A dream where you happened to hold a fish in your hands: interpretation of the dream book

The incredible world of night dreams has excited the human imagination since ancient times. Despite numerous studies, science today cannot fully explain this amazing phenomenon. In attempts to unravel the meaning encrypted in bizarre images, philosophers, psychologists, esotericists and ordinary charlatans wrote specialized works - dream books. Holding a fish in your hands is a very common plot with a very ambiguous interpretation.

Why do you dream about live fish: interpretation of the meaning of sleep according to various dream books for men and women

Dreams with a similar plot are most often pleasant; they evoke a feeling of peace and harmony. Why does a woman or man dream about live fish? As the dream book says, live fish in a dream is a positive sign for people of any age and gender. If you dreamed of a large live fish, this could mean success in work and material well-being, an addition to the family and mutual understanding in the house. Correctly interpreted details of the plot, which various dream books will help you understand, will help you understand the exact meaning of the dream.

As the dream book says, a live fish swimming in the water in a dream is a very good sign for both a man and a woman.

Interpretation of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud and others

The wisdom of our ancestors, passed down from generation to generation, has reached our time through many variants, one of which is dream interpreters, otherwise known as dream books. Since ancient times, people have noticed a certain connection between dreams and real life. By recording, noting coincidences, and deducing patterns, people came to the conclusion that dreams can be used to predict events and, thus, predict the behavior of fate. We present to your attention interpretations of what dreams of living fish in water mean, from those dream books that are most popular, since the predictions of their authors are considered the most truthful.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep depending on the details

The smallest details that were present in your dream can tell more than a single bright element. Therefore, try to remember how you felt, where you saw live fish. How did you catch it: fast, easy or hard, calm or tense. Use our tips so as not to miss a single important detail and understand what a living fish means in a dream.

Who saw the dream: girl, woman, man, child

For a woman or girl, living fish in a dream may indicate an imminent pregnancy.

Why does a girl dream of a live fish - good luck, success, pleasant meetings, a great gift from fate await her. Another interpretation predicts a meeting with the future chosen one, and the larger the fish, the richer and more respectable the groom will be. Holding a fish in your hands means an early engagement and wedding, and small fry that splash in the water mean future children.

For a woman, living fish in a dream is also a harbinger of happiness. Things will go uphill, the financial situation will improve, family happiness will grow stronger, plans will come true. In addition, if a woman wants to get pregnant, a new addition to the family will not take long to arrive.

For a child to see a fish in a dream is not a good sign. In this case, the dream book advises you to beware of approaching troubles, since your luck will run out for a while, and your health may deteriorate slightly.

Why does a man dream about live fish? If the water was clear and clean, and there were large fish in it, then he would have the opportunity to improve his affairs, both financially and in family life. Colorful and rich dreams speak of upcoming happiness. If you dream of a large number of bright and colored fish, it means that the things you need to start will go easily and successfully, so you don’t need to put it off, but act immediately.

Species: pike, pike perch, carp, crucian carp, perch, roach

A pike in a dream means cunning, greed, stinginess and deceit. The dream book advises you to pay attention to your health, as there is a possibility of hidden diseases that do not yet give any symptoms. Be careful in matters related to money - you can fall into a debt hole; There is an envious person behind you who is trying in every way to cause harm. Listen to advice from relatives, do not reject possible solutions.

  • Seeing a pike perch in a dream means an increase in your financial situation. Such a dream is quite favorable. It brings unexpected joy, good news and family comfort.
  • Carp promises some benefit, material well-being and improved health. Invitations to a higher position or a profitable change of workplace are also possible.
  • Seeing crucian carp is not a very good sign. You will be disappointed in love; real happiness will not be as long-lasting as it seems at first glance. But on the other hand, the dream may indicate the possibility of growing your budget, which will entail a pleasant atmosphere and environment.
  • If you see a perch, get ready for unexpected troubles and disappointments. Small quarrels, due to their number, can develop into a rather large conflict. Be careful when communicating with colleagues, as there may be an envious and ill-wisher behind your back.
  • To see a dream where you are watching a roach means the opportunity to catch your luck. Perhaps you will not only be lucky in business, but also happiness will come in love, which will be strong and long.

