Why does a woman dream, interpretation of the meaning of sleep according to various dream books

Two girls in a dream, regardless of their appearance and surroundings, should be a reason for increased caution. However, the dream book believes that one should not dramatize too much, remembering that certain benefits can be derived from any negative circumstances. The details will help you understand why such a plot is dreamed of.

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You will be sad and sad

The English dream book interprets differently what dreams of having fun in the company of two girls mean. If you see in a dream how you are dancing with a couple of beauties at once, then this means that you will experience sadness and disappointment.

Did you dream of young women in very provocative looking wedding dresses? You will encounter betrayal and conflicts in the family. True, if the wedding dresses were modest, then this is a sign of a harmonious relationship.

Do you see how two girls and a guy kiss? This is a symbol of deception, suggests the Eastern Dream Book. Especially if everyone kissing is your friends.

Detailed characteristics and descriptions of people in a dream

It is very important to take into account what the girls in your dreams looked like. It’s worth starting to compile a detailed description with hair color:

  • Dreaming of blondes means multiple pleasant hobbies.
  • Brunettes - you will be able to avoid what is predetermined.
  • Redheads - to troubles and difficulties on the path of life.

If the women were bald, then soon many people will begin to neglect the opinion of the sleeping person.

Don't be afraid to make a choice

Understanding why you dream of two girls, between whom you cannot choose one, dream books assure that this is a reflection of real affairs. It is likely that you have unresolved issues, the delay of which will lead you to problems.

But if you see two young women you know with different characters and appearances, then the subconscious speaks of an unstable state of mind. You need to deal with your feelings and emotions, otherwise you will get stressed, the dream books hint.

What if you dream about two girls?

Any dream conceals a number of important events that may happen in the near future. Some events that occur in a dream are identical to real ones, and are sometimes perceived as elements of the past day. A number of other events in the dream are chaotic in nature, unrelated in meaning. It is these dreams that cause a certain anxiety that persists for several days.

In general, two girls in a dream can foretell both pleasant and not so pleasant events, the implementation of which is possible in the near future.

Thus, two girls in a dream, distinguished by their beauty, communication with whom is a pleasure, evokes pleasant sensations and feelings, portends that good and positive changes will soon occur in life. It is quite possible that the young man will meet a girl who will later become his life partner. For married men, such a dream promises success and good luck in business, new large-scale projects.

It is important for superstitious people to know the following: often several girls with a pleasant appearance talk about possible diseases. If a person feels that his health is causing concern, it is better to consult a doctor and undergo an examination in order to timely identify existing abnormalities.

If a person dreams that he is walking with two girls, having fun with them, laughing and joking, it means that in reality he will be disappointed in family matters, family discord, misunderstanding on the part of his wife and family members. It will take patience to work through all the issues and put your priorities in the right order.

Two girls in different and flashy clothes talk about disharmony in the soul, disorder of thoughts, uncertainty in their actions and deeds. And, on the contrary, if girls are dressed in identical and elegant clothes, behave with dignity and peacefully, such a dream speaks of harmony in the soul, confidence in actions, and stability of character.

If a person dreamed that he was hesitating between two girls, most likely in real life there are some issues that cause a certain feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. The final choice of one of the girls will lead to the resolution of dubious issues and their clarification.

Surprises await you

Did you dream about pregnant girls? This is surprising.

It is very good if two girls, being pregnant in your dream, assure that you are the father of their future children. Such a plot means an unexpected promotion or receiving a substantial profit.

But sex with several partners at once is a negative sign, promising out-of-nowhere problems in communicating with the people around you. Be especially vigilant if the girls having sex with you in your dream are your former real passions.

It’s also bad to catch two girls having sex in a dream, one of whom is your ex, and the second is a pregnant stranger. This means the unexpected revelation of a secret that will only bring you suffering.

Miller's interpretation of sleep

Miller's dream book, explaining why two girls dream, advises paying attention to their external data.

So, if in a dream you see pretty girls, this means that bright prospects await you.

But skinny and pale ladies in a dream promise illness, both for the dreamer himself and for one of his family members, the interpreter is upset.

Event Carousel

It’s worth figuring out what a couple of girls promise only if you remember all the small details of the plot. Here, for example, is what to expect if you dream about girls:

  • crying - to longing for a loved one;
  • laughing - do not underestimate the strength of the enemy;
  • fighting - you have to fight for happiness;
  • dead or terminally ill - to illness.


in a dream to see the image of girls, dream books interpret it differently depending on the details. here are some explanations:

  • dancing girls - despondency, sadness for loved ones;
  • laughing - do not neglect your opponent’s capabilities;
  • fighting - the dreamer will have to fight to achieve happiness;
  • dead or seriously ill - to diseases.
  • dancing girls - despondency, sadness for loved ones;
  • laughing - do not neglect your opponent’s capabilities;
  • fighting - the dreamer will have to fight to achieve happiness;
  • dead or seriously ill - to diseases.

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