Dream Interpretation Calling for help: why do women or men dream about calling for help?

Why do you dream of calling

Calling for help in a dream means that your subconscious is trying to tell you that it is time to call for help. Because you have problems that you yourself are not able to cope with.

To dream about the name of a stranger

If in a dream you call a stranger, according to the dream book, this means that in a difficult situation the person you could not count on will help you. In general, you should be very careful after such a dream. He warns you to be wary of your enemies who are up to something bad.

Why do you dream of calling for help?

Such a dream suggests that a major trouble may await you, and to overcome it you will need the support of high-ranking people. If in a dream you call for help, but at the same time you cannot utter a word, it means that in real life you are missing a person nearby who could become your support and support.

Seeing in a dream what your parents' names were

Calling your parents in a dream according to a dream book means that you really need someone’s support and like-mindedness.

You cannot stand the loneliness that you periodically find yourself in.

Why do you dream that the dead are calling you?

Such a dream indicates that soon a person close to you will contact you with a request for help, possibly financially or with advice.

To dream that a man is calling you

Such a dream is interpreted by the dream book as a warning of danger. During this period you must behave very carefully. Because the risk of injury is increased.

Why dream of calling someone by name?

Such a dream means someone you really want to see or communicate with. If you called by the name of a person you do not know. Soon a person will appear in your social circle who may become very close to you.

I dreamed of hearing a call in a dream

If in your dream you hear someone calling you by name, it means this person really misses you and needs your communication.

Why do you dream of calling someone loudly?

If you dreamed that you were loudly calling someone, this, according to the dream book, is a reflection of the fears that you have in real life. This dream also means a lack of logic in your actions, which leads to unpleasant life situations.

Guy's name in a dream

In most cases, a guy's name in a dream opens the way to a new acquaintance, a love journey, or even marriage. This is exactly what the most truthful dream book warns us about. If you dreamed about the name of your ex-boyfriend, this may mean that the young man is still thinking about you and is not ready to let you go. He is probably still waiting for the day of reconciliation or wants to rekindle a past relationship. If you dreamed about the name of a loved one, then this foreshadows a temporary separation that arose due to circumstances. It can also indicate that your loved one values ​​you and wants to be with you in the future.

Call // Stern Robinson's dream book

If a familiar voice calls you in a dream, you should take this literally - this is the person who wants to see you and say something. Hearing in a dream that a stranger is calling you is a warning of danger. Something bad may happen to the one whose name is mentioned; the voice of a friend or relative means the illness of the one whose voice you hear. Calling a deceased person in a dream is a symbol of approaching trouble or illness. For people in love, calling each other is a call to be more attentive to each other, a warning about possible separation.

The dreamed name belongs to a man

The name belonging to a man is a sign of meeting a partner brought by fate, or simply meeting a person who is able to look into your soul and change your worldview and attitude towards life. Hearing a man’s name is a sign of acquaintance, a little romantic flirtation, and if you saw a ring in a dream, it’s a sign of marriage with this man.

Any name spoken in a dream is a sign that you are consciously focused on a certain person, so you should determine how this person influences your life: whether it brings benefit or harm. By pronouncing a person’s name in a dream, you reveal the truth of the essence of a person who could previously have been a friend to you, but in truth he does not wish you any good.

See Name: dream book of N. Soboleva

To dream that someone was being called loudly - in reality this is an expression of your fears. In real life, you will commit a stupid act and become the subject of persecution or ridicule. To accurately interpret a dream, you need to remember who you hit in the dream. If the person you dreamed about was a person you didn’t know, then the dream speaks of a risky undertaking in reality. Calling a person you know means help from your good friends and acquaintances. Calling a friend or relative in a dream means their illness. But a dream in which you call a dead person speaks of the support of higher powers.

Signs of the subconscious

According to general transcripts, the dream of a person being called by name promises a change in type of activity and lifestyle. But the vision also has a negative side: sometimes it foreshadows unpleasant visits or indicates certain problems that the sleeper needs to take into account.

If you dreamed that a person heard his own name, you should be careful not to get involved in an unpleasant story . The dreamer's name was affectionate - in reality, a new romance or a strong relationship with a lover awaits.

