Why does a woman or man dream of black caviar - 40 interpretations from different dream books

Caviar is a product that many associate with wealth and prosperity. Usually only people who do not count their income can afford it. But, appearing in dreams, this image can not only predict your material well-being. Sometimes, on the contrary, seeing red or black caviar in a dream is a sign that you may encounter unexpected expenses. In this article we have collected for you the opinions of popular interpreters who interpret the vision in different ways.


Since on a subconscious level we associate an image with material well-being, most often psychologists suggest interpreting it in this vein. If you dream that you scoop up food in large spoons, eat and cannot stop, this indicates excessive greed. Sometimes a dream means that you cannot stop trying to get as much money as possible. But in some cases, greed may be associated with the desire to acquire all imaginable human goods. This may indicate your desire for sensual pleasures.

Please note that if you see black or red caviar in a dream , but there is very little of it, then everything is not so good for you in material terms. Here it is important to remember your feelings. If you were angry about the lack of food on the table, then you are not happy with the current state of affairs. But indifference to the meagerness of the delicacy indicates that you don’t care. Money has never come first for you.

For a woman, the image has another meaning. He talks about her desire to have a child. Depending on the circumstances of the night vision, you are close to this or far from the goal.

For men and women

If a girl sees a delicacy in a dream, then a bad period in her life awaits. She will be surrounded by gossip and intrigue. The dreamer needs to talk less about her life, especially about successes and achievements. If she has to clean sturgeon with caviar, then she needs to train restraint.

A woman dreams of black caviar to indicate pregnancy, but this news will not please her husband. Most likely he will be upset, and this will lead to conflicts in the family. A pregnant delicacy foretells the birth of a boy. Childbirth will go quickly and will not bring complications.

For a man, such a sign becomes a warning. A difficult period will soon begin in his life. It is necessary to develop the following personality qualities:

  • patience;
  • endurance;
  • determination.

If he successfully overcomes all the obstacles in life, a calm and well-fed life awaits him in old age. For older people, caviar portends an improvement in their financial situation. The sign is especially favorable when the mouth is smeared with the delicacy.

This promises the emergence of several sources of income. Old people will not have to limit themselves in anything.

People's dream book

In the classical interpreter, the following meaning is attributed to the appearing image:

  • just seeing a treat is a symbol that your life will be prosperous, but you need to be careful. Otherwise, you risk losing your financial well-being;
  • eating red caviar means achieving a goal, black caviar means parting;
  • for a woman there is a product - a symbol that she will soon become pregnant. If the dream appears to a pregnant woman, it means that childbirth will be easy and without problems;
  • Open a jar and find that there are no eggs in it - you will be disappointed. You will have to go through many trials and difficulties;
  • eating a sandwich with a delicacy - in fact, you can count on the successful completion of an important task;
  • If you dreamed of herring caviar, you will experience extraordinary surprise. What will happen in your life will shock you;
  • I saw a fish laying eggs - to receive pleasure;
  • you dream that there is a sandwich with black caviar on the table - you will participate in a serious business that will allow you to change your own life for the better;
  • in a dream you purchase a product of different varieties in large quantities - in reality you will have to receive guests. Perhaps the reason for this will be a housewarming party.

Miscellaneous parts

Seeing a spoonful of caviar in a dream means having loyal friends in reality. They are always ready to help and support. If the product was rotten and with worms, then the dreamer is surrounded by a dishonest and two-faced person. It will take a lot of effort to figure out who it is. This must be done, since in the future it will seriously damage the reputation of the sleeper.

A refrigerator completely filled with black caviar means a profitable investment or a major purchase. A few eggs portend a big profit, but this will require serious work.

For a full interpretation, you need to take into account the location of the delicacy:

  • in a bank - to receive a bonus or rapid career growth;
  • on a plate - for a pleasant and expensive gift;
  • in the palm of your hand - rash actions will lead to the collapse of the business;
  • pancakes with caviar and butter - the dreamer will have new opportunities to discover his talent.