Dream details

The most accurate clues come from remembered little things.

Plot twists and turns

A caught fish is a prognosis for conception. Nuances:

  1. Big - a successful marriage.
  2. A few swam up themselves - you will give birth to so many children.
  3. A lethargic specimen means a sick baby will appear.
  4. Someone pulled it out before your eyes - they will invite you to the wedding.
  5. Hold it tightly in your hands - your plan will turn into success. Dropping it is not good. At the most critical moment, luck will turn away from you. The efforts will result in complete failure.

Floating away indicates futile actions. Stop worrying and fussing. Calm down, everything is going great. The girl shouldn't worry about gentlemen. The guy according to fate will definitely meet in due time.

Picture details:

  1. To feed is to help an influential person. The person will respond with gratitude.
  2. Play, tease - deceive a tough competitor.
  3. Ironing is trouble.
  4. To be swallowed by a huge one is to become proud. People around you will condemn excessive selfishness.
  5. Buying or choosing at the market means the arrival of unexpected guests.
  6. Cleaning scales with a knife is a refusal of spiritual growth.
  7. To cut up - allow injustice to the weak.
  8. Selling means missing out on profits due to stupidity.
  9. To kill is ruin.
  10. To gut is a loss of confidence due to failure.
  11. Cooking means being inattentive to your lover.
  12. Eating is great news.

To receive a fish as a gift is to take advantage of the given chance to change your destiny for the better. To refuse an offering is imprudence.


Mild depression. The bite is harmless - winding yourself up. Troubles left a dark imprint on the subconscious. Cleansing and rest are required. For affected body parts:

  • by the hand - they will rob you;
  • for a finger - the hostility of a loved one;
  • by the leg - damage to reputation due to imprudent behavior;
  • behind the face, nose - curb your curiosity.

For an unmarried woman, the bite of a predator predicts separation from her partner. Do not worry. The guy is clearly not suitable, complicates life, does not give happiness.

What was she like?

The key factors for interpretation are often the characteristics of the character:

  1. Fast, active - business acumen. There are many important decisions ahead. Everything will go extremely well and lead to success.
  2. One large individual means occupying a high position. You will become a leader. A healthy one moved quickly - you will achieve good results at the post.
  3. Small - the complexity of the work ahead. Swimming in algae - many obstacles, lack of information.
  4. The whole joint is an acquaintance with a future patron.
  5. Sick, weak - a love fiasco. The partner's feelings fade away.
  6. River in a rapid stream - cope with a wave of negative factors.
  7. A dragonfly landed on the head of a waterfowl - an unusual incident will surprise you.

Maggots appear on the fish’s body - a sudden illness will disrupt plans.


Breakdown of close relationships. Details about the reason for the disagreement are given:

  1. The carcass was thrown ashore by the waves - treason.
  2. A dead body on the surface of the water means the chosen one will arouse suspicion. His feelings are insincere and his behavior is unacceptable.

If the frozen carcass suddenly came to life and floated off into the distance, it means that the dreamer missed a wonderful chance. Fate brought the right person to her. But the girl was unable to recognize him and refused to communicate.

Scene of action


  1. In an aquarium - loss of control over the situation.
  2. In the lake, the sea - acquaintance. A clean body of water predicts the appearance of a new friend. Dirty - enemy.
  3. In the bathroom - boredom, melancholy. Expand your range of interests.
  4. On land - a relationship crisis, a lover's lie.

An unusual place means a big disaster. Flew across the sky - war will come; crawled across the earth - climate change.

