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According to interpretations, a guy’s girlfriend is to solve a life problem, overcome uncertainty, and be filled with self-confidence. According to Miller's publications - for monetary success, make plans for purchases, fulfill an old dream. Much less often - to solve life’s difficulties, overcome troubles, take the situation into your own hands. Very rarely - to receive help in achieving a goal, to receive support from friends, to be filled with self-confidence.

Different editions of interpreters do not always agree on the same dream. In order to accurately answer the question of what a guy’s girlfriend dreams about, we turned to the most famous and reliable dream books. Interpreters of Vanga and Miller will show you what the dreamed image promises. And the lunar dream book will give the answer in what lunar phases this will come true and with what chance.

According to Vanga's dream book

Seeing a guy’s girlfriend in a dream means solving a life problem, overcoming uncertainty, and being filled with self-confidence. This dream promises a quick search for a new way to solve current circumstances. However, be rational and do not make hasty decisions. And don't let people around you put pressure on you.

Are there any ways to speed up the sale of dream guys? Vanga suggested simple ways to speed up the fulfillment of dreams. Firstly, you need to remember well all the details and details of the dream. Then you need to light any candle, preferably a church candle, and go around the corners of your room.

Why dream of talking to your ex-boyfriend's girlfriend?

Ex-boyfriend's girlfriend in a dream has several different meanings. The vision suggests: he still evokes a response in the heart, the sleeping woman is jealous of the young man for a new relationship. But the image also promises important news or even victory. Our dream book will tell you why such a plot is dreamed of, based on the details.

Why dream of seeing your ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend? The dream book explains: you are still not indifferent to him, perhaps there is even jealousy. Try to switch your interest to another object.

The current chosen one of her former lover indicates in a dream: it is difficult for the dreamer to so easily let go of the one whom she considered her own. We need to figure out whether she really needs him or whether it’s just the inertia of the relationship.

Did you dream about his current passion when you yourself had not yet met a new partner? Don't be upset, there's still more to come. Get rid of resentment, envy, possessive habits, because everyone has their own happiness.

Did you see your former lover with a new girl in a dream and were upset? Your heart refuses to forget him. If there were no negative emotions, this connection became a thing of the past.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend's pregnant girlfriend in a dream means separation from your current boyfriend.

Did you dream about the pregnant girlfriend of your past crush, but he’s not actually dating anyone? Someone wants to harm the dreamer.

Why do you dream about the pregnant passion of your former boyfriend? As the dream book says, this is simply a reflection of the sleeping woman’s real experiences that she is unable to conceive a child from her beloved. You need to go to the doctor and take steps to prepare for pregnancy.

Talking to her in a dream foreshadows: gossip may begin. We must protect our reputation by trying not to give rise to gossip and avoid conflicts.

The interpretation of the dream takes into account the smallest details:

  • just seen from afar - you will learn interesting news;
  • talked - information about some obscure matter will come from an unexpected source;
  • rejoiced for them - you will rejoice at the end of his persecution in reality;
  • quarreled - you will waste your time on a useless activity, you will feel dissatisfied with yourself;
  • fought - take steps to get your boyfriend back.

If the real girlfriend of a young man with whom you broke up appeared in a dream, the dream book states: you can forgive the one who caused pain. This will make your future life much easier.

Did you dream that your ex-boyfriend’s real girlfriend came to your home and complained about his cheating? This means: you will soon win a very serious victory.

A neutral dream, like a former boyfriend getting a new girlfriend, has a good meaning. The dream book suggests: the dreamer will gain confidence in herself and in her relationship with a real partner.

Had a dream: your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend? The vision means: the sleeping woman doubts her real boyfriend. We need to spend more time together, have heart-to-heart conversations - then the couple’s emotional connection will strengthen. It takes time for confidence to emerge.

Why dream of being friends with the new passion of the guy you broke up with? The dream book tells you: you will have a reliable partner.

Hello! I had a dream! So I see the current girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend, and I tell her that just as she stole my boyfriend, everything will boomerang for you. Why would I have such a dream? I don't communicate with her at all!

The dream begins with the fact that I accidentally recognized my ex from behind while fishing. I followed him, then he saw me and tried to say something, but the look was strange, with contempt, and in addition to this, there was some kind of sadness in the look. He kept walking away from me and then stopping to look at me. Also, so sarcastically and with a smile and everything, the new passion of his ex silently gave him a massage. He then got up and put on the clothes that I saw and knew. Then he sat down on a chair and also looked at me with insight. Meanwhile, when he was looking for a place to sit, his new girlfriend was rushing about and then she went somewhere and then returned. Also with a little grin. Meanwhile, I say to my ex with sarcasm: I found some kind of scoundrel instead of a girl worthy (of me). He grinned, but mostly looked at me and didn’t say a word. And I began to tell him further with emotions and jokes. And then, in response to my statements to him, his new girlfriend says that it’s her own fault and yes, she’s better, but because of my words and menacing look and mood, she either goes into a dark room or comes just like that and without anything! I had a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday!! Please explain, it is very necessary, thank you.

