Why does a girl dream about an unfamiliar guy?

Stories with his participation are rare in life, but they are the most informative. Ancient and modern dream books give it a similar meaning, although the interpretation of our time is much broader, thanks to the advent of horoscopes and astrology. But in fact, a lion rarely visits people in a dream who do not have a desire for chic, enrichment, or simply a beautiful glamorous life. Although the Islamic dream book interprets it as an allusion to a person who separated from the Muslim community. But most often, a dream where a lion is present has several meanings.

Seeing the king of animals is always a mystical sign if in the evening you did not watch a movie about prides of these animals (especially with a tragic plot) or did not watch pictures with him.

Animals in dreams

They hint at the instincts that exist in every person, the nature of each of us. Wild animals symbolize freedom, individuals acting according to their own strength and will. Among them, it is not for nothing that the lion is considered the most important, therefore its image personifies a powerful, strong and impulsive man or woman with long blond hair resembling a mane. Therefore, if there is such a person in your environment, prepare for a conversation with him or news. Sometimes a lion conveys the strong-willed and leadership qualities of the dreamer himself.

In other cases, the dream book interprets the appearance of this animal as a symbol of power in general or aggression if it attacks you or the victim. Your loved ones may find themselves in a difficult conflict and they should be careful. Of particular importance is a dream where a woman sees a lion. He clearly hints at an acquaintance or romance with a powerful and self-confident person who can become either a friend or a dangerous, vengeful enemy. Therefore, it is worth remembering how you dreamed about a lion in a dream.

Sleep paralysis or who comes to us in our dreams

Imagine: you wake up and can’t even lift a finger. The room is dark, but you feel someone’s ominous presence - someone is standing next to the bed, or maybe sitting right on your chest, preventing you from taking a breath. You want to turn your head at least a little to see him, but nothing works, someone (something?) is holding you back, while eye movement continues, you try to move your limbs, but in vain - you can neither move nor to speak (since it is impossible to open your mouth), you seem to be frozen, there is a feeling that you are suffocating due to the fact that someone is standing on your chest. Horror and panic cover you... The picture may seem incredible, but many people have a similar experience. If you have experienced something similar, then you are familiar first-hand with the unforgettable horrors of sleep paralysis, or “old witch syndrome.” What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is the inability to move. In the vast majority of cases, it occurs either at the moment of falling asleep or immediately after waking up, which is why it is called “sleepy”.

Symptoms Sleep paralysis is characterized by complete awareness of a person and at the same time an absolute inability to move. Usually this condition is accompanied by a strong feeling of horror and panic, as well as fear of death, suffocation, stiffness of all movements, a feeling of something foreign, heavy on the body (usually on the throat and chest, sometimes on the legs).

Often, sleep paralysis can be accompanied by visual, auditory and even tactile (i.e. physically felt) hallucinations. A person can hear footsteps, see dark figures hanging over him or standing nearby, and feel touches. Often there is a feeling that someone has climbed onto the chest and is strangling the sleeping person.

It has been noted that sleep paralysis can occur only upon natural awakening, and never upon awakening from an alarm clock or other irritants. It is believed that between 40% and 60% of people will experience sleep paralysis at least once in their lives. The most risky period of life is from 10 to 25 years. It is at this age that most cases are recorded.

Causes of sleep paralysis

“Sleep paralysis” has been known for a long time, and its symptoms were already described centuries ago. Previously, this phenomenon was associated with brownies, demons, witches, etc. Thus, in Russian folk tradition, this phenomenon is associated with the brownie, who, according to legend, jumps on a person’s chest in order to warn of either good or evil. In Islam, this is an ifrit - one of the evil genies, considered a servant of Satan, who can seriously harm people. In Chuvash mythology, this is the evil spirit Vubar, which appears at night and, taking the form of domestic animals, a fiery serpent or a person, falls on sleeping people, causing suffocation and nightmares. According to myths, by attacking sleeping people, wubars thereby improve their health. A sleeping person cannot move or say anything.

In Basque mythology, there is also a separate character for this phenomenon - Inguma , who appears in houses at night during sleep and squeezes the throat of someone sleeping, making it difficult to breathe and thereby causing horror.

In Japanese mythology, the giant Kanashibari demon to place its foot on the chest of a sleeping person.

