According to the dream book, why save fish or pull them out of a net?

Every woman is sure: if you dreamed of a fish swimming in the water, then this means pregnancy. If in your night dreams you managed to catch a pike in a pond with your hands or catch a mirror carp using a spinning rod, then such dreams only reinforce the confidence that pregnancy will come, and very soon. Such dreams should never be interpreted “one-sidedly”, because a fish peacefully splashing in a lake can be dreamed of by a gray-haired old man, a young girl, or a mature man, who is certainly not at risk of pregnancy under any circumstances.

Dream Interpretation: seeing fish in a dream

Interpretation from different dream books will help you see how multifaceted a symbol a fish is in a dream.

Miller's Dream Book

deciphers the appearance of live fish as a smile of fortune. What you plan will be accomplished with minimal effort.

Russian dream book

on the contrary, it predicts the dreamer’s participation in some project that will require significant investments of time and money. If the dreamer is fishing with a fishing rod, in reality, just like during real fishing, he should remain silent, that is, not talk about his plans.

Ukrainian dream book

interprets the appearance of aquatic inhabitants as worsening weather and heavy rainfall.

Sluggishly swimming fish mean that ill-wishers have appeared near the dreamer. They are trying to stop him. One of the interpretations of Nostradamus

also predicts rain (seasonal snow). In other cases, the fish warns of difficulties in work. Rotten warns about rumors. But when you dreamed of 3 pieces (no more, no less), you can expect happy days.


decipher the dream as a scandal and squabbles in reality.

Interpretation of Vanga

differs in originality. According to the Bulgarian seer, a caught catch means that enemies will not be able to harm the dreamer. However, the fish is smooth, without scales, means unwell.

Founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud

interpreted the fry seen in the dream as sperm, larger fish as offspring. If you believe his decoding, the dreamer is in search of sensual pleasures. However, if you dream about fish often, the Austrian psychiatrist recommended stopping thinking about material problems, at least during the process of copulation.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

encourages the dreamer to be more relaxed and free. A call to stop holding back instinctive impulses in order to find inner harmony.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

beautiful fish in clear water mean the beginning of a happy period, good luck and success. Even rotten fish, according to the interpretation of the esotericist, predicts unexpected enrichment (inheritance, sudden bonus).

According to the ancient Slavic dream book of Veles

with the appearance of a fish in a dream, material well-being will come into life in reality. For a lady in a piquant position, a dream means that she is bearing a daughter.

Almost all dream books provide separate interpretations for men and women. The difference in interpretations is especially noticeable in the plot of dreams with this sign.

The meaning of a dream about fishing (Symbolic dream book)

Pisces can symbolize:

  • secret impulses;
  • sixth Sense;
  • energy, sensuality, general state of affairs;
  • fortitude, wisdom;
  • indifference, callousness, someone’s alienation;
  • spirituality (in general, fish are a traditional Christian symbol), luck, occult knowledge, attention, wealth, illness, threat;
  • fulfillment of desires;
  • good luck at work.

There are not many storylines associated with fish: fishing, the market... But the underwater inhabitants themselves are diverse: floating, dead, dried, tropical, flying, frozen, colorful, talking, magical, predatory, small, large fish... Each has a unique meaning , requiring detailed analysis, and the varieties themselves (salmon, pike, etc.) are endowed with additional meaning. However, in general, catching a fish in a dream means illness or prosperity.

Why does a woman dream about fish?

The main plot predicting that a fish dreams of pregnancy, and not of anything else, is successful fishing. In a dream, catch fish with your hands

a woman, and taking the catch in her hand - predicts increased chances of conception in the very near future (within one cycle).

If a pregnant woman

woman, then the birth will be very successful. A dead fish, or the birth of a fish instead of a child, is a signal to urgently, but without panic, go to the gynecologist. The fact is that if a woman dreams of a dead fish, it is the body that gives clues about upcoming problems. Their negative impact on the baby and mother can still be eliminated. It is worth using the chance to carry and give birth to a healthy child.

In other cases, it is necessary to additionally take into account the remaining details of the dream for a correct interpretation. If a woman is dissatisfied with the size of the catch and therefore lets it go, it means that in reality her life aspirations are too ambitious and her dreams are too grandiose.

A dream in which I happened to catch fish with a fishing rod

to a woman, promises that in reality many gentlemen will hover around her. This is similar to Freud's interpretation of the fishing rod as a phallic symbol. All that remains is to choose the right partner to enjoy intimacy.