What did the fish dream about (according to the Psychological Interpreter)

This interpreter gives the following interpretations of what fish mean in dreams:

  1. Since these animals cannot speak, they often symbolize silence. The interpretation is influenced by the state of the dreamer. The sleeper may be oppressed by the need to remain silent, to hide his true thoughts and experiences. At the same time, the fish reminds you to keep your mouth shut.
  2. If you dreamed of watching animals in an aquarium, then the sleeper decided to be guided by the principle “my house is on the edge.” By voluntarily excluding himself from the game, the dreamer misses a lot of opportunities.
  3. Catching and releasing small fish means making Napoleonic plans in reality. The subconscious mind tries to suggest that joy can be found in the pleasant little things in life.
  4. It is widely believed that live fish promises pregnancy. But this interpretation is only relevant for girls. In order to correctly interpret such a dream, it is necessary to note the situation surrounding the dreamed image.
  5. A school of fish can be a dream of troubles that will later end in resounding success.
  6. If the sleeping person teased the fish, in real life he will be able to fool any cunning opponent around his finger.
  7. If the float twitches and the dreamer is inactive, then all the efforts he makes will fail.

Seeing a fish in a dream (interpretation by A. Meneghetti)

A well-known psychologist, discussing why fish is dreamed of, calls it a positive sign, personifying freedom of instinctive manifestations, fun, energy, and excellent well-being. Due to its oblong shape, it is considered a phallic symbol.

If one man passes the catch to another, it means that he dreams of intimacy with him. A representative of the stronger sex feasts on fish - to strengthen his authority and power. I had a chance to catch fish - I want to get away from the hustle and bustle and have a good rest. Sick and lifeless animals that a man dreams of indicate regression and weakened immunity.

A rotten carcass represents disgust towards the opposite sex. If a young lady dreamed that she took a fish from a man and began to clean it, it means that she would like to deprive him of his genitals, thereby reducing his virility.

What did the fish dream about (Romantic dream book)

The interpretation of what a fish means in a dream is influenced by the age category and gender of the dreamer.

  1. For a teenage girl, a dream about a fish prophesies romance, entertainment, and entertainment.
  2. For a young lady, such a dream predicts unrequited feelings and heartache.
  3. If a woman dreams of fish, her relationship with her husband will undergo a transformation.
  4. For a representative of the stronger sex, this dream predicts family joys.
  5. For spouses, a dream with a splashing animal predicts the birth of a baby.
  6. If you see an eel, you will be able to resolve a conflict situation with your partner and get out of a dead end.
  7. If an unmarried girl dreams of a live fish, she may meet her soulmate.
  8. A person who has recently started an affair, seeing a splashing fish in a night dream, can rejoice, because harmonious relationships and prosperity in the family await him.
  9. Tropical fish confirm the possibility of betrayal.
  10. Fishing, where the dreamer left empty-handed, signals that a loved one will turn out to be a traitor.
  11. For a young lady to fish is a sign of a wonderful marriage.

Expect profit

Also, the possibility of getting out of a financial impasse is indicated by a dream plot in which you pull a big fish out of the river, according to Medea’s dream book. Moreover, the more difficult it was for you to pull it off in a dream, the easier it will be to make money in real life.

But the Eastern Dream Book assures that in a dream, catching a large fish from a pond or river and picking it up is a signal that you will have more money not in your pocket, but in your family, since such a dream means an early and long-awaited pregnancy.

Fish according to Maly Velesov’s dream book

The size of the dreamed fish is also one of the most important nuances for interpreting a dream. So, a large animal dreams of making a profit or of rain, slander, or gossip. A small fish dreamed of by a pregnant woman promises the birth of a girl.

If you see a live fish, the sleeper will experience success in business, good health, and joy for the children. A sleeping, smelly, rotten animal predicts either unexpected profit, or illness, death of children, loss, or prolonged bad weather.

As for why you dream of fishing, it can predict pregnancy, a gift, profit, victory over an enemy, or illness, bad weather (a white animal means snow, a black animal means rain). Fishing in troubled water can be a sign of impending illness, bad weather, and even death. If the sleeper caught a small fish, this is unfortunately, bankruptcy. A rich catch is beneficial. Multi-colored prey - to the deterioration of the patient’s condition, conflict. The young lady who managed to catch a fish will soon have a happy marriage.