Nowadays, they often try to explain this phenomenon by visits from aliens from other worlds who paralyze a person’s will for the purpose of abduction.

Explanation by modern scientists

Modern scientists believe that sleep paralysis is an unremarkable biological event that is intended by nature.

The most common explanation by psychoanalysts is muscle paralysis, which is a natural state for our body during the REM sleep phase, when our subconscious mind specifically paralyzes the muscles of the body so that you, while watching an active dream, do not perform any actions in reality and do not harm yourself. Sleep paralysis occurs when the consciousness is already awake, but the body is not yet.

By the way, in one psychoanalytic journal they gave the following explanation: “Sleep paralysis is caused by the fact that a person has already woken up, and a certain hormone (which is released during sleep and is responsible for muscle paralysis) has not yet had time to leave the body.” However, there is an inconsistency with this version - if it’s all about the hormone, why does sleep paralysis never happen with forced awakening? Does the hormone get scared and instantly self-destruct?

Esoteric explanations

Another point of view is associated with psychic practices of out-of-body experiences and astral travel. It is believed that sleep paralysis is an indicator that a person’s consciousness is on the border between the real and astral worlds. Some even manage to use sleep paralysis to “leave their bodies.” They explain this phenomenon by the fact that a person’s consciousness is not in the physical, but in the astral body, but due to weak energy, or a lack of understanding of the principles of movement in the astral world, the person cannot move. This point of view may partially explain the “hallucinations” during sleep paralysis. According to astral travelers, the astral world is filled with various entities.

What to do?

However, whatever the real causes of sleep paralysis, if you experience such attacks, and you do not care about medical or esoteric research, pray. This method works, especially if the person’s faith is strong.

People about their encounter with the "sleep paralysis demon"

“Something whispered in my ear.”

I had never encountered such a phenomenon before, and the first time it happened, I was lying on my left side and suddenly felt strong pressure in the chest area. When I realized that I couldn't move, I panicked. At that moment, something whispered in my ear: “Just came to wish you good night.” Then I felt something pull me towards the edge of the bed. It's terrible, it's really scary.

2. Cats, penguins and the shadow man, oh my!

I have experienced sleep paralysis three times in my entire life.

At dusk, I saw a dark creature that looked like a cat, which first sat at my feet, and then began to slowly crawl along the sheet until it ended up on my chest. I was overcome with fear.

The second time I saw the shadow of a man walk across the room, slip out through the open door and disappear. This is the most terrible thing I have ever experienced in my life.

And the last time was the best. I saw a couple of fancy penguins walking around my bedroom. A funny and cheerful show.

3. I felt my whole body turn to stone, then the bed squashed, as if someone had sat down at my feet

A few years ago, my relative died, I still had very little communication with her before her death, and on the night when she was 40 days old (I was alone at the dacha and lived in an outbuilding), I was afraid to sleep, so I read a book until 3 am, and then she lay down with the light on, turning her face to the wall... I was lying there, and suddenly I heard footsteps, and something confused me about them, and I realized that they were heard right next to the bed, although it was about 6 meters from the entrance to the annex to the bed... I I felt my whole body turn to stone, then the bed creased, as if someone had sat down at my feet, and then a heaviness began to spread throughout my body, as if someone was lying down along me and trying to look into my face. I tried to close my eyes, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t scream, I tried to cross my fingers…. My heart was pounding like crazy... Then suddenly the heaviness subsided, the bed returned to its previous position, again footsteps near the bed, silence. I jumped up and ran out in what I was wearing, ran to the next house, woke up everyone there and sat until the morning... I then immediately left for Moscow, because I couldn’t stand another night like that... Then I thought about everything, read about similar cases - supposedly it was sleep paralysis, and the brain simply recreated it all... Although who knows... Now a lot of time has passed, but these memories still give me goosebumps...

4. “During sleep paralysis, I see demons and a guardian angel.”

When I fall into a state of sleep paralysis, demons and a guardian angel appear to me. The first are usually ghostly figures standing above me or at my bedroom door. Once I was lying on my side with my back to the door, when I suddenly felt that someone lay down next to me on the bed, climbed under the blanket and put his hand on my waist. Then I felt a strong hug and hot breath on my neck. This went on for about half an hour. All this time I tried not to show my fear, which is very difficult, especially if it seems that a skeleton with claws is hugging you from behind. The last time something like this happened again, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Someone came very close to me, kissed me behind my ear and whispered: “No, it’s not time yet. I'll come back when you're ready." It didn't sound very comforting, as if I was going to die soon. I was very scared.