Live caught

fish in a cage or bucket - a profitable marriage. The spouse will be rich, worthy and loving.

If you dream about living

fish, in reality the dreamer is expecting a gift. Its size directly depends on the size of the fish.

In general, fish for a woman in a dream is a positive sign. If the dreamer sets the dinner table and puts fish dishes on it, it means that in real life she cares too much and takes care of others. Sometimes you can and should show reasonable selfishness.

Fried food seen in a dream

Pisces predicts a happy romantic interest. The gentleman will be passionate and will fully meet all expectations.


fish foreshadows an unexpected meeting for a woman. Acquaintance can change your life, or fill it with new shades, including jealousy.

To the girl

a fish in a dream may signal the entry into a period of prosperity. She will have a fan who may become a husband in the future. However, at the same time, the dream warns of the need to beware of loss of reputation.

Not a very favorable sign - seeing a dead person

fish. There will be a series of tests ahead. You will have to grit your teeth and endure. Soon everything will be back to normal. Holding a dead fish in your hands is a sign of deteriorating health.

See a lot

fish swimming in clear water means that in reality profits will soon follow. It may appear as if by itself (repayment of an old debt, winning the lottery, other gifts from fortune).

Interpretation of fish from the Wanderer's dream dictionary (Terenty Smirnov)

The fish is a complex symbol of the collective unconscious that expresses many different personal aspects. A fish with dark scales means a negative effect; one with a bright color means recovery for a sick person (vice versa for a healthy one). A rotten fish means profit. If you manage to catch a silver-colored fish, this predicts good luck and a happy marriage.

Dried fish symbolizes a period of stagnation. A flying animal means rare luck. A jamb means profit. Small fish are a disappointment. If a live fish beats in your hand, this promises the favor of fortune, attention, and care. Fish bone - to slander, hindrance, poverty.

Why does a man dream about fish?

In general, for men, the appearance of this symbol in a dream is connected with the financial sector and business. A positive or negative change in the state of affairs will depend on the surroundings and details of the dream. For a man to see a fish swimming in a clear river in a dream, it means he will soon make a profit from his planned business. Even if the project seemed impossible, its result will be very pleasing. Troubled waters are a warning to avoid participating in dubious scams. Even if there is profit at first, the prosperity will be short-lived. Larger losses will follow. See a lot

Pisces portends pleasant events, business prosperity, pleasure from communication.

The interpretation of dreams for the stronger sex largely depends on whether the man is a fan of fishing

. Sometimes dreams just reflect vivid impressions from real life, and you can put the dream book aside. In this case, fishing in a dream does not mean anything, especially when the day before there was a successful trip to the reservoir.

In other cases, fishing in a dream is interpreted depending on the catch: its quantity and composition. For a man to catch

fish in a dream means in reality a successful combination of circumstances.


fish in the hole, and pull out a trophy specimen, a very positive symbol. Your most cherished wishes will come true.

The original interpretation has a plot in which the dreamer tries to catch fish with his hands

. He will have evil envious people waiting for the slightest mistake in order to discredit the sleeping person in front of the management. However, if the dreamer managed to catch the trophy, and he holds it tightly in his hands, the victory over ill-wishers, secret and obvious, will be truly grandiose.

For a businessman to catch the bait

a large pike means the appearance of a reliable business partner of the opposite sex. The absence of a catch means that a man’s certain fears about his own sexual activity are most often unfounded, but to reassure himself, you can visit an andrologist.

To a young guy

a dream about a fish promises gradual progress towards success. Advancement up the career ladder will be gradual, but no serious shocks are expected.

It is interesting to decipher a dream in which a man savors deliciously cooked fish. This means that in reality he manifests himself as an egoist in sexual relationships with women. The dream advises that sometimes you need to not only take, but also give tenderness.


Fishing in a dream is a fairly common occurrence. Fish in water is a good sign, but only if the water is clean. Such a dream means well-being, health and even wealth.

1. If in a dream there was a live fish and you tried to catch it with your hands, but without success, it means that in real life your efforts are in vain. Luck is slipping away, but this may also mean that it is better for you not to rush, but to look for a different approach (just as in a dream it is better to take a fishing rod).

2. If you do catch a fish with your hands, this is a great sign. Expect generosity from fate: it will give you luck, recognition and prosperity.