If the sleeper happened to feed a fish in a dream, he will defeat the enemy. Fresh means news. A dreamer choosing fish at the market can expect profit or, on the contrary, the approach of some kind of disease. A dark-colored animal promises the arrival of money, albeit insignificant.

Fish meat, boiled or fried fish - to troubles, illness, and annoying disappointments. Seeing a mad fish in a dream is good. Raw - to damage, ironing - to troubles, cleaning - to entertainment.

Everyday interpretation of a dream about fish (allegorical images of Aesop)

When trying to interpret what a fish means in a dream, one must take into account that it can reflect the meaning of the phraseological units “silent like a fish” and “fights like a fish on ice.” The animal is floundering in the water - the sleeper will have to witness some vain business in which many people will be involved. If in a night dream a large fish swallows a small one, there will be problems related to management, due to the dreamer hiding certain information.

Fishing with a spinning rod is a sign of good luck in business, but the sleeping person should not tell everyone about his own plans. If you had to leave the river unsalted, someone will interfere with the implementation of your plans. If you managed to leave with the catch, the results of the dreamer’s work will meet expectations.

Watching aquarium fish signals that there is no need to leave everything to the mercy of fate, as this is fraught with problems. If you dream of cooking fish food, it means you will be able to sort things out. The main thing is to thank your friends who helped you during difficult times. Catching a fish and releasing it due to its modest size is a sign that the sleeper likes to build Napoleonic plans, when he should be satisfied with little.

Dreaming of fish? Expect love and marriage

For a woman to see a fish in a dream is a very favorable sign. Especially if you dreamed of eating fresh and tasty fish, and apparently enjoying the process, then such a dream is a harbinger of an imminent wedding.

If you already have a soulmate, and if you have not yet met your betrothed, then such a dream can be interpreted as a prediction of a meeting with your destiny, a person who is destined to share your future life with you. Moreover, for a woman to see a big, beautiful fish in a dream - your fiance will be an enviable handsome man, smart and simply a wonderful person.

However, a dream in which you clean live fish foreshadows the loss of the love of your chosen one and the fact that young people will no longer like you.

In some dream books, eating caught fish also means difficulties in your personal life, and if the fish is tasty, then you will safely resolve all the difficulties yourself, but if the taste of the fish is rather unpleasant, then you will have to turn to loved ones for help.

If you dreamed of some stranger eating fish, then expect that they will try to harm your union with your loved one. But to see a dream with the same meaning, but in which you dream of an already familiar face instead of a stranger, means that intrigues and machinations are being prepared for you by people whom you know very closely and trust. Also, such a dream may indicate that it’s time for you to stop gossiping and slandering others.

Analysis of a dream in which a fish dreamed (interpretation by S. Freud)

Sigmund Freud is famous for interpreting dreams exclusively in an erotic plane. The famous psychiatrist believed that catching fish signals the sleeper’s inability to focus on sex and the constant presence of extraneous thoughts. As a result, he fails to receive (in fact, give) pleasure. It’s worth forgetting about your problems at least for a while, completely surrendering to the love game. Otherwise, there is a risk of becoming sexually enslaved, seriously undermining the capabilities of your body.

If a man is interested in why he dreams of treating himself to fish, this dream foreshadows the emergence of problems in sex. This is not surprising, because the dreamer is not at all bothered by the feelings of his partner. The main thing is to satisfy your lust.

The dreamer returned from fishing with nothing - in reality he is afraid of being disgraced in sex. Perhaps the cause of such fear was a negative experience in the past. You should look at this issue from a philosophical point of view: everything has already passed, if it didn’t work out once, this does not mean at all that the next attempt will fail. There is no need to try to see a trend in what happened.

Catch, fry, eat raw, hold in your hands... Why does a girl dream about fish?

