Fish in a dream - a sign of pregnancy?

Almost every woman is superstitious by nature, even if she does not admit it. She believes in everything mysterious, mysterious, mystical. For example, prophetic dreams. It’s so simple to find out the future by remembering what you dreamed at night.

One of the most common dreams described in dream books is a dream with fish. And its interpretation has its own characteristics if a woman sees such a dream. So why does a woman dream about fish?

Fish in a dream - wealth and power

In almost all dream books, dreams with fish are interpreted as a very good, auspicious sign.

So, if a woman dreamed that she saw a fish splashing in a transparent pond, raising splashes, then soon you will be able to get the power that you have been striving for and the recognition that you have dreamed of.

If in a dream you not only see, but also try to catch a fish, then success will come to you thanks to your own efforts, but if you catch it while standing in the water, then you have no shortage of talent, and it is thanks to it that all your projects are simply doomed to success .

A dream in which the fish is already in your hands is interpreted as the fact that despite all the machinations and machinations of ill-wishers, and even if the circumstances are against you, you will achieve success.

However, if in a dream you still haven’t caught fish from the river, then the time to collect dividends from your efforts has not yet come, but do not despair and continue to work with the same enthusiasm, fervor and energy, and you will definitely succeed, because fishing in a dream, a woman is a symbol of her energy, strength, will and strong inner core, which for you is the key to results in any business you have started.

Pleasant, joyful moments and happiness in your personal life

Seeing beautiful, colorful and bright fish in a dream means in reality having many pleasant impressions, new acquaintances and generally joyful moments.

If you dream of watching schools of colorful fish swimming in an aquarium, then expect a storm of positive emotions, happy moments, even pleasant chores that, despite their ordinariness, will only bring you joy.

Eating fish in a dream and at the same time feeling its wonderful taste means an addition to the family, a profitable acquisition, a successful event concerning the family, or simply tenderness, love and pleasant signs of attention from your partner.

A live fish in a dream that a girl sees means that success and joy are very close, and if it seems to you that only dark tones predominate in your life, then such a dream foreshadows happiness that is practically standing in front of your door. However, some other dream books put the opposite meaning into such a dream, according to which in the future you will be disturbed by minor troubles at home, problems with children or a spouse.

A woman dreams of fish for financial well-being

As a rule, this promises a dream in which you are walking on water, holding a drag or a net in your hand. This is also the meaning of a dream in which a girl sees herself visiting a fish market.

If in this dream she gains something from it, then she can safely expect some unexpected, but very pleasant news or material benefit that she did not even suspect. In general, a dream in which you see a live fish splashing in clear water speaks of many blessings and gifts that fate will soon pamper you with.

Dreams foreshadowing an imminent pregnancy, according to reviews

An additional list has been compiled from the comments. Compare with your own dreams, look for analogies:

  1. I knitted warm socks for my husband.
  2. I looked at the starry sky.
  3. I dreamed of millet scattered on the table. Twins of opposite sexes appeared.
  4. Caterpillars were crawling on my stomach. Subsequently, a son was born.
  5. She ate a red pomegranate dripping with juice. She pulled out a grain at a time and put it in her mouth.
  6. The storks arrived in the spring and built a nest on the roof of the house.
  7. I was cutting a new tooth, although in reality I have a full set.
  8. I dreamed of a transparent river, the bottom was clearly visible. I waded.
  9. I swam in a clean, transparent, sparkling pool.
  10. I washed myself at the well at dawn.
  11. First, the spider weaves a web. And then his net falls on my head.
  12. I picked cornflowers in the field, enjoying the sun's rays.
  13. My husband and I floated on a calm pond in a boat and admired the lotuses.
  14. I was choosing a dress in the store. I settled on blue. I conceived a son.
  15. I swam in the sea and swung on the waves.
  16. There was a flood in the house. A clear stream gushed out from the broken pipe.
  17. I ate strawberries with great pleasure. And then the test turned out to be positive.
  18. I cracked the seeds.
  19. And I came to the yard of the deceased grandmother and found a hen with her brood in the middle.
  20. She delivered a horse and nursed a foal.
  21. We launched balloons with our first son. And then God gave him a sister.
  22. I was surprised by the beauty of the huge pot-bellied moon. Here is the offspring.
  23. My husband dreamed of bowling. I counted the pins - an odd number. To my daughter.
  24. I went into the kitchen, and there were bags of salt and sugar. The son was born.

