Dream interpretation of Daggers: why do women or men dream of Daggers?

Dagger according to Miller’s dream book
Why do you dream of a Dagger in a dream:

A dagger seen in a dream indicates enemies threatening you.

If you snatch a dagger from someone's hands, this means that you will be able to counteract the influence of your opponents and overcome misfortune.
Dagger according to the Newest Dream Interpreter
Dreaming of a Dagger, why:

Dagger: - receiving news from those who are absent.

To stab someone with it: - portends triumph over the enemy.

To be stabbed by him: to receive news of someone’s death.
Dagger according to the Gypsy dream book
Dreaming of a Dagger, why:

If you see a dagger, you are trying to adhere to peaceful tactics; if you have a dagger in your hands, you cannot avoid fighting.

If you are holding a dagger, you have to fight with someone.

If you are not holding a dagger: - you do not want to hurt someone.

With a dagger according to the Mythological Dream Book

Sticking a dagger into someone in a dream means that you are full of love and exhausted by passion, but the coldness of your chosen one or chosen one does not give you the opportunity to openly express your feelings. If you call your loved one on the first Sunday after you see this dream and declare your love, then they will not refuse you. If a dagger is stabbed into you, then your behavior needs urgent adjustment, you talk and eat too much, try to be more restrained.

Why do you dream of cutting with a knife?

  1. Cutting meat with a knife in a dream has two interpretations. It all depends on what kind of meat it was. Despite the fact that there is a bladed weapon in a dream, cutting raw meat means coming out victorious in a very difficult life situation. Cutting already prepared meat is a problem in the professional field of activity.
  2. Cutting cheese with a knife is a dream that symbolizes minor or sometimes significant health problems. Don't waste your energy in vain, you will still need it. There is one exception: if the cheese in the dream was Swiss, then everything will end very quickly and safely.
  3. If you cut your hand with a knife in a dream, it means that your loved ones are not satisfied with your behavior and your character. Heaps of claims may fall on you, from which you will barely have time to fight off. It’s worth trying to talk to them, maybe not all the accusations are really worth it? Perhaps this is a common misunderstanding that can be resolved through a friendly conversation rather than constant clashes and scandals.

Cutting with a knife always means quarrels and disagreements, both with loved ones and with colleagues, friends, and sometimes with oneself. A rather difficult period is possible, but all bad things come to an end sooner or later.

Seeing a Dagger in a dream: Large modern dream book

Seeing a dagger in a dream means you are unlikely to be able to easily defeat your enemies; Enemies see you as almost the main obstacle on their way. It’s as if you snatched a dagger from someone’s hands - the dream suggests that you will not lack courage; no matter how formidable and insidious your enemies may be, you will be able to withstand them with dignity; in a difficult struggle you will not ask for help; you are used to relying only on yourself. It’s as if you are sharpening a dagger - you will have to listen to evil words; another interpretation of the dream: mourning awaits you, do not hide black crepe far away in the closet. You hit someone with a dagger - the dream warns you against hasty decisions; By making the wrong decision, you can greatly harm others. They hit you with a dagger - need will enter your house and settle in it for a long time.

Why do you dream of a man with a knife?

A dream where you are being pursued by a person who is definitely making an attempt on your life is also considered a very bad sign. For example:

  1. A maniac with a knife dreams of people who really need to show character at the moment. Perhaps the situation in which you find yourself is not the best, but without your desire it will not be possible to resolve it. A dream in which there was a killer with a knife says to pull yourself together and help people in need. Look, don’t make a mistake yourself! You can avoid an undesirable outcome if you put in all your strength.
  2. I dream of a guy with a knife. If there is no threat as such, but the young man has a weapon in his hands, it means that you can trust the wrong people. They take advantage of the fact that you consider them good people, but at the last moment they can stab you in the back with a knife.
  3. Chasing with a knife - You are very tired from daily activities. And this is no joke. Maybe we should take on a little less responsibility? It's not just you who has to do this. Your health may suffer from excessive perfectionism. Observe how little you leave for rest, then you will understand for sure.
  4. You dream that you are attacked with a knife, and then the dream goes on to the fact that you are being killed with a knife - you repeat your mistakes over and over again, you step on the same rake. It's like an endless vicious circle, from which only those people who sincerely want it can get out. What do you want?
  5. A man killed with a knife in a dream symbolizes rash decisions that have dire consequences. You didn’t attach any importance to the situation now, and then it will play out in such a way that it will no longer be possible not to think about it. This will have the greatest impact on your life and on you.