The appearance of fish, as one of the oldest symbols of a bright and pure beginning of life , the rejection of the past in favor of a bright future, is usually associated with the appearance of offspring, pregnancy or the birth of a child. So why does a girl dream about fish?

Therefore, many girls, seeing a fish in a dream, become prematurely upset or happy, believing that the dream predicts an early pregnancy for them .

In fact, a dream involving fish has a great many interpretations, which can only be understood by paying attention to the details.

Interpretations of famous dream books

Probably, almost everyone has heard that a dream where you had to hold a fish in your hands symbolizes a happy pregnancy or a girl’s meeting with a cute admirer, as well as the beginning of a harmonious sexual relationship. However, turning to the works of numerous interpreters, one can see that the encrypted meaning is much broader.

Brief interpretation from dream books:

Where are you?

It depends on the environment from which side the dreamer should expect unexpected changes for the better.

If the dreamer is in her own home, comfort and care will reign there.

If at work , she will expect success in her professional activities, promotion, career growth and respect from colleagues and superiors.

If there is someone close to the dreamer , friends or family members, this person will live a long and happy life, his relationship with the dreamer will improve and reach a new, more trusting level.

If there is nothing and no one around the dreamer , it means that internal changes, changes in character await her, self-analysis will lead her to the right conclusions and decisions, strengthen her character and help her achieve success in life on her own.

Raw or cooked?

Frying fish in a dream is a harbinger of a long journey, a business trip or a vacation trip.

If the fish is fried for a long time , and the dreamer has to put a lot of effort into cooking in a dream, in everyday life she will face a lot of hassle associated with the upcoming journey.
Raw or frozen fish in a dream foreshadows joyful, reverent and anxious anticipation of something important and grandiose.
However, one should not get too carried away with making plans, since expectations may not be met, and then the dreamer will experience the most bitter disappointment.

Smoked, salted or dried fish in a dream is a bad sign. Such a dream foreshadows health problems and failures in your personal life. There is a great risk of being deceived by a young man.

The dreamer should not act rashly, take her word for it and let someone in on her plans.

Enjoying eating fish in a dream is a good sign. Such a dream foreshadows pleasant, bright events in the dreamer’s life.

Her drab everyday life will be brightened up by new acquaintances and fun adventures, which are sometimes so lacking for girls who are immersed in everyday life.

We recommend watching a video explaining why a girl dreams of fish in modern dream books.

Tasty and not so tasty

It happens that in dreams you have to cook or eat fish. And this is not surprising, because in life this is exactly what we most often do with it.

In general, eating fish, especially if in a dream it is pleasant, tasty, if you enjoy the meal, is an extremely good dream, promising tenderness, joy, pleasure, spiritual and physical health.

True, there are exceptions, and here it all depends on the details of the dream.

1. Did you happen to eat boiled fish in a dream? This plot warns that illness or illness, some kind of damage or temporary setbacks are soon possible.

We recommend: Should you believe dreams?

2. Salted fish (no matter whether it is large or small) is not so much a prediction as an indication of your character. A dream that features salted, dried fish, as well as red and any fish delicacies, hints that you probably lack sharp and vivid sensations in life.

You are not getting enough of something, you are not allowing yourself. You are denying yourself something, and this does not have the best effect on the quality of your life. Think: maybe it's time to change something?

3. Why do you dream of fried fish? This is a particularly common question. Most often, this is a sign that a road awaits the sleeper, but how good and pleasant it is depends on the quality of the dish:

  • If you fry fish for a long time and with difficulty in a dream, it means that preparing for the road will be protracted and troublesome. Because frying fish is a symbol of getting ready for the journey.
  • If you ate fried fish in a dream, remember its taste. Tasty, juicy, tender - the road will be good, and vice versa.

4. Smoked fish is not a very favorable sign. When asked why you dream of smoked fish, the answer is clear: health problems are possible in the near future.

And it doesn’t matter whether you ate smoked fish in your dreams, looked at it, smelled it, or smoked it - it all means the same thing. Take care of your health - this is what the dream book recommends to you!

