Why do you dream about the subway: the meaning of details and interpretation from dream books

It hints at your secret intentions and desires. Sometimes a trip on the subway indicates a change in thinking, inner life, unnoticeable to others. Such dreams are experienced by teenagers during periods of rapid growth, children and people who have expressed goals and aspirations.

A subway in a dream predicts changes in your life, future plans and desires. To understand what a dream means, pay attention to where you are going, what you are doing and at what stop you get off. This is how the dream book interprets visions about the metro most often.

Esoteric dream book

The Metropolitan is the personification of the human past. A dreamer who walks through dark catacombs should soon learn an important life lesson. Also, such an image can be interpreted in the following ways:

  • Meeting with someone from old acquaintances. Another option is the arrival of unexpected guests who, for various reasons, will remind the dreamer of old times.
  • Participation in a difficult enterprise that will result in serious troubles for the dreamer.
  • Getting lost in the subway is a sign that a person in real life is doing something alien to him.
  • Eating in a dungeon or finding food and drinks there is a sign of impending loneliness. This also means that the dreamer may be betrayed by someone he trusts.

Being in dark and deserted corridors not alone, but with companions means forced participation in other people’s problems.

Hearing the booming sounds of a train approaching from the depths of a tunnel is a common dream symbol, warning a person that he is preparing to make a serious mistake in his life.

Who had the dream

The metro is a modern transport, and dreams about it, of course, affect the dreamer’s life. In this regard, the main interpretation is vanity, troubles associated with the busyness of ordinary life. In night dreams, numerous subway crossings, according to Freud’s dream book, symbolize the confusion of the situation and the dreamer’s search for a way out of a difficult situation. This is a symbol of a quickly passing life.

To a woman

  1. For a young woman, a dream about the subway predicts the failure of an important business that she was counting on.
  2. According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, a nighttime plot with a long subway ride for an unmarried girl prophesies unrequited love. It is unlikely that she will be able to marry her beloved in reality; most likely she will marry for convenience.
  3. For a married lady, such a dream promises prolonged depression.
  4. According to Miller’s dream book, a woman’s dream about traveling on the subway predicts a long business trip.

To a man

  1. If a man is on the subway at night during rush hour, then in reality he will be sent on a long business trip.
  2. Taking the subway, according to Miller’s dream book, means a long period of loneliness for a young man.
  3. A long trip on the subway for a representative of the stronger sex reflects a lack of personal life and sexual relationships.


For a pregnant woman, a dream about the subway predicts affairs and troubles associated with expecting a baby. In the near future, she will be busy preparing for childbirth and other affairs of a young mother.

Interpretation by Terenty Smirnov

Frequently repeated dreams about the subway and winding dungeons promise a person the discovery of some secret or the recognition of someone else's secret.

Do not be surprised if in the near future the dreamer discovers that one of his loved ones has a second life, hidden from the public eye.

To understand why a woman dreams of the subway in a dream, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Did the dreamer see stations in a dream, and do they have any meaning for her (for example, her work may be on the Circle Line or somewhere on Kakhovskaya). The station itself personifies a certain goal that the woman will achieve in the near future.
  • Going down the subway means the dreamer will have to delve deeper into some matter. This is one of the typical signs of the emergence of interest in a particular area (including religion or philosophy).
  • A trip in an empty subway car means a woman will need to hide from the annoying attention of others.

Walking alone on the rails, moving deeper into the yawning blackness of the tunnel, is a craving for the unknown, as well as a sign of trust in one’s destiny.

Traditionally, a positive sign is to see the light at the end of the tunnel - a person literally awaits rebirth or a way out of a confusing situation.

“Why do you dream about the metro in a dream? If you see the Metro in a dream, what does it mean?

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about the Metro in a dream according to the dream book?

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A trip on the subway symbolizes everyday life.

If you dreamed that you felt sick on the subway, it means that you are tired of everyday hassles and worries that are countless and do not bring the slightest satisfaction.

You are lost in the subway - you are afraid of an upcoming event that could affect your future life.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about the Metro?

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If in a dream you are looking at a metro station or riding in a carriage, in some case you will have a result opposite to what you hope for.

If you dream that you fell asleep on the subway, such a dream warns you of the danger of being robbed or deceived.

Seeing a crowd of people on the subway means that you are about to conclude a contract or draw up important papers related to money or work.

