Why does a sick child dream: interpretation of sleep according to different dream books

Many people are interested in knowing why a sick child dreams. Children evoke strong emotions in adults, so some people, seeing an unhealthy baby in their night dreams, may experience anxiety. In fact, there are grounds for concern, because a sick child in a dream acts as a challenge to well-being and health. It can also signal a possible failure in a matter that is very important to a person.

How to interpret?

It has been noticed that the mother-child relationship in dreams has atypical symbolism. Traditionally, inversion works in such dreams, thanks to which the most terrible plots guarantee mostly good events in reality.

Dreaming about the death of your child warns of global changes that rarely concern the end of life's journey.

The women's dream book states: if a child suddenly disappeared and was never found again, fell into a well, got lost in a forest or a labyrinth, then this means that in reality something irreparable will really happen to him.

Interpreter Vanga

This dream book can also tell you something interesting. Did the child die in an accident? This vision indicates a person’s lack of restraint in his desires and actions. It would do well for him to become more patient, tactful and learn to adapt to circumstances.

The child died in the water? Such a vision suggests that there is someone around a person who wishes him harm. And not only in words. This someone is ready to take real actions to harm the dreamer. So you should be more careful when communicating with people and not trust everyone.

Why do you dream about a dead child who doesn’t exist yet? To the point that very soon a person will take on work that in the end will not bring him any benefit. Therefore, if any business is in doubt, it is better not to take it on.

General transcript

Did you dream that a child was dying? In reality, a stable financial situation will be shaken, and well-being will be replaced by disappointment and anxiety.

If your own child dies in a dream, then in reality you will have a strong fight with him. This same plot literally screams: the business to which you have devoted yourself wholeheartedly is ready to fall apart. A stillborn baby in the night is a symbol of obviously unfulfilled desires.

Often a child in dreams is identified with the dreamer himself. Therefore, his death indicates spiritual degradation, the influence of dark forces, literally the death of the soul.

Worsening circumstances

It happens that you dream of a toddler who is in serious condition. If he is lying in a hospital bed, then trouble is to be expected . The events planned by the dreamer may be in jeopardy. But when the baby moves freely around the ward, there is hope for the plans to come true. Sometimes people are interested in why they dream about a sick child-boy who is being raised by the dreamer. In this case, you need to take a close look at his psychological state. It is possible that the son is going through a difficult period in his life and is in dire need of parental support.

If you dreamed that a boy was born with poor health, life circumstances will become more complicated. You may have to seek help from outsiders. The dreamer needs to carefully consider any minor detail in order to solve the problem. A man who saw an unhealthy boy from another family in a dream should be prepared to spend a lot of money. It’s good if the dreamed baby is on the road to recovery. Then you can safely start new things and not be afraid of failures.

If you dream about seriously hurting other parents, one of the dreamer’s relatives may become very seriously ill.

Take action!

If you saw in a dream how your own child dies, in reality you have absolutely no time left, you need to act now.

Contrary to expectations, the interpretation of sleep is often positive. Thus, the death of an adult son (daughter) hints that he will soon leave his father’s house: he will leave, get married, and have offspring.

Seeing your dead son in a dream can mean receiving a pleasant message or a major home celebration. Did you dream that your son died? Soon you will receive an invitation to a magnificent banquet and have a good rest.

Miller's Dream Book

By turning to this source of information, you can also find out why you dream about the death of children.

Was the child a stranger? Then this vision should be interpreted as a harbinger of betrayal on the part of someone close. Or something will happen as a result of which a person will be disappointed in his friends.

The dreamer should take the death of his child as a good sign, indicating the emergence of new promising opportunities in his life.

However, it is still important to compare the vision with reality. If the child is not a newborn, but already goes to school or kindergarten, then most likely this dream indicates difficulties that he will soon have to face. Why does a parent have a vision? Because it is he who will have to provide support to the child, understand him and try to help.

But there is also a very positive interpretation of such a dream. The death of a newborn child, after which he comes to life, promises an exciting and pleasant journey.


Did you dream that your daughter died? Vanga's dream book considers this an omen of illness, debt, and instability.

Did you happen to see your dead daughter? In the near future you are destined for very serious expenses. If your daughter died in a dream, then in reality problems will appear where you previously drew strength and inspiration.

Did you see your daughter's death in a dream? Prepare for a short but rather difficult life stage. But remember: a streak of fantastic luck and success will follow.

Miller's opinion

In Miller's dream book, a sick baby is connected with the dreamer's soul. If he sits in the arms of an adult, troubles in his personal life should be expected. You may dream of someone else's child crying. This means that health problems will arise in the near future. At the same time, there is another interpretation: seeing a sick child in a dream means that he will grow up healthy and illnesses will bypass him.

A toddler crying because he feels unwell gives a signal that the disease can overtake the person in the dream. The sick baby himself will have good immunity after recovery. You can come to a more accurate conclusion if you recall the entire picture of the dream in your memory.

Often, dreams of this kind indicate that a person is about to be affected by some problem. Perhaps something is disturbed in his way of life, as a result of which he causes a lot of trouble to his loved ones. The baby can represent:

  • task;
  • plan;
  • target.

The illness of the little man suggests that the plans of adults are under threat. The reasons can be very different:

  • the smallest details that escaped attention;
  • external circumstances that cannot be predicted in advance;
  • the machinations of people who want to cause trouble.

You should take a closer look at your goal and try to adjust the methods for achieving it. It is imperative to find errors and try to correct them.

How did you die?

To correctly interpret the dream, it is advisable to establish the cause of death.

  • Crashed - obstacles in your endeavors.
  • Got hit by a car - fear, anxiety.
  • Drowned - liberation from difficulties.
  • Killed - a joyful event is approaching.
  • Died from an illness - a long-standing problem will be solved.
  • He committed suicide - an incredible success, a real triumph.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

If you want to know why you dream about the death of children, then it wouldn’t hurt to turn to this interpreter. If the dreamer’s child died, but he experienced such a mournful event calmly, continuing to live for his own pleasure, this is not good. Such a dream usually foreshadows a series of minor troubles. But a vision in which a person cried and was killed because of what happened promises surprises and pleasant gifts.

Did you see a newborn who died before he was born? This means unsuccessful attempts to establish relationships with loved ones or relatives.

But the death of an unfamiliar little boy is interpreted positively by this dream book. She is a harbinger of new pleasant acquaintances or even a dizzying romance.

He grew up!

Did you dream about the death of your child? Someone needs your protection and care. It's good to see a dead child in your own bed. This means that a hopeless business will bring good profit.

Did you have a chance to bury your own blood in a dream? Medea's dream book is sure: your child has truly grown up and is completely ready for adulthood. The same vision in a dream sometimes suggests: a debt that has long been forgotten will be returned.

Holding a sick baby in your arms

Why do you dream of a small sick child sitting in your arms? In fact, according to dream books, such a vision means that some unpleasant dilemmas will arise at work in the near future. This also leads to conflicts in the family and the emergence of certain obstacles on the path to your dream. It is also possible to receive unpleasant news. It is interesting that in Miller’s dream book there is such an interpretation of what he saw: events will soon occur in life, as a result of which the dreamer will feel sad, exhausted and exhausted.

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