I had been experiencing sleep paralysis off and on for 18 months, so I could easily tell when it was happening. That time, at first I thought that there was an ordinary demon standing near my bed who had come to me before, but I was wrong. I looked and clearly saw a man kneeling next to my bed. There was a smile on his face, but not one that makes you shiver. He was wearing a 50's style suit and hat. He didn't say a single word. I felt as if he had come to tell me that everything was fine and that he was protecting me.

5. It was the best moment of her life

My mother once told me that when she was little, either in a dream or in reality, two men in white and gold suits appeared to her, who sat on the bed at her feet and played musical instruments. It was so easy and fun for mom that she didn’t want them to leave. But when she moved her head, she heard one man say to the other, “She’s waking up. It is time". And they disappeared.

6. Lots of terrible things.

Before I learned how to deal with it, I experienced a lot of really terrible things. Horror films are now nothing to me compared to what I had to face. Here are a few things I can never forget:

A little girl stood in the corner of my room and did not take her eyes off me. Then she suddenly screamed shrilly, ran up to me and began to choke me.

A large dark figure, resembling a human silhouette, stood silently next to my bed, looking down at me.

Something rumbled and scraped right outside my bedroom door. I always lock it at night after it starts opening on its own. Note: No, the door is closed when I wake up. It opens only in a dream.

My bedroom door swung wide open and dark figures entered the room.

The last time I saw my mother enter the room, sit on my bed and immediately turn into a demon.

And many others.

The worst thing is that when you try to fight it or call someone for help, your voice disappears and your body stops listening. You just feel helpless. Phew, I don’t even want to remember. It's getting scary.

7. Hundreds of times.

I have experienced sleep paralysis literally hundreds of times. Usually an alien-like creature would come to me, black in color and about 1 meter high. I also saw a skeleton with a scythe in a black robe. I don't have auditory hallucinations, I just feel paralyzed, and to get rid of such visions, I just close my eyes tightly - and everything disappears.

8. “Even if I don’t see anyone, I feel that there is someone in the room.”

This happens to me so often that I'm not even scared anymore. It's creepy, of course, but not as bad as before. The first few hallucinations were terrifying:

The little creature was eating something greedily, sitting on the floor of my room. I blinked. Now it was right next to my face and, continuing to chew, whispered: “Remember me?”

An elderly woman stood over my head and quietly whispered: “Darling...”. I told my mom about this and she asked, “Did you think it was your dead grandmother?” No. It was evil.

Hallucinations are always evil. Even if I don’t see anyone, I feel that there is someone in the room. This is evil, nothing less. I can not move. Evil is attacking me. I can't call for help. I can only breathe heavily and loudly in the hope that someone will hear me and save me. I'm trying to move my fingers. Come on!..

9. “...and this face that grew old before my eyes.”

This was the first and only time I saw a dream turn into reality. I had a good dream and suddenly... In my dream I realized that I was dreaming. I opened my eyes and saw a woman’s face above me, which from young and attractive instantly turned into old, wrinkled and blackened, like everything around. I couldn't move and felt pressure on my chest and this face that was aging before my eyes.

10. They laughed at me.

The last time the demon appeared to me, he stood in the corner of the room (behind me, where I could not see him) and spoke some nonsense.

Sometimes demons walked towards me, like Jacob's ladder, and sometimes people I know, but they were possessed and often laughed at me.

11. Someone saved me.

One night, when I was trying to sleep, my hand fell through the bed. But, in fact, she was lying on the bed. When this usually happens, I just put it away, but this time my curiosity got the better of me. How long will it last? And I started swinging my arm until my shoulder slipped behind it. It was new and exciting.

Next, I consciously tried to stick my head through the bed. And I succeeded. But all I saw was nothing. I know it sounds strange.

However, I felt that there was something further down there. I wasn't afraid, my curiosity was out of control. I lost my caution and tried to reach out to what I thought was there, in the depths of the void.

