings in your dream? Well, in reality, in the very near future, a woman will meet a rich and respectable admirer , a man will find a powerful patron

Interpretation according to the personality of the deceased

The interpretation of the dream largely depends on who the deceased is:

  • If in night dreams a gift is given to a person who is dead only in a dream, then this may portend a separation from him in reality due to severe disappointment;
  • to see a grandmother with flowers in a dream - in reality to feel her protection, to use her valuable advice. A smiling relative symbolizes upcoming joyful events, a crying one - be prepared for the difficulties that you will have to face soon;
  • give to your grandfather - his instructions are useful and you can build on them in life;
  • giving a gift to your father in a dream is a sign that you are afraid of trials on your path and want to receive support, a strong shoulder nearby;
  • a gift from your mother - you lack care. Perhaps soon there will be a person who can give it to him;
  • a brother symbolizes meeting a new friend who will support you;
  • a good gift for your uncle is a signal that success awaits you in your work life;
  • to a friend - expect good news from close friends or an invitation to a celebration.
  • Giving a gift to your husband means stop tormenting yourself with unnecessary thoughts, you have the opportunity to improve your life.

Seeing earrings with a red stone in a dream

Red is the color of passion or rage. Earrings in a dream with stones of this color can indicate unpleasant meetings , acquaintances or conversations. If a young girl has a dream, it is interpreted as a sudden outbreak of passion: most likely, in the very near future an ardent admirer will appear , the relationship with whom will not only be very serious, but will also lead to a mutually beneficial alliance.

If in a dream a man gives such earrings to his wife, it means it’s time to talk about feelings , spend a vacation together or go on a trip; his financial condition allows him to count on a romantic trip together.

But discussing a gift in the form of earrings with rubies with colleagues, partners, even relatives can indicate tense and unpleasant moments associated with your financial situation.

Main features

As the dream book describes, the deceased gives something to a person not only when a big problem awaits him, but also in the event of an impending wave of positive news concerning his future. To get an accurate picture of what is happening, you will have to analyze a large number of factors and then compare the images you see.

Why do you dream about the Smell of a Dead Man?

Why do you dream of Washing a Dead Man?

Why do you dream about the Medallion?

What did you give?

Receive a ring from a dead man in a dream

If the deceased gives a gift, then your first priority is to remember it in every detail:

  • ring - to future marriage and the formation of a happy unit of society;
  • money - to receive unexpected profits or inheritance;
  • shoes - for a business trip abroad and exciting adventures;
  • clothes - to the appearance of small but pleasant troubles;
  • accessories - for the implementation of planned activities.

Who saw it?

Receiving money from a deceased person in a dream

As the dream book describes, a gift from a deceased person should be considered depending on who was able to contemplate such an unpleasant picture.


If a representative of the stronger half of humanity is given an expensive thing, it means there will be more money in his life, and things will go uphill. In the Russian Dream Interpreter you can see that the sleeper will be expected to successfully conclude deals, and therefore it is so important to gain courage and get down to business that has been put off for so long.


According to the dream book, a gift from a deceased person has a completely different meaning for the fair sex. The plot you see predicts the speedy realization of a long-cherished idea or dream.

The dreamer is likely to face dramatic changes in her life that will affect her future destiny.

Who gave it?

I dreamed of a gift from the other world

The dreamer must understand that every detail of the dream leaves a certain imprint on all further interpretation, and therefore it is so important to remember the key image that decided to show signs of attention to your person.

When mystical dreams come to you, you can prepare for changes affecting various aspects of life. The past must remain in the past, and any attempts to bring it back will result in failure.

I'm alive in reality

If you dreamed of a person who died in a dream, but is alive in real life, then serious disappointment awaits you. Dreaming of an unusual gift in a dream is a symbol of the experience gained from communication and time spent together. In any case, the accuracy of the decoding will be influenced by the context of the whole picture:

  • receiving a gift from a living family member who suddenly died in a dream means revealing a family secret;
  • the former gentleman shows signs of attention - to receive unexpected news that reveals the true reason for the breakup.

