Why does a woman dream of kittens? I dreamed of a little kitten: interpretation from dream books

In real life, kittens evoke only positive emotions in many people. However, the kitten you see in a dream may be a harbinger of troubles and problems. The meaning of a dream depends on many factors: the color of the kitten, how it manifests itself in a dream. To understand why a kitten dreams, you should study the meaning of the dream from different sources.

General interpretation from dream books

The animal is too self-sufficient. Even pets only allow themselves to be taken care of and occasionally require affection. They foretell the entry into life of something as yet unknown and unexpected.

Meaning for a married woman

The general meaning is minor, annoying troubles, interference, opposition, misunderstandings. It will happen - mainly in the current situation.


  1. Wet lump - quarrel with your husband over nonsense.
  2. Without a head - to an annoying mistake that was easy to foresee. We will have to correct and redo a large amount of work.
  3. If you catch a mouse, your false friend will accidentally let it slip. You will learn a lot of things that were previously hidden.
  4. Purring - to flattering speeches. Don't believe a word.
  5. To warm up someone who is freezing means to treat the seducer kindly.
  6. Hearing meowing but not seeing the source means two-faced people are entering the house and spreading malicious gossip.
  7. Blacks are rivals. The more there are, the more actively the girls try to take away their beloved.
  8. Redheads - jealousy. There is no real reason for negative emotions yet.
  9. Scratching or biting means a secret. The spouse solves a number of difficulties, trying not to let you know the essence.
  10. Affectionate is a deception.
  11. A wounded person in the blood - to female ailments, diseases of the reproductive system.

The child has turned into a kitten - he will catch a cold or get hurt, but not badly.

Give birth to a minke whale instead of a baby

To infidelity. Belenky - plan betrayal yourself; dark - the spouse runs away to the side; red-haired - an arrogant person will try to infiltrate the family.

For a girl

Watching someone sleeping is a sign of a series of offensive failures. They fall on your head for no apparent reason and ruin your mood. But there is no need to worry too much. They will leave on their own.


  1. Hungry - you will lose a cute trinket. It is impossible to return the loss.
  2. Dying - small losses, wasteful expenses. Treat - give up an unprofitable purchase in time.
  3. Collecting those who are scattered means earning a reputation as a gossip and idle talker. The guys will turn away.
  4. Kiss, hug, caress - dream of reciprocity of feelings. But for now there is no one to pour out my emotional excitement on.
  5. The guy you like brought it - don't trust it.
  6. Thrown under the threshold of a thoroughbred - acquaintance with a pleasant gentleman; a homeless person - with a lazy person and a resource waster.

Pretty three-haired cats are a lucky turn in fate. Two-tailed - many cavaliers. Headless - a breathtaking, fast-paced romance will end in early marriage.

For pregnant women

Excitement in the event of the appearance of a kitten, rabbit or hamster is unfounded. The prognosis is good: the birth will be easy and the baby will be healthy.

Little black kitty girls crawling around and causing irritation - the development of an illness inside the body. See a doctor immediately to stop the problem in its infancy.

The running patterns suggest the character of the newborn. Interpreted by feelings:

  1. Happiness - a calm, affectionate child will bring a lot of positive emotions.
  2. Anxiety, discomfort - you will have to work hard to take care of the tomboy who has appeared. Sleepless nights are guaranteed.

People say that kittens are a sign of the birth of a girl.

For a man

Financial worries. We need to look for a borrower to get out. If you can’t catch those running away, your friends will refuse to lend you money, and banks will delay the process.

Drive away - you will overcome negative circumstances.

General interpretation of the dream

Usually seeing certain images in a dream is a reflection of a person's inner state. If you dream of multi-colored kittens, it means that you don’t know how best to act in this situation. The dream will be a hint for further action

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