The variety of scenario nuances is simply amazing. Add yours in the comments. Let's make the list even more complete and clear.

Dreaming of fish? Expect love and marriage

For a woman to see a fish in a dream is a very favorable sign. Especially if you dreamed of eating fresh and tasty fish, and apparently enjoying the process, then such a dream is a harbinger of an imminent wedding.

If you already have a soulmate, and if you have not yet met your betrothed, then such a dream can be interpreted as a prediction of a meeting with your destiny, a person who is destined to share your future life with you. Moreover, for a woman to see a big, beautiful fish in a dream - your fiance will be an enviable handsome man, smart and simply a wonderful person.

However, a dream in which you clean live fish foreshadows the loss of the love of your chosen one and the fact that young people will no longer like you.

In some dream books, eating caught fish also means difficulties in your personal life, and if the fish is tasty, then you will safely resolve all the difficulties yourself, but if the taste of the fish is rather unpleasant, then you will have to turn to loved ones for help.

If you dreamed of some stranger eating fish, then expect that they will try to harm your union with your loved one. But to see a dream with the same meaning, but in which you dream of an already familiar face instead of a stranger, means that intrigues and machinations are being prepared for you by people whom you know very closely and trust. Also, such a dream may indicate that it’s time for you to stop gossiping and slandering others.

Does fish dream of pregnancy: the forum gives answers to questions

Girlfriends on forums sometimes interpret dreams better than dream books. So, if in dream books you can read that fish symbolizes a surprise, or even some kind of trouble, then members of the forum, united by a common idea, say: catching fish means pregnancy and live fish means pregnancy. Their statements are based on personal experience.

If you show curiosity and look, for example, in the Summer Dream Book, you will find a slightly different interpretation there - you may dream about fishing, which means that in reality one of the members of a married couple will be relentlessly haunted by thoughts about children.

Small Velesov's dream book suggests considering any dream involving fish as a prediction of profit and success. A narrower interpretation is the birth of a child, and the authors of the dream book prophesy the birth of a female baby.

If the fish in a dream is alive and energetic, the children the dreamer already has will live. For a young girl, catching a fish means getting married successfully in the near future.

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A woman dreams of fish as a sign of difficult trials.

According to some dream books, for a woman to see a fish in a dream means serious trials that she must go through in order to achieve success. Difficulties in business and many obstacles on your way should be expected if in a dream you saw how the fish still does not fall into your hands. If you finally caught her, wait for a positive resolution of your plans.

However, a dream in which you take a dead or sick fish out of the water foreshadows illness, grief, losses, failure in everything, no matter where you start and where you take the initiative.

A fishing net also dreams of trials that will soon confront you, but successfully overcoming them promises considerable success in future affairs, so you should try to get out of problematic situations in the near future with your head held high - this will bring you results. However, if in a dream you saw a torn fishing net or damaged gear in your hands, then soon expect annoying disappointments from which you can no longer protect yourself.

Why do you dream about fish: interpretation of dreams for women and men

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Published by: Emilia Krymskaya in Useful news and reviews 23:50 02/26/2021

Why do you dream about fish ? The great variety of existing dream books provide a wide variety of interpretations of the dream in which you dream of a fish. However, they are all similar in one thing. Seeing fish in a dream means pregnancy, and catching it in a clean reservoir means profit. In early Christianity, one of the oldest symbols of Christ is the fish (Ichthys). This image is present in abundance in early Christian artifacts, frescoes and religious paraphernalia. That is why the appearance of a fish in a dream is prophetic. We have made a selection of the main interpretations and today we will look in detail at why fish are dreamed of on the night of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday? Why does a woman or a man dream about fish, whether it is alive or dead, whether one or many fish are dreamed about. In general, seeing a fish in a dream is a wonderful hint from Fate; it is just important not to lose sight of the accompanying little things. So, let’s find out what fish dreams about...