If a sleeper opens a jar of caviar and it is empty, his hopes will not come true. To receive a gift in the form of a fish delicacy means the dreamer will meet an interesting and intelligent person.

If you buy caviar yourself, it means making the only right decision. Treating someone with it is showing unimaginable generosity. Seeing an expensive product and not being able to purchase it means you lack confidence and patience to achieve your goal.

Spreading caviar on bread or eating it with your hands means excessive waste. If a person continues to treat money this way, he will quickly become poor.

Freud's Dream Book

The psychoanalyst believed that for a young woman to dream about a delicacy is a sign of readiness for the birth of a child. In this case, you can count on the fact that you will soon become pregnant and the birth will be easy.

If you dream that someone is stealing a product, a rival will appear in reality. You can keep your lover, but to do this you will have to be cunning. Think about it - do you need it? After all, if a man succumbs to temptation once, what will hold him back the next time?

You dreamed of a fish from which eggs are taken - in the real world, your feelings are played with. Your opinion is not taken into account, and you allow yourself to be treated this way. Perhaps it's time to put everything in its place.

If you dream that the dish was delicious and you ate it with pleasure, you actually prefer variety in sex. If you dream of a fish that is in a pond and lays eggs - you will become an involuntary witness to someone’s love affair. The situation will be very awkward.

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some recommendations for interpreting a dream about black caviar. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the moon.

Assessment of the feasibility of a dream on August 26, 2022, according to the Gadalkin House website. Today is Thursday, the Waning 3rd quarter from August 22 15:02, the Night Sun entered the 2nd house. If you had a dream on another day, you can look at the recommendations in this table. Now let's look at the main indicators of today that influence the interpretation, according to astrologers.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 60%
IndexGuidelines for interpretation
Day of week: Thursday Try to remember everything that you dreamed about on the night from Wednesday to Thursday as accurately as possible - pay attention to small, at first glance, insignificant details. Most likely, the interpretation of today’s dream will be somehow connected with your personal life or some hidden desires.
Lunar day: 18th 18 Lunar day. If you had a good dream today, it will definitely come true. Especially if the interpretation was about money, a carter, or some purchases. On the contrary, a bad dream predicts difficulties with finances.
Moon in sign: Aries (15°15'57"); Aries is a fire sign and always symbolizes some bright event. If you had an emotional dream, then in reality you will definitely experience strong nervous tension. A bright struggle and the same victory await you. Leadership qualities will help you achieve your goal, the main thing is not to give up, show endurance and determination.
Phase: Waning 3rd quarter Waning moon. Regardless of the nature of the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that during this period you will experience a decline in physical and moral activity. Now it is better to finish current active affairs and lead a measured course of life.

Miller's Dream Book

Black or red caviar in Miller’s dream book is the personification of wealth and luxury. You can expect to find them, but be careful. If you act recklessly, you can instantly lose everything.

There is a product, according to the interpreter, that promises an early pregnancy. If a pregnant woman has a dream, it means that childbirth will be easy and without complications. If you dream that you are taking eggs out of fish, in reality you will show cruelty towards someone close to you.

In night vision, you buy a jar - you can actually improve your health. If you are sick, the illness will soon recede. For an elderly person, this image means that he will live a long time, and worries will pass him by.

Who had the dream

According to the Home Dream Book, black caviar predicts well-being in family life. More detailed interpretation:

To a woman

  1. A young unmarried girl dreams of caviar to fall in love with a man who turns out to be married.
  2. The bride can prepare for an early pregnancy after the wedding celebration.
  3. For a married lady - to quarrels with her husband due to lack of money for the desired purchase.
  4. For a widow - chores around the house.

To a man

  1. For a young man, such a dream predicts a job with low pay but good prospects for career growth.
  2. For the groom - to a long and prosperous family life.
  3. A married man should prepare mentally for intense and difficult work.
  4. For a divorced person, the dream promises fulfillment of someone else’s duties at work.


For a pregnant woman, a dream with black caviar promises an easy deliverance and a healthy baby.