The sleeping person is addressed in a rude, unpleasant, creaky voice - a loud quarrel will soon occur. The dreamer will be very worried, as he will have to answer for past grievances. Hearing a nickname or nickname that was teased at school is a sign of trouble due to the intrigues of enemies.

When a person dreams that he is called by an abbreviated, affectionate name in a dream, this promises a meeting with an old good friend whom he has not seen for a long time. But if the child is officially named in night dreams, a trial or changes at work or in government agencies may occur.

Also, such a dream is deciphered depending on who is addressing the child:

  • father - to a serious conversation with dad in reality;
  • a female voice calling a boy - to conflict situations with mistresses, ex-girlfriends, or to a meeting with his mother, or maybe with some woman;
  • relatives and acquaintances - to intrigue and gossip in reality.

If the dreamer is called by name with a call for help in a dream, unexpected troubles will happen or someone will really need support. The girl dreamed that a male voice was calling her - meeting both her betrothed and a dangerous, criminal man.

If the dreamer in his night fantasies heard himself being addressed by someone else’s name, this means a scandalous incident in the present. Life can change dramatically.

Negative aspects of interpretations:

  • a person hears ugly and disgusting nicknames - in reality there are ill-wishers;
  • the dead man is calling - a very bad dream, foreshadowing troubles and even danger to the life of the sleeper, but if you don’t answer the call, everything will end favorably;
  • the deceased tried to call a relative or friend - they were in danger.

Foreign names dream of dramatic changes. For a mother to hear a child call himself differently means misunderstanding and alienation arise between them.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why she dreams of hearing a man’s name, Miss Hasse answered – to achieve her goal, to overcome uncertainty, to take the situation into her own hands. Researchers advise paying attention to details from the dream. A large number of people in a dream may indicate impending outside help. Otherwise, overcome everything on your own, solve problems yourself.

Be careful with dreams of this kind. Men, due to their characteristics, are considered a very good and successful sign. But Hasse insists on remaining attentive and taking a closer look at the rest of the dreams. Often you can find symbols in them that greatly influence the overall analysis of the interpretation.

Signs of changes in your personal life

If a guy calls a girl’s name in a dream, but she doesn’t see his face and can’t remember his appearance, the dream book predicts that she will soon meet a nice guy.

If, after fortune-telling for Christmas, you made a wish for your betrothed, and in a dream someone said male names, then the guy with him will become your future spouse or introduce you to your chosen one.

If the betrothed's initials were written in the snow or sand, expect a romantic acquaintance and a pleasant pastime, which will later develop into a serious romance.

If you dreamed that a stranger was saying the name of your friend or acquaintance, the relationship will deteriorate or your loved one will pay attention to another girl.

Bad and... if the young man did not give your initials in front of the priest or at the registry office during registration, he called another girl after him. This dream means that the relationship will go wrong, and he will marry someone else.

If a stranger says the dreamer’s name, you will meet someone. For the bride, the dream predicts a disruption of the wedding and a change in plans for the future, a new acquaintance.

If you dreamed that you wrote the name of a stranger or a guy you know in the snow, sand, or on the pages of a personal diary, this is a sign of falling in love. The modern dream book promises that you will be happy and will soon fall in love.

If a girl wishes for a guy at night and dreams that he is writing her initials in the snow, with chalk on the asphalt or in a notebook, this is a good sign. You will be happy because you will be able to make him fall in love with you, and the feelings will not remain without reciprocity.

If the guy wrote them on the fence or in the toilet, expect trouble. The modern dream book writes that he will laugh at the girl and turn out to be a very cruel person. Writing his nickname or initials yourself in the toilet, on a fence or wall is a sign of scandal and an attempt to disgrace this guy.

Dreams of pregnant women

Finding out in a dream what the name of the unborn child will be is often a prophetic sign. But sometimes it indicates the gender of the baby. If he was called in a dream by his first name and patronymic, but it was incorrect, a secret affair may be revealed, and the husband will find out about the betrayal, if there was one.

Sometimes such a dream predicts the betrayal of a spouse, his leaving the family, and the fact that another person will take care of the child. If a pregnant woman dreamed that she had a boy, then she will complete some task.

If the baby calls her, then the pregnant woman will have a son. When a girl says the word “mother” or your name, a daughter will be born.

What if you dream about your name?