  • Why does a woman dream about fish?
  • Why does a man dream about fish?
  • Why do you dream about fish by day of the week?

Why does a woman dream about fish?

The generally accepted interpretation for a woman is to see fish in a dream - to an early pregnancy. If a pregnant woman sees the fish, then the birth will be easy and painless. However, seeing fish in a dream can be interpreted in two ways for a woman, depending on the situation. So, seeing a dead fish in a dream means illness, loss and troubles. If the fish swims in a clean body of water, then this is a sure sign leading to pleasant surprises, good luck and financial income. For lovers, such a dream speaks of the fidelity of the chosen one and the strength of feelings.

  • If in a dream you are heading to the market and you manage to buy really large and fresh fish , then financial profit will soon await you.
  • Sitting with a fishing rod on a pond for a long time and eventually catching a fish of any size means that the business that you have been devoting a lot of time to recently will finally begin to bear fruit.
  • If you dream that you are fishing with a net or nonsense , then such a dream symbolizes the upcoming well-being that you will achieve solely through your own efforts and ingenuity.
  • When in a dream you hold fishing tackle , fishing line, hooks with floats in your hands, then Fate tells you that now you are fully armed and can arrange your life on your own.
  • But when, after much effort in trying to catch fish, you are left with nothing , you should reconsider your life priorities and set new goals, since old plans are unrealistic and all efforts to implement them are in vain.
  • If in a dream you watch an outside fisherman and see that his fishing was a success, expect new ideas to realize your wildest ideas.
  • Did you see a fishing net in a dream ? Pay attention to her condition. A whole or new grid, to good luck in financial transactions. Torn - to minor troubles in everyday life.

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

For some reason, the seer Vanga interpreted dreams exclusively about pike. She said that if you caught it while fishing in a dream, then this is a very good sign: the enemies themselves will find themselves in the trap that they intended for you. Other soothsayers mainly based their predictions on the fish they caught

  • If you saw in a dream an aquarium with many small fish that move chaotically, then you need to focus on current problems, devote maximum time and opportunities to solve current problems, and add meaningfulness to your actions. Don't be afraid to set goals and achieve them.
  • When you see a fish swimming in a clear pond , on the shallows, this symbolizes good luck in business and the speedy implementation of your plans.
  • It happens that you dream of a fish flying across the sky . This is an unusual dream that speaks of the dreamer’s growing creative potential.
  • a goldfish in a dream as a fairy-tale character means a change of residence or travel.
  • If you dreamed of fish swimming in an artificial reservoir or swimming pool, then expect an imminent visit from distant relatives or a meeting with friends whom you have not seen for a long time.
  • Everything that swims in the water is a fish!) Therefore, if you dream of whales or dolphins or big fish, then this symbolizes a quick improvement in the financial component, success in business and overall good luck in the long term.
  • When you dream of a scary, ugly and definitely predatory fish , then such a dream encourages you to prepare for a meeting with ill-wishers and suggests that you need to be more attentive to the choice of acquaintances.

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

The famous prankster Uncle Freud managed to discern sexual overtones in this situation. So, he identifies the fishing rod with the penis, and the process of fishing itself with sexual intercourse, invites you to remember the details of the dream and claims that:

  • A dream about a live fish symbolizes an erect penis.
  • Seeing a dead fish in a dream foretells impotence.
  • When in a dream you hold a freshly caught live fish in your hands, this indicates your tendency to masturbate.
  • If in a dream you are fishing, but cannot catch a fish, then such a dream suggests that you need to learn to relax during sexual intercourse.
  • If you were lucky in a dream and caught a lot of fish, think about whether you are changing sexual partners too often.
  • Well, if it doesn’t bite at all and you spent the entire dream without a catch, then this hints at your subconscious fears of being unsuccessful in bed.
  • However, he also believes that catching a fish is a signal for an imminent pregnancy.

Why does a man dream about fish?