5. Why do you dream of frozen fish, for example? It happens that you have dreams in which raw, frozen or fresh fish appears. Such a dream most often means some kind of expectation, at the same time joyful and anxious.

If you ate such fish in a dream, be careful: perhaps illnesses await you, and there is a risk of getting sick. And if you simply dreamed of fresh, raw or frozen fish, this means that you are now in a period of some kind of waiting. And it depends only on you how this period will end.

6. But rotten fish is a bad sign, and it warns of enemies, possible betrayal, and dishonesty. Look around, be very careful: it is quite possible that you have envious people.


Catching fish in a dream means wasting your time in everyday life. The dreamer pays too much attention to unimportant little things, which is why she gets very tired both mentally and physically.

If in a dream the dreamer still manages to catch a fish , such a dream is a reflection of the metaphor of “catching luck by the tail.”
Fortune favors the dreamer, and soon pleasant events and joyful surprises await her. Rotten fish in a dream is a very bad sign.
Such a dream foreshadows the betrayal of a loved one or the betrayal of a significant other. The dreamer should also be more careful in communicating with colleagues - any of them may turn out to be secretly envious, who with all their hearts want to harm the dreamer and tarnish her reputation.

To summarize, we can say that a dream in which a fish appears is most often interpreted in a positive way .

It is important to pay attention to detail in order to correctly interpret it and not be deceived by empty hopes and false expectations.

Pleasant, joyful moments and happiness in your personal life

Seeing beautiful, colorful and bright fish in a dream means in reality having many pleasant impressions, new acquaintances and generally joyful moments.

If you dream of watching schools of colorful fish swimming in an aquarium, then expect a storm of positive emotions, happy moments, even pleasant chores that, despite their ordinariness, will only bring you joy.

Eating fish in a dream and at the same time feeling its wonderful taste means an addition to the family, a profitable acquisition, a successful event concerning the family, or simply tenderness, love and pleasant signs of attention from your partner.

A live fish in a dream that a girl sees means that success and joy are very close, and if it seems to you that only dark tones predominate in your life, then such a dream foreshadows happiness that is practically standing in front of your door. However, some other dream books put the opposite meaning into such a dream, according to which in the future you will be disturbed by minor troubles at home, problems with children or a spouse.

Why see fish in a dream?

To find out exactly what fish are dreaming about, you need to take into account a lot of different details. Depending on the details, interpretations of dreams with a fish can be very different. The most common options are:

  • Fish is dreamed of as food: fried, salted, dried, and so on.
  • Dream about raw or dead fish.
  • Live fish swimming in an aquarium or pond.
  • Catching fish in a dream - either with your hands or with a fishing rod.
  • Floating in the water.
  • A whole school of fish - big or small.

What Miller Predicts

In Miller's dream book you can find many interpretations of a dream in which you are holding a fish in your hands. But in order to understand why each of the plots is dreamed of, you should remember all the details.

So, for example, for a young girl to see live fish - a sign of happy love and reciprocity in a relationship. But a dead fish in the palms is a signal of loss and disappointment.

Did you have to bargain with the fish seller at the market, throwing it from hand to hand and bringing down the price? This dream suggests that you will be able to win a considerable sum thanks to your own eloquence.

If a woman had a dream

Miller's dream book says: a young lady dreams of fish for her offspring.
But this is only if the fish was seen by a young girl who has never had children. And this meaning is also attributed to the dream when the fish simply appeared as an image, without being tied to anything. But I wonder why a woman or girl who already has children dreams of fish? Various dream interpreters, not only Miller’s dream book, say that if a woman or girl holds it in her hands, especially a large one, this is a very good sign.

Expect success, profit, pleasant love relationships, great happy love and attention from a man. In general, a girl or woman dreaming of a fish is a very favorable symbol in any case.