Taking a long trip on the subway means that great unrequited love awaits you. A girl who had such a dream may never get married.

If you dreamed that you were traveling on the subway without a ticket and you were very ashamed, you will have a conversation with your superiors.

Modern dream book of yogis

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Like everything connected with the railway, it is a transition in space time.

Dream interpretation horoscope

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Taking the subway means taking a long road.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Going down the subway in a dream foretells you a big and labor-intensive task that will require you to forget about everything extraneous.

Riding in a subway car through a tunnel is a sign of a difficult period of life and difficult circumstances.

If in a dream you leave a subway car into a beautiful hall or rise to the surface, such a dream is a sign of solving some complex problem.

Dream Interpretation of Spiritual Seekers

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An underground passage, moving in it indicates a hidden, secret ascetic path of self-knowledge.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Seeing a subway in a dream means a fast-flowing life.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Seeing yourself sitting in a fast-moving subway car - you will have aspirations for the better.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Metro - life rolls on, time goes by.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see the Metro in a dream?

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If in a dream you go down an escalator in the subway, this is a harbinger of despair and unsuccessful efforts to improve shaky affairs. An escalator taking you up to the exit of a metro station means that your abilities, multiplied by energy, will soon help you take an outstanding position in business and professional circles.

Waiting for a train on the subway for too long means that you will soon be involved in an unusual enterprise, which will result in sad events for you or endless chores around the house.

If the metro train you are traveling on in a dream has an accident and you find yourself walled up in a dungeon, this foreshadows an unexpected trip that you will agree to reluctantly, but later you will thank fate for the fact that everything turned out so well for your family life.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Metro according to the dream book?

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Metro - hidden life, communication channel, secret passage; unconscious urges; secret spiritual practice, self-knowledge.

Freud's Dream Book

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The metro, as a system of mines and tunnels, is a symbol of the female genital organs, the vagina. However, since the system of tunnels, mines and passages in the subway is quite extensive, the symbolism associated with it speaks of the numerous sexual contacts, both real and imaginary; In addition, the metro is associated with a craving for group sex.

The entrance to the subway symbolizes sexual intercourse.

If a man enters the subway, this symbolizes his satisfaction with his sex life, normal relationships with all sexual partners, but he cannot give preference to anyone.

If a woman enters the subway, she strives for diverse lesbian contacts.

If a woman enters the subway with a man, she wants to make love with him, and in a wide variety of forms.

A trip on the subway indicates your preoccupation with your sex life.

Subway accident - symbolizes your doubts about your ability to satisfy your sexual partners, as well as your ability to perform full sexual intercourse.

The presence of water in the subway, or leaking, symbolizes pregnancy.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Subway according to the dream book?

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Seeing a subway tunnel - the results of the influence of infernal zones on the subconscious will appear.

Online dream book

Meaning of sleep: Subway according to the dream book?

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According to the dream book, using the metro to move around the city will not achieve what you were hoping for.

More interpretations

If you doze off during a trip, be extremely careful, as you may become a victim of thieves or scammers.

You travel long distances in the subway - you will experience strong feelings towards someone, but, alas, they will not be mutual.

A dream in which you are on the subway during rush hour warns that now you should be extremely focused, as you have to carry out an incredibly important assignment.

Being in a carriage without a travel document means you cannot avoid a conversation with management.

Driving down an escalator means a lot of problems will fall on you, but you will not be able to cope with them, no matter how hard you try.

If you can’t leave your station for a long time, you will take part in an adventure with very disastrous consequences for you.

If you dreamed of a disaster in the subway, in which you became a victim along with others - against your own will, you will have to go somewhere for unexpected business.

The dream book interprets being on the subway as a warning that you carefully weigh your every step, otherwise you cannot avoid universal condemnation.

Interpretation of Nadezhda Soboleva

Watching metro stations in a dream, as well as walking along the widely branched “arteries” of this gigantic structure, signifies a passion for knowledge, a search for oneself and one’s purpose in life. A similar symbol can appear to both a teenager and a mature person.

According to this dream book, the metro may portend:

  • An unexpected journey.
  • Change of job (as an option - promotion or demotion).
  • A careless act based on emotions.
  • A valuable find, both in material terms (promotion, bonus, return of a long-forgotten debt) and in intellectual terms - perhaps a person will be lucky to find an incredibly intriguing film, an atmospheric TV series, or a book that will captivate you from the first pages.