Why did you dream? I see my ex-husband’s new girlfriend in my shoes, as if she came to my child’s dance, I beat her hard in a dream.

Good afternoon Several times I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend in the guise of an old witch with long claws and in a wedding dress! What could this mean?

I dream about how my ex’s current girlfriend is dating not him, but his friend, and we all walk on the street and communicate as friends. Then my ex goes home alone.

I dreamed that I was on friendly terms with my ex’s girlfriend and we were taking pictures and I was more beautiful than her, and I asked her for his number, but she didn’t give it, tell me what it could be?


Dream Interpretation Conversation with your ex's girlfriend dreamed of why you dream about Conversation with your ex's girlfriend in a dream? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a conversation with your ex’s girlfriend in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

A dream in which your ex-lover appeared suggests that the past still lives in your heart, although you may be studiously avoiding memories of it.

You wait for something to change for the better in your life, secretly dreaming of the return of bygone bright, joyful days and doing nothing.

The dream tells you: stop waiting for the weather from the sea, be more active, and luck will certainly smile on you.

If you dreamed that your ex died, this means that a new period will begin in your life very soon.

It is difficult to say how favorable it will be.

However, it is absolutely certain that you will not be bored; you will simply have no time to indulge in memories, no matter how pleasant they may be or vice versa.

An ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who appears in a dream symbolizes your excessive preoccupation with the past.

This is what prevents you from moving forward and developing as an individual; your ex-love doesn't want to give up your present love's place in your heart.

The dream in which you parted with this person suggests that the time is coming for a change of priorities, the collapse of previous ideals.

After this internal audit, things will go much better for you, in all areas of your life.

In general, talking in a dream foretells receiving news that will excite you. Hearing a hubbub of voices in a dream is a sign that you may find yourself in some kind of society where you will hear various rumors or gossip.

Loud, shrill, unpleasant intonations in a conversation in a dream foreshadow the receipt of unpleasant news, quarrels, scandals, accusations.

Hearing tender words in a dream is a harbinger of pleasant meetings or news.

Authoritative intonations in speech heard in a dream predict that you will have to obey the law, the authorities, and do what you don’t like. It is believed that you can undoubtedly believe what angels, saints, priests or kings and politicians tell you in a dream.

Hearing and understanding conversations in a foreign language in a dream means that you will soon travel abroad or communicate with foreigners.

Hearing baby babble in a dream indicates that your frivolous behavior deserves the censure of others who have stopped taking you seriously. See interpretation: also children.

If in a dream you do not understand the meaning of what is being said, then in life you will find yourself in a difficult situation when you do not know for sure what is best for you to do.

Involuntarily eavesdropping on a conversation and not seeing those talking, but recognizing their voices in a dream is a sign of betrayal or deception. The dream predicts that you should not trust these people. See interpretation: voice, speak.

Miller's Dream Book: Guy's Girlfriend

According to Miller, if you dream about a guy’s girlfriend, it means solving life’s difficulties, overcoming troubles, taking the situation into your own hands. The near future will bring you tips for solving existing problems. At the same time, the path to solving them will not be simple and obvious. But the desired success will be achieved by you with the help of your personal qualities and aspirations.

Guys are placed in a separate category in Miller's publications. Appearing in a dream, they foreshadow many good changes on the path of life. Sometimes they promise the appearance of very good friends, colleagues or partners. However, Miller gave advice to rely on caution and not make hasty decisions.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why the guy’s girlfriend was dreaming, Miss Hasse answered – for an imminent wedding, to take part in the ceremony, to plan family life. If the dream was memorable and filled with details, it promises your own wedding. Regular repetitions of a dream are a sign of triumph among a circle of friends and acquaintances. Sometimes such a dream can indicate an imminent pregnancy and the birth of children.

It is necessary to pay increased attention to such dreams. Guys, of course, are considered a good and kind sign. But Hasse insists on remaining attentive and taking a closer look at the rest of the dreams. Often they contain additional symbols that affect the overall picture of interpretation.

Guys according to modern dream books

If you dream about a guy’s girlfriend, it means good luck in money, making plans for purchases, making an old dream come true. Try to remember as many details of the dream as possible to get more clues. Many clear and distinct elements can indicate impending quick enrichment. And a recurring dream can indicate the right life decisions.