Big mistake. My leg slipped, followed by my whole body. I started to fall. At the very last moment before this, I realized that what I was striving for was not a thing at all, but a fear that I had never experienced before. I tried to go back, but I couldn't. My body didn't listen to me.

At the last second, something grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me outside. I don't know what it was. But definitely something strong and durable.

12. Steps.

I heard the back door open. At this time I was lying on the sofa and could not even move. I just heard someone’s steps in the kitchen, then in the dining room, they were slowly approaching the living room where I was. I couldn't move, I couldn't scream. I managed to come to my senses at the very last moment before I suffocated (apnea attack).

I know that someday I will die from this. Not at the hands of a real criminal, but by suffocation during another nightmare. Sleep apnea is driving me crazy.

13. Little black child...

This happens to me when I'm too tired and lie down to take a nap. It all depends on what I am dreaming - I “wake up”, unable to even move and with a feeling of heaviness in my body. I feel almost good and at the same time eerie, because I cannot control what is happening. Whatever I dream about, it always happens in my room. Once I dreamed of a small black child (the sight of him made me shiver). Most often, various people or “demons”, as you call them, appear to me in my dreams. I scream and fall asleep again, then it happens again after a couple of seconds, and so on several times. As a result, I finally wake up, overwhelmed with panic.

14. Beetles.

I woke up to a giant Egyptian scarab looking at me and saying, “I can’t wait to taste your rotten flesh.” Then, after long speeches describing the details of my eating, he turned into hundreds or even thousands of small scarabs, which disappeared into the cracks of the walls with a terrible noise.

15. Devil-like creature

The most terrible thing that appeared to me was a devil-like creature with red skin, black clothes and huge teeth. He sat on my chest and suffocated me. I was overcome by fear. I could neither move nor scream. In the morning, my husband said that at night someone also tried to strangle him.

The analytical portal “Orthodox View” asked Orthodox experts to characterize the phenomenon called “sleep paralysis”: MIKHAIL KHASMINSKY, Orthodox psychologist Many people face this problem quite often. This disease is described in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), but modern science still cannot unambiguously, clearly and clearly explain the processes that occur with people in this state of consciousness; it gives a descriptive, speculative nature of these states, so until now there is no explanation for the causes of this disease.

Sleep paralysis is a direct contact with the other world, because a person in this state passes into another reality, where real events happen to him that frighten him. And during this nightmare, a person cannot move, but being in another reality, he is helpless. This state is probably similar to the state of hell, when a person is tormented by fear and horror, but he cannot do anything.

In my practice, there were quite interesting cases related to sleep paralysis. One can try to explain this phenomenon by the alpha state of the brain, when interaction occurs between sleep and reality and penetration between realities can occur. This state of transition to another reality is very dangerous. You can compare it to going out into the street - you can meet both a bad person and a good one, but if a person does not know how to understand people, then, most likely, he will find himself in a bad situation. In order not to get into a bad story, you need to understand and distinguish between spirits.

But, we, modern people, for the most part are in a state of sin, we communicate with unclean spirits in our reality, we do not live a spiritual life as we should, and we do not have the gift of discerning spirits. That is why we need to pay less attention to dreams (which most often come from demons), and also strive less for meditation and other dangerous practices associated with an altered state of consciousness.

But if we talk about sleep paralysis, then no one specially arranges it; it turns out that the door opens by itself, the person sleeps, but at the same time comes into contact with unclean entities. One of my patients found herself in a similar state many times, many times she experienced horror, waking up in another reality, saw very vivid images of evil spirits, and the only thing that helped her get out of this was the prayer to the Life-Giving Cross and the “Our Father.” Sleep paralysis occurs in those who are spiritually weak and in order to avoid falling into such states, one must lead a spiritual life. From my point of view, this is an important factor. HIEROMONK MAKARI (MARKISH), clergyman of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk diocese, church publicist and missionary This, in fact, happens quite often. The difference between believers and non-believers is manifested not in the phenomenon itself, but in its assessment - it deprives the non-believer of peace and tranquility in the soul, torments with mystery, torments with mystery, and for the believer it is also unpleasant, but we look at such things calmly, indifferently and , in general, without interest. A fairly accurate analogy can be given: if a child is not raised correctly, then suddenly seeing a pornographic scene will have a strong and vivid impression on him, and he will be intrigued, interested, excited. But a normal, rationally raised child is protected from such influence, because he firmly knows that this is dirt, evil, abomination, and will turn away without unnecessary emotions. When it comes to the mysterious phenomena of the invisible, immaterial world, we are all to a certain extent like children, but proper education (religious, in this case) brings us enormous benefits and protects us from demonic attacks.