Dagger // dream book of Calvin Hall

If you see a Dagger, what is it for?

  • If a dagger appears in a dream, then this is due either to the dreamer’s aggressiveness, or, conversely, to his need to defend himself. If the dreamer uses a dagger to attack someone, he wants to “cut” something out of himself or get rid of something he doesn’t like. If the dreamer is attacked, it means he is showing his vulnerability.
  • From a psychological point of view, if any sharp object penetrates the body, it is associated with someone's masculine side, and more often with someone's sexuality.
  • The dagger pointed at someone represents an ancient instrument of sacrifice.

Moderation comes first!

Are people throwing a dagger at you in a dream? The enemies have become more active and are ready to use an insidious plan. If you throw, then not only your friends, but also your outright enemies admire you.

Did you dream that they were throwing a sharp knife at you? In reality there may be a domestic quarrel or conflict with the boss.

If it sticks into the body, then it is recommended to show restraint in everything, from emotions to food and libations.

Actions and images

If you dreamed of a man with a knife and this person wounded someone with it, it is likely that in reality someone will soon appear ready to protect. Such a person, in any difficult situation, will take the fire upon himself, defending the interests of the dreamer. If the dream shows someone sharpening a knife, it means that the person seeing the picture has some hidden agenda. When a person implements it, he will probably cause pain to those close to him and those around him. Relatives may suffer. If you dream that someone was stabbed, you will have to make a choice in the near future, but it will be very difficult to make a decision. The dreamer's reputation will depend on the choice. It is quite possible that one of the consequences will be a change in financial situation. A knife wound seen during a night's rest indicates impending quarrels with family members.

According to dream books, a man with a knife in his hand, perceived by the dreamer as a maniac, is an indication of the presence of a hidden agenda. Probably, the person who is seeing the dream is secretly afraid of something, quite possibly afraid to admit it even to himself.

The dream may show a man in whose hands there was a knife, and then the same object in someone's heart. This vision is a symbol of the internal pain experienced by the dreamer. Perhaps the person empathizes very strongly with someone. Another interpretation option is serious health problems.

Do dreams foretell guests?

If at first there was a knife in a man’s hands in a dream, and then he dropped it, dream books suggest interpreting this as approaching unpredictable guests. If the blade of the dreamed object is bloody, the family is cursed, and this is a family spell, which will be extremely difficult to get rid of. Others dream that they are walking somewhere surrounded by people, and someone with a knife in their hands is scaring everyone nearby. This indicates an unfriendly nature and can be interpreted as a hint to the need to reconsider behavior. There are also dreams in which someone plays with knives. They can be considered as an indication of the dreamer’s bad, dangerous idea - the person is probably preparing to implement it, but he should think twice and perhaps refuse after all.

If a man happened to see a knife in his hands in a dream, and the person simply looked at the object, dream books suggest that this should be regarded as an approaching truce with a person whom the dreamer previously could not stand. In a similar way, they propose to interpret the vision in which there was a stone for sharpening a knife.

Subjects: dangerous and not so dangerous

It happens like this: you wake up in a cold sweat and remember that you dreamed: a man with a knife attacked! This image is usually associated with deception, which will soon come to light. It will not be easy to cope with the new news; it is quite possible that the person will think that it would be simpler and easier to remain ignorant. A man with a knife is also a symbol of upcoming problems in the workplace. If, in addition to the object in the vision, there was blood, you should be wary of the betrayal of your dearest people. Knives stuck into something, seen during a night's rest, indicate the need to exercise maximum caution in planned matters. If transactions are to be concluded, you should prove yourself to be a careful and prudent person, otherwise the problems will be much more significant than one might assume in advance.

There is also such a dream: a man attacked with a knife, but the object broke in his hands. A broken knife is proposed to be regarded as a failure of the plan. Hopes will not come true, goals will not be achieved. Collections of interpretations propose to regard the very fact of the attack as an upcoming acquaintance with someone powerful and influential. This person may help deal with the heap of problems that have befallen the dreamer lately. If the knife in a dream is very large, it means that in reality a person is faced with numerous troubles, but exaggerates them. Although the situation is difficult, it is not to the extent it seems.