Recent modern studies have discovered that some of the old interpretations are no longer accurate enough. The passing years bring quite a lot of changes to a person’s perception. This also applies to the meaning of guys in dreams - it has taken on different variations over the years. And if the symbol you are looking for is completely new, the answer will probably be exclusively in a modern dream book.

Engage in self-improvement

So, while you don't have the partner you dream of, direct your energy not to regretting that your ex has another woman, but to becoming a more perfect version of yourself - both externally and internally. Change your clothing style - for example, if you previously preferred mostly jeans or comfortable casual, now choose outfits exclusively in a feminine style.

Wear skirts, romantic dresses, long sundresses, high heels, small handbags. Buy yourself the perfume you've been dreaming of for a long time. Change your hairstyle, style it, curl your curls or vice versa, straighten your hair to a mirror shine. Moreover, these changes in appearance should not be for one day, but at least for the next few months!

Another tip - if you want to cheer yourself up, dress brightly. Even if your look includes only one spectacular item, for example, a red handbag, this will already add zest to your look and improve your mood. It is very important to feel yourself in a new way, to understand that you can be a little different than before. There are many advantages to this - you get rid of thoughts about your ex and focus on yourself, improve your appearance, lift your mood, create daily positive changes in your life.

Also think about internal changes. Think about this situation not from the inside (while being in it), but as if from above, from the outside. Try to imagine your thoughts about this in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. What emotions will this situation—seeing your ex with someone else—cause in you in the future? Will you remember this in 5 years, or will you even forget that you ever met him?

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see a guy’s girlfriend in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, is to receive help in achieving a goal, receive support from friends, and be filled with self-confidence. You are on the way to achieving an unusual goal and an old dream. But the road to successful implementation will be blocked by difficult choices and decisions. Act judiciously and thoughtfully - and your decisions will turn out to be successful.

Is there a need to do something to make the guys from the dream come true? Tsvetkov recommended staying focused on thoughts about what you want. It is because of this that your unconscious is in constant search of opportunities to achieve them. This will allow you to make intuitively correct choices in difficult and difficult situations.

Does your ex love someone else?

Secondly, don't read too much into this situation. How do you know what kind of relationship they have? Maybe this was his first appropriate joke in the second hour of their walk? Or maybe this girl is just very frivolous and laughs at everything... Perhaps they will break up in a month (although no one guarantees this, you can’t argue with that). So you don’t need to immediately screw yourself up and think that your ex loves someone else, they are very good together and a wedding is already on the horizon. This may be very far from reality.

After a breakup, it always seems to us that while we are now experiencing it, our ex-partner is in some completely different and certainly happy reality. That after the breakup, he immediately developed a personal relationship, and his career took off, and he went to the seas to relax, while you spend tissues on your tears.

This is wrong. Of course, he can go to the seas, but he lives in exactly the same reality as you, and a little later you will understand this yourself. In that very reality in which nothing works out on its own or with the wave of a magic wand.

The guy's girlfriend - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, the guy’s girlfriend is a sign of visiting relatives soon, talking about family topics, and making plans for the future. Relatives will soon visit you with an abundance of gifts. Most often this dream appears before special holidays. But visiting guests does not always require a reason and an invitation.

In his publications, Loff never divided dreams into positive and negative. According to his judgment, almost every dream is a harbinger of good changes. In addition, people tend to perceive certain signs of fate and events differently. If you met guys in a dream, there is no need to worry, this is a good harbinger.

Unable to forget

Seeing your ex-boyfriend's new lover in a dream means that you still have feelings for him. Perhaps you are even jealous, says the dream book. Try choosing a new point of interest.

The current girlfriend of an ex-boyfriend in night dreams is a reflection of the dreamer’s inner reluctance to let go of someone who was dear to her. It is important to understand whether this person is really necessary in your life or is it just a habit.

When you dream of his new partner, and you haven’t found anyone yet, then you shouldn’t be upset. Your meeting with your soulmate is still ahead. Don’t hold grudges, don’t envy, don’t try to get back what’s “yours”; what’s “yours” will not leave you.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The fourth and first phases of the moon cycle have the highest chance of this dream coming true. The full moon period also has a fairly high chance of coming true. And the probability that a guy’s girlfriend will come true in other phases is much lower. Also, the new moon is a period during which it is better to avoid planning your future.

The publication of the lunar dream book is absolutely unique in its purpose. It shows periods of time when a certain dream has a high chance of coming true. It is based on research into the relationship between sleep patterns and the course of the lunar phases. Some people combine it with the lunar calendar to create a powerful tool at their disposal.

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