We must clearly realize that here we stand on the border of the visible and invisible worlds, and if in the first psychological and physiological research, experiments, and natural scientific methods of cognition are possible (and useful), then in the second (the border with which is blurred and uncertain) , there is nothing like this and cannot be. This is a different world, not subject to either positive experience or formal knowledge. DMITRY TSORIONOV (ENTEO), founder of the "God's Will" movement Sleep paralysis is a ubiquitous phenomenon in post-Christian society, a direct contact between man and the dark side of the spiritual world. In modern Russia, entire generations who grew up without God were thrown to the mercy of demons. Most modern people regularly encounter attacks from fallen spirits; for hundreds of thousands of people, daily sleep is a familiar dose of total horror, to which a person gets used to over time. As soon as demons do not mock people, they show all sorts of horrors. People describe in detail how they see dozens of demons mocking them, chained with horror. For some people, every night is a fight for survival. And only when a person begins to try, despite paralysis, with a huge effort of will, to pronounce the words of the Orthodox prayer, the demons retreat. I know many cases when, during sleep paralysis, people began to say well-known Orthodox prayers, although they had not even heard them before.

I remembered one interesting incident about this topic. I corresponded with one of the followers of neo-Hinduism guru OSHO Rajneesh, telling him that behind Eastern mysticism lies the reality of fallen angels. In response to his ridicule of what had been said, I wrote to him that he would not laugh if these spirits came to him at night. The next day he writes me a long letter, describing sleep paralysis, the appearance of a demon, writes how his soul suffered from the approach of evil, how he felt the cross being removed on himself and was saved by a luminous man, whom he later recognized when he saw the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. God allows us to come into close contact with the world of fallen angels, for the sake of our understanding, but unfortunately, not everyone, even after this, is ready to change their lives.

I was deeply struck by the post about sleep paralysis in the most popular public page among young people on VKontakte “MDK”. This community largely determines the worldview of a modern teenager, full of cynicism, fornication, blasphemy and perversion. The post received more than 30,000 likes and , from teenagers who described their experience of sleep paralysis. You can’t imagine what horrors these unfortunate children, disfigured by the modern world and godless upbringing, described there. Many said that they experience this every day, many said that they have already gotten used to it.

I specifically found this message to give a few comments, which are essentially a snapshot of the spiritual state of our youth:

— “It happens to me a couple of times a month for sure. The feelings were different. One time the bed shook as if there was an earthquake. There were some leftist dialogues with deceased relatives. A bunch of hallucinations like someone touching me. In general, a lot of weird stuff. If something happens at night and I wake up or already feel that it’s going to start tonight, I just turn on the TV, set it to turn off automatically and it seems to help”;

- “Usually it comes from four o’clock in the evening to 7-8, you understand that this is a dream, but you can’t do anything, you feel like you’re being strangled, all sorts of monsters are walking around or the appearance of your family, at that moment you dream that someone will wake you up , I start moving the little finger on my hand, etc. I barely wake up and don’t go to bed again”;

— “The feeling as if huge black spiders are crawling around, devils are sitting on you, the fire is crackling deafeningly, someone is speaking loudly all around, huge monsters larger than consciousness itself and paralyzing animal fear from the depths of the universe. and so on every damn night. I hate it";

“This crap happens all the time, but I can’t even open my eyes. But you can clearly hear the handle in the room turning and someone’s steps approaching, very similar to the sound of hooves…”;

- “It was, I sleep, everything is normal, only I slept with my eyes open, I don’t know how it happened. After which I turned on the other side, looked blankly into the distance of the room and that’s all. Then there was a sharp ringing in my ears and it was as if thousands of slow, rough voices were shouting in my ear. Then terrible faces appeared before my eyes, they looked blankly into my eyes and screamed. It’s strange, but I couldn’t move, it was such a strange feeling...”;

- “It happened. You lie like this, and it seems like it’s a dream, there are ghosts and all sorts of demons nearby. You begin to moo in fear, move your fingers and eyes back and forth. Then the state disappears, and you lie there and don’t understand what just happened.”

