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Finding a phone in real life is a rare success for many. Others do not need other people's things and conscientiously try to find the owner. And what can such situations in a dream indicate? Why do you dream about losses and finds? Let's look at the plot in more detail.

General value

The telephone is a symbol of social interaction.

Finding a phone in a dream means a desire to attract someone’s attention or, conversely, to get rid of it.

What else does this dream say:

  • achieving goals quickly;
  • receiving information that a person is afraid of and has long avoided;
  • desire to change environment;
  • disorder in the inner world;
  • early participation in a significant event or the arrival of chatty guests;
  • the hardships of loneliness and trying to make friends.

What actions did you perform in your dream?

A dream where you were lucky enough to talk on the phone predicts gossip. They will be dissolved by people with whom there are no prohibitions or secrets for you. Excessive frankness will not allow you to hide information about an upcoming engagement, dishonorable dismissal or lawsuit.

Losing your phone in a dream means a serious omission in real life. It will be triggered by your inattention, carelessness or forgetfulness, due to which you will miss check-in for the plane, lose a promising position or lose a piece of jewelry. By becoming more collected, you will prevent such events from happening.

A dream where you had to a phone call prophesies news. With a high probability they will come from afar and cause you a lot of trouble and worry. An illness or anniversary of a relative will result in a temporary departure, which will incur a lot of expenses.

Finding a phone means luck in real life. Good luck will smile on you in finding a job, trading, gambling or settling into a family life. By following the call of your inner voice you will get closer to the desired events.

Finding someone else's phone is an unfavorable night plot. It portends a deterioration in relationships with others. An accidentally dropped word or thoughtless action will ignite enmity with those who recently considered you their partner or mentor.

Sometimes this plot is dreamed of on the eve of unpleasant news. With a high probability, you will be invited to a celebration where your old enemies will be, or you will be notified of the illness of a loved one. By taking what is happening for granted, you will be able to turn the situation into a peaceful direction.

Find a phone on the street - believe in yourself.

If you drown your phone , you will regret the events you have experienced. After a long analysis of everything that remains in the past, you will repent of the mistakes you have made. It is possible that one of them will be your past relationship or unsuccessful employment.

Buying a phone means good luck in any endeavor. Thanks to the support of higher powers, you will pass an interview for your dream job, hit the jackpot, get rid of your rival, or get pregnant. Don't limit yourself in your desires. At this time, even the most fantastic of them will have a chance to come true.

Sometimes such a vision characterizes you as an envious person. You do not know how to rejoice in the successes of others and experience painful sensations every time you are told about your achievements. If you suppress your envy, the world will seem kinder to you.

Dropping the phone in the water means guests. In the near future, distant relatives or old friends will come to visit you, creating an atmosphere of chaos and disorder around them. Try not to pick on them over small things. They still won't understand what you're trying to tell them.

Looking for a phone means working on your mistakes. You will find weak points where you have made omissions, and will take the path of correction. To stabilize the situation, you will have to be prepared to make risky decisions.

Forgetting your phone means you risk being distracted and inattentive. Due to these qualities, you will miss an important business meeting, offend a friend by your absence at his anniversary, or leave your significant other without a desired gift. If you do this, you will make yourself look bad.

Swearing on the phone - you will provoke a conflict that you have no need for.

Interpretation from dream books

The first cell phone was invented in 1957. Therefore, this symbol cannot be found in all dream books. For example, Nostradamus does not have it. However, in the interpretations there is a general decoding of the plot.


According to the dream book, income awaits you soon.

The more expensive the phone, the greater financial success awaits you. In addition, the seer recommends paying special attention to emotions.

Perhaps you are too emotional, meddling in other people's lives. If in a dream you are talking on a cell phone, then an important matter awaits you or pleasant news from a loved one.


According to the dream book, a cell phone is a symbol of wisdom. Finding it means finding out something important or immersing yourself in some kind of mystery.