When someone calls you in a dream, you don’t need to answer. There is an opinion that otherworldly forces can simply drag the dreamer away and lead astray. Since in such unconscious moments it is impossible to control your actions and deeds, you need to carefully remember the night message in order to decipher it in the morning using a dream book.

There is another opinion: the mysterious voice in a dream may belong to a real guardian angel who wants to warn against danger, gives a practical hint or valuable advice for the future. It is important to listen carefully to such a mystical message, remember its content and, after waking up in the morning, decipher the essence of what was said, based on real life events.

In any case, this otherworldly voice cannot be ignored, and besides, such a prophetic dream does not come to every dreamer at night. The human perception of the night call is also of great importance: if the dreamer wakes up and is in a good mood, the sign is favorable; When heavy thoughts appear, it is advisable to look into the dream book and be sure to go to church.

If you dreamed of a familiar voice, then outside help will definitely arrive, and in a timely manner; but other people’s sayings promise danger and a series of unpleasant events. When deceased relatives speak in a dream, this means that they are giving an important hint from the other world, which must first be remembered, and then understood and taken into account.

If in a dream an unfamiliar voice pronounces the dreamer’s name, this means that after waking up in the morning he will face serious troubles at work and difficulties in communicating with colleagues. Such a strange sign does not affect personal life, but still causes a lot of trouble and problems.

Each astrological publication offers its own interpretation of the mysterious call in a dream, but before resorting to the help of a trusted dream book, it is recommended to determine the day of the week. For example, dreams that occur from Thursday to Friday have a fateful significance, but on the eve of Monday the dreams are definitely empty.

According to Miller’s dream book, hearing your name from a stranger in a dream means finding yourself in an unpleasant situation from which complete strangers will help you get out. If the voice in a nightly adventure is well known, this means that trouble may happen to this person in reality, the inevitable may happen.

The dream book of esotericist Tsvetkov fully supports this interpretation, that is, a familiar voice in a dream promises routine and lack of initiative, which comes from the dreamer. But the voice of a stranger predicts danger in a new endeavor. So, after awakening, it is advisable to leave all brilliant ideas until better times.

Hasse's dream book interprets the presence of a mysterious call in a dream as a nuisance in everyday life, an unusual incident with the most negative consequences. This medium is also supported by Longo’s dream book, which also strongly recommends protecting yourself from danger in real life.

But Loff’s dream book calls such an unusual image prophetic, and recommends remembering in detail everything that was said. It is not recommended to look for hidden subtext, since everything is obvious after waking up.

What does it portend?

The Women's Dream Book recommends distinguishing voices in a dream in order to give a detailed explanation of the night's adventures. So, the call of a stranger - to big troubles, the cry of a living relative - to the illness of this person, the call of a lover - to a cooling of romantic feelings and loss of reciprocity. If a dead person speaks in a dream, then this is an omen of an imminent illness or death of the dreamer.

The Wanderer's Dream Book claims that such a call in a dream is a serious warning for the future. If you do not listen to the secret message, you can endanger your own life and the lives of your loved ones. It is better not to treat such an omen superficially, to find the weak points of your behavior.

The esoteric dream book gives a different interpretation: if a living person calls in a dream, then there is a serious danger. When a dead person turns in a dream, in reality you can get into an accident or become a victim of an assassination attempt. The psychoanalytic dream book is confident that the problem lies on a subconscious level, and the night call is a consequence of an unstable psyche.

Azar's dream book describes a call as a sign from the outside world, when caring people from the other world give a hint for the future, protect them from danger and dubious acquaintances. The Mayan dream book also came to the conclusion that the cry of ancestors in a dream is an unpleasant event that causes a chill on the skin after waking up in the morning.

In any case, all dream interpreters strongly recommend listening to the mysterious message and thoroughly understanding its content. It is possible that soon what you heard earlier in a night dream will help save your own life.

Not every person hears mystical messages (the call of their ancestors) in a dream, and some people do not even believe in their real existence. And, nevertheless, if such an unexpected situation does happen in reality, it is best to understand its details so as not to miss something important in your calm and measured life.

Do you want to deal with problems in different life situations and assess your emotional state? We invite you to read selected interpretations of dreams about the Call in the dream books of famous authors. Perhaps in these dream interpretations there is an answer to your question.

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