Can you imagine what it’s like to live with this? These are ordinary children who go to school, listen to their favorite performers, discuss TV series characters, and mobile phone models. These are children who were raised by Pelevin’s generation, a generation that forgot Christ. Children for whom fornication, occultism, godlessness and blasphemy have become the norm. For these seemingly prosperous children, hell begins already in this life. I think we all need to think seriously about this.

Material prepared by Sergey SHULYAK


Seeing an animal just walking

Most likely, you will hear news about a person who is endowed with authority and power, as well as theatrical manners. This could be a boss, a successful businessman, just a leader, or a self-confident and strong artist. In men's dreams, a lion can represent a son, a father, or just a young man with long hair that resembles a mane or blond. But if you yourself are ambitious and powerful, then the image of this animal represents you, the enjoyment of success and the blessings of life. Sometimes a dream foreshadows a meeting and infatuation with a blonde with lush long hair, working in an artistic environment, a cool restaurant or strip bar. Perhaps she will be bright, domineering and capricious, and also born under the zodiac sign Leo. But, no matter who this narcissistic beauty is, a lot will change in your life after this meeting.

In women's dreams, simply seeing a lion walking on the lawn hints at an acquaintance with a man endowed with power (or who knows how to successfully pretend to be successful), bright and spectacular, a little theatrical. Perhaps it will be a blond or a guy with light red hair (sometimes long) or someone who was born under the sign of Leo. Just seeing him is a sign of an acquaintance or meeting. But it won't have much impact on your life.


To determine why you dream of walking with a man, a child in a dream , or alone, you need to understand in what area the walk took place. Think about what meaning this place has for you? It can symbolize the usual way of life and current events.

If you were alone and did not feel comfortable, the dream may indicate a fear of being left without the support of loved ones. If you felt calm and good, this indicates self-sufficiency.

Walking with a friend in a dream or with other dear people is a sign that you are confident in them. You place your greatest hopes on those who are nearby at this moment. These are the main people in your life.

Caressing animal

The dream book interprets this unambiguously as the patronage of a powerful person, especially if a woman sees this dream. Stroking a lion, listening to its contented rumbling, or simply accepting its caresses speaks of the sympathy of a strong man who can be both gentle and vindictive and dangerous. Therefore, you should not bring him too close to you, because this hobby is a real game with fire. Remember to be safe and try not to anger him so as not to get in trouble for it. After all, novels may not always end beautifully, especially with overly proud individuals.

A tamed lion means that you will have a very strong admirer and patron, and maybe you will receive special favor from your boss. Try not to miss your chance for an advantageous place and position, because fortune is very changeable. Also, a tamed lion speaks of an influential and strong friend who will soon appear in your environment. He will be kind and cheerful, but at the same time unforgiving of insults due to his proud character. It is possible that he was born at a time when the sun was in the constellation Leo.

Seeing how others caress him in a dream and listen to him purr is a temptation, especially if these are your children. If a girl strokes a lion, then soon a bright and interesting man will appear in her environment, but he may turn out to be a ladies' man, bringing a lot of grief and tears.

Therefore, she should be careful not to believe the words of the seducer, especially if in a dream the lion purred loudly, like a big red kitten.

And, to see him sleeping means to have a secretive friend who skillfully covers up his true goals and desires. The dream book also refers to dreams that are seen by fully grown and mature women.

A white albino lion dreams of a cunning seducer who skillfully pretends to be a friend and a loving admirer. It is impossible not to believe in his sincerity, but in fact this man is pursuing his goal and pleasing his vanity.

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The first time I went for a walk in my sleep was when I was 6 years old. It was a funny feeling: I definitely remembered that I went to bed in my bed, and then... and then I just opened my eyes, standing by my mother’s bed. My mother's former bed - my mother had passed away two weeks before.

Grandma and Grandpa, when I told about my nightly adventure, shook their heads and looked at each other with concern. They believed that this was my mother’s soul yearning for me and “calling to see me.” After that, a wet rag appeared next to my bed. She actually made me wake up several times before I even took my first step. But other times I woke up at the front door, in the kitchen, and once in the middle of the yard, next to the swing. But there was no talk of visiting a doctor. It was thought that I would outgrow it. And I've outgrown it.