If you learn something sacred, do not share this information, no matter how much you would like to tell others. Make the most of it yourself.


Soon there will be people in your life who will try to lead you astray. Be careful, do not give in to provocations.


The find suggests that there is a person in your life who has a serious influence on you, but you are not as close to him as you would like. You would like to strengthen your connection with him.


According to Freud, everything is simple - it is a symbol of the male genital organ.

Explanation: for men - pride and self-esteem; for women - a quick meeting with a man.

It is also a symbol of sexual activity. Find a phone - start an affair with a close friend or girlfriend.


A meeting with friends or relatives awaits you, but it may leave an ambiguous impression. Perhaps something or someone will disappoint you and upset you.


If you found a missing phone, shame awaits you in reality. If you find a brand new phone, you will start an affair with a colleague.

Other dream options and their interpretation

Speaking about other interpretation options, the dreamer may encounter the following situations:

  • talking on the phone is a victory over envious people and ill-wishers;
  • spiritual death means the cut cord of a stationary apparatus;
  • dialing someone’s number is a useless attempt to change something;
  • your smartphone - hope for the best;
  • a well-functioning mobile phone means successful completion of business and good health for the dreamer.

Losing your phone often means getting rid of problems that have been weighing on a person’s soul for a long time. If the device is broken, this promises obstacles and bad news.

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Who dreams

To a woman

If a woman dreamed that she found a phone, then this indicates that there are envious people and gossips around her.

It also predicts the opportunity to purchase some thing that she has long wanted. Or something will happen that a woman could never dream of.

To a man

If a man finds a phone number, this means that a lucrative job offer awaits him.

It can also mean success in family life, establishing contact with a partner, meeting a future wife.

Women's and men's dreams

For a woman, losing her phone means that in reality she will lose her support in life. Perhaps the sleeping woman will lose a caring partner, an understanding mother, or a stable financial income. According to dream books, the dreamer will lose exactly what is most important to her in life. This event will force her to leave her comfort zone, and will also take her to a new stage of personal and professional development.

For the stronger sex, losing a phone means that a man will face troubles in the workplace and big problems with management.

Perhaps in the near future the number of orders will decrease, profits will decrease and a bad deal will be concluded.

People who see a similar plot in a dream need to focus their attention on finding a new job, analyze the current state of affairs and try to improve their own professional skills.

Interpretation by days of the week

Decoding the meaning of a dream about a found mobile phone by day of the week:

  • Monday - soon your efforts will be fully rewarded;
  • Tuesday – beware of conflict at work;
  • Wednesday – don’t worry in vain about your health, everything will be fine;
  • Thursday – death or loss of a loved one, colleague;
  • Friday – improvement of family relationships;
  • Saturday - a pleasant, romantic surprise or relaxation with your loved one awaits you;
  • Sunday - you have to work with your hands, avoid overwork.

Why do you dream about the phone number of your husband, boyfriend, ex?

Seeing another person's personal belongings in a dream means having a strong connection with him.

  • If you dreamed of talking to your husband or boyfriend on the phone , it means you have a very close, trusting relationship. In most cases, views on life and current events completely coincide. They say about such couples: “They live in perfect harmony.”
  • Talking on the phone with your ex, seeing his phone number - conceals hopes for a renewal of the relationship. If the light has not yet gone out, you need to try to understand yourself as impartially as possible and decide whether these feelings are necessary, or whether they only bring pain.

Why do you dream about the phone number of your husband, boyfriend, ex?

Decoding details

The telephone symbolizes an improvement or deterioration in material condition and social status. The interpretation depends on the situation in which the object was found.

Location of discovery

  • On the street. Such a dream promises ruin. Your financial situation is at risk. If the phone is also in faulty condition, then this promises poverty, poverty, loss of work, debts.
  • Indoors, this indicates the need to change your attitude towards old acquaintances and reconsider your views. It also indicates the imminent emergence of a new source of income or a return to old ideas that will finally bring profit.