When a man dreams of fish, this is definitely a good sign: expect good luck in business, success in any endeavor and a quick improvement in your financial situation. Life is taking a new turn, and the emerging bright streak promises to be long-lasting and extremely fruitful. In addition, such a dream can mean the beginning of a new round of career growth, strengthening authority in the team and the successful completion of affairs to which the dreamer has made significant efforts. However, for the most accurate explanation of the dream, it is worth taking into account the details under what circumstances and where you saw the fish. Here are just a few popular interpretations that coincide in almost all sources:

  • When a fish swims in the clean, transparent water of a lake or river, it means a quick rise up the career ladder, success in business and strengthening of your financial situation.
  • If you dreamed of a fish in muddy, dirty water, expect financial problems.
  • When in a dream you are trying to catch a fish in a muddy pond with your hands, know that gossip is being spread behind your back, gossip is being waged and your integrity is being questioned. As a rule, it is not groundless.
  • If you have to fish in troubled waters with a fishing rod, expect deception in financial matters. Avoid dubious transactions.
  • Have you seen a caught fish struggling in the nets ? Expect serious trials in which you will have to show all your best fighting qualities in order to get out of the impending troubles.
  • If you dream of a fish on a hook , be careful in communicating with your friends, do not take unnecessary risks.
  • Holding a large, fresh fish means the successful fulfillment of your most cherished desires.
  • When the fish you see is in an aquarium , you need to show more attention to your work colleagues. More openness, good nature and goodwill. All this is only for the benefit of the matter.

It is worth understanding that even the largest fish caught, if it manages to elude you in a dream, leads to losses and disappointments, failures in business and a decrease in your social status.

Why do you dream about fish by day of the week?

Of course, the main, if not the determining role is played by the day of the week when you dream about fish. So, why do you dream about fish on the night of:

  1. From Monday to Tuesday - for upcoming changes in the service. Depending on other interpretations, a dream can have both a positive and negative character.
  2. From Tuesday to Wednesday - expect unpleasant conversations, showdowns, and groundless accusations. You now have time to prepare.
  3. From Wednesday to Thursday - to a new acquaintance with an extraordinary personality. Take a closer look, perhaps in the future this person will be very useful to you.
  4. From Thursday to Friday - expect financial receipts. And if that night you managed to not only see, but also catch fish, then luck is on your side and the cash injection will be quite decent.
  5. On the night from Friday to Saturday - to meet with friends or relatives. Pleasant conversations and joint planning.
  6. From Saturday to Sunday - unpleasant news during the day.
  7. From Sunday to Monday - a difficult week awaits you. You will have to show maximum endurance and ingenuity so that your previous successes are not in vain.

In general, as we see, the dream foreshadows future events of a very diverse nature. Now you are in the know and you will have time to meet them fully armed. Of course, this kind of prediction should not be taken on faith, but it should be borne in mind that centuries-old observations of this superstition undoubtedly deserve due attention. Perhaps this is exactly your case and you should listen to them?

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Receiving benefits in any event, successful completion of the work started

If you dreamed that you were planning a fishing trip or were already participating in it, then most likely this is a sign that you are facing a significant event at work or in your personal life, a matter whose outcome plays an incredibly important role in your destiny.

Therefore, after you wake up, try to remember the dream in the smallest detail: if you do catch a fish, you will get a result, albeit small. If your catch exceeds all your expectations, then the business in which you take part will end in a brilliant victory for you and will bring benefits for many years.

Pay attention to exactly how you caught fish - with a fishing rod or with your hands, since some dream books say that if a woman who is going to start an important business in reality catches a fish with her hands in a dream, this will mean that she will not undertake an important undertaking for her. she will simply graduate successfully, but good fame will spread widely about her abilities.

If in a dream you are simply watching fishing, then perhaps soon you will find a friend and a good, wise teacher in one person, who will help you solve many of life’s difficulties, and communication with him will give you a surge of strength and energy in order to start with new ones an event abandoned by forces halfway through.

The symbolic meaning of the ending of the dream is no less important: if you catch a lot of fish in a dream, you will win in reality, but if you dreamed that you were returning from fishing empty-handed, then prepare for defeat, since your hopes for success are empty and unfounded.

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