Seeing a gift from a deceased grandmother in a dream

The dreams described above encourage you to start paying more attention to your loved ones, because they need it so much.

The dreamer must also remember the circumstances of the breakup. If the parting was painful, then a gift received in a dream predicts great surprise. There will be people in your social circle who are ready to pleasantly surprise you without demanding anything in return.

Late grandmother

Why did you dream about a gift from your deceased grandmother? Agree, this image brings back sad memories, but they must be driven away. The fact is that the dream predicts the birth of a child who will be very similar to the deceased grandmother.

If you have dreams in which the deceased gives something, you will have to remember the quality of the gift received:

  • poor-quality things can lead to serious illness and even death, and therefore, after waking up, you will have to seek help from doctors;
  • expensive items are a symbol of establishing connections with other people, but sometimes you should trust your own intuition.

You cannot be proud of such a dream, and the best solution would be to destroy the thing you saw or completely abandon it.

Late brother

The dream interpreter describes a picture according to which gifts from a deceased brother predict new acquaintances or surprises. Following the advice from the Modern Interpreter, you can count on a pleasant acquaintance with a person who outwardly resembles a deceased relative.

According to another interpretation, your resourcefulness and intelligence will allow you to use your skills to your advantage. The main thing is not to overdo it and make rational efforts.

A gift from a deceased brother in a dream promises acquaintance in reality

In ancient dream books it is said that things taken from a deceased brother can be used for their intended purpose . You should remember the present in all its details, since it will be of great service in real life.

Late Lover

If you dreamed of an ex-husband or boyfriend trying to give a gift from the other world, then in real life you will be able to gain invaluable experience. The symbol you see can be interpreted according to the color of the packaging: the brighter it is, the more good news.

A recently deceased chosen one trying to give away something dirty or spoiled is a harbinger of stupid actions. In modern sources you can read that such a dream promises a dangerous illness or impending danger.

You must understand one thing: after waking up, there is a high probability of getting sick or becoming a victim of a crime. Receiving something bad in a beautiful package means a serious quarrel, poisoning and conflicts. You will have to be careful about possible troubles.

An unpleasant gift symbolizes a quarrel

Deceased celebrity

Gifts from a deceased celebrity are a symbol of success and disappointment. These feelings will conflict in the soul, and therefore it is so important to learn how to manage them. Seeing a dead person who left a substantial fortune means disappointment in some matter.

No matter how strange it may sound, such an unusual plot tries to push a person to search for new thoughts . For example, a teenage girl, trying to understand the behavior of her favorite celebrity, will be able to achieve perfection in her chosen task. The main thing is not to deviate from your path, and then the result will not take long to arrive.

Dreamed of earrings with pearls

If you dreamed of earrings with pearls, this is also a very good sign, promising a stable income and family well-being. For women, such a dream foretells amazing news and interesting acquaintances.

But for young girls, earrings with pearls can promise tears . Troubles will not be fatal; rather, they will be tears of disappointment or relief, after which the time for favorable changes will come.

If a married woman suddenly sees earrings with precious stones on a stranger in a dream, she needs to keep an eye on her husband: probably the husband decided to pay attention to another woman and started an affair on the side.

General interpretation of such a dream

  • Most often, dreams of this kind occur to women. But if you are a man, why dream that you were given a ring, and a gold one at that? The dream has a good interpretation: soon you will meet a person who will become your excellent friend.
  • Such a dream can be interpreted in two more ways. First (for an unmarried guy): you wouldn’t mind being “ringed” by some lovely person. Second: you are afraid to take on obligations, not only in terms of relationships, but also work ones.
  • Was the ring made from a different metal? If it is made of silver, then this is not a very good dream. It means sorrow in the future.
  • Are you the ring giver yourself? Who did you offer the shiny decoration to? Such a dream means that you dream of capturing the heart of this person and will be faithful to him.

Was the ring an engagement ring?