Someone else's phone is in your pocket - gossip is being created around the dreamer.

The dreamer's actions

Picking up and reading messages means that in reality you will have to work to achieve your goal.

Seeing missed calls on the screen means big changes are coming in life, but you need to put in a lot of effort, show strength of will and character;

Find several phone numbers - many useful connections will soon appear, they will help you achieve your goal.

Losing and then finding your own gadget will give you the opportunity to completely understand your life.

Using someone else’s thing for your own purposes means you will have to turn to friends and relatives for financial help.

Phone appearance

  • Working equipment is a hassle and worry.
  • A faulty device is a disappointment in life, you will feel overwhelmed.
  • No keys or screen - you'll have to face some difficult choices.
  • The brand thing is meeting an influencer.
  • A cheap and outdated phone means you are too critical of yourself, exaggerating mistakes and failures.
  • The bright color of the case or case is an offer of profitable and interesting work.
  • The phone you’ve been dreaming of for a long time means a change in your image and the opportunity to improve the quality of your life, you’ll start earning more.

Modern psychological dream books interpret a mobile phone as a symbol of intuition, a conductor between consciousness and subconscious. Regardless of the details of the dream, be attentive to your inner voice. Listen to it constantly, especially when making big decisions in the near future.

Why do you dream of breaking or dropping your phone?

Some dreams in which you happen to break a phone can easily be equated to nightmares, because the loss of the device itself, as well as the information and important contacts it contains, is a real tragic incident.

  • If the dreamer breaks his phone in anger in his , there is a domestic scandal ahead. You need to try to better control your uncontrollable negative emotions. If you manage to curb your anger in time, calm and peace will become permanent inhabitants of the house.
  • The phone broke accidentally, just fell - to changes in life. Possible move, new job, new friend.
  • Breaking a new expensive phone means the dreamer's reputation may be at risk.

Interpretation according to Vanga

According to the Bulgarian seer, the loss of an expensive item predicts love problems in reality for the sleeper. If the dreamer is in a romantic relationship, then he risks losing his soulmate and falling into long-term depression. Relatives will ignore such a condition or say that this is exactly how it should have ended.

However, not everything is so bad when the device in a dream returns to its owner.

Such a plot means that the reunion of a loving couple is inevitable, and the quarrel was only a temporary difficulty that ended successfully.

Miller's opinion

According to Miller, when this means of communication appears in a dream, the sleeper will soon meet a person who will completely confuse him. The likelihood of this event increases if in the dream the person was talking on someone else’s phone and was greatly disturbed by interference. In reality, the dreamer has a strong connection with close friends, which he is afraid of losing.

It is possible that those around him have a huge influence on the sleeper and his actions, although he does not notice it. When a person loses his cell phone , it means that an ill-wisher is lurking in his close circle and the subconscious is trying to convey this important information. Don't ignore her. It is urgent to stop communicating with unfamiliar people and keep your plans for the future secret.

Event location

Losing a cell phone predicts certain troubles. Which area of ​​life they will be in can be determined from small clues from the subconscious.

Depending on the location of the loss, this vision may have the following meanings:

  1. Street - an unexpected deterioration in relations with comrades and colleagues is expected. There may be misunderstandings, constant scandals, or a final break in communication.
  2. Home - you need to prepare for unpleasant surprises from family members. They are able to unexpectedly begin to counteract all the dreamer’s undertakings.
  3. Office - it is worth paying attention to the atmosphere in the workplace. Perhaps ill-wishers have appeared among his colleagues, weaving intrigues against the sleeping man and trying to take his high position.
  4. Bus - you need to be careful about your own health, because problems with vision or the spine may appear.

According to many esotericists, a lost gadget represents missed opportunities or loss of contacts that will be impossible to return. Maybe these will be high-ranking patrons, faithful comrades or abandoned lovers.

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