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People's dream book

The classic source describes the following meanings of what it means to dream of walking with a guy in a dream , or with someone else:

  • go to the city streets, see other happy people or a holiday - in the real world you will feel disappointed with the results of your own activities;
  • going alone for a night walk is a sign of upcoming happy events;
  • while traveling on foot you were attacked by robbers - in fact, you should prepare for proceedings that will be related to the right of inheritance;
  • take a walk in a picturesque place, in nature - in reality you will feel independent, get rid of obligations that greatly oppress you;
  • in a dream we are walking with an ex - this is an image that speaks of inner turmoil. It is worth thinking about what confuses you in the present. Maybe you regret breaking up with your previous partner;
  • while walking you get carried away and almost get hit by a car - you will actually achieve success. But after that, try to be careful;
  • walking in the park with family members is a sign of joyful events that will affect relatives;
  • walked in the cemetery, among the graves - in reality, you have to go on a long journey. It will improve your financial condition;
  • walking with a tour group means you have to part with loved ones.

Vanga's Dream Book

The fortuneteller believed that walking at a wedding is a symbol of a pleasant time with loved ones. Perhaps at the event you will meet the chosen one of your heart, with whom you will build a strong relationship.

Attending a wedding as a guest of honor is a symbol that someone you know will need help. You should not refuse, because in the near future you yourself risk finding yourself in a situation where you will have to seek support. If this was your wedding, then you will have to make a very difficult and important decision.

Walking through a cemetery in a dream is a sign of sadness and upcoming grief.

Why do you dream about a river depending on its surroundings?

Natural springs of water in a dream symbolize purification. Immersion, change of state and adaptability to various life circumstances.

  • Seeing many rivers in a dream means getting lost on the road of life. Fate presents many options for overcoming difficulties, but each river symbolizes only one specific road. Rivers can weave into a web, which speaks of tension caused by uncertainty. This vision makes it possible to look at problems from the outside, go with the flow and evaluate the quality of the water. In the morning, sleep often brings awareness; a person can confidently make the right decision.
  • A beautiful river speaks of self-satisfaction with fate. On the way of a person who sees a scenario with a beautiful river, usually no terrible adventures occur. The girl will be happy with her appearance, and the man with his career and personal life. Even if the dreamer has some troubles at the moment, you need to seize opportunities to correct the situation; they will soon present themselves.
  • A mountain river is usually stormy. Despite the romantic appearance, the interpretation of such dreams indicates the presence of problems that the dreamer creates for himself. Most often, the cause is bad character traits such as greed, arrogance, laziness, vanity, pride and carelessness. The only option to correct the situation is to work hard on yourself. Astrologers believe that such a plot is useful for self-analysis.
  • For lovers, a mountain river symbolizes passion. The couple lacks physical contact and vivid sensations. A change of scenery and a surprise will be very appropriate for your partner in the coming days.
  • You may dream of a big river on the eve of sad events or, on the contrary, very happy ones. It accompanies tears. But don’t panic, often tears will not only be a reason for sadness but joy. A large river with a flow means an important conversation for the dreamer. The outcome of the conversation is unpredictable, but the events discussed are important, indicating the further direction of movement.
  • If the river suddenly begins to overflow its banks, you should be on guard. Things can come rushing in, and perhaps they have already taken over the person who had such a dream. You need to protect yourself from overexertion and try to rest more so as not to lose yourself.
  • A small river also speaks of tears, but their reason will be trivial. Even if there are troubles, they will turn out to be insignificant, and later events that occur may even become harbingers of great success. The rapid current in a small river indicates the fast pace of all events taking place. And a shallow river is a good sign, indicating an exaggeration of existing problems and obstacles along the way
  • Seeing a wide river is a very symbolic dream, indicating that the dreamer will soon have the opportunity to implement global plans that had previously been put on the back burner for a long time. But in the process of implementing tasks, a person may experience severe fatigue, possibly even burnout.
  • Whirlpools in the river are a sign of danger that can come from both people and situations. You can get poisoned or have a bad fall. It is better not to engage in extreme sports for the next month.
  • According to the dream book, a deep river is considered the personification of achieving goals. Such a dream indicates the experience of strong and directed emotions when engaging in a certain activity. Soon all the dreamer’s energy will be directed to solving a large number of everyday tasks, often related to the household.
  • If there is a lot of garbage, reeds, slush or branches floating down the river, you will soon have to radically rebuild your life. The message can be pleasant events. For example, moving to a more comfortable home. Or negative events: fire, accident, dismissal. We need to prepare to rebuild our lives.
  • A river in winter in dreams speaks of readiness for achievements. Another interpretation, quick financial transactions and contracts. Esotericists believe that a seething winter river will have a very positive effect on a person in real life. The steam emanating from the cold water will bring enrichment. But if you dream of a snow-covered or frozen river in the summer, the dream can be interpreted as a signal to rest. The dreamer is tired of the daily bustle. This is a fairly reliable psychological interpretation.
  • Seeing the bottom of a river in dreams, according to the modern dream book, is a signal for positive changes in life. If there was a black streak, then soon it will end and the white one will begin. After such a dream, you can start a new business. The rocky bottom of the river promises an interesting offer. Seeing a dirty bottom, especially during a difficult period, is a bad omen. He talks about a large number of mistakes made, the consequences of which are almost impossible to change. Still, it’s worth making the effort, especially if in the story the river has a current.
  • You may have a dream in which a person is standing on the bank of a river. Many dream books interpret its message as loneliness and unfulfilled needs for communication, especially for interpretation by children and young couples. To interpret it correctly, you must remember the actions being performed. Typically, a riverbank enhances the positive meanings of dreams about interactions with water. But he also exhibits negative interpretations.