Should we expect conflicts or new acquaintances?

It happens that in a dream you see someone buying knives. This picture demonstrates the personality of the dreamer - the person is probably attracted to power. If the men had a pair of knives, it means there will be a quarrel with relatives. If a person was engaged in laundering objects, the vision is interpreted as a sign of poverty. If you dreamed of someone cutting the dreamer, it means that there are hypocrites and liars in your social circle. Probably, this turned out to be some of the people whom the person considers close friends.

If the person who dreamed at night had a new knife, the vision is interpreted as an imminent conflict with old friends. They will be unhappy with the appearance of new friends. You may dream of someone holding a penknife. The product is a symbol of a service that will be provided by someone unfamiliar, a stranger. If someone dreams, he holds a knife in his hands, chases the dreamer, the person will soon have to face his fears in reality. If you see bandits, it means there is danger.

An attacking man holding a knife in his hands may indicate the approach of a pleasant acquaintance. The object of this contact is highly likely to become a romantic interest. There is no need to be afraid or doubtful – getting acquainted will come in handy. An attacker with a knife can symbolize a person, with whose arrival the dreamer’s life will sparkle with new colors.

Options and meanings

If you happen to see a man with a knife in a dream, perhaps this person in real life wants to meet the dreamer. This interpretation can be found in the eastern dream book. According to the compilers of such collections, the chances of this wish coming true are high, so it is worth preparing for the meeting.

In many ways, the rules of interpretation depend on the characteristics of the knife that you saw. Some people have night visions of a person holding a huge cleaver. This indicates the dreamer's tendency to exaggerate. If the knife in the hands of another person was very long, soon in reality the person who had the dream will be faced with strong emotional experiences associated, perhaps, with the very person who was holding the object. According to interpreters, the experience will not be pleasant.

You may see in a dream a man with a knife, the blade of which has been sharpened to a shine. Probably, soon in reality the dreamer will need to make a decision that will determine his future life. If the knife was the kind used by shoemakers, it is worth considering whether there are reasons for sadness - they are probably disturbing subconsciously. Some people in their dreams see a person sorting out knives. This indicates the risk of encountering deceivers. If you dream of a person holding a rusty knife, interpreters suggest that this should be regarded as the hardships of everyday life and family life.

What changes do dreams foreshadow?

Dream books, telling about why knives in a man’s hands are seen in dreams, suggest remembering what kind of actions were associated with them. If a person gave objects to the dreamer, this can be interpreted as the impending end of problems. Fighting them takes a lot of effort and time from the person who sees the picture, and the difficulties themselves have been bothering him for quite a long time - and now there is finally a chance to leave them in the past. But a picture showing how a person cut himself with knives that were in the hands of another person shows an approaching difficult situation with relatives - they will try to put their burdens and problems on the person. If you agree to solve them, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Dream books know why you dream of knives in the hands of a man killing a snake. This picture is interpreted as the approach of positive changes in life. If the knife was dull, it means that the dreamer is worried about his relatives. If the object was in the hands of the husband, it means that the chosen one is cheating. You may also see a picture in which a person uses a knife to cut meat. Dream books suggest viewing the vision as upcoming troubles due to illnesses.

Should we expect gossip or evil?

If you dreamed of a knife in the hands of a man, it is likely that in real life there will be numerous losses and some kind of deprivation. The black streak predicted by the picture seen, according to interpreters, will not last long. Friends and old acquaintances will help solve emerging problems, so don’t be shy about asking for help. The dream may show a person holding a knife to the dreamer's throat. This vision can be regarded as foreshadowing a situation from which it is difficult to find a way out. If you cut the skin with a knife, there are probably problems and disputes, reasons for conflicts in the family.

If you happen to see a knife in your hands in a dream, and the dreamer is about to give birth, it means that the birth will be very soon. If in a vision you happen to find a knife yourself, you will soon be unlucky to meet a new person who will pretend to be almost your closest friend, but in reality will gloat behind your back. Such a person is likely to become the source of much gossip, so you should be careful.

If in the vision there was a man with numerous knives, you will soon encounter disagreements and quarrels in reality. If someone throws a knife, it means that small quarrels may occur, which at first seem insignificant, but will end in a serious enmity with the person.

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