Why do you dream that a house is falling? Interpretation according to different dream books

Dreams involving one’s own home are always taken seriously by a person, especially when they are negative in nature and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. This is why many people try to understand why they dream about a destroyed house. Several decades ago, such a dream was interpreted only negatively and was considered a sign of imminent misfortunes. For a more accurate interpretation, it is recommended to remember the details of the dream.

Business troubles

Seeing the collapse of a multi-story building in a dream means, according to the dream book, the collapse of planned projects that gave the impression of being successful and carefully calculated.

Did you dream that a house was collapsing in parts - the ceiling, the roof, the wall, the floor in the house? We need to prepare for major troubles where, it would seem, everything is fine. You will have to ask for help, and friends and family will help you get through the unfavorable period.

If you saw in a dream the wreckage of a multi-storey building after an incident - the dream book foretells failure in the professional field. Perhaps the dreamer will lose his job, where he was employed for a long time and was at a certain level in his career.

get ready for trouble at work

seeing a collapsed room in a dream means problems in your work activities. You should probably expect a demotion or a scrape due to your mistake. the dream notifies you of the need to be vigilant in the words spoken and when performing any actions.

a fallen building, according to the dream book, in addition can demonstrate major rivalry in business. at the same time, negatively minded competitors are capable of taking the most drastic measures in order to harm the dreamer.

Take care of your family hearth

Why do you dream about a house collapsing before your eyes? There are family troubles and quarrels ahead. You need to show more patience to smooth out differences and avoid conflicts - with the right approach you will be able to survive difficult times.

Seeing as if a plane crashed into a building and it collapsed? The vision signals: the dreamer will begin to fall into discord with his family, provoked by external factors.

Did you dream about the collapse of buildings from water during a flood? There will be family problems, quarrels, and serious disagreements. It is urgent to take measures to avoid a complete break between loving people.

Emotions of sleep

When interpreting a dream, the emotional state of the sleeper matters. So:

  • Despair at the sight of collapsing housing is a sign of a hopeless situation; the dreamer is unable to cope with the accumulated problems.
  • Taking pleasure in destroying your home is an indicator of the weakness of the body and possible diseases.
  • Crying when seeing a destroyed building - the first case, foreshadows health problems or a deterioration in financial situation; the second promises a series of joyful events in reality.

Going with the flow and not resisting disagreements is typical of people who often have dreams about destruction. The dreamer should change his position and attitude towards certain situations.

After waking up, it is important to remember and write down the details of the dream in which you saw the destruction of a home, from the emotional state of the dreamer to the appearance of the house, the reasons for its destruction. Knowing how to correctly interpret night visions, you can find ways to prevent impending negative events or rejoice at the upcoming positive changes.

Significant changes await you

Why dream of crying when you see a house collapsing before your eyes and being broken down? The dream book promises a change of residence.

To see in a dream: someone else’s house is collapsing - to submit to a depressive state, a bad mood. This can cause serious harm to the personal life of the sleeping person, and such that what has been lost can no longer be returned (divorce).

Did you dream about the collapse of your home? The dream book states: the way of life that we have led until now will collapse. That is, all events and relationships associated with this housing will become a thing of the past. You can judge by your mood in a dream how keenly you will perceive this. A dream foretells the end of one life stage, followed by a new one.

Destroyed house from the past

A dream of a destroyed home from the past symbolizes the dreamer's past life, memories of departed friends, hobbies left behind.

The house in which one spent one’s childhood symbolizes the irretrievably lost possibilities of the past. Such dreams appear at difficult moments in life, when a lot of troubles occur. Thus, the dreamer subconsciously tries to return to the times of carefree childhood, when problems were insignificant, and parental love was a panacea for everything. The sleeper should grow up and accept the irrevocability of time.

Trying to restore an old home from the past, or to build a new home, means returning to abandoned affairs. You should remain calm even if the house collapses, since the sleeper will complete a comfortable apartment.

I dreamed of my parents’ or grandmother’s house - the personification of memories of the past. The sleeper yearns for his childhood, grandma's pies, trips with his grandfather in the old Volga. The dream encourages you to look at the world from a different angle. Additionally, such dreams are interpreted as a need to return to places of childhood, father’s home.

Walking around a destroyed house or finding something is a good sign. In reality, the dreamer will be able to realize himself in his favorite business, or his hobby will begin to generate income if it was previously unprofitable. Additionally, the dream is considered as a sign of upcoming joyful events: a wedding, the birth of a child, or the continuation of a previously started business.

Seeing destroyed non-residential premises (hospitals, schools, shops, cafes) from childhood - interpreters advise finding out what the people with whom these places are connected are doing now. You can find them on social networks, find out common points in order to transform your life.

Good omens

The interpretation of a dream about a house collapsing can have a positive connotation. For example, a man dreamed: he moved from a luxurious mansion to a dilapidated wooden house. According to the dream book, he will meet his soulmate - beautiful, although not very smart. She will become a faithful companion.

Why do you dream about a beam supporting a roof breaking? Such a sign indicates: providence, by warning, protects the sleeper from adversity. Yes, failures will begin, but they will have very little impact on his personal life and affairs.

Did you dream about the collapse of multi-story buildings around you due to an earthquake, but yours remained intact? The dream book tells you: your family happiness is not afraid of the machinations of enemies.

The house is collapsing according to Miller's dream book

Promises drastic changes in life. Often a person is not ready for them, so the need to step over oneself will cause considerable suffering. Miller's dream book says that you need to beware of secret ill-wishers , try to protect yourself from the company of strangers.
What house collapsed in your dream?

Such a dream warns of possible failures

Relationship difficulties

Did you see in a dream: the walls of the house cracked? In reality, spiteful critics will plot intrigues against you. Also pay attention to your neighbors: they may soon cause trouble, quarrel, and create scandals.

Why do you dream about tall buildings collapsing from a fire? The dream foreshadows great losses, litigation, misfortune, and melancholy. Perhaps someone with whom you had a warm relationship will disappoint. Friends may leave in difficult times.

To dream that a house (someone else's, neighboring) is collapsing means scandals lie ahead between the dreamer and his friend. The dream book emphasizes: even a quarrel forever is possible. It is very important to stop in time - after all, relationships are more important than momentary proof of your rightness.

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