Why do you dream if your ex-girlfriend gets married - according to all dream books

An ex-girlfriend is one of the main topics of conversation in a male company. There are a lot of jokes about relationships with an ex-girlfriend, and many comedies have been made.

However, it is also painful for young people to remember unsuccessful relationships, especially if the guy still has feelings for the young lady. Some desperate young people even resort to love spells just to get their loved ones back.

Relationships never pass without a trace, even if you later managed to link your destiny with another girl. This is especially true for first love, which a man remembers with slight sadness throughout his life.

Esotericists say that the relationship between a man and a woman is a complex energy system. Every person dreams of an ideal union and love until the grave, but not everyone manages to maintain an energetic connection.

The course of a couple's relationship is influenced by many factors: common interests, views, sense of humor, etc. When communicating with each other, a guy and a girl exchange energy flows, complementing each other.

If some level is lacking, the source of energy may dry up, so the flows cannot unite, as a result, a crisis or even a rupture may arise in the couple.

When a union breaks up, the energy remains for some time, so we feel the invisible presence of the former partner. This phantom pain bothers a person for a long time. Some sensitive guys see their ex-girlfriends in their dreams. What could such a dream mean?

Why do you dream about your ex-girlfriend?

An ex-girlfriend who appears in a man’s dream can talk about different things and promise a wide variety of events.

We tend to remember the past, think about mistakes or savor pleasant moments. Therefore, one way or another, soon the past will make itself felt. Perhaps you will see somewhere a girl with whom you previously met and made plans.

The dream may also indicate that you want to renew the relationship again, especially if love is still alive.

Some interpreters are sure that in reality some young lady turned to a fortune teller with the goal of making you fall in love with her.

Sometimes you have a dream before starting a new romantic relationship, especially if in your dream you suddenly ran into your ex.

It is known that in our dreams the opposite is often true. Such “shifter” dreams include a dream in which a former lover cried. Interpreters promise the dreamer relief from all problems. However, according to other interpretations, it is likely that you do not like your ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

If in a dream the young lady laughed boisterously, you were painfully experiencing a breakup, perhaps after it you lost faith in your strengths and your own attractiveness.

If in a dream you both laughed at something, ask about the health of your loved ones. It is possible that one of them is unwell.

No less important is the behavior of your ex in a dream. If you parted far from being friends, and in a dream she smiled sweetly and went in for a kiss, in reality she has a grudge against you and is hatching a plan for revenge. If she was angry and screaming, your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

Anything can happen in your dream. The meaning of interpretation depends on the details of the dream. Let's turn to authoritative sources for tips.

Miller's Dream Book

If in a dream your ex-passion behaved calmly and detachedly, she remains in your past. It is necessary to open your heart to new relationships.

If in a dream a girl behaved affectionately, confessed her love to you, or you yourself kissed her in a dream, your feelings are alive. It is possible that you want to get your ex-girlfriend back.

It’s very good if in your dream your ex-girlfriend turned out to be pregnant. Your new relationship will be of much higher quality, more interesting and better, the interpreters promise. You will have a very harmonious couple if you do not make past mistakes.

If in a dream you hugged your ex in a friendly way or kissed her on the cheek, your life will change very soon.

If in a dream you decide to quarrel with your ex-girlfriend, you will soon meet a beautiful young lady whom you will invite for a romantic date.

Vanga's Dream Book

According to the famous soothsayer, the plot clearly indicates that the young man cannot forget his past relationship, perhaps he feels guilty. Even if the relationship cannot be returned, ask your ex-lover for forgiveness for the insults caused.

If in the dream the girl was not alone, but with a new boyfriend, soon your current passion will hint to you about the wedding. You will be faced with a difficult choice.

If a man saw his first love in a dream, you will soon hear good news from your friends or relatives. A dream also predicts a promotion or salary increase.

Dream Interpretation of Barinova

Seeing yourself at a wedding in a dream is the threshold of a quick way out of a confusing situation, getting rid of worries and obstacles on the path to success.

The girl saw herself in a dream as the heroine of a secret wedding - a bad omen for the characterization of a young lady. Maybe the plot will force the dreamer to moderate her ardor.

An unmarried girl accepted the proposal - an omen of the dreamer’s rise in the eyes of people who surpass her in status.

As the plot progresses, it is clear that the parents do not give their consent to the dreamer’s marriage - this is an unkind sign: in reality the sleeping woman’s engagement will not be approved by the relatives.

A dream about a lover's wedding with another girl is a harbinger of unnecessary suffering and groundless fears.