Vanga's Dream Book

Vanga has the following explanations for what the dream means:

  • you cut open the belly of a fish and see a lot of caviar there - in fact, people are in danger of starvation. Now they are misusing resources, for which they will soon have to pay. People will have to grow synthetic food to stop hunger. Food will be cheap, and only very wealthy people will be able to afford real meat or vegetables;
  • I dreamed that a fish was laying eggs - a positive symbol. It predicts prosperity and happiness;
  • you eat a delicacy - in reality you will commit a rash act, hoping for the best. However, as a result, you will end up losing. You will have to spend a lot of time and money to return life to normal;
  • in your dream there was an abundance of caviar - in reality you will have to go through many trials. If you can endure them with honor, you will know joy. If you deviate from the right path, then you will lose your position in society and be universally condemned.

Other interpretations

In order to obtain the most complete interpretation, it is necessary to turn to other sources. What will the dream book tell?

Esoteric dream book

to separation or parting

This source gives a less optimistic interpretation and claims that eating this product means long-term separation from your chosen one. It is also worth noting that there is a threat of a break in the relationship, so efforts must be made to ensure that the union remains strong and full of love.

Had a dream about making a purchase? It doesn’t matter whether it was a market or an expensive store, this action speaks of obligations to other people. You will spend a lot of mental and physical strength to provide these services.

Loff's Dream Book

According to this interpreter, seeing a dream appear is a positive sign. If in your vision you make a purchase, it means that in the real world you will be able to improve your financial situation. For a woman to see that she is eating eggs is a symbol that a desired pregnancy will soon occur.

Opening a jar that should contain caviar, but finding something else there is a sign of upcoming disappointments and troubles. If you dreamed that you were preparing vegetable caviar, in fact you can put a little more effort into achieving what you want, and you will succeed.

An exquisite delicacy is a sign of prosperity

Did you have a dream in which you ate black caviar? The night was not in vain. Seeing caviar in a dream, either black or red, is a sign of satisfaction, satiety and well-being.

There are, however, a couple of details that distinguish red caviar from its dark namesake: black - symbolizes success and wealth, which the dreamer will achieve with his own strength and knowledge, while red - promises unexpected enrichment: a big win, inheritance, a successful deal, etc.

Robinson's Dream Book

Like many other interpreters, Robinson points out that this image predicts improved financial well-being. If you dreamed that you were eating a product, then you can count on receiving an inheritance. But, if the delicacy was vegetable, then this only promises an increase in salary.

If you dream that you are making a purchase, your spouse will be a wealthy person. Ripping open the belly of a fish and seeing the eggs means you will invest money in a business that will bring significant profit. A fish spawns in the water - soon you will be unreasonably jealous of your lover. The feeling of jealousy will be all-consuming. As a result, the relationship with your loved one will be destroyed.

How much caviar did you dream about?

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, such dreams promise good luck in all matters. The details will be indicated by the amount of caviar in the dream:

So many

Seeing a lot of black caviar in a dream means that your financial situation will soon improve due to an additional source of income. Hobbies or part-time jobs will begin to bring noticeable profits. You can't quit your main job yet. We must first strengthen our position in the new field.

Big jar

Dreaming of a large jar full of caviar means buying something that will not be very cheap. The money will not be spent in vain, the joy of the acquisition will warm the soul for a long time.


A bucket filled with caviar foreshadows an interesting proposal for a new job, which will be different from the previous one. It will help you realize your own potential and bring good income.

The whole mountain

If you dreamed of a whole mountain of black caviar, it means that in the near future there is a chance to receive an inheritance or accept a large sum of money as a gift. The best thing to do with them is to invest in real estate. Then they will give a good profit.

Full bath

A full bath of black caviar symbolizes a great mood associated with one’s own success. The plot of the dream will tell you exactly in which area they will occur.

Why do you dream about red caviar?

Caviar taken away in a dream is quite symbolic. In most dream books, this delicacy is interpreted as a positive sign, foreshadowing the dreamer’s profit in all its forms.

The options will entirely depend on the person to whom Morpheus gave such a dream.