Miller's Dream Book

This source describes the following possible meanings of the appearing images:

  • If you dreamed that you went for a walk in the countryside - in reality you will feel lonely when you part with friends. But other close people will help you get through this difficult period. For a girl, such a dream predicts a cozy home, but at the same time a bereavement;
  • dreamed that you were walking through a beautiful park - in fact, life will be full of joyful events;
  • in a dream, walking with your beloved girl is a sign that the future with her will be happy;
  • a very long walk predicts participation in an unusual study;
  • traveling with a large number of other people is a hint that you will have to fight with strong competitors;
  • a girl dreams of wandering along a dark alley - she risks making friends with people who could cast a shadow on her reputation;
  • walking with a purebred dog in a dream is a symbol of the successful completion of all planned tasks;
  • walking through a winter cemetery - in reality you will experience hardships and troubles. If it was spring, it means you will communicate with pleasant people;
  • going to a picturesque valley is an indicator of a successful outcome of events, success in business and on the personal front (for lovers);
  • if the situation around was poor, there were almost no plants, it means that negative changes are coming;
  • being in a swamp is a sign of imminent illness.

Company on a walk

Depending on who you are walking with, the meaning of the dream can be very different:

  • Going for a walk with a dog (especially a purebred one) in a dream portends favorable events.
  • A dream in which you are walking with a man also promises happiness. Such a plot foreshadows a quick acquaintance and a romantic relationship.
  • If a lonely girl is going for a walk with a guy she likes, her dream of a loved one will soon come true.
  • If, while walking with a man, you notice how handsome he is, such a dream foretells you a cloudless enjoyment of life and well-being, and often wide popularity.
  • Walking with a stroller or a small child - such a dream reminds you of a close and devoted friend. There is a high probability of receiving news or a pleasant surprise from him. News from an old friend also predicts a walk with the dog.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

The predictor described the following possible meanings of the image:

  • you dreamed that you were walking through a deserted area - in reality, you have a secret that you are trying to hide. However, it is worth sharing the secret with someone who can help;
  • if the road along which they walked was crooked, this indicates instability, uncertainty about the future. Sometimes night vision represents the power of an incompetent person who leads the state;
  • moving along a dusty path is a hint that you will be in danger. They will try to lure you into a sect and try to influence your actions;
  • to see that other people are walking with you is a sign that a very large sect will gain great influence in the near future;
  • a narrow path portends success, a positive outcome of all planned affairs;
  • if you walk on paving stones or cobblestones, it means you have committed a bad act. You will regret this for the rest of your life. You will be sure that you will go to hell for what you did.
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