3. If you saw in your dream how a dead fish floats in the water, this is not a very favorable dream. A dead fish carcass dreams of problems: illness, quarrel, troubles, poverty. But all this is temporary, and it is within your power to overcome all difficulties.

Why do you dream about live fish?

It can be seen that for everyone, without exception, living fish in a dream has favorable symbolism. This is an increase in both family members and finances. A more detailed explanation is given by the definition of its variety.

Large mustachioed catfish

means a pleasant event in reality. May mean a high-ranking man who provides protection to the sleeping person or the sleeping person.


may predict the birth of an heiress. If a toothy one attacks, a slight malaise is possible in reality.

Live silver ram

portends brilliant success for men. The young girl may very soon marry a rich man.

crucian carp

means making a rather modest profit. For a woman in the position of crucian carp, as well as tench and perch, the birth of a tomboy is predicted.


for dreamers of both sexes, they foretell caring for children, not necessarily their own. You may have to deal with your relatives' children in reality. Schools of nimble juveniles represent fun activities with the little ones. Communication will bring mutual joy.

Variegated fish of fantastic colors found in a natural reservoir signal that in reality someone is preparing to deceive the dreamer. It is worth critically considering all proposals, both business and personal.

Dreamed of fish with caviar

, as well as noble salmon are especially positive signs. Any business conceived will be useful, and the benefits will exceed the wildest forecasts.

Interpretation of sleep by type of fish


individual almost always means good luck.
fish means significant work achievements, and as a result, income growth.

Incredibly huge

a fish dreamed of swimming in the water predicts imminent changes in life. They will be sudden, but they will happen for the better.


fish (but not fry) warn of disappointment. Perhaps the disruption of some business plans. You have to plunge into a whirlpool of troubles.


fish of noble varieties (salmon, chum salmon, trout) means that favorable events will soon occur. Relationships with family, friends and business partners are simply excellent. Mutual understanding and sincere relationships reign. A dream with a fish covered with bright red scales does not have such a joyful meaning. The subconscious signals about the occurrence of some inflammatory process in the body. The positive meaning of this dream is that timely access to a medical facility will prevent the disease from developing into a chronic form.


fish, both in variety and color, is a symbol of a pleasant, bright period in reality. It will be characterized by material wealth. Successfully start new things and meet new people.

Seeing a black fish in a dream warns that in a love relationship there is a cooling of feelings on the part of the partner. It is worth analyzing the reasons for this unpleasant process.


, an active and beautiful-looking fish is a symbol of success and good health.


fish portends a gift that the dreamer will receive completely unexpectedly.


it has a dual meaning. Seeing her is a sign of family happiness, but eating her means illness lurks in reality.


fish is a clear sign that spouses or lovers are moving away from each other. To preserve feelings, you need to pay attention directly to the intimate side of life together.


a fish in a dream means that in reality the dreamer has a period of minimal vital energy. Loss of strength is associated with overstrain rather in the emotional sphere. You need to bring yourself into balance. A dead fish in a dream is a particularly unpleasant sign if you have to touch it. Throwing away means eliminating problems that arose due to someone else's fault.


, a foul-smelling carcass warns that someone is spreading gossip. The slanderer watches every step, and even from innocent actions is capable of creating a rumor discrediting one’s dignity.

Generally rotten

fish means disappointment, and if it goes bad
with worms
, it indicates that the person around you will be unpleasantly surprised. Very unpleasant, repulsive features of his nature will be revealed.

If you dreamed of aquarium fish

swimming in a clean and elegant aquarium, a period of new achievements begins. This could be a new position at work, or even a new home. A dirty aquarium warns that not everything is rosy at home. We need to pay attention to household affairs. The dream signals that someone close to you needs help.

The symbol that the flying

a fish in a dream is a desire for what seems unattainable. There is a latent desire to change your place of residence or job, which begins to become burdensome.

If you dreamed of a fish without a head

, but of good quality, the dreamer is too busy making money and has forgotten about the need to show humanity.

A fish head seen separately in a dream

- a great sign. Soon in reality there will be either a delightful acquaintance with an interesting person, or the conclusion of a profitable contract with a conscientious business partner.

Raw pieces

fish in a dream portend deterioration in health. In order not to get sick, you should take this hint from the dream seriously and take measures to improve your health.

A sign for the expectant mother... or father!