A dream about someone else's wedding, at which people in mourning clothes are present - the dreamer will be upset because of the unfortunate fate of a loved one. Such a dream also portends a deterioration in health instead of the desired recovery. And if you have a dream before a previously planned trip, this is a warning about an unpleasant surprise that will disrupt your plans.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

The writer and interpreter of dreams adheres to Old Slavonic interpretations, and gives a sad explanation of why the wedding was dreamed about. He considers this dream a harbinger of sadness and sometimes death.

A wedding is the logical conclusion of a relationship between people in love, a transition to a new level

I often dream about my ex-girlfriend

If you often dream about your ex-girlfriend, most likely you haven’t cleared something up with her, you haven’t talked to her, maybe you still have questions or resentment. In addition, perhaps you want to restore the relationship, return the love.

And sometimes the dream indicates that the dreamer himself initiated the breakup, and now regrets it. There is a simpler explanation: during the day you simply heard or saw something related to your ex-lover, and your subconscious reacted in exactly this way.

If you constantly dream about your ex-girlfriend, your mental wound due to the breakup is still open. You are very worried about separation, perhaps you watch the life of your ex-girlfriend on social networks, deliberately look for a meeting with her, sometimes even send SMS messages or call.

The situation can escalate if the girl lives somewhere nearby or you see each other every day at work. It is worth paying attention to your emotions in your night dreams. What feelings come over you when you regularly meet your ex-girlfriend in your dreams? Understand your feelings, then you can understand how to proceed. Maybe it makes sense to try to win back lost love?

If your ex-passion visits you in your dreams every day, you need to close the doors to the past. Throw away everything that may remind you of your past love, especially if the girl's return is impossible. Get out of the house more often, meet new people, and very soon you will meet another girl.

If thoughts have become intrusive and haunt you, it makes sense to seek help from a specialist, with whom you will work through the problem. Many psychologists and interpreters advise the dreamer to let go of his passion, forgive her all insults. Believe me, you will feel better. Mentally wish the girl happiness or write her a letter of amortization. You can find out how to do this on the Internet.

Basic interpretations

Scenarios that touch on the personal past are not always about feelings. They often forecast current affairs and financial issues. The subconscious is structured in such a way that what has been experienced is put into the “experience” department. Everything is mixed up there: love, successful operations, mistakes, problems.

The dream about your ex-lover has a completely understandable explanation. The girl remembers her past happiness. Her vibrations are spreading, and you have caught them.

But there is a deeper prophetic explanation. Interpreted taking into account the main theme and details:

  1. Circumstances.
  2. Feel.
  3. Actions, intentions, words.
  4. The presence of other persons, real and hypothetical personalities.
  5. The current state of the relationship: you don’t communicate, sometimes you bump into each other in company, you’ve moved to different cities, you’ve completely lost touch. Or has she already left this world?

Hint: the deceased comes to encourage. Her spirit now patronizes, protects, protects. This is a great script. She should also be remembered according to her religion.

What do the sensations say?

Detailed transcript:

  1. Anxiety is a sign of the presence of an emotional attachment to a girl. The heart still trembles, although logic dictates oblivion.
  2. Joy characterizes resilience. You accept change calmly. You forget the past without regret, you are able to defend your independence. At the same time, you are not characterized by aggressiveness. Forgive offenses, as befits a real man.
  3. Take indifference directly. Love is long gone. Everything is finally decided. But you can’t say the same about her. This dreamer is toiling with an unfinished novel.
  4. Awkwardness indicates the presence of internal conflict. You failed to let go. Pride still “hurts” and demands revenge.
  5. Indignation leads to confusion. Some steps have not been calculated. We will have to settle, connect, fuss.
  6. Love again engulfed me in a hot fire - soon such emotions will completely overwhelm. But they will be directed to a different object.
  7. Jealousy shows imperfection of character. You are probably a little jealous of more successful people, competitors, business partners, business luminaries. A negative emotion predicts luck and success if you are able to concentrate on achieving your goal. You have great potential.
  8. Passion is a lack of affection. Lonely people naturally experience this feeling. But it’s time for families and couples to think about whether everything is normal in today’s partnership.

The desire to protect and save your ex is normal. A dream of chivalry does not prophesy.

Dreaming of a kiss with your ex

If in a dream you kissed your ex-girlfriend, all your difficulties today are explained by mistakes and actions that you committed in the past. You cling to the past like a magic wand. Meanwhile, interpreters recommend forgetting about the past forever and moving forward more actively.

Sometimes such a dream promises a noisy party with friends, a stormy holiday.

Remember what your ex-girlfriend looked like in your dream. If she was beautifully dressed and didn’t mind kissing you, in reality the dreamer is experiencing inferiority complexes. He is not confident in himself and his abilities. You need to reconsider your behavior, otherwise you will never succeed either at work or in your personal life.

