Dream Interpretation - ship: why do you dream about a big ship, on the water, in the sea, on land, a sinking ship? Why do you dream of a space, military, alien, flying ship: interpretation of the dream

A ship in a dream represents a person’s dreams and aspirations, his life goal. It is logical to assume that a sinking ship indicates the collapse of hopes and plans, but this is not always the case. Why do you dream of a sinking ship? In most cases, such a dream means some changes in the planned strategy and in the way of fulfilling desires. Such changes can be both negative and positive - it depends on the more detailed details of the dream.

Dream Interpretation - why dream of sailing or riding a ship on the sea or river: interpretation of the dream

Many people often worry about what dreams can mean and how they help us in real life. It is best to look for interpretation in various dream books and choose the one that is closest to the current situation in the life of a particular person.

It is imperative to take into account everything down to the smallest nuances, because often it is the details that change the overall picture and meaning. Do not rush to make hasty conclusions, use only trusted sources and do not let panic control you ahead of time.

The ship dreams of a journey or new turns in life

Try to remember your dream, whether you were in it or not. If you dreamed that you were sailing on a ship on the sea or river, this could mean an immediate journey , new emotions, acquaintances and impressions.

It is also very good if a river or sea is at rest, reflecting all its depth and strength - luck will smile on you and new opportunities and facets will open up.

In other dream books you can find other explanations, namely the beginning of a new, turning point in a long life path or career advancement. Rely on your inner feelings and remember that after a thunderstorm the sun always comes out. So everything will definitely be fine in your life. The main thing is not to lose hope.

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