Seeing other people in a dungeon means intrigue and gossip against the dreamer.

It is worth preparing for unpleasant events in cases where rats, insects and other repulsive creatures were present in the dream - all this represents enemies and envious people waiting for the right moment to bite the dreamer in a vulnerable spot.

Longo's dream book

The white magician, well-known in esoteric circles, believed that such an image predicted a person would encounter his dark side - life itself would provoke him to unseemly actions and stupid decisions. If you dreamed of a subway that was brightly illuminated by spotlights and mercury lamps, then this promises the dreamer the protection of strong people.

The train in such a dream personifies a threatening external force , from which it is practically impossible to hide in a narrow tunnel and which obviously warns of its appearance with a rolling noise. If a person sees a dream where his legs become weak and for some reason stuck to the floor at the most unnecessary moment (just before the rushing train appears), then this is a sign that the dreamer does not yet have enough strength to overcome all the obstacles in his life.

Getting lost in the forks of underground structures, unsuccessfully looking for a way out to the surface - means a difficult situation will arise, the cause of which will be the dreamer himself.

No matter how much he wanted to avoid this situation, he would have to face it head on.

Interpretation by Simeon Prozorov

Lonely wandering through earthen tunnels, deprived of fresh air and sunlight, is a clearly negative symbol, predicting a person’s temporary withdrawal from people, and in the worst cases, hospitalization or imprisonment. It is also worth paying attention to subway passengers - their faces and appearance can shed much-needed light on this dark dream. Eg:

  • If there were no people at the subway stations at all, he is able to solve all the problems that exist in the dreamer’s life himself, without outside help.
  • An impenetrable crowd (like during the morning rush hour in Moscow), through which it is impossible to pass, since it is she who carries a person wherever he wants - evidence that the dreamer will have to deal with stepping over social norms and orders.
  • Traveling by train and meeting someone alone means competition in real life. For women, this image promises the appearance of a rival.
  • If one of the dream characters stares at the dreamer, looking closely at him, then this is a harbinger of a meeting with an old acquaintance whom the person does not immediately recognize.

Riding an escalator means expecting that life itself will bring everything you need. Needless to say, this will end in bitter disappointment.

It is curious that if the dreamer jumps over the turnstile in a dream, thereby infuriating the watchman, then this foreshadows him in real life committing a frivolous act that can cause severe damage to his reputation.

Who's lost?

Memories that are too vague are the main problem that makes it difficult to understand upcoming events. To predict their future, people begin to look for answers in dream books. The situation is complicated by the fact that experts draw different conclusions regarding deciphering dreams. To make a correct forecast, you need to know everything about the environment.

There are several circumstances that need to be taken into account when decoding a dream:

  1. Most often, loss of orientation in a populated area is a good sign. It portends an improvement in financial situation and the absence of health problems.
  2. The sleeper may meet in a dream another person who is lost in the city. A lost woman indicates the dreamer's unsociability. In this case, you need to devote more time to your friends and relatives.
  3. The loss of a child indicates fear of the circumstances that have arisen.
  4. A guest seen in a dream who finds himself in an unfamiliar area foreshadows the possibility of receiving an interesting offer.
  5. Lost with your child? Most likely, news from relatives will come soon.

The child the parent is looking for may get lost in the night's dreams. Such visions can be deciphered as the need to change the style of behavior. Parents should pay more attention to raising their son or daughter.

A successful omen can be finding a path in an unknown area. If another person is lost along with the baby, then this may indicate 2 scenarios:

  1. The dreamer is in for serious trouble.
  2. The person will receive a lucrative offer. Such a development of events can only happen when another guest appears who cannot find his way in a foreign city.

What happens if a woman asks to find a missing child? Prepare to receive favorable news from relatives. While wandering in a dream, the subconscious tries to solve a problematic situation. Finding your way in an unfamiliar place is directly related to reality. A person who finds a way out can count on success. In this case, all difficulties will be behind you.

Miss Hasse's position

One of the main interpretations of this image is awareness of one’s sad situation in real life, as well as a tendency to depression . According to this dream book, the metro indicates a person’s desire to hide somewhere deeper from a hostile world. An interesting fact is that the subway, unfortunately, is still one of the most common places for committing suicide. It is not for nothing that psychiatrists are convinced that a long stay underground has a depressing effect on a person.