Often a pregnant woman dreams of fish, and such a dream is worth paying attention to.
Remember what kind of fish the expectant mother dreamed about. If it has a “male” name - for example, sturgeon, carp - it is believed that a son will be born. But if a pregnant woman dreamed of beluga, sprat, capelin and so on - expect a daughter!

In general, a “fish” dream is an excellent sign for a pregnant woman. He is dreamed of as a sign of good, healthy offspring and happy motherhood.

Men dream about fish less often, but such dreams have the same meaning. Besides pregnancy and upcoming motherhood, of course! However, sometimes a fresh, large fish that comes to a man in a dream can mean that he will soon become a dad... If in his dream he sees a fish in the hands of his beloved, this is a sure sign that the chosen one is either already pregnant or will soon be. Get ready! Author: Vasilina Serova

Where did you see the fish

To interpret the dream, it is worth paying attention to where it was noticed. Fish in an aquarium

inform the dreamer that intervention will soon be required, although before that he tried to remain neutral and not get involved in anything. This position becomes irrelevant. Dead fish in an aquarium in a dream means the collapse of your brightest hopes.

The most favorable meaning is a dream in which the fish is in clear water

. These are quick gifts from fate, happy mutual love. Dirty water, mud from the bottom - the environment around the dreamer in reality is not very favorable, gossip and rumors.

Transparent pond

with fish means that the dreamer will soon make a profit.

Floating in the river

fish predicts important changes in life. Whether they will be favorable or not, they help to decipher the details of the dream (the transparency of the water, the type and type of its inhabitants).

If you dream of a fish in the sea

, this means strong excitement in reality. The cause for concern is a troubled personal life.

When you dream of fish in nets

, it is worth preparing for serious tests. But if the dreamer himself caught a good catch with a net or drag, the meaning of the dream is positive. In reality, a reward for hard work awaits.

The meaning of a dream about underwater inhabitants (according to Nostradamus)

Let's find out why fish are dreamed of, according to the great predictor:

  1. Pisces personifies contradictions, difficulties, and instability.
  2. If an animal has fallen from heaven, or it is raining fish, this is a very bad sign, foreshadowing natural disasters.
  3. Why dream about fishing - to try to find a way out of a difficult situation.
  4. A huge accumulation of fish - no need to hope for chance, otherwise you may miss a great chance.
  5. Three fish are a happy omen.
  6. Eating fish dishes is a sign of sudden, but very joyful news.
  7. Seeing a fish with a human face is a harbinger of nuclear war.
  8. If one fish attacks another, this foreshadows an attack by submarines.
  9. Rotten fish - to the deterioration of relations with an authoritative person due to sudden gossip.
  10. Carp is an indication of the dreamer’s persistent character.

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Actions with fish in a dream

The dream plot in which you have to buy fish in a store

or on the market. It is interpreted as follows: fresh fish is purchased - an illness due to non-compliance with hygiene rules or a cold. Dry - symbolizes a boring family life, but quiet happiness lasts longer.

If you have to sell fish

in a dream, then in reality the plot means a weakening of positions in front of enemies. You will have to ask for help, since your own strength is wasted on trifles.

A dream in which the dreamer has to swim with fish

— the changes will be very drastic. A symbol of entering a new stage of life.

Overall fishing

fish in a dream reflects the desire to realize hidden desires. These could be business ideas or sexual attraction to someone around you.

The plot of a dream with the main action is to cook

fish means that all matters will be brought to a logical and, importantly, positive ending. The only exception is smoking fish, which is a symbol of loss of self-confidence.

When you dream of cutting

carcass, in reality you will either have to share profits with business partners, or enter into conflict with relatives over an inheritance.


fish and finding caviar is a great success. Taking out the insides is the desire to reach the truth by any means.

Clean from scales

: for a man, excessive egocentrism. For women, it’s short-term relationships; men don’t stick around.


fish in a dream - claims to partners. Quarrels over financial issues.


fish is a sign of thwarted plans. What you have planned will have to be achieved in other ways, and a lot of time will be spent on it.

Fry in a dream

fish - means in reality to invest heavily in a commercial project. The investment will pay off handsomely. Roasting at the stake - the dreamer’s authority strives upward.


raw - to malaise. Deliciously cooked - trouble. With an unpleasant odor - you should beware of food poisoning.

Feed aquarium inhabitants - defeat enemies with minimal effort.

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