If in a dream you decided to kiss your ex-girlfriend, and she slapped you in the face, most likely you stopped paying attention to your current girlfriend. She feels lonely, she lacks love and attention.

Also, interpreters do not exclude the possibility that in reality the dreamer misses his ex-girlfriend.

Death of a jilted friend

The girl's murder has nothing to do with her personality. Specifics:

  1. They themselves committed a crime - they failed to overcome their complexes. The reason lies deep in the past. Work through the wrong attitudes instilled by parents, teachers, mentors, and society. Getting rid of limiting beliefs will solve a number of existing difficulties.
  2. A friend is being killed by other people, but you look indifferent and did not try to intervene - a sign of jealousy. The source of this negative quality that spoils life is uncertainty. Focus your efforts on eliminating negative self-esteem.
  3. The funeral of the former is a sign of grandiose changes. If you cried or were upset, you will rejoice, and vice versa.

To receive news of her death is to be afraid of attention from high-ranking officials or officials. The fear will be unfounded. They have no claims against you.

Dreaming about sex with your ex-girlfriend

Such a plot may not at all mean that you want to make love with your ex-girlfriend in reality.

Many interpreters promise the dreamer gifts and surprises.

According to other interpretations, the young man will receive cash receipts. Some promise quite a large sum.

If in a dream you had sex, in the morning you woke up with your ex in the same bed, soon certain things will return from the past. It is quite possible that a secret that you have carefully hidden from everyone will be revealed.

Sometimes a dream promises an unpleasant act that a loved one will commit. He can set you up.

The dream also suggests that in reality the man is not satisfied with the intimate side of his life. It is possible that there is simply not enough sex in it. There is also this option: the former passion was much better in bed than the current one. You miss your old passion.

If in reality you are angry with your ex or harbor a grudge, then forcing her to have sexual intercourse in a dream is your desire to hurt her or take revenge.

Dream of reconciliation

The resumption of love communication with the former reveals the sphere of the sleeper’s feelings. You need to face the truth: is there any passion left, is there a desire to return it? Tips:

  1. Both partners are cheerful, happy - you are still in love. Moreover, the girl also suffers.
  2. Communication is smooth, indifferent - rush into a happy future.
  3. They quarreled, and then reconciled - a bright short-term romance lies ahead.
  4. The reconciliation ended in an intimate scene - you will receive a valuable gift or a pleasant surprise.

Dream Interpretation ex-girlfriend is pregnant

There are several interpretations of this plot:

  • Your current relationship with a new girl will be much more successful. You will feel happy and loved.
  • Some interpreters consider such a dream to be a kind of reminder: you need to finish some things.
  • The dream indicates the young man's thoughts about returning to the relationship. Interpreters say that good luck will accompany you in this. You can easily get your ex-girlfriend back if you wish.
  • Sometimes a dream says that you both want to have children. The interpreters do not specify whether from each other or separately.
  • If in reality your ex-passion has been married to another man for a long time, the dream indicates that you will soon have serious troubles, the resolution of which you will spend a lot of time and moral strength.
  • It is possible that you promised something to your ex-lover, but never fulfilled it. The dream reminds you of this.
  • According to some dream books, the dream promises quarrels in the family.
  • A dream is also a harbinger of important news or events that may relate to both business and personal issues. You will not be able to influence the circumstances, so it is better to go with the flow than to start fighting at windmills.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why she dreams about her ex-girlfriend getting married, Miss Hasse answered - to make a difficult life choice, to find strength in herself, to stand on the threshold of important changes. If you remember the details of the dream, this will help you get a more accurate interpretation. If you dreamed of many details, events and objects, this may indicate many obstacles. And a fleeting and faded dream means a quick and quick solution to problems.

This dream requires some caution. Girls, in their meaning, are a harbinger of happiness and positive changes. According to Hasse's instructions, it is important to analyze as many dreams as possible to increase the accuracy of interpretation. Among them there may be symbols that both clarify and can change the entire meaning of the interpretation.

Dreaming of reconciliation with your ex

Such a plot may indicate your desire to take the first step and make peace with your ex-girlfriend not in a dream, but in reality. Try to analyze your feelings and understand what you really want.

If in the dream you were talking cheerfully and casually, exchanging meaningful glances, then it makes sense to think about resuming the relationship.

If you do not want to return your former passion, but you dreamed of reconciliation, a short-term romance awaits you soon. You will only be interested in sex with your new girlfriend.

If in a dream your reconciliation ended in intimacy, expect gifts and surprises.

Bottom line

If you dreamed about your ex-boyfriend’s wedding, then this foreshadows the beginning of a new period in life. It will be good for them and filled with feminine happiness. Unmarried young ladies will meet their soulmate and get married successfully. Married ladies will give birth to a baby.