  • If a young girl had such a dream, it promises her harmony in her relationship with her lover, as well as the fidelity of this guy.
  • Did a married lady dream of such a gift? Besides, the decoration was very beautiful, did it shine brightly? This is good: soon the problem that you have almost forgotten about will be successfully resolved.
  • Have you seen the simply shamelessly beautiful engagement ring that was presented to you? In real life, there is a person hovering around you who dreams of seducing you.
  • You were asked to get married and you said “yes”? Not the most favorable dream: something will interfere with the development of the business you are currently doing.
  • Have you been offered an offer but rejected it? But here it’s the other way around: everything you do will bring long-awaited results.

Decoding the stone on the ring

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  1. As the dream book says, if you were given a ring with a stone, it means that it will be easy for you to meet and maintain conversations with strangers. This dream will especially please a person who is getting a new job or going to study far from home.
  2. Such a dream has another interpretation, but only if a woman saw it. A dream “with a stone” marks a charmer, around whom there are always admirers of her beauty.
  3. Sometimes dreams of this kind warn: after a while you will receive a surprise.

By type of stone:

  1. Diamond: your wedding will be truly luxurious.
  2. Emerald: You will receive a blessing.
  3. Ruby: you will soon feel a secret power within yourself. This does not mean “superhero” abilities, like a comic book hero, but something real. For example, a person who loves you will be ready to do anything for you, and you will know about it.
  4. Pearl: You will have to shed tears.
  5. Onyx, agate, obsidian and other black stones: losses and bad luck await you.

Have you been showered with jewelry?

  • Let's say you accepted not one, but two rings as a gift, and identical ones? Such a dream says: you understand your life situation perfectly and are not going to change anything about it.
  • Did you receive not only a ring, but also earrings to go with it? This is for success in your personal life, and first of all, for complete understanding in your couple, as well as material well-being.
  • If you are carrying a child, the dream will have a different interpretation: you will have a girl.
  • Ring plus bracelet (or bracelets)? If a young girl, even a high school student, dreams about this, the dream will indicate the likelihood of a very early marriage.
  • If your boyfriend gave these things in a dream, it means that he is ready to introduce you to his mom and dad, so get ready for your first family visit.

Who gave it?

  • Husband: You may have a baby. Sometimes such a dream means something else: you and your spouse will start a common business, and this will be an excellent decision, since the business will bring you many benefits.
  • Husband, but is the ring too small/too big? Your spouse is not happy with something in your marriage.
  • Beloved, and not only gave it, but also put it on his hand: in real life he will not betray. Your common interests can become the key to strong love for many years.
  • Ex: Your subconscious wants to remind you of the promise you made to this person a long time ago.
  • The former, and the ring was, as they say, very “designer”, catchy, fancy-shaped or fancifully decorated: soon they may make you a successful business offer, but it will only cause you a skeptical grin, so you refuse. But in vain!
  • A guy from your environment, that is, someone you know personally: he is a good friend. If trouble comes, you can go to him for help - he will not refuse.
  • Unfamiliar guy or man: there is a person in your environment who would like to become close to you. Perhaps it's the guy you keep in the "friend zone" or a coworker of few words. The second interpretation of this dream: your destiny will be changed by an unexpected incident.
  • Deceased: a dream portends happiness and wealth.
  • Sister (in a woman’s dream): soon the figure of a rival will loom on your horizon.

If you dream of earrings with a ruby ​​– how does the dream book interpret this?

Dreams in which gold earrings with rubies are remembered, like any other dreams about jewelry with precious stones, promise financial well-being and stability. But you never dream of a ruby ​​just like that. It reminds us of passion, the romance of new feelings and relationships, and the blood bubbling in our veins.

A woman might dream of such earrings if she has an interesting journey ahead. Perhaps she is waiting for a new romantic adventure. For a young girl, beautiful earrings with rubies promise a lucrative offer, financial independence, and an excellent career in the very near future.

A dream with earrings, dreamed by a man - the father of an adult daughter, can be interpreted as a quick and profitable acquaintance with the groom's family, marriage or the birth of an heir. If a man holds earrings in his hands, wondering who to give them to, most likely in reality he will have to make a difficult decision related to the family business.

Broken jewelry, no matter who it is intended for, speaks of rumors and intrigue, possible betrayal.

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