Another common interpretation may be a person’s need to be in touch with something spiritual or even mystical. A huge part of the legends, known to mankind since ancient times, relate to one degree or another to dungeons and their potential inhabitants. In this case, the metro is associated by the person’s subconscious with the “otherworldly” world.

Finally, like any railway theme in dreams, the metro often appears in dreams during those periods of life when a person feels that he is not able to manage his life (that is, he has no control over the direction of movement, but obediently moves along the “track”, laid by someone else before him).

In this case, recurring dreams with such a theme indicate that the dreamer needs to at least temporarily change the environment, relax and feel the strength for subsequent changes.

Sigmund Freud's opinion

The famous psychoanalyst left a detailed interpretation of dreams about the subway. From his point of view, the tunnel and shaft system of the structure represents the female genital organs. Moreover, the number of observed tunnels indicates the number of sexual contacts of the dreamer.

The presence of strangers at the station indicates a person’s desire for group sex. The loud noise of an approaching train (as well as any other frightening sounds) symbolizes a child's fear of being caught during self-pleasure. Watching a train roll out of a tunnel is a voyeuristic passion.

An accident in the subway , as well as everything that can indicate it (overturned cars, a collapsed ceiling, a tunnel littered with debris), indicates the dreamer’s doubts about his sexual capabilities. Observing at least some signs of water in a tunnel, at a station or in a train carriage is a woman’s fear of pregnancy or the dreamer’s even greater horror from the realization that he may have the responsibility of becoming the parent of a child. Looking at a bright light from a tunnel is a sign of concern for your health.

The interpretation of any dreamed images depends on how many details and nuances the dreamer is able to remember from his dream.

In order to develop such a memory, it is necessary to write down at least one dream every morning with brief details of what happened in it, and within a month a person will notice how much clearer his dreams have now become in comparison with the previous time.

Dreams of young and old people

Metro youth dream of opportunities, communication, and changes in fate. Especially if you constantly use it in a large city in your life.

Seeing a familiar station is a sign of routine. But sometimes such a dream symbolizes a new stage in life and a change in route. Another or familiar stop dreams of changes in life.

Look at the metro map and look for a carriage - think about a plan of action. The dream symbolizes communication and favorable changes if you know exactly where to go.

Witnessing an accident or terrorist attack is a surprise. The dream book writes that the dreamer’s fears will be justified. If the dreamer himself was not injured, the trouble will pass by.

Being wounded in a firefight or receiving a shrapnel wound is a bad sign. The dream book writes that you can find yourself in an extremely unpleasant situation.

Sometimes a dream warns of possible misfortune, so use other means of transportation in the near future.

Traveling in a full carriage for a long time means cramped circumstances. Such a dream means that you will closely communicate with other people and depend on them.

The terminus station indicates the end of the journey. Such a dream is unfavorable for older people, as it foretells their imminent death.

For young people, the dream marks the end of a life stage or a change of path. You will achieve your goal, but will be completely disappointed in it. The meaning of the dream depends on what you saw at the end of the tunnel.

Lights, streets and houses predict favorable circumstances for you, completion of work and joy in life. Gloomy landscapes usually dream of troubles and depression.

If you have passed your station, the dream dreams of being late. You may miss a lucky chance.

Coming out in a place you haven’t seen before is a surprise. Sometimes a dream symbolizes a new event in your life.

Forgetting things, a bag or a tablet in the carriage means a different stage in life. Throwing a pet or thing into it is an attempt to get rid of the past.

If you're looking for something you forgot and can't find, expect to receive a gift. Especially if you lost something valuable and expensive in a dream. Losing money means losses. Sometimes the dream foretells dismissal, troubles and misfortunes.

Dreaming of a foreign station means confusion of thoughts and an unexpected discovery. Sometimes a dream predicts a disruption in plans.

If the dungeon makes you sad and unpleasant, be wary of unexpected changes. The dream book writes that you will feel pressure from others and may experience mixed feelings.

Looking at the metro plan, looking for your station or exit is an attempt to change your life, freeing yourself from restrictions. If the escalator takes you high, the dream book writes that the dreamer will be able to achieve any of his goals.

Going out into the fresh air or the street is a favorable sign. You will fulfill your dreams and desires. Getting lost and not finding a way out or ending up in another carriage is a sign of trouble. The dream book writes that your plans will fail.

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