For men, the wedding of an ex-girlfriend in a dream indicates a stubborn reluctance to say goodbye to past relationships. You need to start living from scratch and then changes for the better will come.

Dreams in which a woman not only came to the wedding celebration of her former boyfriend, but spent it cheerfully as a toastmaster, foreshadow her success. If you don’t want to go to the holiday, then there is still resentment and hostility towards your former lover. Let only what you wish with all your heart come true!

My ex came back to me in a dream

If in a dream your ex-girlfriend was sobbing into the phone and wanted to come back, you will soon have problems. You should now enlist the support of loved ones. With them you will cope with troubles faster.

If in a dream she returned to you with things, in reality your ex constantly thinks about you. Most likely, you will meet her very soon.

If your ex-girlfriend returned to you and you rushed into each other’s arms, soon your life will completely change, and you will forget about the past forever.

If in a dream your ex returned and life went on as usual, you dream of bringing the past back into your life.

If in a dream you hid from everyone that you were together again, someone was secretly in love with you, perhaps you pass by this girl every day.

Frequent appearance of the former

Regular visions, the main theme of which is the ex, always have a specific meaning. Guessed by the woman's mood:

  1. Grieves, cries, complains - expect troubles through your own fault.
  2. Happy with someone else (boyfriend, husband) - today will require a wedding.
  3. She invited me to a secret date - there was a woman in love nearby. She is afraid to show her feelings.

A deceased past girlfriend is a sign of the patronage of a Higher Power. You can take risks, act actively, assertively. Luck will be on your side.

Dreaming of a quarrel with an ex-girlfriend

If you had a fight with your ex-girlfriend in a dream, dirty rumors are being spread behind your back.
You may be let down by a person whom you trust endlessly. If the girl was screaming, swearing, hysterical and angry, you will soon learn something good related to your work. You may be offered a new position. According to other interpretations, your ex still loves you.

If in a dream it comes to a fight, the dreamer will be able to cope with his grievances against his ex-girlfriend and sincerely forgive her for everything bad. Sometimes a dream symbolizes the renewal of a relationship or a new romance, which can develop into strong feelings and deep affection.

Decoding based on the day of the week

Dreams are not always prophetic. It is noted that the essence depends on the night when it appeared. The patterns are as follows:

  1. On Monday the universe shows monetary prospects. An ex-beloved portends an increase in income, casual earnings, winning the lottery.
  2. On Tuesday reflects the current reality of the dream.
  3. There are optimistic forecasts for Wednesday. Success lies ahead.
  4. Business prospects are forecast for Thursday (Jupiter's day). It’s good when the ex-girlfriend dreamed of having offspring. Get a significant raise.
  5. It literally comes true on Friday.
  6. Empty visions for Saturday. At best, they foreshadow an acquaintance with a beautiful woman.
  7. On Sunday it is sold until noon. Having a fight with your past one means jealousy.

Daytime and evening dreams are an echo of thoughts. There are no clues or prophecies.

Dream about your ex-girlfriend's wedding

If in a dream you saw your ex-girlfriend walking down the aisle with another man, you will soon legitimize your relationship yourself. If you don’t have a girlfriend, you will soon meet your love, get married and have offspring.

The dream also suggests that you have come to terms with the breakup and internally let your ex-girlfriend go free. Are you ready for changes in your personal life?

Sometimes such a dream promises a noisy and cheerful holiday where you can meet your love.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The highest chance of such a dream coming true is at the beginning of the lunar growth. The full moon also has a fairly noticeable peak - the chance during this period is extremely high. Unfortunately, the rest of the time the chance that it will come true if an ex-girlfriend gets married is practically insignificant. It would also be a good idea to avoid planning important matters for the waning lunar phase.

The lunar interpreter has quite serious differences with ordinary dream books. It reflects the time at which dreams have a high chance of coming true. A huge step towards its creation was the study of the influence of the lunar cycle and phases on human dreams. To use it, you need knowledge about the current lunar cycle and a lunar calendar.

Psychologists' opinion

Experts do not see any difficulties in scenarios involving a former lover. They are completely justified and understandable. The guy analyzes mistakes and looks for ways to overcome them. Causes:

  1. The connection is still alive. Until the sleeper was able to completely cool down, leave his beloved in the past. This situation is promising. It shows the guy as a real, responsible man. If worked correctly, the bonds will be reborn.
  2. During the day, the guy encountered something related to the past. It could be the scent of perfume, words, a dress. Mechanical memory is involved here. There is no forecast.

The constant appearance of an ex-lover in dreams pushes one to get rid of interest in her current life. Unfriend her on social networks, avoid talking about the young lady. Calm down soon.

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