A dream where you happened to hold a fish in your hands: interpretation of the dream book

The incredible world of night dreams has excited the human imagination since ancient times. Despite numerous studies, science today cannot fully explain this amazing phenomenon. In attempts to unravel the meaning encrypted in bizarre images, philosophers, psychologists, esotericists and ordinary charlatans wrote specialized works - dream books. Holding a fish in your hands is a very common plot with a very ambiguous interpretation.


Fishing in a dream is a fairly common occurrence. Fish in water is a good sign, but only if the water is clean. Such a dream means well-being, health and even wealth.

1. If in a dream there was a live fish and you tried to catch it with your hands, but without success, it means that in real life your efforts are in vain. Luck is slipping away, but this may also mean that it is better for you not to rush, but to look for a different approach (just as in a dream it is better to take a fishing rod).

2. If you do catch a fish with your hands, this is a great sign. Expect generosity from fate: it will give you luck, recognition and prosperity.

3. If you saw in your dream how a dead fish floats in the water, this is not a very favorable dream. A dead fish carcass dreams of problems: illness, quarrel, troubles, poverty. But all this is temporary, and it is within your power to overcome all difficulties.

4. If in a dream you were fishing, and successfully, this is a great sign. Fishing itself can mean difficulties and trials, and the longer you wait for the catch, the more serious and prolonged these trials will be.

But a catch is a victory, complete success, luck and reward! After such a dream, it is very important not to be afraid of obstacles, to maintain fortitude, not to give up and to believe that success will certainly lie ahead.

5. If, on the contrary, you left fishing in a dream with nothing, the same thing will happen in the near future. Your desires and intentions are too ambitious and inflated.

You probably shouldn't wait for results - you'll be left empty-handed. Review your plans and desires - perhaps you will be able to make them more realistic and achieve success in business.

6. Well, if you caught a fish, but it suddenly slipped out of your hands - alas, the luck and success that you have been seeking for a long time will elude you. For an unmarried girl, such a dream can mean the loss of a loved one or a break in a relationship.

But don't worry! A new, better stage in life, without a doubt, awaits you ahead.

Receiving benefits in any event, successful completion of the work started

If you dreamed that you were planning a fishing trip or were already participating in it, then most likely this is a sign that you are facing a significant event at work or in your personal life, a matter whose outcome plays an incredibly important role in your destiny.

Therefore, after you wake up, try to remember the dream in the smallest detail: if you do catch a fish, you will get a result, albeit small. If your catch exceeds all your expectations, then the business in which you take part will end in a brilliant victory for you and will bring benefits for many years.

Pay attention to exactly how you caught fish - with a fishing rod or with your hands, since some dream books say that if a woman who is going to start an important business in reality catches a fish with her hands in a dream, this will mean that she will not undertake an important undertaking for her. she will simply graduate successfully, but good fame will spread widely about her abilities.

If in a dream you are simply watching fishing, then perhaps soon you will find a friend and a good, wise teacher in one person, who will help you solve many of life’s difficulties, and communication with him will give you a surge of strength and energy in order to start with new ones an event abandoned by forces halfway through.

The symbolic meaning of the ending of the dream is no less important: if you catch a lot of fish in a dream, you will win in reality, but if you dreamed that you were returning from fishing empty-handed, then prepare for defeat, since your hopes for success are empty and unfounded.

A sign for the expectant mother... or father!

Often a pregnant woman dreams of fish, and such a dream is worth paying attention to.
Remember what kind of fish the expectant mother dreamed about. If it has a “male” name - for example, sturgeon, carp - it is believed that a son will be born. But if a pregnant woman dreamed of beluga, sprat, capelin and so on - expect a daughter!

In general, a “fish” dream is an excellent sign for a pregnant woman. He is dreamed of as a sign of good, healthy offspring and happy motherhood.

Men dream about fish less often, but such dreams have the same meaning. Besides pregnancy and upcoming motherhood, of course! However, sometimes a fresh, large fish that comes to a man in a dream can mean that he will soon become a dad... If in his dream he sees a fish in the hands of his beloved, this is a sure sign that the chosen one is either already pregnant or will soon be. Get ready! Author: Vasilina Serova

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