This could be career growth, the fulfillment of a desire, a long-awaited increase in salary, or even pregnancy. Details will also be important for the correct deciphering of what you see.

I dreamed about red caviar in a dream, what is it for?

  • When you dream of red caviar , you need to pay attention to every little thing. A sign promising profit and pleasure can also mean acquisitiveness if the dreamer tries to eat alone, hiding in a secluded place.
  • Black in a dream most often means the same thing, but in some cases the color of the product is the determining factor.
  • If a girl dreams of orange or black eggs, then the meanings will be identical, and they will relate to an early marriage or addition to the family.
  • A delicacy thrown into the trash is a sign that the dreamer should take a timeout. The dream is warning in nature and ambiguously indicates the need to rest and relieve stress.
  • Spawning fish are a sign of prosperity. Catching it with your hands is a particularly good sign, promising a huge jackpot in reality.

Why does a woman dream of red caviar?

For representatives of the fair sex, a dream where there is red fish caviar portends different things. The meaning of what you see will depend on the social status of the dreamer.

  1. for unmarried girls who do not have a relationship with anyone, the dream means meeting the man of their dreams and getting married soon;
  2. young women who managed to find a couple dream about the delicacy during pregnancy;
  3. for a pregnant woman, such a dream means a successful birth;
  4. a woman with adult children can count on the long-awaited appearance of grandchildren.
  • At the same time, for a mature woman there is another interpretation of the dream, promising gossip directly related to the dreamer and the intimate side of her life. If you are not careful, a scandal may break out because of other people’s slander, which is also far-fetched.
  • Not only women can see such dreams; if a young man dreams of a delicacy, then career growth or success in promoting his own business awaits him. For an elderly gentleman, the dream foretells a calm, prosperous old age.

Why do you dream of eating red caviar?

Eating any sturgeon caviar, including black, is most often dreamed of by a woman as a sign of pregnancy or other types of profit. In this case, any nuances of the dream are very important.

When it comes to love and relationships, the interpretation changes depending on the color of the delicacy. Orange eggs in this case mean an important victory regarding personal life, and black ones portend separation for lovers.

Why do you dream about a lot of red caviar?

Miller claims that a dream in which a person saw a warehouse full of delicacies or a filled refrigerator foreshadows a well-fed life in contentment and prosperity.

Freud has a different point of view on this matter. In his opinion, dreams of the delicacy in large quantities signify the ability to conceive.

In general, all of Freud’s interpretations of dreams with the presence of a delicacy are related to the intimate side of life.

Bright orange promises a sophisticated life, black - financial excess. And the conclusion that the father of psychoanalysis makes is ambiguous and promises the dreamer satiety in his sexual life.

If you dream of red caviar in a jar

  • Miller's dream book foretells a good deal for a person buying a jar of red caviar for himself. The benefit in this case directly depends not on the size of the jar, but on the quality of the product.
  • Spoiled eggs threaten disappointment. Even worse is a dream in which the opened jar turned out to be empty or filled with something else. Such a dream is a direct warning about deception in reality.
  • Hiding an uneaten delicacy from the table in the refrigerator is a sign of profit and financial stability.
  • Watching someone buy it means getting a promotion.

Eating red caviar in a dream, what is it for?

There are different ways to eat red and black caviar in a dream:

  • Doing this with a spoon means an unexpected gift, which will ultimately upset you. An exception would be a dream that a pregnant woman had. This portends an easy birth for her. There is another transcript that promises expensive entertainment.
  • Seeing a saucer with a delicacy in front of you in a dream means experiencing temptation in reality.
  • Trying just one egg means that the business you have started will bring enormous returns in the distant future.
  • Eating a sandwich with red caviar means realizing your talents. Perhaps the dreamer will be given a fateful offer that can turn life in a profitable direction. At the same time, if a person dreams of a sandwich with a spoiled delicacy, then in reality he should be wary of a trick on the part of his partners.

Source: https://mysekret.ru/snovedeniya/k-chemu-snitsya-krasnaya-ikra.html

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